Action Mercury

What To Expect From Mercury in Aries in 2018?

Time to get our skates on. Wings, whatever.

After a long meander through the therapeutic psychic lagoon of Pisces, the Messenger God is now in action Aries until the middle of May.

This is tremendously cool and you can betcha that the Horoscopes + Daily Mystic will be ALL over it.

Messages are about to get a hell of a lot less cryptic and surreal. That Mars – the ruler of Aries – will be exalted in Capricorn has a part to play in this. This is a Mercury with a mission.  The amplified ambition and Goal Stalking of Mars in Capricorn and the pure raw alacrity of Mercury in Aries ping off one another for rad results.

Even the retrograde will be just more like when ninjas twirl around backwards than any actual backward steps.

You can forget about the usual Mercury Retro go-slow. This has more of the feel of a speedy restructure or genius concepts, swiftly enabled via a hard-work and innovation bender.

Everyone talks faster when Mercury is in Aries.  If you’re a native Mercury in Aries person, you will feel understood and like the momentum is finally speeding up to match yours.


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16 thoughts on “Action Mercury

  1. Thank the goddesses for this fire energy. I thought I was going to drown. Just did a 3 card tarot reading and it was all wands. Yay. Seriously that last couple weeks with all the Pisces and all the Neptune was swamping me in all ways.

  2. What a beautiful pair of feet. Have been taking very good care of mine during the Pisces energy as Pisces rule the feet doesn’t it.
    Well shod could be a Sagg thing too as i believe your feet can be your fate.
    Foot reflexology leaves one walking on mercurial air.

  3. youre not wrong abt the amped up appetites….saw an old friend last saturday…a sexy male friend..and im all ‘ooh, i need to get out more’
    need t see more people…ooh its great when you’ve got sexy friends lol..he a classic sagg

  4. LOL, love the visual but I’m not really sure I need Mercury in Aries’ particular brand of heroic “help”. :-/ I have Mars in Gemini on Aldebaran (Bull’s Eye) + conjunct fiery, audacious Prometheus and my words carry more than enough heat/punch as it is – amping this up via a quasi- mutual reception with Tr. Mercury in Aries is more or less like dumping gas onto a fire. #HotHotHot

    The last time we had a Mercury Retrograde in Aries was during a legit mutual reception with Mars in Gemini (April-May 2017) and I felt like I was sidestepping landmines the entire time. It was practically a war zone and the flak was flying everywhere. I knew better than to add to it so kept my head down and mouth shut, but if you’re not super mindful it’s real easy to wind up being collateral damage in that kind of environment. So needless to say, I’m not exactly stoked to see Mercury retrograding in Aries again – its repeated squares to Mars/Saturn in Capricorn plus it also squaring Pluto (single pass, thankfully) in a hellacious grind up against 3 malefics doesn’t exactly look like a fun time to me. Thankfully though, I have no bosses or parents to tell off, LOL! On that note, I do think the above comic perfectly nails the vibe – “The most important part of this job is knowing which message *not* to deliver.”

    • Thanks to your flak-visualisation and the cartoon above, I’m seeing this:
      A young Mercury is driving a small military chariot (single horse, carries one person, emergency express vibe) through an embattled landscape, some kind of clan warfare but it’s surprisingly irrelevant to mercury. Horse is frothy with sweat, galloping at top speed and mercury keeps firm control of the reins. There is an important message tucked into mercury’s belt and come hell or high water or a stray arrow, she’s keeping a hold of it and getting across the open space.

  5. been umming and ahh-ing over whether or not to ask for a much-needed raise at work. perhaps this is the best time?

  6. Hello hello. I just reapplied for a job that was advertised last year as well. As I was updating data since last year I noticed that I submitted everything 12 months ago EXACTLY 6/3. When I looked up Mercury in the 3rd house I found this ” learn something that might update our resumes.” in astrodienst. wow synchronicity again!!!!!! Retro grade? I am travelling OS at the tail end of Mercury R. Triple checking starting now….

  7. Hello, this is exactly conjunct my Mars, in Aries. Am expecting to be directing some dialogue with the denizens of the 2011-era swamptown very soon. It’s been a struggle but I’m realising I set the agenda and I set the boundaries now. It’s going to be a shock for some, I think, but that’s what you get when you think you’ve got a Pisces nailed down.

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