Month: March 2018

The Fate Moon – The Full Moon In Libra On March 31 2018

The Full Moon in Libra on March 31 2018 is a ripper.  At ten degrees of Libra, she is opposite the Sun (as every Full Moon is, by definition) and Retro-Mercury in Aries. She is also square Mars + Saturn.  This is a triple-zapper definitive s**t together Full Moon by anyone’s standards. It’s a Full Moon for grown-ups. Full-on feet on the ground boss-person, captain of your destiny, scheduled bills …

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Uranus Opposition

What Happens At Uranus Opposition?

What happens at Uranus Opposition? Everything. Whatever feels stifling and conventional is ripped off and tossed. Like a t-shirt with a faint grease spot on it suddenly spotted by Virgo Vision. Note: Everything feels suffocating and conventional at Uranus Opposition time. Like the better known Saturn Return, this astral passage occurs to everyone at the same age.  Uranus opposes its natal position when the person is in their late 30s …

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Uranus in Taurus

New Ground In Time For Uranus In Taurus

Is Uranus in Taurus good astrology for a house purchase? Yes! It is a significant shift in the Zeitgeist, and many of us can see it as a regrounding. The Ultimate Astrology For House Purchase Vibe Dear Mystic, Okay, so I just spent the last week at a witchy art retreat in the desert two hours away from Los Angeles. I was staying at an AirBnB with a fellow witch …

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Feng Shui Your Wallet

Good news for those of you wanting to Feng Shui Your Wallet!  The (Vegan) Wealth Wallets are back in stock. If you pre-ordered, it is being shipped today. If you want one, I am adding in a complimentary Mercurial Key Ring. I won’t be doing any more of either after current stock runs out. Despite loving the key ring + wallet and believing in the power of Magical Talismans, having …

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Deflecting Karma Drama

Pluto in Aquarius was still years away, Vanadium Lightyear reflected ruefully.  Vowing not to date at all until then had made sense when she first set that intention. She had been being bombarded with social media, ad-drones and personal messages from her Space Dust addicted narcissistic vampire ex-boyfriend Ronaldo.  He said that he wanted her to go to his Deflecting Karma Drama course. But really, he just wanted to (1) make …

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Divination Tips

Frequently Requested: Divination Tips. How, people want to know, can they get the best results from an Oracle or Tarot reading, either the ones on this site or anywhere? The New Moon in Pisces is the perfect time to ponder such matters so, voila: (1) Don’t expect the Full Reveal. There is a Grand Unifying Underlying Cosmic Principle or Theory weaving fate-lines through multiple dimensions, loves, and lives. But it …

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