Weekly Horoscopes From Feb 24 Are Posted

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Pisces – Articulate, Alluring and Super-Psychic

The Weekly Horoscopes From February 24 are posted.

Here’s Pisces…

Pisces-Pisces Rising:

Articulate, alluring and super-psychic; you have this week in hand already. The synergy between Mercury in Pisces and your ruler – Shamanic Neptune – is especially intense from Sunday to Wednesday. That’s your zone for re-zapping your connection with Source or witching up your vibe. The Full Moon -potent on Thurs/Fri – will respond best to a pragmatic and worldly stance regarding all forms of relationship.


Image: Turka 

(More of Turka’s Zodiac Superheroes here)

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Leo on the RiseMM Member
Leo on the Rise

I haven’t stopped crying since the last eclipse – Ive made a mess of something and I really cant get over it!!!

Has anyone else royally screwed up this badly??


Geez, Mystic, Pisces stuff is secret!!!

(Actually i get it when you post some snippets from your horoscopes now and again, but for some reason i never expected pisces ones to feature. Don’t sharks swim under the radar, unless feeding or playing??)



Whoa! Just look at all those planets in Pisces! I’ve got Pisces Moon, MC/Mars, Chiron, so I guess I’ll be lit up right now. Venus and Neptune are closing in on my natal Mars…. a few years ago during this same transit I met the guy I still can’t forget, so I’d better be on guard…..that was so painful, still is! Met a new guy last night who turns out to have Aqua Moon the same exact degree as my Aqua Sun. Amazing how we can subconsciously root these astro-connections out just from online dating profiles! He’s also got Venus… Read more »

emgMM Member

OMG. that all sounds a bit of a trip with this one. Hold on tight!

emgMM Member

I’m having a 12th house scouring and it’s been jolly draining. Fear illness depression anger and that’s all before breakfast.

LiliMM Member

Wishing you grace and space to renew-


This is a 12th house daily routine: wake, spend some time pulling apart the lego blocks your psyche builds in dreaming to

A) bring yourself back to the external day;

B) figure out which blocks can helpfully construct the part-structured day ahead.

I get up super early because i need spiritual processing and integration first. Even a bad day could be a ton grumpier or just dissolute without it. Everyone wows out when they realise how long i “take” to get ready. They think i must be slow or dreamy. But i get quite a bit done before leaving my home.


If that helps you. You have to get up earlier so you learn to crash out earlier and really get the sleep time you need for inner processing through mental emotional spirit then soul layers.

emgMM Member

Well spotted. I am enjoying about 4 hours of me time after getting up. To put my desk straight and in doing that I am putting my psyche slightly less skewed ! I have binned an awful lot of stuff, including trips to charity stores and the tip. But it is the soul dredging that is so tough. How the hell to deal with the real issues, the heffalump in the room. Actually I have a herd of them. I am finally giving them names and deciding which ones stay! It will be the ones who shit least on the… Read more »


😀 That is pretty much my answer to it too. I really don’t know anything else.

MissDeeMM Member

Oh Full Moon in first house that is Saturn supported – hence constructive.
I’ve booked a hairstylist session for march the 10th, after the FM, because the yearly scopes suggested to do so (and frankly it was time).