Weekly Horoscopes From Feb 17 Are Posted

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Taurus/Taurus Rising Horoscope For Week From February 17

Warrior God Mars is in your 8th house till March 11, making major aspects from here on in. This tends to go to one of two extremes: Extreme 1: an all-out assault on obstacles to your lusty enjoyment of life, leveraging up to fund lifestyle and seductions at short notice. Extreme 2: revulsion at debt and determination to pay it down at warp speed, stoic feats of cold showering, meditating on nail beds, orgasm meditation.


The Weekly Horoscopes from February 17 are posted, Taurus is above and the rest are all here.


Image: Daria Hlazatova – The Empress

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes From Feb 17 Are Posted

  1. imagine what it’s like to have mars in your 8th house natally 🙂 square jupiter 🙂
    I just want everyone to know that I signed up to a dating site but i’m ignoring it rn because i am writing a job application hahaha

        • Hahaha! Had to look up Menulog. I think I’m actually trying to use the 8th house energies to seek out the best place on earth to just FIND the men right for me. I went to Seattle and was surprised to come across quite a few men that interested me in the short time I was there. Found out my Mars line astrocartographically crosses through Seattle. So maybe I’ll sing up on MENulog on a trip out there and find someone to play with.

    • My 2H Mars cj Pluto squares my Scorp Jup
      Therefore l can do Scorp obsessive at the drop of hat, in fact, l don’t need a hat….or a drop.

        • It manifests that way with me.
          M cj P is Scorp intensity and my Scorp Jup is at the critical 22° (it affects Fixed Signs) and a Focaliser Planet in 4 T Squares and SD to boot. Ditto my IC cj Nep has same things happening. Plus Scorp Chart Tone and a Sun/Pluto Parallel Declination. I’m prob more Scorp than Cancer. Very very Water.
          Jup turbos whatever it touches for good or bad.

          Having my 5th Jup return right now.

    • Oh I have it now progressed in 8th, (Taurus) and it’s closing in on my Lilith also 8th.

      Surely good for art? And money / resources that come from others?
      But it’s opposite my Ceres / Juno 2nd. Family pain…

      And at least venus is now in sextile to early Taurus…

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