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I think some of us are getting Uranus in Taurus ready.  It started with a severe Haute Hippie urge to just be done with super-costly skincare with hormone disruptors and synthetics. I thought that was just the Harvey effect.

But now i think it’s deeper than that. Uranus into Taurus is going to be the era we rediscover the power of pragmatic magic, consulting wise women and cunning men (cunning in the old sense of the word) priestess vibe, the health and spirit benefits of arboreal particulates, shinrin-yoku, re-establishing our roots, tree spirits, plant cures…

And most of all, that incredibly grounded Taurus common sense & good stewardship of resources, the renowned gut instinct? Imagine that radded right up with Uranus. Radical Sensibleness could become a thing along with the Haute Hippie energy.

From now on i want only things that I could drink if i wanted to on my body.  And to mindfully consume entheogenic herbs, one tiny leaf at a time, with a thank you to the plant. Who else is getting Uranus in Taurus ready?

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121 thoughts on “Uranus In Taurus Ready

  1. Uranus will be tap dancing over my Mars amd will create a grand trine with my Sun/Mercury (Virgo) amd North Node (Cap)! I can’t wait! When Uranus opposed my Sun/Mercury in 2004/2005, I umdergone an amazing reinvention of my life! It wasn’t all fun and games but definitely a huge lift for my soul!

  2. Yes Mystic! I’m a Leo with a Toro rising. I’m getting Uranus in Taurus ready by going back to my natural hair colour – ashy. mousy dark blonde, light brown. As a Venetian blonde child that gradually went darker, I started dying my hair at 12 with Sun In (!) and I’ve been dying it for 21 years! Since I was 18 my mane has been shades of copper and red, and like Florence Welch, I always said my red hair was for life. But I’ve developed a mild PPD allergy where I get blisters on the nape of my neck during a dye job. Full on PPD anaphylactic shock is a terrifying prospect and enough to shake me out of my leonine vanity.
    Plus, I am so bloody sick of regrowth/roots!
    I’ve thrown away all my nail polish, I can’t stand the smell of hairspray, I’m using solid hair bar shampoo, probiotic magnesium deodorant and rosehip oil. I love the golden Hollywood look of red lipstick, bold eyes and waved hair. I’m excited to experiment on how to achieve this look with safe/ almost edible products.
    Mulling over having my copper hair (not the roots) dyed ashy blonde/brown or having a pixie cut. But is a pixie cut for a Leo the equivalent of getting neutered?

  3. Omg I’m having a total canabanoil hemp awakening. I feel like it’s a religious conversion:)
    Droplets on my tongue (Charlotte’s Webb)
    Vaping it like gangster
    Hemp protein powder
    Hemp seeds in everything
    Moisturising with hemp oil mixed with coconut oils. I’m overdoing it. I know.
    But this Uranian energy has me wanting to dump the potentially perfectly imperfect dude because..it’s the first day of my period, he hasn’t been in contact for a few hours and ….um..I have a deadline looming … creating some drama is such old SN style Uranus in Aries vibe. I’m not going to DO anything. But I might listen to some Rihanna and Kendrick Lamarr while I vape 🙂

  4. Reading why we sleep –
    Gave up coffee
    Learning about cabanoid oil as an adaptogenic supplement.
    Heard about it on wellness mama podcast from a bulletproof life coach and female entrepreneur who also used to work in the fashion industry, has been in recovery for 20 years and struggled with insomnia and inflammation. Apparently, if it’s the good stuff it helps with ADHD and immune system etc.
    Interesting stuff

  5. I love this whole sentiment and can’t wait for Uranus in Taurus, it will resonate with my natural vibe and my general way of life.
    I’m an Aqua Sun, so I would think any change of sign for Uranus would be significant for me.
    I’ve lifelong been into gardening and have many house plants and am an herbalist and have always relied on medicinal herbs to help me through whatever health concerns. Food as medicine, too. We are what we eat.
    For an Aqua, I have a lot of Earth in my chart and if we count Lilith in the aspects, I have a grand earth trine between my Virgo Jupiter, Cap Venus and Lilith in Taurus.

    • Also, simplified, inexpensive and all natural face cleanser and mild exfoliater I’m doing now – high quality coconut oil mixed with baking soda

  6. Yeah, going buzz cut was bold but my smartest hair / beauty move was unquestionably switching from bleach to henna. The toothpaste and sauerkraut stuff too but mmm mmm henna all the way.

  7. CANNOT wait. Uranus is my chart ruler and my whole vibe is Cardinal Earth. I’ve loved having my ruler in my Sun sign for years now but I’m ready to start tending to my garden, literally and figuratively! I’ve been plantstalking for my studio for a while now…

    Also found I’ve been getting really into herbal liqueurs and shrub drinks. Coincidence? I think not. 😉

  8. I’ve been reconnecting with nature again after a few years of city living and accumulating plants for my house. Have a sudden urge to do ahuayasca. Think this is all sort of related.

    That said, I tried to do the organic plants only skincare thing last year and it was a total failure tho. Spent like $400 on Eminence organics products and they just broke me out, irritated my skin, and/or didn’t work at all. Love the idea of it but it just didn’t work for me!

    • Definitely do an ayahuasca ceremony if you can! I participated in one last fall and was the most life affirming experience I’ve ever had. Felt much more with her than iBoga. The plants spirits have a lot to say when you tune in with them and ask them to guide you. 🙂 They communicate with the worldly and cosmos.They sing in the Earths choir.
      However you do not have to set out to such intense ceremony to connect with plants guides. You can make herb teas and meditate with the plant as well. Which is by far my favorite way to connect. 🙂

      • Oh, interesting! Do you mean that you can take the plants and make a tea with them that is less potent and sort of like a microdose? I have never done a full dose of LSD but I do like microdosing it on occasion. You get the color of the experience but without it taking you out of the world.

        I feel more and more called to do it. I had the opportunity in my early 20s but I wasn’t ready and knew it. Now I want to know and to learn more about myself even if it’s not all pretty. I think I can handle it.

        Did you do the ceremony in South America or in your home country?

  9. I am predicting out-of-this-world, interdimensional levels of truculence and stubborn sulking LOL

    But frugality will be chic, seriously

  10. I have a question about Uranus in Taurus before I can answer with certainty (and I apologise if it’s a stupid one): would it affect the areas/houses you have Taurus in too? I have Taurus and Mercury conjunct in the 5th. If the answer to that is yes, then I can categorically say: definitely. It has already hit. And it’s FUN.

  11. Totally there! Been journaling, researching and trying all form of natural skin, hair care. Just started purging all chemicals from my cupboards & life. Uranus in Taurus is my House 6. Also, been cultivating my own garden of veggies and medicinal herbs and teas…it’s how I meditate and integrate now.

  12. So uranus just spent 7-8 years in my ascendant and is now going into Taurus, and so over my north node. Is this gonna be the second part of the one hell of a ride (a lot of times more like trainwrecking) the past almost decade has been for me? I’m a Leo sun. Thank you for your insights <3

  13. Prolly boholiciousness gonna rock her tits off.

    Sounds exotic, kinda excloosive — but I figure this superconfluxual Uranus/Venus BOUNTY THRUSTER gonna benefit beyond reformed bux an’ available yummogasmal sux.

    Tellya, this one is ON MY LIST.

    Why so?

    I am lovin’ the Saturn in Cappy drilldown rn.

    But she got weirdsy gowin’ on.

    Joopster in Scorp is such a glorious offer to ploopsy on down before the feeta the ol’ grinder.

    An’ I figure Uranus in Taurus gonna be a similarly productive vibe.

    How blessed we be to walk out fulla dreams an’ heart rn — it is like emergent possibilities borne outta noplace cum singin’ sweet as angels from our tongues.

    Apols for understatin’ this baby — but I am multitaskin’ commentin’ here with sum stoopid zucchini recipe I wanna.

    Likely I will be put to the sword for my passions.

    But not rn.

  14. Uranus will still be in my10 th house until about 2020 so I’m going with New Ways To Make Money a la Uranus in Toro next year. Taurus is cashmoney after all. New purse strings?

  15. Magnesium!

    Root Cause Protocol, new to me and seems ultra Uranus in Taurus. Minerals and the body and a new way to eat your way to a better future!

    Am going to get some cream of tartar, oranges and sea salt tomorrow! The honey lady at the markets adds bee pollen…. trying new NATURAL supplements like dark chocolate!

  16. Yes. Full on.
    Began modified GAPS diet to heal my gut biome. Sprouts. Fermented foods. Actually bought Wild Fermentation last night and planned a list of foods to make on my own.
    Chaga tea/Nettles/Oatstraw > Hard Cider/Tequila
    Teeth cleaning booked.
    Flight for ayahuasca ceremony is the next to book..
    Restorative Iyengar yoga asanas
    Broke up with single use plastics.

    • ++++Skincare has always been natural. Herbal steams. Oil or honey to cleanse. Signature oils for face that I make with various nourishing oils/essential oils, and recently picked up a few super potent antioxidant serums from The Ordinary.

  17. I Uranus in Taurus proof my skin with castor oil packs, bowl steaming, honey masks, rose water oil and sunscreen with hyaluronic. Recently noticed I hate synthetics: from now on focusing on cotton silk and cashmere.

  18. I’ve been hash-tagging my Instagram photos of bush walks & stand-up paddle boarding ‘shinrin-yoku’ since the start of the year. Being ruled by Uranus I guess it’s no surprise I’m zeitgeist-compliant, even without realising it.

  19. Im trying to be optimistic here: will Gaia prevail over all the multinational firms who are trying to destroy her for profit? or are the severe water shortages in places like Johannesburg just a preview of whats to come. 🙁

  20. Magnesium

    Met someone just yesterday who walking minerals and our cells and Root Cause Protocol

    Going to give it a go – some orange juice sole cream of tartar and sea salt

    Started burying my fruit and vege scraps in the ever growing vege patch and the diseased tree next door HEALED worms EVERYWHERE

    Nothing beats homegrown!

  21. Yaas I am ready! That turmoil FM brought new of qi vamp drama for two close women kin. Crazy time.

    Uranus is in my 6th opp my Libra Moon and has sparked every lovely planet in 11/12. Uranus inToro antidote- Ironed antique linens, napped, petted cat.

    Living “As If” seems Toro Uranian. Cue concrete affirmations of what shall be.

  22. Weirdly, that phase began for me (mutiple Aqua) back 2000. Esp. toothpaste and mouthwash. I literally gag and sometimes vomit a little if I, say, am visiting somewhere if I have to use regular toothpaste. Dip yer brush if baking soda if you have to, but man! That mass-prod stuff is gross!

    • I started making my own toothpaste too and for six months my teeth were never better.
      Haven’t become sufficiently grounded in new place but that is exactly the tip I needed to be reminded of. So many yummy products for skin exfoliation and moisture from salt, coconut oil, essential oils etc!

  23. I’ve decided to learn to make my own kombucha 🙂 just downloaded a recipe to make the “mother” or the “SCOBY”, which is the starter you need for the fermentation process. This should be interesting!

  24. OMG, I’ve literally been doing a whole overhaul of my life in that respect… essential oil cures instead of heading to the pharmacy… natural skincare… and I stopped taking the pill after ten years too. All of a sudden, meat doesn’t want to go down my throat… I’m even slightly gagging on eggs.
    Thank you for making sense of my life changes!

  25. Haute hippie! Yes! Very much feeling this, after years of being fully pro-cyborg haha. Even stopped taking the pill after ten years because I suddenly couldn’t bear the idea of putting synthetic hormones into my body.

    • Me tooo with the birth control–altho’ I’m not sure what the reason was other than I want to be in sync with the moon with my cycles.

    • There is no question that the pill is linked to increased breast cancer rates in women, IMO. the fact that OB GYNs will just tell you that there is NO long term detriment to pumping your body full of fake hormones for years… it doesn’t make sense. Bought and paid for opinions by Pfizer.

  26. I am Uranus in Taurus ready. Been natural skincare for a few years now. Thought about it as a career. Mars conj Midheaven in Taurus.

  27. I’ve been making my own skincare and home cleaning products for awhile now. Maybe the past year or two? I am currently obsessed with nutrition as opposed to just eating.

  28. I like how this transit will go nicely with what I’ve experienced and learned with Uranus through my 6th house. My little village is going through a revamp, they have planted countless trees in my neighboring nature preserve in a field that used to be farmland. Our new Amish neighbors are building a store (sweeeet!) and I hope it’s organic and as awesome as the one I currently drive to. This one will be close enough for a brisk walk or bike ride. We also have a new vineyard who is building for events. Thank goodness they bought the property instead of some developer. If we’re getting new, these types of projects are desirable.

    • I can’t claim responsibility other than positive witchy vibes but I do have natal Pluto in the 11th and transiting Pluto in the 3rd. Scorpio rising, natch. Lol.

      • Ditto Scorp Rising-

        My home town is getting renewed/gentrified and green spaces bike lanes are point of controversy. Pluto just entered my 3rd. It is in 10th natally.

        Many green spaces reclaimed and growing organics in the city.

        Considering biking to work in warmer weather.

  29. I recently discovered Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner works wonders to rebalance pH levels.
    It’s inexpensive and doesn’t strip skin of oils.

  30. I cannot wait to see how Uranus in Taurus changes my attitude towards money and more specifically the way that I have spent money in the past. Uranus will be opposite my natal Uranus for part of the time.

  31. I mean, last night I purchased some organic chocolate in honor of my period cravings (I was 1/2 a month early, brought on by the eclipse weird! but awesome lol). So that’s a little naff. But I’ve been legit using 6 different tree essential oils, on my skin, in my bath, in my literal (reverse osmosis) drinking water with apple cider vinegar also. Witches AND muggles in my vicinity have taken note of my tendency to smell exactly like a forest. Eating lettuce with the roots still attatched till the moment I eat it, with forest mushrooms boosted with green powder which is a super concentrated form of a lot of greens. Raw organic protein powder is my go-to to keep it lean. (Chocolate flavored) My core desired feeling that is coming up right now: finely tuned. The magical totem that is coming up in everyday, in dreams, in inspiration: cherry trees.

  32. I’m an Earth Mother. I’m vegan, grow lots of vegetables and herbs, cook all the time and I have my 3 pets. I have hugely sensitive skin so I can’t use anything except dermat-approved Cetaphil anyway. My Taurus Moon knows no other way of being. I’m really looking forward to all the trines this Uranus transit will make to my planets in Cap and Virgo and of course my moon. After the sheer torture that was Uranus in Aries, this will be a reprieve.

  33. Yes. Began dietary changes in January. The most notable result being my blood sugar has stabilized. For the first time in decades I am not dealing with sugar highs and crashes. That alone has made me feel so grounded and calm. I’m sleeping better and on hectic days I just calmly get things done.

    With all my major planets in water and air, I’ve always felt dreamy and unfocused and disconnected from my body. Now I feel like a calm and capable woman like the salt of the earth, Empress type of women I’ve always been awed by.

    Next up, starting a for real yoga practice. And yes to getting out in nature and getting to know the trees and the ocean in this new place I moved to.

    • Same. I eliminated a bunch of foods from my diet to see how I would feel and I can’t imagine going back to eating sugar. The highs and lows aren’t work it. I am so much more stable now. Funny how you have to get rid of the high to get rid of the low. I am fine with that.

  34. I already live this way, lol. Hopefully it will just become cheaper w/Uranus in Toro due to the mainstreaming. 🙂

  35. I love planting tomatoes, bell peppers and sweet peppers, also have a perennial garden but really never thought of using the perennials (I did plant sage in front and back of house kind of for protection lol but also the pretty purple colors) Maybe I will try my hand at making something with my perennials? The garden is laid out in such a way that there is always something blooming from may-september, I love it :). On another note…I have natal mars in taurus in my 10th its a long while till Uranus hits it but oh my I wonder what kind of excitement that will bring!

  36. Had a rude moment in Nov when I tried a skin product that wasn’t Aveda — face blew up, had to go to urgent care & be on prednisone. Awful stuff.
    Today is ungodly cold (-7°F/-22°C), so a batch of miso soup w/soba is in order.

  37. Love the synchronicity. YES!! I have been going through a major health reform. I won’t go into the “c” word that every medical professional is dodging because I want holistic advice. But in August 2017 I started having problems walking. My muscles were aching. I was living out of state and sleeping on an aero bed. It messed me up. I got home in November tolerating my pain and was functioning. Traveled for cataract surgery that was done in my home state. Got home again in December and felt happy and relaxed. I was home. The body went into overdrive with pain maybe because I was avoiding the reality of my body being forced into comatose state. I guess I woke up and I was on the couch for at least 4 weeks in pain. I lost almost 15 lbs. I could not move without pain. I went for deep tissue massages, acupuncture and Reiki healing. I had to stop the massages and acupuncture. I went to the Chiropractor. X-rays were done with a diagnosis that had little to do with my muscle pain. He offered me stretching exercises.

    My deadline to see if I will improve was February 1. And YES… Yesterday was a great day muscle wise and emotionally (I have been depressed). I went to the gym, walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes, tolerated the pain with stretching and felt accomplished. I thought I would be in more pain after this. Nope! So, it’s 8:23 am US time right now and I am going to the gym.

    So, in line with Mystic’s advice, Yes… I am on a deep fighting level of getting my health back into a better stance. I was burning sage on Wednesday because I love the smell. I was reading that burning basil leaves (I think) lifts spirits. I am working a good meal plan (keto) back into my life with a consistent exercise plan by 3/1/2018. Maybe sooner but that is my goal.

    Oh Lord, Thank You for yesterday! Thanks Mystic for being in line with what I was hoping for.

    • VE, i’m so sorry that you have had such deep pain, and your body has suffered. Glad you are experiencing a turnaround! Enjoy it, but if even a Jupiterian can say so to a Virgo, take it slowly while you enjoy it, please 🙂

      Sage is amazing, and fresh like basil. I like citrus with basil, like grapefruit, as they’re both clearing and invigorating as scents. But somehow the grapefruit is fresh and calming, where the deeper basil stirs me. Others recommend mandarin or lemon. Have you ever tried juniper? Mixes well with grapefruit.

      • Thank you for the suggestions. Yes, I am taking this time in my life very slowly. I am unemployed so the timing couldn’t be more perfect to take care of me.

        I always loved Orange and Ginger together. Love the citrus smells… very energizing and positive. Grapefruit is one of my favorite snacks. Haven’t used grapefruit as a clearing but will definitely try it. Will definitely look into Juniper. Time to go to the market.

        I hope you are well and Thank you!

        • Hi Ellie that sounds very hard and I can hear your true grit in every word! I have been experiencing muscle pain I think due peri menopause and the loss of magnesium and just yesterday talked to a client about the print on her tees – Root Cause Protocol…. VERY interesting I joined the FB magnesium advocacy group you might find it interesting too : ) all the BEST!

          • Hi Phoenix… I bought magnesium because someone suggested the same thing. I will definitely look into that Facebook group. I get overwhelmed with all of the vitamins I need to take, when and how that I end up stop taking them. I was at the market and bought a liquid form of a high potency vitamins supplement. It tastes good but taking it slowly. I need to check the magnesium level.


            • VirgoEllie, there is a counter balance between Zinc and Magnesium. Briefly, you can read the summary here:

              Zinc is also super important for healing. So before you up one of them, think of researching both. Zinc is good to take in the morning; magnesium at night. Magnesium and calcium also have a connection.

              In your case, you need data that suits YOU rather than a general recomm.

  38. Me me me! Gave a neighbour some comfrey (boneknit) ointment for his broken wrist today. But the herbal bible should be “The complete herbal handbook for farm and stable” by Juliette de Baïracli Levy. Divine book, my husband cut himself really badly and got ten stitches in his wrist, being the goose he is he refused the doctors wishes of antibiotics and I made a series of poltices from the book. Selfheal, calendula, comfrey, oats, olive oil, etc heated it up and man did that horrible thing heal fast and well. I had everything in the garden or pantry. He used to sigh when I applied it. Juliette travelled the world researching cultural animal medicine ( we’re animals) for example seeding wild thyme on cow paddocks for their digestion issues. They eat it when they need it, like when they are gorging on clover. Actually I can’t not garden, grow, water, pick, eat where ever i live. Taurus Aqua rising. XxXx

    • I love Juliet de bairacli levy! Her book nature’s children is a delight and full of great advice, and all her other books on her traveling are worth getting too

  39. The ” Cunning Man of Essex” mentioned in your link comes from 5 minutes walk away from where I live – James Murrell collected his herbs here http://static.panoramio.com/photos/large/49860766.jpg – its at the top of my road a 10 second walk – I walk through it twice a day and you can literally feel the magic in the ancient trees whispering to you. I was born where he was born in Rochford, Essex – His DNA is in the very fabric of our area – people come and gather Sloe’s& crab apples that grow wild. I wish everyone could come and feel this place – its truly special xxxxx

  40. First: I am a Moon in Taurus so the process of going “chem free” started a while ago for me.
    Also, compared to the past, I got a lot more into taking care of plants.
    I don’t have the room – or the clean enough air – to raise my veggies, but I’d love to.

    Just one question: is it possible, since Uranus went direct again, that we feel the effect of Uranus in Taurus?
    It’s going to hit my 9th house and as soon as Uranus went direct, for the first time in ages (and totally out of the blue, very Uranian!) I had the chance to go on a business travel in Corea.
    Short and very hard due to the +8hours time difference, but I was very happy to be on a long distance trip afte AGES.
    Isn’t 9th house the long distance trip (together with many other “far from the usual” things?) one?
    Having a passport after ages kinda was a sign to start traveling again.

    • 9th house, internationalism. No shut-ins or parochialism can possibly be entertained during this transit, generally speaking. Spontaneous or sudden opportunities to cross borders.

      • Yes I know that. 🙂
        But I didn’t have any 9th house transit in that moment. The only “big player” was Uranus direct and since Uranus’s gonna hit my 9th house as soon as it enter Taurus, I was wondering if I was already feeling it or not.

  41. I’m desperate to swap from my overly expensive moisturiser which I realised was brought out by Estee Lauder so no longer feel the faith in the ingredients but clinging to something which has worked in the past. Please give me recommendations for something with clean ingredients for mature skin, so basically want the holy trilogy – good price, clean ingredients and does the job! Help me move on

  42. yess to eating highly mindful organic and healthy food & snacks – with some exceptions for pizza date night just because…
    and unconsciously playing hard in the business game, investing a crazy amoung on coaching, healing and eco organic beauty products! taurus richy rich vibe is already on and I just thought I was getting more in touch with my lust & luxurious side… I guess it’s a mix of all!

  43. Me! Me! Started last week on alkalising my diet after a quick detox of the gut which has seen immense change in my body shape (that’s just 4 days!!!! of the detox, normally 7 or 14 days!) and now starting on changing the food and drink to help my eye care and improving vision, and when I get back to Sydney look up headhunters for a consult on my hair. No more expensive skin deep products (only the absolute musts like moisturiser, toner, exfoliator) but more real wholesome and anti-oxidant that works against all the radicals in our body (which is rather a lot now). I have changed my way of eating even though still indulging in ice cream, wine, beer, liquorice logs etc. I have never been convinced by hiit and more so now because I have bone issues to worry about with Saturn in Cap – knees, elbows and teeth. Yoga and cycling and powerwalk with swimming are plenty of exercise. Funny that Taurus is about indulgence in nice foods and drinks as well but with Uranus, that means changing what we indulge our body? Anyway am with the vibe out of necessity – it’s time.

    • It’s the astro!!! I’ve noticed my body is more responsive too: skin, hair, circulation, posture, old scars and new wounds, pushing just a bit where it’s needed and resting/pampering it in the right ways.

      Feel a bit like all that Leo energy recently made sure that every bit of effort results in an energetic glam, and somehow just the right dress for day and night, with comfort but no sloth-look (thanks Saturn in Ascendant wardrobe purge and better buying). I do have Leo MC so it’s noticeable in the compliments, not in my end goal. Just want to FEEL right and ready to make every day count, be effective and give some good energy back into my daily environment. This is really nice for a Saturn Taurus 6th house native, who has been fighting the swing of the square between that drive and Venus drive.

      Somehow the Venus drive is happier with the best options for physical health (i see, i see…yes, Venus rules Taurus) and it makes my whole mind and heart happier!

      Feels like any recalibrations towards simplicity in the Daily and the Body (and the Money Honey) are a kind of Declutter that is readying us for a Good Innovation from Uranus in Taurus, rather than a disrupt.

      I am Pinocchio in shock! “Am i…am i a Real Boy??” Not a wooden marionette strung along by a wild disordered mind.

    • Just worked out you meant HRT? Am i right there?

      Funny but i was asking my doc yesterday about it and general good prep, though she says i’m some years off worrying. She focused on …da-dah! Daily Routine! Not pharma.

      She’s older with an easy, comfortable luxe style and a beautiful manner that is both calm and honouring of the basic nature of the bod and ensuring good comfort. i find myself wondering if she’s Taurus. Yesterday i almost wondered if she was going to give me brassiere advice…which is kind of strange. But yes, she’s got a bit of old school Australian department store lady bra-fitter about her 😀 She’s just GOT to be Earthy Venusian somewhere!

      • Oh sorry! I think you were riffing off Tauroscorp’s ref above to “hitt workouts”.

        Didn’t ping because i don’t do those. Closest i can get is a few random Sag-style punches and kicks for no actual reason, and not as part of a set. Just paying attention to form and focus in a mini-Mars moment as i’m between laundry and cooking or something. Usu a yoga practice for me!

  44. Yes!
    As a Taurus, I thought I’d list the things that have started without really thinking about it these past few weeks.

    – daily sea bathing
    – a radical declutter
    – tax returns completed
    – mindful organically grown ethenogenic herbs
    – a real, proper sAvings account/stash
    – daily gentle yoga rather than “hitt” workouts
    – weight loss
    – eating quality food, no carb/sugar/fat restrictions but eating proper meals with no snacking
    – financial planning
    – an inspired art practice

    So good! I think I am feeling it!

    • So I clear any supplements with my chiro- bone supplement, one essential oil and iodine. She does not schill them – and muscle tests for exact match.

      Maybe Uranus in Toro will force ethics on food and beauty? Decrease must-have lust?

      Aries tour opp Libra literally faced me off by turn against family, friends, employer, myself.

      Potential dark side- of Toro Uranus tour- increasingly robots replace humans.

      A local high end grocer, was taken over by trendy behemoth distributor. According to Business Insider article, priority is maniacally perfect product placement- and cultivating robot-like ability to recite numbers sales goals etc.

      Many staff have quit or been let go.

      What values are we embracing in our daily trade? I avoid the behemoth “prime” mail order shopping as well as big box stores. I cherish human interactions and potential for positive energy exchange.

      Wall Street Journal reports perfection of a bracelet that behemoth warehouse workers wear which buzzes to macimize efficiency on human wearers who compete with robot co-workers. Electric shocks can’t be far behind.

      The entire adventure premised on faux consumer status- increased speed+increased demand=profit for blind consumers.

      Clutches dog-earred copy of Kondo bible and frowns…

      Pastry section is now selve serve with higher glass to discourage customer-staff interaction.

  45. What I think we (as humans – generalisation warning) have a tendency to do is be in our heads or… (therefore) out of our bodies, and often. We’re here to experience a life in these vehicles that WE created. They weren’t thrust upon us haphazardly. We can’t change anything within our being/body unless we fully inhabit it and that means being with all of it and working with all of it.

    I’m not saying tripping off to the astral has gotta go but I am saying your base (hello Saturn in earth) needs to be grounded in your body.

    Uranus may bring us some new, unconventional or futuristic ways that help ease the widespread discomfort that seems to echo though the discomfort. Even an ache or a freckle is a gift – it’s showing you/me/all where we’re closed off to love and acceptance and instead of projecting it out we have an opportunity to look within and make a change there.

    Yeah, I’m optimistic!

  46. Perfect delineation.

    I think even super-costly fad based natural skin care will get a work over and so it should. Been chem free for years and some of the products and their claims are a little… shall we say, embellished. This undermines the purpose of the product in one way as it tries to put itself in the same market as the other but with a healthier standpoint.

    Yes to earth medicine but in also embracing the natural cycles and celebrating them instead of trying to manufacture an illusion of something else.

    • What I don’t really get is that skin actually needs skin care products ? Natural or chemical. It’s a bit like vitamin supplements. Multi billion dollar industry that really is unnecessary for 99% of people. Most of it gets pissed down the sewerage system. I’m more inclined to the idea that less is more but not sure its something Taurus would agree with. Us first worlders eat far too much and have way more ‘nutrients’ in our diet than 10 bodies need. We are the most ravenous bunch of beings that may have ever lived.
      Our real probiem is our state of mind. Would sane people pay $100 for a small pot of face cream ? No. Insanity rules our world.
      Our facial skin though is pretty good.

      • Weeeell, as a Toro riser and perhaps female I have to say skin does need care but does NOT need all that kind of care that comes in seductive packaging resplendent with false claims that are oh too tempting and looking at the chic trying to sell them too you (who absolutely recommends it) you feel you have to try it.

        Lots of guys I know don’t use skin care and some have better skin than others. It’s an inside out kind of approach though so relative to overall health but also hormones and as you no doubt know us ladies it isn’t always a nice steady ride with them. Skin is affected. Are ‘products’ the answer? Yes, and no.

        Most are after anti-aging not nourishment. I’m after moisture and nourishment sans chemicals, alcohol, sles, parabens and synthetic fragrance. I use it as much for my psychology of looking after me as I do for the benefits but I’m realistic. Anti aging in natural skin care doesn’t exist perse (imo). You need botox-like stuff or chemical face freeze stuff for that… or a procedure.

        Commercial supplements have never been more highly consumed I reckon. Everyone is just randomly dosing up on everything. I see so many people out and about with handfuls of stuff. Yes, it’ll get pissed out if the gut health isn’t optimal and perhaps even if it is… if it’s combined wrong or taken with too much other stuff and needs to be expelled. Some of that can actually be harmful and it’s not regulated at all.

        Big Pharma must be in on it somewhere.. there’s simply too much $$ in it now. Come to think of it I looked at something that was a ‘natural’ health food product that was produced by Bayer or something…. so there you go.

        Actually, us first worlders are quite deficient in things like vitamin D and magnesium by and large. I read there’s an emerging trend of rickets again for newborns which is a D deficiency that may be genetically passed on by mums. The problem is not one dimensional though, it’s complex. We are huge consumers but we don’t consume well or in right amounts and we are up against a lot of acidic increasing and toxin/pollutant type substances that interfere with the body’s mechanisms and I can understand the intention and desire to combat that for a healthier lifestyle but vitamins in and of themselves aren’t enough. Whole food is better as it’s bioavailable but even then if there’s a systemic issue then that’ll need to be addressed first.

        Big biz this health stuff.

        Yes, state of mind is super important but my new view is not absolutely reliant on that as state of body is equally if not more important.

        I am playing around with some concepts… y’know once it would have been an easy mind over matter thing where the mind was the prime minister and all the little colonies in the body were the loyal subjects but they rebel, revolt and overthrow the government which is really just a one man show when you think of it (pun intended) at whim and quite successfully. This has to mean they have their own power and place in the system. The mind (if you mean heart/gut) is probably the power behind the throne and they reside in … yep, the body. So, long story short I there has been a vote and the mind as in the brain/computer mind has been removed from full power and we are trialling a shared leadership model here 🙂

  47. yes yes yes.
    im like this already. love my haute hippie beauty products-hello living libations.
    my next challenge is to learn to grow my own veg-ive been saying it for yrs.
    mite get back into sprouts
    and luurrve being toro rising x

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