When Uranus Is In Ecliptic Conjunction With The Moon

moon uranus conjunction description from newspaper in 1919

From the Wichita Daily Eagle newspaper of 1919, a rather strange but interesting delineation of the Moon Uranus conjunction.

Look at your change from the streetcar conductor when the Moon is conjunct Uranus…WHY?

Don’t get me wrong, I like this advice.  i feel like it reverberates across the decades. But looking at your change feels more like Moon-Saturn consciousness. Moon-Saturn keeps a close eye on the pentacles and yes, the pentacles amass because of it.

The Moon Uranus Conjunction Is A Good Time To Check In With Where You Want To Change

But Moon-Uranus? Maybe what this really means is look at your change from the streetcar conductor because it might be in an alien currency?

Or look at your change so you don’t lock eyes with the streetcar conductor because you might know them from a low circumstance? A time when you took a life detour down a side alley and followed some neon-lit stairs down into an under-worldly basement. The air conditioning vents belched sulfur and the steps were of black obsidian shot through with real lava. And this streetcar conductor looks horribly like…Okay, wait – that would be a street car conductor encounter during Moon-Pluto.

Maybe It’s Cryptically Talking About Significant Change?

Maybe it means to look at your change, as in how much you’ve evolved? Once i was in a cafe, with a lot going on, and it was a Moon-Uranus day. The barista gave me change that was basically about $15 in coins. He kept dropping more and more coins into my palms, murmuring the whole time “there’s more change, there’s more change, there’s more change coming…”  That was weird, like a single origin soothsayer – he inhaled enough high altitude Sumatran and Nicaraguan coffee essence all day to presumably give him some shamanic credentials – and he was correct. There was more change coming.

So maybe the Wichita Daily Eagle Moon-Uranus streetcar conductor was like that.  Or were streetcar conductors in 1910 all just mercurial tricksters who’d pull all sorts of nonsense (?) – Pluto was in Gemini, after all.  Thoughts? Do you think this take on the Moon Uranus conjunction stands up?

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Having been through the natal Urans moon conj early on his transit through Aries, and knowing THREE other late degree Aries moons affected by the conj more recently, my take is that, yes, more change is coming is one message, and that yes, people can suddenly be erratic and unpredictable and if they are the bus conductor, they might not be focussing on mundanities like counting lucre with their Saturn/Toro goggles on, but more than that… It’s like, you check your change not so much to check that you got back the difference between the current fare and the $20… Read more »


Aqua man is a natal uranus Pluto moon conjunction in virgo. Check his change?? I think I can use the word anal but he has gone to the other extreme to combat this of I don’t give a damn. Not an easy conjunction.


I’m a loyal MM subscriber. I’m also a neptuninan Kansan who lives three hours from Wichita. Last week, a five year old Wichita boy went missing under suspicious circumstances. This whole Pisces season I have been obsessed with his story, scouring the Wichita Eagle several times a day. Uranus in ecliptic conjunction with the moon is when your favorite Australian astrologer chimes in with a cryptic clue for your heartbreakingly fruitless amateur sleuthing.


This phrase re counting change tickled me….I had an image of a Harry-Potter style bus conductor as a psychopomp/daemon/alchemical Mercury/ as we travel through life.

Isn’t Uranus meant to be a ‘higher octave’ (or summat) of Mercury?


What would freak me out is if the street car conductor said: “Room for one more inside”


It’s the messages that come with. It’s not about the change, that’s inevitable. It’s one of the few genuine constants in our world. The interaction of energies, the equation of giving and receiving. I met an optus technician, installing my new highspeed cable. I fell in love instantly. Yes, Venus-Neptune, and doubly so because transit Neptune is on my Natal Venus. It was refreshing. I haven’t looked at anyone or been with anyone even infatuation style for over 2 years. What was my change from that transaction? Unlimited high speed internets for $10 more than I was paying for shitty… Read more »

Year of the Phoenix

Just like the river, I’ve been running ever since

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot


“An alien currency”

Nike Vk

One of my fav posts ever, omg.

Streetcars also being somewhat newer tech may also have been a context factor? Idk

Nike Vk

I have a funny store about a time when, while day tripping, I kept forgetting about money–that it is a neccessity. later on, when a friend went into the store to get supplies (the silliest things too…skittles, marshmallows and rice cereal to make rainbow rice cereal squarea, lol) and I gave him money, and he returned with more money than I gave him, the automatic check out machine having given back too much change. LOL


This made me smile!

dark star

Yesterday at the store the scale broke and charged me $9 for a $1 thing so yeah noted.
Liking the idea of a harried Midwestern news-cap wearing family man trying to channel the Astro. Do you think he (secretly) embraced it?
Also loling at the difference in the Pluto in Gemini generation v Pluto in cancer …one of my grandfathers was a gem stellium at the tail end of Pluto in gem, the other a cap Pluto in cancer. Both business people, could not be more different!


More change is coming! Yes! And ugh. Mainly commenting because I am from Wichita and my dad works at the Eagle – unfortunately not in the horoscope department. Lol.


Very funny. Used to work as an office temp’ and every time the moon was conjunct neptune or uranus, things went haywire . Simple everyday transactions went wrong and it all seemed supercharged.
Nothing went according to plan. Ever.


“DAVIS! WHERE ARE THE HOROSCOPES IT’S TWELVE MINUTES TO DEADLINE” “DAAVIIS” muffled cursing from the corner office. “DAVIS WHERE ARE YOU” Jackson Beavesby Sr., Editor in Chief of the Wichita Daily Eagle, exhaled heavily and in frustration pushed his new chair back from his oak workdesk. It wasn’t a sigh, because men like Mr Beavesby Sr do not sigh. They act. Clearly Davis was off again, on some story. Beavesby was at his wit’s end. First Davis had insisted, as a cadet journalist five years earlier, on writing a full page article about Einstein’s new discovery of the special theory… Read more »


*meant* business!


Haha! I’m imagining Beavesby as a slightly rotund middle aged woman in drag, who thinks she’s passing but it’s just that everyone is too kind to say anything. I’m not sure why.


HAHA i love this 😀


Wichita wasn’t long off being a dusty trading post around then. It wasn’t done for a lady to be working and in charge of a newsroom. There was a story that she’d lost her husband and oldest son in a terrible railway accident six years earlier. The office was in disarray when she – sorry, he – turned up at the door three weeks after the detestable then-editor Derpin Jack Hamer went missing (and good riddance too). And it turned out that J. Beavesby was just so good at the job, that no one decided to mind.


Love this!

Calli G

Hah! +1!


ooh i got moon trine saturn yayy


lol this is funny…and the barista…that is GREAT…there is more change coming…more change coming…omg love it


indeed! Ch-changes!


Change is inevitable
1) in the weather
2) from the conductor
3) from the barista
4) all of the above
……..but never from the vending machine.

Or is it because they went from car to card conductors? (cheap shot….l know)

Seriously Wichita? How big was it back then? Itsa Red state…were they into the astro back then in such a smallish community? Currently 84th biggest metropolis in da US.

Maybe referring to unusual paths these two traverse.

Maybe the linesman is still on the line


Thanks PF for the musical reference. Was hoping someone would go there.

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