Your Saturn Square Moon Transit

A Saturn square Moon transit is the trickiest of all. Why? Because the Moon is our psychic and emotional comfort zone. And Saturn is austere. But there are three stages and the sooner you get cracking, the faster you will have your improved Emotional Intelligence. Yes, that’s right – Saturn improves.

Stage One Saturn Square Moon Transit

Maudlin self-pity, grim dwelling upon defeats or delusions, toting up your defects. Wanting to cocoon.

Stage Two Saturn Transit

You’re still melancholy but actually able to make useful calculations and a proper plan.

Stage Three Saturn Transit

Self-Assurance. Self-Mastery. Actual self-generated wisdom that you feel in your BONES.

Pietro Annigoni
Heather Roblin – Daphne & Apollo

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I’m about to have saturn transiting opposing my moon….and I AM SCARED. last time pluto did it, I had the most painful period of my life. deaths of loved ones, being fired at work, change house, a deep depression which is not totally over. what can I expect??


That first stage… that was hell

Saturn conjunct Mars in Virgo 6th house


This is me! I just had a breakthrough. Realised that I grew up with a toxic parent for whom nothing will ever be good enough. In a flash, went from believing what they had told me about life & my potential to succeed at it to reviving my faith in my personal power & will to be myself. Realised that I do not have to meet their expectations or behave like their child at all – not even in reaction. It’s hard – it’s like self-parenting. But it’s terribly freeing and empowering to realise that in fact your parent whom… Read more »


PS – Mars transiting conjunct natal Saturn; Saturn transiting conjunct natal Neptune. This realisation came about after I told my father how angry I was with him, for legitimate reasons. He responded my attacking my personality, achievements and life choices although this was irrelevant to the issue at hand. Cue two hours of sobbing (Neptune = tears) & the shattering of the delusion (seeing/ unclarity, also Neptune) – now strength & a commitment to loving and approving of myself the way I deserve to be. The gifts of Saturn. Also, sadly relevant to these transits, the loss of a Capricorn… Read more »


Ah! This is awesome, so well summarized!

Saturn is transiting right on my Venus right now and about to go into my 7th house….

Saturn in Sag was mostly about health stuff for me –physical and mental health (as Saturn squared my Pisces Moon for part of it), and I think I did a pretty good job of addressing it all and getting serious, getting real, with my health issues and truly learning self care.
I hope I can do as good a job mastering what I need to learn with Saturn in Cap. It feels good so far.


I think I’m doing all three stages simultaneously.


The 3rd?
I can see lion and bird.


Saturn, Saturn Saturn. I have known him my whole life and am just now realizing it. My chart is super Saturn heavy. I am a Cap Rising so Saturn is my ruling planet and I get the pleasure to have him in my 8th house!


..let me rephrase that. I get the pleasure to have him in my natal 8th house (he is not passing through this house, I was born with him there).


You know that saying, where ever you go, there you are. Well Saturns a bit like that. Instead of the circle of life, it’s the circle of strife. 🙂


LOL, that is what I have been reading but there can be some great benefits as you endure the race.


Quick question, how do I change my Avatar? Thanks!


You do this at Gravatar:


Awesome, thanks!


I am oscallating Wildey between all three, is that normal?!!
Some days I just want to become a hermit and cut off all modes of communication. Can you guess which house Saturn is transiting in my charts?! 😉
Pietro Annigoni captured that warmth of DaVinci- wow. impressive so beautiful.


So, how long after Saturn has left does the third stage start? Asking for a friend.


Do the stages matter by house or by sign? What I mean is: I am sure I am experiencing the 3rd stage mostly. My 4th spans from 3° Saggo to 9°Cappy, where the 5th stars. So no matter the sign, I am in the last part of the 4th house transit and yes, there are many “saturnian” things I feel in my bones: the “I won’t take any crap from anyone” or the “no compromising” in relationships and many other things. 100% sure. But at the same time when entering Cap Saturn opposed my Venus and then was conjunct my… Read more »


Saturn is saying get (your) 4th house issues sorted before the 5th stuff. I have the same re 6th and 7th. I have recently come to some personal understandings. Saturn has sat my ‘relationship desires’ down and for a ‘lay of the land’ spiel.

Mystic says “do Saturn first”. You have some similar issues to me. Comes under ‘save the tastiest food to last’. I am very Water and Earth.


I am fine with my 4th: 3 years have been very long and lonely.
So I was hoping NOT to get a retrograde in 4th again.
I guess this last stint in my 4th (and in Capricorn) will make my 3years in Saggo Saturnian finding even stronger but I can’t hide I am bored with this house.
I was so happy to get to the 5th: I think Saturn in his homeland would be giving me support (no lucky strike, but a solid plan) to obtain what I’ve always wanted love wise.


Something latent?


metallics, metallics…god i love metallics


Saturn turns Rx at 9°9′, just past my 8°53′ Dsc, and turns SD at 2°33′; very close to my natal Saturn (obv 6th house) at 2°2′.

Work and relationships very highlighted. I think I’m in the 2nd stage. I’m not discounting retograding myself back to the 1st stage. Ha ha.


My Saturn at 7 deg where is it now ?


Ha ha. Smack Dab Bang On.


like playing clackers


I should have known. Yep, work and relationships. All good so far. I do though have that weird mannequin feeling.
Like I’m naked in the store window and Saturn is the stylist dressing me, changing my posture, my environment while passers by watch the transformation.


Sunday was exact !


I couldn’t model as a mannequin. Doing the work of 5 stiffs would bore me to rigor mortis.

Having Saturn conjunct ya Dsc is so much fun. You know with my chart-ruling, bucket-handle, apex-in-a-yod Moon IN the 7th. A sideshow of horrors.

What doesn’t kill ya, makes ya stronger.
(Cap statement of the day)


In fact Venus, Mars, Jup n Sat all doing very close SRx and SD to various Natal Planets and Angles. Jup turning Rx less than a degree past my Natal. Having my 5th Jup Ret now.


I am hating the retrograde already. My 5th is a 9° so Sat will barely enter it and then go back (AGAIN) in my 4th where it has been sitting since early 2015.


there’s a triple Libra around, with saturn at the same degrees -ish as you two, pf and david. first saturn return though haha
anything i should know? 😉


My Sat on Sat was many years ago (I have Sat in Gemini) and it worked out fine.
Hell even Saturn in Saggo opposing my Saturn in Gemini went well.
It really is about what you have/haven’t achieved in the area that will receive the influence of Saturn. If you have built something solid, you might get even some recognition of some sort.


My first SatRet was a breeze but then again Pluto was in Scorpio. It was a most amenable period. I had very no knowledge of da sky back then.

Check those 3 Lib placements against the Plutocracy.


well his mars mercury make a 3some with my own pluto… Mobile Pluto is yet to square his sun. which squares my moon. whoa ok so theoretical scenario, if we got together (this is an if, i’m operating from my air signs here not emo water) there’d be a mutual double pluto transit with sun/moon in a few years his moon and my saturn share a sign, as does his venus and my neptune (3 degrees apart).. my mars is on his north node. I hate myself for doing this,i promised i wouldn’t. but he just seems… interesting (damn you… Read more »


His Venus on ya Nep, great…you take control. But don’t let doubt creep in.
He could LZ you.

Pluto cj your Moon and sq his Sun? Well Pluto will sort that out one way or another……that’s if ya get together.

His Leo (?) Moon will be interesting to your Cap Moon


thank you 😉
I quite like the leo cap combination. fwiw

yes the double pluto sounds slightly dramatic. hmm

I think being venus ruled he’s feeling the neptune a bit.
his personal planets are chatting to my pluto. Strange as it’s almost the same combo of aspects as the Creepy Guy at work but this guy is the opposite in many ways. Cancer vs Libra I guess.
anyway, irrelevance
cheers for the insight / note


note, normally i am cool with cancerians – seems important to note for some reason 😛 – but Work Guy : no


Nothing ventured,
Nothing gained.


Going through my first Saturn return at 28 that kicked in when Saturn moved into Cap. I have a Capricorn stellium in the 9th( Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Mars, and Mercury). Very nervous!


With that line up I’d say every one else should be nervous 🙂


Haha Why do you say that?


With all that Cap you’re probably right on track. The return will just make it more so. Enjoy this time. You’ve got this. After the adjustments Saturn makes there will be no stopping you.


Thank you so much for that, David, You have no idea how much I needed to hear that!


So Saturn governs ‘old age’ i mean wisdom and endurance…lol.
A life of learning. Saturn now transiting my rising so years and years of dear father time nudging me. As long as he’s not lighting a fire on my ass because fast can no longer be achieved more of a slow canter into the horizon stripped of any artifice wanting everything to be simple, non convoluted.
Self mastery? O for sure! Must say that Saturn does feel more comfortable in Cap that it did in Sagg where real or imagined restrictions and limits seemed to be in play.


Time waits for no man…..and few women. (Sth Australia’s funniest man- Shaun Micallef)

Maybe you are one of them?


begrudgingly mostly in stage two. there’s a comfort in stage one that i’m struggling to cut loose from. don’t yet feel like i deserve stage three; it’s not a consistently-enough manifested idea for me to be able to properly aim for it. boo hoo.

this is lovely, mm. helps make the journey more tangible.


Saturn now in 5th opposite moon 10th, saturn now widely trine my ascendant / Jupiter.

Saturn now also square 7th/ 8th house natal Saturn…

Well, I have a Daphne tree, so inspiring was Thomas Moore’s tale of Daphne & Apollo, (Soul Mates) I planted this fragrant flowering plant and it’s a lovely symbol of preserving ones commitment to virtue, belief and truth. Perhaps I should just stay with this…

Thanks Mystic for beautiful imagery


Saturn is trining my Scorpio juno & karma 2nd…


one of my favourite flowers ever since i was a girl. intensely beautiful scent that communicates beyond the senses.


Yes aggree, lol, and it’s beautifully evergreen!


Word. Libra Rising w/ Pluto conj Saturn straddling 1/12th.

Beginning just before my 30th (2013) – Divorce. Meltdown. Long distance relocation. New business. New art. Health fetish. Self fetish. Self respect. The shittiest best time ever. Worth it. Also glad it’s OVER! Have fun folks.


Second Saturn Return spot on! Plans now in place for a New Beginning in six months or earlier with Divine Intervention!


Got Saturn twirling through an otherwise empty house, the 12th, creating a Lilith Sandwich with Pluto.
I AM a Saturn Transit.


Just had saturn through the 12th and it soooo went like that.

But SO good, Formulated life changing plans really. Faced delusions. Got more in line with the truth of reality.

And then in Feb when it finally hit my ascendant – I have felt like an entirely new person.


Haha… Yes.


That last photo! Perfection.


Absolutely. Also i love your avatar pic!


Thank you. I love it too!


I love that you love! It is actually my phone screensaver as of about 3 weeks 🙂 That dude came to me during a treatment <3


Yes, this is so,so true!

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