The Past Calls But…

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When the Sun is conjunct the South Node, like it is now, the Past Calls…

No Caller I.D, just a vague vibe of unease, a fleeting sense of something familiar but not at all desirable.

There is noise but no signal, some static, indistinct sentences that two years ago you would have thought charmingly cryptic.

Hello?…sorry, WHAT?…I’m losing you.”

Now? You don’t spend any energy analysing it. Modern Mindset Maintenance techniques mean the processing of previous existences & phases occurs in the background and that the apt insights pop into your mind precisely as you need them.


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72 thoughts on “The Past Calls But…

  1. Well I don’t know about the past, apart from I do random things when I’m in a good space
    I’ve just sent my CV off to a job that I probably stand not one second of a chance of getting but I bloody sent it ! It feels great and I reckon I’m going to follow on this path knocking at doors until one opens ! Finally I’m plucking up the courage again to talk to strangers.

    • Well done you. That’s Saturn I reckon – just keep doing the slog until a door opens, as it eventually will. Create your own opportunities. x

  2. A realisation today, while listening to an excellent Buddhist meditation about fear, about the intense depth of contempt I feel towards being dependent on, or ‘needing’ something or more likely, someone. The feeling is almost vicious. Maybe it’s just who I am. I can’t work out if I internalised some very early experiences, which is highly likely. Like I was punished or rejected for simply wanting to be acknowledged/loved and having needs, so expressing this became a shameful condition. So eventually I make it so that I abandon ship when it turns out I feel enough towards someone that he’s got my heart on a plate and could stab it with a steak knife at any time. This being an intolerable condition, I decide that I don’t need jack from anybody. So it goes. (Just got my next few meditation sessions worked out, haha)
    It also helps to explain the self-loathing several years running now, a total refusal to accept certain life circumstances. The fugly insight or awareness is helping with some processes of relocating a healthier sense of self reliance and worth, which is my 2nd house – where the eclipse was. The north node will cross that degree in a few weeks (days?) So I’ll keep the notebook handy. Ugh, sigh. It’s not all about a chic hair toss as we step through our newly feng shui’d apartment in tasteful shades of greige. Sometimes the thing you need is stuck in the manure heap so you’d better keep digging.
    Any tips?.

  3. Moved house yesterday. The past has never felt so future! I am broken and twisted and bruised and hyperextended in every direction. But pretty happy. Except my little cream savanna cats aren’t pacing the hallways yet, so doesn’t feel exactly home yet. Nice full moon week. Exciting.

    • Ooh, very nice Sphinx. What is the garden like? Is there lots to do?

      We have been doing so much around our place, more in the last year than the 4 years beforehand. And i finally have wrangled a studio, only after extracting, rehousing, selling or tossing all the dense plutonic junk inside that shed, then painting the outsides. Epic.

    • We are just coming up to our 10th anniversary in our house and Kataka has decided to totally spring clean every room nook and cranny. It feels great other than her going through my pile of papers etc I have stuck in a corner of the bedroom. Some of that stuff has been hanging around for 20 years in my life and the process of throwing most of it out was slightly traumatic !
      Anywho, congratulations on your move, may you and the family live happily in your new home for many years x

      • Thank you all! It’s exciting to get some roots at last. The garden needs a lot of work but it will be great to be able to fill it with plants V! Deathly tired by it all though. Lovely to read all your news!

        • Beautiful place, sounds like, Sphinx! You and your fam truly deserve a nice one. Sounds like there’s plenty of space and light? Some good energy?

          Just want to share that my bath-loving sis commented on the joys of a shower. So if you don’t have a bath to take, enjoy the rain of a shower on the tired bod. (Want to mention she apparently bathes a billion times a day, and i don’t know how as she is a busy busy Sag, so you can probs take her word for it that it’s an essential luxury. Haven’t told her she might be moving towards her Piscean NN, Nor that she is doing her Rising Tau more than her Moon Aries haha Fire sign in the bath! Would love to know how much time she actually spends in there 🙂 )

          Your garden will be a delight that will call you when you’ve got the time and space. And boy, am i jealous of an actual garden! Even one you can look out on in its rancid state and plan and dream and plan again. ENJOY!! xxx

    • THIS: Modern Mindset Maintenance techniques mean the processing of previous existences & phases occurs in the background and that the apt insights pop into your mind precisely as you need them.

      MMM is the everything now.

  4. Interesting –

    No ex communication, but did get a text from a friend that I have been out of touch with for awhile, glad to hear from her but also like “here we go again..”

    A student of mine showed up today after not attending class for many months too

    That photo tho!! I actually styled my hair in that same fashion circa 2005/6, feels like a lifetime ago

  5. I had a massive meltdown tonight. I have them occasionally, esp in winter. My husband is unfazed by them now but I flail about like a crazy person until I can get over it. No special reason, existential angst.

  6. So that’s what’s up…yes, the past has been calling me. The other day I was stuck in traffic in a terrible funk over cube farm situ. Asking the universe ‘What should I do, what should I do?’ I stared out of the window at the car next to me and emblazoned across the door were the words “Call [name of Neptunian Cap]”. Holy fuq. The following day a random page I follow on social media but hardly ever look at appeared in my feed with a video of an obscure song that was significant in our relationship. I’ve also been dreaming about him a bit, which I haven’t in ages.
    Of course with rock solid encouragement like that, Neptune opp Jupiter square Venus was ready to get on the phone. Thankfully, sanity prevailed, sigh.

  7. It’s also kind of a relief to have put some distance in with my own drowning in muck feeling, even though I currently feel as though I have taken a wrong turn in the Bardo and might be stuck for fricken ever.

    I realised the other day that i’m not going to have children, this was never a priority in my life, getting to a point beyond finding the idea outright repellent was probably the best i was going to do with my moon-IC situation, but it also means I don’t have to hold on to things for posterity’s sake. “this belonged to your grandfather” etc – i mean that’s a big call for a cap moon who prefers a multi-generational lifetime guarantee for product longevity, but anyway
    not sure where i’m going with that, probably that the prospect of the chains of single motherhood is more revolting than no spawn at all. having trouble counting which of my friends have a healthy relationship with their spouse after having had children. it’s so fucked. destructive and depressing. financial struggles, bitterness and acrimony, toleration at best. why on earth would you do it??????

    • Hmm, why? I have never experienced love and bliss on this earthly plane like the kind I have with my children – and also with my partner – as a family. We are beyond grateful every day for each other.

      Perhaps it’s different for others, then, also I wasn’t young when I had my first.

      P.s. I find the word spawn so ugly and diminishing of innocence.
      “A wrong turn in the Bardo” is however a genius expression and I might have to steal (if I can find others who also know what it even means!).

    • 6 years ago I realised also that I was never going to have children (fallopian tubes discovered to be fused after severe appendix infection). I was probably spurred by finally meeting my partner after 15 years single, like its now or never! But being a mother was never a priority in my life either. Not like my sister who would reach for a baby if one came into the room, i only ever felt like that about kittens or puppies…

      At one point at about 30, I do remember thinking I would never ever drag a child through what I had been through myself. My life is much, much happier now and I still don’t regret it, I actually often feel relieved that I don’t have children as there is an increasing freedom in my life. I do like kids, and I work with them, but perfectly happy to give them back at the end of the day.

      • Yes, like it was actually really liberating in certain ways – I can dedicate myself to worthy work and make actual plans, I mean I get that parenting (lets be honest, mothering) isn’t a total and permanent impasse but I suddenly thought, “oh ok! Well I guess I can get on with things then.” And I can still do the thing I always wanted to do which is work to build more equality and fairness into women’s lives, that’s a goal I actually wrote down when I was 15 so yes LOL

  8. with a chart ruler of mercury, virgo ruling my 3rd house, pisces sun conjunct mercury in the 9th house and mars in the 8th, and pluto on my IC, analysing feelings and happenings / analytical processes is basically what I do, lol. However yes there’s a point where you just have to switch gears and act in your new life power so to speak, takes some psychical work to operate on two channels – background auric comms and clear-and-present-life helloo you have to do things Pi

    one of the past posts your site auto-shared MM was the day that venus went direct in late 2015, it was the beginning of my tailspin about the capricorn, i had shared info about a couple of dreams I had about him that i had forgotten. The pure sunshine that lit (lights?) up my heart when he arrived there.

    since that time I have learnt how to distinguish – i think – if someone is thinking about me – it’s almost like they materialise in front of me. like I am looking at them. then I sort of just attune to the vibe, unless that comes first anyway (e.g. frustration, lust, golden happiness, passing thoughts, confusion etc). If their name or presence pops up unbidden, i know there’s a comms contact of some sort. the capricorn, colleagues, boss, studio manager, friends occasionally – yep. anyway , sharing that because it sort of came to light via the capricorn i guess.

  9. Yes. You all are so not alone. I have been swept up in fantasies of what might have been with someone I haven’t talked to in 7 years and seen in 17! We were pen pals for ten years!

    There was another situation with this girl that I should have been a better friend with too that came up.

    Also have had tons of energy moving up out of the heart chakra. So intense that I’ve been like, “it’s happening again!!”

    Interestingly the south node lounge only features people I didn’t think to include in my cord cutting ceremony on New Years.

  10. So i was wowing out at the comments about old friends and lovers, and music, thinking how good i don’t have to be disturbed by such anymore…

    …when the phone rings with an invitation back to the old crew, by the only person i would like to see from that crowd. In one of the old haunts, naturally, where i sang an old old song in a salvaged boat. Something i would not do now. But for the past week, i found myself humming similar tunes, hence the need to explore different music.

    My mind is playing ghosts in pirate and steam punk costumes, complete with dancing skeletons. I kid you not, it’s a day vision, not a metaphor!

    And i’ve had birds come right up to me, which always happens when i’m pulled backwards and need to keep darting forward.

    Thanks for the Node Lounge, people xx Sufficient to know it’s a glitch in the matrix and i don’t have to go back to explore it.

  11. WAs driving along innocently this morning and song after song was coming on going through my greatest hits of ex-boyfriends. Noticed something was up on the 3rd song for the 3rd ex-boyfriend then I began to wonder who would be next. 5 songs and 5 ex-boyfriends. Totally not random! Oh and I ended up in front of the old house (almost 20 years ago) of one of my best friends who appears not having anything to do with me for past few months. Talk about a weird morning.

  12. Soon to be Jupiter conjunct natal south node (18 sep 2018). I noticed lots of mention above of Conjunct Uranus, Pluto. I have Pandora there as well. 8th H P/P 15’30 – U 15’50 Virgo

  13. In other post-eclipse related news, I see Ummagumma finally went public with her experiences re: Weinstein – the Nodes are presently hitting her (Leo) BML & (Taurus) Saturn, while the Solar Eclipse in mid-February squares her Midheaven. She’s going to get a lot of visibility off this, and if you read the heartbreaking account of how she felt like she “went from being a creative contributor and performer to being like a broken tool”, I’d say dammit it’s about time – that woman deserves her revenge.

  14. I met an ex Thursday nite, have been in a bad / gloomy mood ever since. I was the one breaking it up because we were going nowhere.
    But there has been no one ever since. And seeing him and remembering what is like to like someone compared to the nonsense blur that it is the dating online scene is sad.
    But: I am a Moon in Taurus and a fifth house in Capricorn so I can only move forward.

  15. Just had a two hour chat with the ex I moved across the country with 10 years ago. We loved each other, but separated for a variety of (valid) reasons, and have both been in relationships since then.

    We’ve both lost parents, he moved back to the East coast, different jobs, different lives …

    Older and wiser, the convo we just had was warm and full of laughs. We hadn’t talked in years, so there was interest in and learning about each other’s new lives. And we were able to share our grief about our parents in a way that felt healing.

    I feel like I got a little gift. I’m grateful for the interaction and now I’m reading old journals to see what else has been healed/shifted since then. 😉

    • That’s lovely. I really enjoy one of my ex’s. A gentle man with whom I spent some time. I’d hope always to be as open and friendly with my ex’d Partners.

  16. In amongst all the shit that has been happening….this happened!

    I visited a couple, former colleagues, around the corner from the beach l slept at. Her parents were there fr overseas. I was immediately taken aback with her mum’s eyes. They were the eyes fr my ‘reset’ woman; circa 2013. I KNEW SHE WAS 3rd Decan Scorp …INSTANTLY.

    But you could’ve knocked me over when she said “13th of November”
    Same date as the Reset woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ohhhhhh so that’s why I got an email from an ex bestie wanting to catch up. Years of no contact. Insanity. Sn pinging my Pluto + asc. Sent a long email back but not dwelling on it.

    Reread a psychic reading from 2014 and it was strangely true even though I had disowned it in my mind.

    • Love that you emailed the ex bestie back … (you liked her/him at one point, maybe the insanity was gone now, etc.) but with no expectations.

      But also, that you got a psychic reading (also, with no expectations) and were able to validate it years later.

      • Ok looking at your post below looks like we had a similar encounters! He was a male bestie, and I had a fight (was unlike me I hate confrontation but she poked a Scorpio) with his gf whom I was also friends with. So not an ex, but a male best friend that I was actually devastated to not talk to anymore. A footnote of the reading mentioned him, there were feelings I was not conscious of. Boundaries were mentioned as important. I love the tone of your meeting astrogeek, a healing gift. I feel much the same 🙂

  18. Eclipse dreams have been wild….it started with Venus over the South Node. Lots of female friends from my past resurfacing in my sleep – I wonder if they were dreaming of me, too?? One of them shot me a text right as Venus went over the SN – we have a phone date in a couple of weeks to catch up when our schedules finally sync <3

    I don’t know that South Node reconnections are always a bad thing – my feeling is they just tend to bring up a lot of murky emotional detritus to be cleansed so we can move forward. One of my dreams involved bitching out an old friend for her disloyalty, which is what actually ended our friendship IRL. I never really got a chance to say how hurt I was at the time – I was young and didn’t have the wisdom or maturity to clearly articulate my feelings the way I can now. I don’t know that it would have changed anything though, but sometimes just being true to how you feel is what’s important.

    Even though I tend to think of “closure” as predominantly being a false construct designed for (and possibly by) drama addicts, I do think it can be an internal job where we release stagnant emotion and make peace – not with the Past – but with the Present and Future, which often do not include the people we’ve let go of. Sometimes there is pent up emotion where we didn’t get an opportunity to get something off our chest that gives us peace and perhaps that temporary SN re-connection may give us an opportunity to put things to bed. Too often we tend to think that someone resurfacing in our life automatically = a resurrection of that connection and we wind up treading the same well-worn defunct grooves we did the last time around, which resolves nothing.

    People don’t resurface in my life often, but once in a blue moon they do and under the right circumstances when enough time has passed and I feel like I’ve grown and can accurately assess where the relationship is at/going without being attached to the outcome at all, I’ll give the benefit of the doubt and allow a second chance. I’ve been burned twice (never in a romantic relationship; that’s a one-shot deal for me), but feel it was worth the opportunity to re-asses my own development relative to the connection just to see if it was *me* or if it really was *them*. I’ve found that rarely do people modify their behavior toward you in truly meaningful ways even when you’ve broken it all down for them very neatly and tied it all up in a nice bow – the synastry stays the same. But under the right conditions it can be good to test yourself and your assumptions to see how clearly and objectively you view things….again, without being attached whatsoever to the outcome. Giving the benefit of the doubt by accepting a hat-in-hand apology and trying to see if you can move forward reflects well on your character and capacity for forgiveness, however it’s on a case-by-case basis and not everyone who hurts us deserves another opportunity to reconnect.

    • This idea of the internal vs. external ways that closure can manifest is interesting. I do think sometimes looking for big, demonstrative, external signs can be a problem in and of itself, but that kind of closure can be satisfying and cathartic in a way that quiet, internal closure isn’t. (I say this from past experience).

      And I’m adopting “the synastry stays the same” as my temporary mantra for resisting the urge to reconcile with the current ex. Bring it, South Node!

      • Oh yikes! Yeah, personally I’m very anti- resurrecting romances with exes – though I’m on good terms with mine and have no problems being friendly with them, there’s still no way I’d ever cover the same ground twice. I’d much rather open up to a new chapter instead. For some there may be a comfort in familiarity, but personally I prefer to roll the dice on someone totally different than waste any more of my time potentially rehashing the same old, same old.

        Though I have not applied this toward former partners (see above), this is my general philosophy about reconnecting w/ people after things went sour once upon a time: In the few instances where I *have* given another chance after cutting someone off, I’ve been completely aware that things could go off into a ditch again but always had enough detachment not to be invested in the outcome either way. Second chances only work when you truly don’t care how it goes – I suppose to some it might seem rather cold to put it that way, but if there’s a hazard of us wanting a particular outcome so badly that it interferes with our good judgment then IMO we’re just not in the right space to entertain a reconnection. It works best when you’re friendly and kind, but also approaching with an open mind and emotionally removed enough not to personalize someone else’s dysfunction should it rear its ugly head again. In this way, I feel bulletproof – there’s nothing someone could do that would shock me; I know what I’m getting (back) into, yet am willing to give someone the opportunity to prove me wrong on the off chance they truly have changed. Why? Because were I in the same position, I sure would appreciate someone doing the same for me. In the end, though, the best (and as far as I’m concerned, only) apology = a change in behavior.

        I also think with with the Christian/New Age mentality toward forgiveness (which I do not resonate with) so prevalent that it’s extremely important to differentiate “holding a grunge” vs. just plain “knowing better”. Sometimes it’s possible to mistake the latter for the former and talk ourselves into letting someone back into our orbit who frankly has no business being there because we think this = being a better person – it’s a traaaaaap!

    • Yeah.

      With a live and direct natal south node aspect in my chart, how youve described it is how I now tend to deal with my venusian connections. So often it feels like some kind of final chapter, sigh. The transit of Chiron conjunct the south node on my sun , I don’t even know what planet I was on, although it brought the Aries guy into my life briefly (it meant he was having a Venus south node Chiron transit at the same time).
      Anyway, this isn’t really a reply, but allowing south node phases to be empowering or liberating in their own way is valuable, I guess. Rahu? Vedic astrology has some things to say but it’s so unfamiliar to me I wouldn’t know how to dive in.

      • Astrology contains infinite potential – it’s up to us whether we’ll make it “good to the last drop”.

        Someone with a fuqed nativity.

        When you live in a desert, you get pretty damn good at figuring out how to squeeze juice out of a cactus.

        • I came to the Astro in a deep way when Pluto turned SD (8°59′) exactly on my Dsc (8°53′) ……on the very day big shit happened to me. September 20th, 2013. The fallout continued into October.

          6 weeks later l subbed to this site.

          The past 4.5 years has been learning the hand I’ve been dealt. Figuring out all this stuff about myself, in my 50s. I am a bit behind you but I’m learning. You know…getting water where there is little. You have played some help in this.

  19. The south node is conjunction my north node right now. I‘ve had more than fleeting haunts of South Node for the last week. A song on the radio, an unrelated conversation that dredges up a reminder in my past (only in my own mind). I’ve spent some alone time considering, analyzing past and more recent situations. Confirmed that I’ve moved forward after uncomfortable times-and planning my next morph.

    My Aries Saturn in 6th apex yod with PlutoconjuntUranus and Neptune is the story of my life. I move forward when I go toward change and don’t resist. I want status quo and sometimes growth has been forced upon me. I move forward when I “Aries Up” which is not my natural setting and probably why I like Aries peeps. I envy their take no shit attitude.

    Feels good to analyze here and strengthen my belief in me. Thank you Mystic and South Node transit.

    • It’s nice to read your thoughts. That sense of not resisting change expresses something i’m putting effort into, and felt disappointed about yesterday. Does Saturn 6th house give you a hard time if you are not onto it every minute?

      • I feel the Saturn pull (or is it a push?) -always. Its a backdrop that’s always there. The Zap Zone worked me hard but that was not the uncomfortable part. I am learning to flow and do better self care (forced with Chiron return). I can be a workaholic but don’t always demand the respect I deserve. (probably Cap moon stuff) This is another reason I admire Aries. Saturn and Pars Fortuna are in Aries and I’m a quad Leo. But, I don’t like the limelight. I need to step up and back ME- not other people. That’s when I do best but I often need a push to do so. Hence, the feeling of forced growth, I think.

  20. This might well explain the dreams of an old haunt/sending out a social ping to go back there that would not leave me be. “Anyone on this frequency feel like heading to [The South Node Lounge] tonight?”

    • I felt it, and stayed home on purpose, exploring my music stuff. It’s like the new self tugged back by the old, who was too tired to step ahead anymore. I had a great week, all forward looking, and feeling integrated. But i guess that’s a normal part of re-shaping your life.

      Was trying to hear more of the lyrics in Moontalk, clicked on the weird clip for Jelly and then saw this South Node post. It felt good NOT to be out.

  21. A week before the eclipse, which hit my natal black moon lillith, i got a ‘hit’ to cyber check a group of friends who stabbed me in the back in ’93. Really glad I did, because with one I realized he was really a sactimonious dick who really didnt accomplish much. He had the most potential (along with myself) at the time…we had the momentum and something clicked within me that said “these friends are holding you back”. People really really hate it when they find out you are moving beyond them…accelerating $$$ and mastering adulthood. I was about 2 years from my first Saturn return, and this massive breakdown in deep friendship was traumatizing yet because I immediately connected to my future husband within a few weeks of this event, that blunted the blow.

    But I revisited this by cyberstalking two weeks ago now and it caused a shift within me. Suddenly I could give myself permission to promote myself more, build my business, claim some pride…My instinct said “move forward” in the summer of 1993….by fall i had a totally different life. Like “end of scene. Blackout. Curtain down. Lights up. Curtain up. Next scene.” That sudden, that different. (I have Pluto and Uranus conjunct each other at 18 Virgo opposite 18 Chiron in Pisces…8th/2nd houses….so I’m used to the cycle of sudden breakdowns/breakups. It happened to me in fall of 1991 and fall of 1979, and winter of 83. ) One door slams my ass so hard and then, almost as suddenly a new door opens wide and life turns Technicolor..

    Sometimes I make myself revist those old hurts just to remind myself of what I am made of. Resiliency, Reinvention, adjustment, carrying on. There are endings and then there is closure. I never got real closure about that 1993 Ten of swords event. But seeing some assinine tweets told me I dodged a major bullet. It confirmed what I knew all along….don’t be the guy pulling other people up to your level… the guy moving beyond yourself stretching yourself, demand more from yourself, take risks, practice courage, practice strength. Several cards keep showing up in my readings: The Empress, Two and Three of Wands, Strength, and Four of Swords and The Chariot.

    Sometimes the South Node is a reminder of what you already know in yourself…of what you are truly made of.

    • congrats on moving upward and away from the past!
      I experienced a call from the past.
      An abusive ex that lied, stole my ID and sexually assaulted a child & several teens is in jail- finally.

    • I’m a pluto Uranus conjunct in Virgo 16 degrees. Opp Chiron Saturn asc. Yup this so resonates with me about massive disrupts, utter melt down curtain down, whole new theatre ! It’s been exhausting until you learn to embrace it. Well done on your journey to date.

    • I’ve Scorpio’s rulers conjunct in the 2nd, opposite Chiron, which is shit enough but they are T-Sqd by my SD & Focal Jup. Read: Jupiter’s alt-ego is alive n well. Jupiter, in cohoots with Chiron, does the same shit to my 2H cusp, Merc conjunct Uran.
      4 shit T-Sqs with that powerfully afflicted Jupiter.

      • I read your last line as 4 shit T shirts!
        Been there done that got the T shirt
        Crappy seeming charts bring crap no doubt but in the end they produce wisdom and grace beyond and you’ll develop into the most amazing soul

        • You just gave me an E-pif, Annie. (I’ll be prolix)

          A few whiles ago l added aspects, on astrodienst, to Chiron. Basically 4 T Squares came up. My SD & Focaliser, Jup, @ 22° Scorp is sq Chiron. My Merc/Uran cj and Mars/Pluto cj oppose Chiron. Normarily having those 2 Octave pairings would be great. But, opposing Chiron and squaring that difficult, my difficult, Jup adds to the difficulties.

          This to my other T Sq. Also a SD / Focalising Neptune (cj my aneretic IC-Libra) in Sq to my opposing 1H Sun and 7H Moon.

          5 T Squares in all.

          The Focalisers are Pisces’ 2 Rulers, in Scorp, in the Haus that Cancer landladies. Very Water.

          My thinking is this.
          1) Resolutions to T Sqs are the empty haus; my Aneretic Aries ruled10th. (Get ya skates on)
          2) All my Water needs expression. Even tho I’ve nuthn in Pisces my Nep makes me so Piscean. I’ve only had 278 LZ episodes.
          3) Uran is marching to my MC.
          4) l am practicing my astro readings on ppl. I’m getting ppl saying that l am intuitive and sensitive to their situations.
          5) l can use my car trade skills by day; Mars cj Pluto needs physical expression. Then do astro-stuff by night / weekend. I can use my Merc/Uran with the astro because ppl are amused by my nutty wittisiscms.

          You usuall only get Uran over ya MC once; especially so in your working years.

          Ta EMG2.

          “That’s all l gotta say…about that” (Tom Hanks is easy to copy)

  22. On this blog on Saturday Night and wondering if you’re missing out on life, or have just moved on?

    Try Lauren Halo’s Jelly. Seriously freaking visuals to accompany lyric.

    Best listening is this one though:

    Moony lyrics kick in at about 0:52 if you are impatient (not me, said the Merc Aries.)

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