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Hey there South Node Trippers – just two quick announcements re the Tarot on the site!

The “Save Tarot Reading As A Pdf” is currently non-operational due to a plug-in upgrade that is not compatible/weirding out. This is an easy fix but for logistical reasons it cannot be done till Monday morning at the latest. In the meantime, you can screenshot your reading, of course.

Apologies for the inconvenience. I love the PDF feature as i store mine & check back to see how resonant they were and how different things manifested or fitted in with the astrology.

And the Single Card Tarot IS ready to go, it is just waiting to be coded up and put on the site. I am hoping for that to happen next week.

Hope you are all well and stand by for a post on this ultra-weird Mercury-South Node business.

Also, if you are waiting on an Astro-Passages Consult, i am catching up after an Eclipse that was more dramatic than i would have preferred but i am expecting to have the final few remaining completed by Monday.


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19 thoughts on “Tarot Announcement

  1. The site tarot is EERILY accurate. Especially in retrospect.

    We can always copy/paste until the option is restored.

  2. I usually just copy/paste into my gmail and leave it in my inbox until the time I want to review it and then archive it (I usually like to be at inbox zero).

    Like the idea of adding more notes/insights for later review tho!

    I have been in a weird head space so I am so looking forward to the new tarot for added clarity!!

  3. I’ve been screenshotting mine as I have a dedicated folder for the tarot readings. I love watching for patterns and how events/people have manifested.Very excited for the single tarot too!

  4. Ohhh!! I can’t wait until the Single Tarot Card is available. I keep checking the site to see it was there because my Virgo Sun has gone into hiding sometimes and missing emails or the Blog updates! lol!

    Astro Consult received and appreciated.

    Thanks Mystic!

  5. The spread last week was like a spy cam onto my consciousness. I keep looking at it and wowing. Down to the suggestion of spending moon in saggo alone. Lots of dark wading through Mercury s node, but productive. Ready for a fresh eclipse start

  6. I think you can still save – just print to pdf on your computer or cute pd – you can download this program free.

    • This is what I did before the easy save to pdf was available. The web browser I have offers the option to open in pdf from the print menu and then I just save it.

    • I save mine with the date and the question so they’re easy to retrieve. I get that it’s hard to convey the entirety of a card’s signification and placement in 150 words or whatever, so I am getting better at taking a step back and adding my DIY interpretation, although working out whether e.g. the king of swords in my 6th is just the cards saying “hey here is your uranian virgo boss in the picture” or if they’re saying “scuse me this is extremely important re boss” – in those cases i now am starting to try to understand the ‘narrative’ around the cards either side, the relationships e.g. 2nd-6th-10th houses etc
      sometimes the hindsight is too painful e.g. the readings I saved when I was around the Capricorn, the cards were like “this is lovey, he is into you, just do it” but… well fail. i think i am going to delete those ones.

  7. I am SO looking forward to the single card tarot!
    I’ve been trying to pace myself on the oracle after eclipse and Uranus fuqwittery. The full Tarot reading is too much for me to consider right now.

    • I agree with you on the full Tarot reading – with my currently pressing ‘issues’ I find a full reading too much information. (I should add this hasn’t stopped me from giving it a bit of a hammering the past couple of weeks)

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