Saint Valentine Was A Martyr But…

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Saint Valentine was a Christian martyr, rebranded as a love-champion in yet another stolen Pagan festival heist.

But whatever, if you are wanting to celebrate or recommit to a romance, up-vamp your aesthetics or charge out in extreme date/mate mode, this is not your day.

It’s the most dank of Dark Moons, with Saturn a player. Everything feels extra heavy and dour with this energy.

And while, sure, it has advantages (strengthening your soul, understanding the dynamics of where you’re fragile, degrouting some plumbing because you can smell mould more easily) it’s not dazzling romance vibe.

For that, schedule February 21 to 23; Venus conjunct Neptune with support from Lilith for extra zing.

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17 thoughts on “Saint Valentine Was A Martyr But…

  1. I suffer from really bad seasonal affective disorder so February is all about light therapy, long walks, vit D dosing and doing a lot of crying. So yeah no Valentine’s celebrations for me. Is there an article on depression on this site? I’m a little worried also that Saturn will be approaching my Sun (7 degrees of Cap) soon and that may aggravate my SAD even more…

  2. Yup, dis some garbage astro for V-Day :-/ The Dark Moon in detached and impersonal Aquarius passing over its South Node vortex right before an eclipse + Mars square Neptune in strong effect means we’re not really feelin’ it & the chance of booze-fueled fights is higher than normal. The only real saving grace is Venus in the sign of her exaltation gaining support from committed Saturn, but unless you’re picking a Taurus or Libra hour to go out to dinner Venus won’t have particularly strong effects. In this neck of the woods, Virgo and Libra are signs of long ascension so Libra drags ass making it to the horizon – probably too much primping, LOL. :-p This means the Scales don’t rise until after 8:00pm here, which is on the late side to be starting a date in the middle of the work week. Pass.

    I don’t really care for Valentine’s Day anyway despite being Venusian – always been a weird energetic disconnect for me with it happening during Aquarius season. IMO if we need a special day or reason to express love and appreciation for our sweetie, we’re doing it wrong. Love is many things; it’s the thoughtful deeds, the daily kindnesses, our words, a touch…..all these things mean so much more than perfunctory ceremonial gestures. Sending cosmic love out to all my fellow astro-peeps! <3

  3. I always laugh internally at st v day…nothing like the celebration of some xtian lovers getting ripped apart by donkeys or whatever. So bloody. Gifted “the lives of the saints” as a child

  4. If one doesn’t like the christian martyry roots of St Valentine’s Day then you can opt for Lupercalia. From Feb 13 to 15, the Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia where the men sacrificed a goat and a dog, then whipped women with the hides of the animals they had just slain. Women would actually line up to be whipped as they believed it would make them fertile. The feast included a matchmaking lottery, in which young men drew the names of women from a jar. The couple would then be coupled up for the duration of the festival – or longer if the match was right… Now this is Romance.

  5. Yes, Matyr thoughts…
    My daughters very handsome Libran ‘The Artist’ boyfriend has just inexplicably shaved his head. Gone are the lustrous locks, without warning or due explanation. But we love him, still…x

  6. Ahh the only thing I love about Valentine’s Day – Mystic’s annual post! I love that we can search ‘dining dead’ on the site and pull up all the old Valentine’s Day posts.

  7. Wow this is so on point.
    I keep rethinking about my love mistakes from the past, that that happen because I am the “wrong one” and my lack of spontaneity is the cause of everything that is wrong my love life – actually in the lack of it.

    But in all this bitterness – as it always happens when Saturn is “ON” something – there are things that I can learn and see about myself and they are like the island you mentioned: they are there.

    Boy do I feel lonely and dull and isolate.
    Also the food thing is awful: I crave for pizza and sweets like I need them not to feed myself but feed my soul.

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