Operation Mercury In Aries

Mercury in Aries goes so fast that even when it’s at half-throttle with a Retro, it’s still SO fast.

Mercury is in Aries from March 6 till May 13.  Your very own Mercury in Aries astrologer will (obviously) be covering this in the upcoming Horoscopes but let’s all give a moment’s thought to how good this could be.  Mercury is in Aries for a few weeks every year and of course lots of us were born with it.

Be Your Own Hype Person

But when it is here for so long, Mercury in Aries digs in and revs way the hell up. Also, Mars – the boss-planet of Aries – will be exalted in Capricorn, adding to this ultra-zapped environment.

What could you achieve with ten weeks of speed-reading entire libraries, upping your word rate to a million words a minute, shutting down Qi Vamps & Chaos Addicts with one pithy line, extra guts/audacity, being your own Hype Person and an ego upgrade?


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58 thoughts on “Operation Mercury In Aries

  1. I have a question! – Would it be bad to release a record during that merc retro if the person’s 10th house is ruled by mars!? Or around that time?

    • Keep in mind that a mercury retro has its purpose. A time to revise and refine. It’s also a retro to the eye but not in reality, that’s the trickster element. Mercury does not actually go backwards it just looks like it’s going backwards.
      A contract signed in this time for example may need to be rejigged but if it’s a good one not discarded. An album released at this time may initially seem like it’s not gaining sales traction but may very sell very well after the retro completes. Which is a relatively short time in the whole process.
      My view is that a retro might not be the time to conceive of an album but a fine time to release one. If the launch has been organized and the product needs no further obvious revision or refinement I wouldn’t be concerned. If when you do launch things seem a little slow or flat chances are things will seem better post retro. Remember mercury retro is more about warped perception than warped reality.

  2. Uranus’ tour thru Aries wrapping up with its “lower” octave going back and forth over the same terrain. Niiiiice. I do have a ton of writing on deck, so, awesome. Interested (and kinda anxious, had to stop writing this comment and do some EFT lol) to my current Pluto transit, a square to my North Node in Aries.

  3. Sounds tiring but might be the kick in the pants I need. Merc in Aries will be transiting my 10th house and I need a job so badly and need to reboost my career and toot my own horn if I’m going to get any of that, so maybe this will be a good and helpful thing for me? Or maybe this will help with networking and the communication and connections needed to get a new job? I’ve been either unemployed or marginally employed for a year and a half! Scary! Something needs to change for the better, and fast!

  4. Ooh it’ll be in my third house where Mars and Venus hang out, that sounds like a productive time cause I have a lot of writing/creating to do!

  5. yayyy jus started volunteering at a green business to gain work experience…need an ego upgrade…need to stop thinking i cant coz I CAN

  6. Aha that must be it…after weeks of feeling all damp and low chi ( ie. Depressed) it occurred to me that I could still get what I need to do done by deciding that I was doing it anyway and to hell with the tiredness and trying to get enough sleep. Must be the mars/aries influence as just the thoughtof applying will power bumped up energy levels and upped the general mood

  7. Ooh. Eldest will graduate uni, Mercury blitz of 5th and 6th- pinging 11th and 12th crowd including Venus, Sun, NN, Mercury- declutter, medical tests, more declutter.

    Liking the deadline/

    At Equinox bound for NYC with Mergirl and HS peers, revolution and gore – Hamilton and Electra.

    Eldest graduates uni- invited to submit a speech- retro Mercury- he’s pondering-

    Helped my BFF clothes-horse friend move house. Ruthlessly culling my own schizz S my van is full of her stuff- cannot wait to off load today.

  8. With mercury in Aries in my 10th house, plus a retrograde, I plan to do the following:
    – Triple proof read everything
    – Set up a 24 hour cooling off period for all messaging formats before it leaves the outbox
    – take elocution lessons
    – start a swear jar (I will be RICH)
    – embrace Mindful Communication strategies

    Ok also
    Try to write more (stay off this blog.haha)
    Try and get the guts to launch a thing.
    Communicate with important ppl

  9. Well nothing I would love to have in my life ever actually arrives, no matter how hard I am working on it (nope, not waiting sitting on my ass).

    I have noticed that being a Gem with Virgo rising makes MR annoying only when it’s in a mutable sign.

    MR will happen in my 8th house, which is the house of joint money with lovers, friends and in laws. But I don’t have in laws, sure as hell I don’t have lovers and I don’t share money with any friend.
    So I don’t think the area of interest for me will have to do with that issues.

    So I guess I’ll use Mercury Retro in my natal 8th to check my pension fund and fix a situation that has been on for a while.
    I have been on the public pension system for the first 5years of my work carrier, then on a private pension system for 10 more years and now I have been back on the public one again for the past 5 years.
    I’ll stay on the public one – so I have to call both systems administrators and do all that is required to make the private fund money going to the public one.

    And since any public system here in Italy is often synonym for inefficiency, lazy employees and loads of paper forms to fill in, I’ll use the extra stint that is typical of Mercury in Aries to bore the hell out of myself in yet another enterprise that I will pursue alone.

    Plus the usual: don’t subscribe contracts, don’t change your phone provider, beware of train and transport means delay blah blah that goes with MR.

    • 8th house is also sexuality, depth psychology, taboos, the rituals of death (think metaphor, not actual) and deep transformations of the soul. The meeting face to face of your own soul.

      While you’re engaged in your taxes/forms etc you’ll undergo a very private and incredible transformation. It will refine at your core all those outer changes you’ve undergone.

      Then you will be truly present as your new self, to meet the things you desire. Because you’ll know your desires AND THEIR MOTIVATIONS inside out.

      Easy! Haha. Keep us posted. We’re right here xx

      • Oh one more thing: you might even use that spooky 8th house energy to intuit how to get a lazy or stubborn public servant to serve you better. It will be personal.

        I mean, dont exchange sexual favours unless you truly want to, but feel ok about USING (Capricorn) what you guess is the energy flow they will respond to. I think a Gem/Virgo can do that nicely, while skating the boundaries of decency. You’ve got a natural light touch with others 🙂

        • Thanks milleunanotte, this is very accurate.
          Don’t get me wrong: I understand the potential of the 8th house. I am a Pluto in the first house persona 🙂
          So the “depth psychology, taboos, the rituals of death (think metaphor, not actual) and deep transformations of the soul. The meeting face to face of your own soul” is kinda my daily routine.”
          The sexuality is me myself and I and I will say no more.

          I am sure taxes and fund won’t be just money: this is me wrapping up things with the past and building a more solid (or at least possibly defined ) future.

          Point is: I know what I really want already, so another deep soul searching is really not necessary or appealing. It feels only lonelier.

          But your post was lovely: thank you for making it sound so profound and interesting 😉

          • I am wishing for you that the 2nd 8th house axis will make all that isolated Plutonic depth in potential bear fruit, leaves and flower in the Earth House 2nd…the body, the sensuality, the worth of your lovely self in the Daily World xxxx

          • Miss Dee, i had a thought while in the bath!

            You don’t refer to the 5th House, creative play, and joy, socialising.

            You refer to work, bureaucracy, depths, self transformation, relationship – all sort of 2nd/8th, and 1st/7th.

            It feels like something 4th house of home, too. I think you lost your pup recently? The opposite house is 10th, so the energy is in work/public image.

            • Well I don’t refer to 5th house because nothing ever happens there. Pluto has been sitting there for years but the only thing I ever wanted to (love and kids) does not exists in my life. And “fun” “creativy” and “joy” don’t either and if they did they would not make up for what I miss the most.

              Even the 7th house transits I am experiencing now are always only work/biz related. I am tired, that’s all.

              And yes I lost my old pup Daisy not more than a month ago so I guess I threw myself into work even more in order to not thinking about it.

              Sorry if I sound bitter but I am so lonely it gets me tired.
              Your suggestions are great, I’ll copy your comment in my notes so not to loose them. 🙂

            • I’m very bad at saying encouraging things so I won’t try but I’m sending you good vibes 🙂

            • Your comment really loosened my barricaded heart. I realise it may be little comfort, but you are heard and held here. xxx

            • Oh @Bird comfort is NEVER little. Barricaded wine is the most expensive and precious wine. So are hearts!

            • That’s such a lovely thing to say. Thank you for the reminder, Miss Dee. My heart was barricaded because the demands on it are so high that it felt there was nothing left for me. Your comment reminded me to be grateful. xxx

  10. Mercury is very prominent in my chart. Leo 3rd house at 0. Leo on my south node. When I speak, people listen. For better or worse. Never really understood why. Having a Sag moon in the 7th, maybe has something to do with it – I either don’t speak, or speak my truth. Loudly.

    Right now I’m like a raging bull at pause. Pawing the turf and waiting for a target to destroy. The anger coming out of me is fukin palpable. And I don’t give a shit who doesn’t like it. What I give a shit about is directing that energy properly.

    Maybe quitting smoking and antidepressants at the same time within 2 months has something to do with it? ~smirk~

    Going for broke. All or nothing. Fcku conformity!

    • youch, that’s a lot of biochemistry to flip within the same window of time. perhaps use that cancerian wisdom to go a little more gently on yourself?
      and yes. anger-splatter helps no one. how would you advise one of your clients who was going through all of this? xxx

  11. Fun times, merc is going retro on my bday and it couldn’t be better timing. I see this period as a rainbow / rabbit hole to my new self

  12. Natal Mercury in Aries at 3 degrees in the 8th house.

    That first photo! OMG… At first I thought it was a huge chubby baby fist hovering over Some Very Important Controls. Yes. At times that really is a metaphor for my communication style.

  13. So this post had me looking at my chart, much action in 2nd and 3rd house, finance and communications with Eros opposite natal Eros in 1st house.
    This IS a now or never time. Time put the sand shoes away and put the lipstick on 🙂

  14. This looks like a heads up to up my energy after a long lazy sojourn. The planets are onside to end my procrastination, like it’s winter (too cold) it’s summer (too hot), will wait till Saturn leaves Sagg, slept on my elbow the wrong way etc etc.
    10 weeks? This could be a plan, the boost needed with a time frame in place.
    Thanx Myst, bless ya black heart and bamboo cotton sox. Love your guts. x

  15. Natal mercury at 0 deg Aries stationing direct. If I’ve said it once I’ve possibly said it a thousand times, weely weely quickly. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes 😉

  16. All very interesting with Uranus about cross my 29° MC and Mercury to amplify it all. Mars n Saturn n Pluto all in my 7th a squarin.

    It means Mercury will be communicating stuff about my false allegations bs that have seen me leave teaching. I’m gonna sue these bastards n bitches for all they’re not worth.

    • You need those squares to get the rage-fuelled impetus for a detailed and drawn out process that most of us would tire at the thought of.

      It will be long. So find the grounding parts and use the Retro to unearth and consolidate all the helpful details and documentation.

      It wont properly sustain from that rage alone. So ask the Mars in Capricorn energy for grounded long term persistent eyes on the prize. With details focus, not justice-oriented histrionics. Use both those energies in the best channels..rest when you’re out of balance.

      Take a small battle tip from your local Antares Rising with four mars squares hinging in capricorn, to Uranus Pluto Mercury and Sun. But just a little water sign pisces in creative 5th, pisces cusping home lovin 4th , right? Sideways seeming Crab.

      • Yessum.
        I just realised the Malefics are/will be all in Earth (Cap) and my Natal Mars cj Pluto is Virgo and Saturn in Cap – all Earth.

        And the Nutty ones will be in Fire (Aries) and that trines my natal Merc cj Uran also in Fire (Leo).

        So these transiting planets will feel ‘at home’ elementally. So whilst it is a square l think l can ride this Bronco home.

  17. Rx native here and will be stepping up to run biz for boss while she’s off on a high seas adventure. Usually am the muscle but will have to employ all my brains. Aries is my 10th so its going to be a fun ride…

    • Better still, it’s going to hoon back and forth over my MC and NN. Really hoping the usual rx luck that I have continues through this cycle :/

      • The 23 rd April (Corfu) sees Mercury on natal (n) Pallas Athena, Venus on my Sun & North Node, Mars and Lilith Conjunct, Jupiter on n Neptune 10th H, Uranus heading into Sun sign, Neptune on n Pars Fort, Juno on n Chiron conj Saturn and the BIGGY South node on AC and North node on DC.
        What o what is all this? Homecoming for the little Aussie Queen????

    • Natal here: my big lesson is trying not to see everyone who interrupts my internal task-calendar and creative work process as…well, Interruption Agents of Qi Scramble. And dismissing them with a look or tone 🙁

      It’s because i think fast on the move or changing space, so when im power walking around, or getting coffee (like my Merc opposed Uranus needs coffee HA but let’s say it’s a homeopathic remedy) people think im free to chat.

  18. Awesome. Mercury in Aries escorting Uranus out of Aries (29’55”) with a sweet pat on the bottom and “don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out”? I’m ready. 😛

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