Nostalgia Intolerance Is About To Become An Advantage

Mercury in Aries with Mars in Capricorn creates an aversion to nostalgia and the desire to audaciously formulate and structure everything your way. As a native Mercury in Aries, i already have Nostalgia Intolerance. Like any intolerance, it can be inconvenient.  But it is useful, in that you have to avoid whole swathes of things that probably are not good for you anyway. Like doughnuts, if you’re wheat intolerant.  Nostalgia Intolerance means you’re forced to be in the now.

Talking about the past is great when it’s targeted.  For example, to look back and grok the core message of the last time Jupiter was in Scorpio.  Or make some psycho-therapeutic leap of connection and thus hack one’s own subliminal script.

But that’s different to jawing on about it, as if clutching a talisman to ward off a precarious present. Or anecdotes set on repeat as if by repetition they might somehow turn into valuable currency for the incoming Zeitgeist.

This is a thousand times the case with energy dominating March to May as Mercury will be in Aries and Mars Exalted in Capricorn, both cardinal signs and in this particular combo, not at all interested about once upon a time achievements.

The Mars Vibe Is Warp Core Intensity 1000+

Properly channeled*, this set-up is unbelievably supportive of drastic reinvention.

Mars in Capricorn builds. And the Nostalgia Intolerance of Mercury in Aries means you’d rather go in and nuke your old shaky foundations than try and build off them.

Concept: If you know your birth-chart, do the demolition job where you’ve got Aries and the rebuild where you’ve got Capricorn. Otherwise, read your Horoscopes & keep an eye out in the Daily Mystic also.  The Mars Vibe is Warp Core Intensity 1000+ with Saturn & Pluto also in Capricorn.

*The Horoscopes are going to be under-written by this theme, to help you channel the vibe really productively, even if “Mercury” and “Mars” are not mentioned as such in the actual Horoscope.

Image: Stephane Fert

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Oh I have that, didn’t know it had a name. And I didn’t always realize I had it. I definitely accepted/cultivated it to be stronger starting about 12 years ago because: yes, it does make it hard to be in the now & i was way tired of the past.


And yay, I’ve been jonesing for reinvention and my Venus (in Capricorn) is overdue for it.


I think demolishing my 8th house in Aries is being taken care of by Uranus recently plowing over my Venus/Chiron conjunction, now followed by the square to Pluto in Cap. It is seriously just pure psychological suffering on a level I’ve never felt.

Would love to be building that 5th house, but I am def. artistically blocked and somewhat frozen – potential lovers, but none that can really match the intensity I am pulling, so not worth it.

Hoping Pluto will give me some breathing space soon.


My sun and mercury are in aries in the sixth house, uranus and neptune in capricorn in the third house.Whats this mean for what i should demolish and what i should rebuild? Thanks!!


Being a cancer pile up I have learned that nostalgia is just a waste of space and therefore have none of it. I do not keep photos or gifts or trinkets. Once it’s gone it’s gone. I could not possibly deal with the fallout of all that crap time and time again. shed a tear, shed the trinkets move on!


So I’m breaking down my ego to rebuild my career. Well this is happening !


My poor Cap Moon is squared by Libra stuff but also Chiron in Aries (9th house), which I tend to ignore for no thought-through reason, simply that I either don’t feel or don’t get Chiron. Could be time to tackle it, what with repeated messages from many sources to strengthen my Cap things. What would be the ‘bad’ side of the 9th house?


Instigating a ‘Jonestown Massacre’?


Note to self: don’t start a death cult.


SN Aries 6th house with positive aspects to Saturn so you bet your buns I am motivated and driven but I also exhaust myself. I am constantly trying to reconfigure my daily routines and yeah I’m a public schoolteacher in the States so demolish away, I say. Cap third house, been having fun with that one, I do miss my brother tho. I miss having a sibling so bad. My father needs some nostalgia intolerance, he has all his planets split between Taurus and Cancer. Except his Pluto, that’s exact on my Leo sun, lucky me. He called me the… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Aries in the 2nd–Ok, I get it.

Cap in the 10th and 11th house. I’m ON this.

I do find I have a nostalgia problem….


Nostalgia? Pffft. so, so, boring. Is that my Aries rising or mercurial Gemini speaking? Probs both…
Regarding advice, demolish first house Aries, build Capricorn midheaven. Well, that is happening. My career (such as it is lol) was demolished last year, and has taken an unexpected turn/revival in the last couple of weeks. Demolish my self? Any clues as to what that would look like?

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

New haircut/wardrobe philosophy?


Demolition job in the 9th (goodbye high minded philosophies?) and rebuilding in the 6th, where I’ve got moon in Cap. Wonder if this could mean moving away from what I think is ideal (e.g. work wise) to being in a more routine role that serves the family better… which is basically the opposite of how I’ve been living the last 3 years. Feels like change is brewing. Anyone else nuking Aries in the 9th?


I have Venus in Cap and Saturn in Aries, squared. Maybe this upcoming transit will help me undo that nasty square a bit? Let go of the past, like my bad relationship with my father? Anyway, the demolition then will be in my 10th house, and I’ve already been breaking apart my career of 20 years, but also experiencing it in a new way, too. The ‘build’ would be in my 6th and 7th houses – I’m 10 degrees Cap on my Desc./7th house cusp. That would be nice! I need a job of some sort and relationships and my… Read more »


Demolition: Mars in Aries.
Build: Venus in Capricorn.

HMMMMM. Ideas?


ETA: demolishing Mars in 12th, Venus in 8th. Me with my goth-ass chart lol.

Someone recently told me that my ascendant may be wrong because of daylight savings! Does anyone know how to check that out for sure?


Astrodienst might already allow for it? It does for the UK.

Lily G

Omg so that’s why I can’t stand it when people dwell in the past, My mercury in Aries.
So, I’ve already started to annihilate my 8th house by taking full control of finances as my husband has developed a bit of a gambling problem. Now all this Cap action which is in my 6th means I have to give up my cushy part time job and work more hours to make more money because of the above problem


Hi K – My Venus in Aries is also in the 10th and Cap in the 8th. Am in the midst of a massive rebuild of career and also money-making and how it relates to others… (8th house). Hard but necessary – and way overdue! Challenging and exciting and super-duper Pluto powered for extra scariness and necessity and no choice but to be the non-victim!!


Thanks Fishgirl. This perfectly applies to me too.

Especially; “Hard but necessary – and way overdue!”

I’ve been way too relaxed about my career and money, and now I’m literally getting daily anxiety over how to turn things around asap!

The idea that financial security is a feminist issue, is really hitting home hard.


Demolishing 11th, rebuilding 8th


Sun & Venus in Aries 10th house, and Jupiter and Neptune in Capricorn 8th house?

Help anyone?


demolishing in 9th and rebuilding in 5th… knocking down life as i see it to bring forward that real creativity and open-heartedness. i’m more than ready! nostalgia tolerance is still to get a grip on me, Venus/Neptune in Pisces has been giving me a different love zombie dream every night!


my career IS rebuilding now..yay!


aries moon 12th, midheaven cap tenth…how am i supposed to nuke my 12th…eek!


I’m turning my house upside down at the moment, and the verge side rubbish collection couldn’t have come at a better time. Adios ‘Explosive Hits 1977’!! etc etc Aries and Pisces 1st house. Time to shake things up a bit.


oh my gosh, i’ve got aries–empty aside from eris–intercepted in my third house, and capricorn–with uranus, saturn, and neptune–intercepted in my first. this is…what i’ve been waiting for?

dark star

Sounds like a fun explosion :p


i really hope so! i have a hard time expressing my cardinal axes and this sounds like a banger.

dark star

Nuking the 6th to win the 3rd



Year of the Phoenix

Well Aries rules my 8 th house and it’s a nuclear wasteland post ZZ, Chiron is there, trudging through looking for survivors


Ouch…yes I have someone close to me with their sun and chiron conjunct early degrees Aries…


Empty 2nd house in Aries.
I’ll do just about anything for my Cap Moon in the 11th house. Provided it’s not patchouli related.
Currently nuking my insides with top shelf probiotics, which feels like a cardinal protocol must do.


Hecm = heck.


I try to not get nostalgic, it brings back so many memories.


In my case, every time i say something, that ol’ fqer actually APPEARS, right in the hood.

Definitely giving side eye to Coyote Hermaphrodite Tiw and all. I know it’s coming for me this Merc Retro. Mars in Cap thinks sourly it is not going to be prepped enough, and is almost saying, Whatever. I think Pisces is giving support to my Capricorn Mars t-squares???? (Shakes head, wrinkles corners of lips, draws up middle brows.) That freaking empty 8th house Cancer. Ugh, stay empty.


That’s a hecm of a talent ya got there.
I’m just freshly grokked the weekend Cancer’s scopes.
And the last sentence of weekly for the 17th Feb ….. l almost fuqd up.




You got those Merc Retro Zombs, too. For now, before the actual Retro, i think it’s a symbol, a metaphor. For us Water Types, metaphor is power, but only potential, in containment. AS hard as we think we are working now, we are reminded to create something that’s working well before the Retro. As DL pointed out, the Retro is perception not reality. Very Water, really. Not really sure what to say or do but i guess consolidating my best to date might help. In your case, maybe getting some more Mutability…like how can your your best Fix-It strategies help… Read more »


I think l know what DL is on about with Rxs. But l think they are still a thing. I think it all comes under whatever the hand, its still possible to actively improve the span in ya mitts. As in Red lines can BE improved. Blue lines can BE squandered; yada yada. I’ve spent the past days honing my astro skills. I feel like Napoleon Dynamite; as in I’ve found my groove. I read some old (19thC)astro a coupla months ago and it appeared to me that all Water signs should’ve been culled at birth; from what they were… Read more »


cripes, lucky us gemini pisceans are still around to not give a stuff about anything or anyone, what with all this caring and service going on. 😛


Sorry l missed your appointment. Lol


oh i’d already cancelled. you didn’t get my text?


Well it really hurts that l didn’t get a chance to empath with you


and yes i claw the walls with boredom at the same old fuqing histories rolled out again and again. Move On or at least demonstrate some kind of self reflection and progress puh-leeze


a family friend was like this. i just couldn’t understand how someone could be so caught up in something that happened 5 years ago. is that my mars in aqua or my venus in aries? there’s no pleasure in grievances


So fricken ready to do this. was thinking more about the cool DM you sent the other day re the Aries mercury season. Progressed cancerian moon is like swimming with clothes on, but currently i’m having flashes of a more outwardly-focused life after several years of being a near shut-in, especially psychologically speaking. I’m amazed at the amount of energy flux I experience between these two states – interior, inner pi-world and processes (which nourishes creativity in v important and new ways), and outward world where I actually reach out and engage meaningfully & am energised by the outside world,… Read more »


The mind can never be prepared enough (take it from a 12th houser, and fellow Piscean etc etc) for the Daily Life Onslaught, if the Body is not prepared. Hair, nails, skin, spine, teeth and mental health checkups i do, all the time since my first Saturn Return, after the excuse that I was overseas with poor health care operatives. I just went through Saturn in Soul Sector conjuncting my Appearance Sector. You might even find, as a Capricorn Moon, that attending these services is actually relaxing, as they probe and delve and give you the data that eventually tell… Read more »


You said hands. Gemini. I went straight to piano, guitar, keyboard, knobs and sliders, headphones. Writing and music
And the rest
Seriously its like panning for gold successfully with your words mille
Many thanks 😉 x


I have Mercury in Aries, Capricorn rising and Jupiter in Capricorn.
What does this mean for me please?


Is your Aries the 3rd house?


Aries in the 4th and Cap 1st? Speak up & rebuild home/family structures so that YOU are the centre not whatever vampires you have in your circle? My take 🙂


Aries is 8th and Cap is 5th but I have a hard time with the 8th as it means joint money (which I don’t have) or maybe is meant as set my ambitions straight so that I can express my self love (or find love?).


8th = others resources yes, maybe approved loans, finance, venture capital…5th hobbies, leisure…think Leo flavoured / inspired… Could be any type of resource, occult, sexual? So square the 5th it is around issues of creativity, so if you want to be enterprising with arts projects/ business you’d be realising you need to be leading with authentic initiative… I have similar situation. My venus has had two years of Pluto grinding over it, in 5th… My saturn of 9 degrees sits just in the 8th, mercury will hit it, I’m not enjoying saturn currently squaring it…and lillith is there too. I… Read more »


Yes, these are my natal energies. I don’t mind a thoughtful re-visit for a flash bit of comparison with the now, or to help work out a depth probe into the psyche. BUT i didn’t mean to see the exact man i mentioned in the last Bare Nails post while popping into my local body care station!!! It was hilarious after all those decades, i suppose. We said hello after i finally recognised him, even though i felt someone staring at me and only looked up in passive confrontation to being stared at by some random man. He ignored his… Read more »


Moon and venus in natal Aries 3rd H. Intolerance to nostalgia, haha me listening to mother in law, knowing phrases coming up, probs tonight. Cap empty but heavy hitters Saturn n Pluto pinging off Uranus newly to be in Sun sign. Pheonix rising from ashes that float off with each wing beat.

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