Multi-Capricorn Cool

Saturnine Cool

What is a Multiple Conjunct Capricorn? It just means that you have the Sun, Moon and/or several planets in Capricorn.

Exhibit Number One: This is Anthony Hopkin’s Valentine’s Day Instagram post: he is Venus, Mercury, Sun, Ascendant and Jupiter in Capricorn – love his Saturnine Cool.

And hey, if you’re doing Saturn, he is as good a Saturn role model as any.

Older (as in he is nearing his Uranus Return), wise, accomplished and still funny as fuq.

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nush ciel

About 26 years ago i knew a Capricorn. Beat mode AF, black turtlenecks, stovepipes, cool AF, smart, intense collected obscure records and chanelled his inner Anthony Hopkins with an awesome level of Suave. That guy was Hip before Hipsters dreamed it up.He put his immense record collection to good use: his 10 year plan successful, he chucked in his 9-5 day job in which he wore polyestershirts, tie and 60s civvies,and opened his record store.
Fitted his sign incredibly textbook


Had a delightful evening with an in- love couple of not yet 30 years old. Have followed their romance for 4 years and now they are married. Of 10 million peoples in New York and 20 million in Oz, THEY MET, fell in love. Did the multi thousands of air miles to come together that i can see is for life. LIke swans or doves. She Capricorn. He Libran and she is allowing him to be totally that. An email from a long term absent friend headed ‘you are loved’ with a poem. Isn’t it a buzz to be hit… Read more »


Just so happens Capricorn men are my faves especially Anthony Hopkins. HIS VOICE gives me aural joy and vibrates my heart. A rarity in an elder silver fox. Cool as now i know why.
There are no sexy men in Adders over 60. Actually there are two and dammit i don’t want either as i prefer the wishful thinking, unexplored fantasies and possibilities rather than the hard day to day reality.
The Capricorn rising wants separate bedrooms and bathrooms. Separate houses even.
Different countries even better 🙂
Venus in Capricorn 12th house skittish thorough-bred multi Saggo much?


If l go to Adders in 16 montgs there’ll be 3. Ha ha ha


I have a Cap Stellium and feel like many people who do, get especially better with age. Saturnian respect of wisdom. I look forward to old age (I’m 28 lol).


Yes that Cappy thing keeps on keeping on as true quality improves with age.
Think RM Williams boots.
Mimco wallets
Cabernet Sauvignon

feel free to add to list ACSS


This is so my vibe today!


But who’s taking the picture? Timer?


capricorn makes total sense. the doggedness that he exhibits in so many of his characters.


That doggedness is calm perseverance practised to perfection
like in YOUR Cap Moon (innit Pi?) x

Virgo Ellie

He looks so good!! One of the best actors out there.


Hmmm. I’ve done valentines as a couple, as a polyamorous as a single and anything in between. Today Aqua has gone off to get a card with a huff that he is conforming, but as I said to him, this is just a day to express love on all its levels. No doubt he will take that literally and “love” everygirl he meets today! He’s such a flirty mooch. And he gets away with it. Good job it makes me laugh.


hmmm, the alcoholic, violent, anthony hopkins…


mmm not sure abt the rationale on that one!


Also known for his Philanthropy, e.g. advocate for Greenpeace, contributions to theatrical societies and in groups promoting rehabilitation to people in recovery from addiction…


Ronnie my hero who loves my hero.


love ya Pegs xx


But surely with all that Capricorn he is going to want what he wants and by any means possible. It’s a matter of finding out how one is best to approach that. Sometimes it takes a lifetime.


there are ways and means without hurting other people…
maybe he’s ‘enjoying his solitude’ because no one is prepared to live with him!






I remember a quote from him that is very Saturnine (at least to me). He said he was an alcohol addicted recovery so on a movie set he was using tea instead of alcohol. But he had to play an alcohol addicted as a character in a movie so he worked on his memories so hard to “get” into his character life that he actually felt drunk while filming it. If that is not discipline. I don’t have a thing for Valentine’s day. I actually forgot about it and don’t care very much. But I think I’ll cook something fancy… Read more »


I loved him in “World’s Fastest Indian”.
That look of ‘adjusted-aplomb’ when he realises she IS a he!.
And getting it on with the lonely farm wife.
And fitting a tree stump to repair the trailer.
And getting caught doing way over the speed limit.
And cutting standard treads to self-fashion slicks.
And pissing on the lemon tree.

dark star

What a boss


Nice hands!!


I love that guy – I remember a quote I saw from him. I won’t get it right, but it was along the lines of “I don’t expect anything from anyone and that way I am never disappointed”. Out of anyone else, that would seem self-pitying, but he is so cool, you know he meant it. I always repeat it to myself when I feel hurt by someone.


That quote was from an interview with him i remember, as i cut it out and underlined it.

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