To The Cusp Of Scorpio and Sagittarius

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Cluam Sutherland

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66 thoughts on “To The Cusp Of Scorpio and Sagittarius

    • Would love to go there but she reminds me uncomfortably of two people i wouldn’t revisit. Though i’m enjoying the laughter about one of them, as she was my former bestie in another decade, another life. (She’d appreciate that, but it would set her off on another diatribe, no doubt.)

  1. Taurus Sun (29 degrees) with a Pisces moon. My father, my lover and the majority of my friends are all Scorpio or water signs.

    They ALL have a Taurus Moon / Rising / something.

    I dunno – I know how to navigate moody water well and “lighten” there heaviness which they appreciate. Nothing but good times in our deep ocean social spaces together, hence why I claim to be ” water buffalo Taurus” *wink*

  2. BJORK, I believe, is Sun in Scorpio and yet her birthday falls after the sun moved into Sagg this past year. I definitely feel all those vibes from her, but then again her Mercury is in Sagg and her AC is also in Scorp. Rather archetypical of the cusp of those two signs., imo.

  3. I’m 29 degree pisces and don’t believe in cusps. I feel no aries characteristics in me except for my mercury but even that one is aspected with neptune. You’re either one or the other.

  4. My daughter is “to the cusp” with Scorpio 29 degrees. Doesn’t have a drop of Sag in her chart, but all her Scorp is in the 9th house. She seems very Scorp to me, with a lot of Pisces (her moon) in there as well. I don’t get much of a Sag vibe off her.

    Her best friend has the same birthday a year earlier (though of course I don’t know time) – they are such intense little 5-6 year olds!

        • i’m really sorry scorpiodawn. did not mean to come off all bolshy like – i was aiming for frivolity following the nature of this silly post. but it does look like aggro at point blank range …. merc in scorp?… ooohkayy..

    • Yeh, with a big fuq you eyes as if you didn’t know what she meant with her fq u grammar. ROFL what a prize astro example

    • I actually know someone who is a 27° Scorp but she said she wasn’t a Scorp. She was way too sunny for a trad Scorp.
      I said she must’ve some Sagg such was her sunniness; as in personal planets.

      I did her chart and she was Venus in the 1st degree and Moon and Mercury later in the 1st decan.

  5. I’ve been wondering about cusps for awhile, as I was born May 21 at 2:06pm on a day when the Sun changed from Taurus to Gem between 5-6am and the Moon changed from Taurus to Gem at 2:50pm, so I do wonder if this affects my energies at all. Weird enough to have such a close conjunction of Sun and Moon out of sign like that.

    Basically this just means the internet is the best thing ever, because I can taken in as much info as I want without having to get off the couch.

    • Check out the Secret Language of Birthdays if you haven’t already. A sea of revolutionaries are born around that cusp.

      • Thank you! Yes! Like my husband and Diego Rivera!! Mwah x love those tomes. The Relationship Book is mind blowing also. All based on sunsign matches, but Personology takes into account 48 archetypes- one per week including cusps. The Cusp of Revolution- we are living it right now!! ❤️

    • Hello fellow May 21 🙂

      My Taurus sun is at 29 degrees with a Gemini Rising. I have the warp speed Mercurial thingy but without the two-faked flakey vibe of low-vibe Gemini.

      Personally I think it’s a choice to be haute or low. Some of us are good friends with our shadows and have integrated them.

      BTW I just found my long-lost triplet cousins overseas – they were meant to be quintuplets but 2 did not make it. All born on May 21. We have also have triplet cousins born 100 years ago on May 22 but they all died within a week.

        • The greatest selectorial blunders are
          1 Bradman dropping Clarrie Grimmet. Statistically the greatest bowler of all time (6.5 wickets per test). He then broke the Shield record for wickets in the following 2 years. His record per state games is also unassailable.


          2 Picking Darren Lehmann, aged 28, for his first test after being 12th man age 19. When he plays his first test he has already broken the State Shield run record (total aggregate). He reached his 5th century quicker than any of his contemporaries (Ponting, Hayden, Langer, Gilchrist or Martyn)

          • And still holds a grudge on all of them. Did you see the photo of him and Ponting at the 20/20.
            Classic frozen moment.

            • It doesn’t come thru in his book.
              I like the Big Show. He has rubbed a few the wrong way. I like Boof and Smith. Ponting was a selfish captain and an electrifying batsman.

              Aust’s best 3 captains are Air. Benaud and Chappelli both Libs and Waugh is a Gem. Smith has potential as an Air sign too.

    • Yeah but according to historians and I quote “Although not sacrificing people, the Mayans could be really aloof “. Eg It was hard for outsiders to get decent seats at shows and sports fixtures. Even getting a date with a decent Mayan was really hard.
      The list of mean things goes on.

      • “Even getting a date with a decent Mayan was hard”

        *crying laughing*

        The things i learn on this blog… Also, plus ca change…

    • Actually, according to Steven Forrest, it takes the sun about 12 hours to change signs, so anyone close to 0 degrees has the possibility of being an actual cusp. But it’s much rarer than pop astro would have us believe.

      • A cusp still means one or the other, not both, even for a short period of time.
        For someone who is born in those hours the only dispute of what sun sign one is, can only be in dispute because the exact birthtime is unknown or unclear.
        The 12hr thing ? Not sure about that ? When there is say a new moon we can tell which sign it’s in to the second ?

          • Yes, this is absolutely a thing!! The Sun is a physical object, and its size obviously occupies a certain amount of celestial real estate in the sky above. Now as a Tropical astrologer I couldn’t give two fuqs about this – I’m measuring the “signs” as units of time *time* defined by the 4 seasons; not as actual real estate they’re occupying in the sky. That is for Sidereal astrologers. This is a crucial distinction – Tropical astrology’s “signs” DO NOT align with the actual constellations in the sky and this is a very common misconception.

            However for astrologers who want to look at it as a matter of “location, location, location”, we have to examine the criteria we’re using to determine when the Sun is technically “in” a Sidereal sign. Is it when the Sun first touches the very edge of that constellation? When it no longer touches the bounds of the previous sign? Somewhere in the middle??? Because of the actual size of the Sun, it can take roughly half a day for the Sun to be fully within the bounds of a new sign – it’s not like the Sun just suddenly teleports into a new place. So similar to how our physical bodies occupy a certain amount of tangible real estate where it’s possible to be both half in and half out of a door before we fully enter or exit, the Sun’s transition into a new sign (ingress) is the same but on a slower-moving scale.

            Make sense?

            This would actually be an excellent topic for MM’s astro-school; the difference between the Tropical zodiac, the Sidereal Zodiac, and the Constellational zodiac. IMO all astro-fiends should be able to clearly differentiate the three, because then when you encounter a hater with actual knowledge of celestial mechanics you’ll be able to shoot down their arguments like Annie fuqing Oakley.

            As an aside, I just want to say that I respect Forrest’s work immensely but personally disagree with the premise of taking this principle and applying it to Tropical astrology. Again, the fundamentals of Tropical astrology are we measure things by time and the seasons; not by actual location in the sky – leave that to the Siderealists. Ergo this argument is moot in my eyes – in Tropical astrology, we know that at such-and-such a date and time, the Sun moves from one “sign” to another so in this way there is no room for it (or any other planet, for that matter) to be “in transition”.

    • I find this current fad of getting up in arms over cusps to be hilarious. Look on any astro social media and you’ll see people flipping out over this.

      a) It seems like an attempt to grab at expertise or mastery. I love astrology but, folks, even astro physicists disagree over theories. It seems super silly to draw a hard and fast line over cusps.l

      b) If there are cusps in houses why not sun signs? I’ve seen people try to explain this but I have read to read anything that really explains it. If you have something, please share.

      But like for ex I have my Venus in the last degrees of 5th house and I always get, because you’re in the last degrees of Venus you’re also interpreted at a 6th house Venus. Why would one be true and not the other?

      I don’t particularly care. I’m not going to argue about it, it just makes me laugh when I read stuff online like, “how many times do we have to say this???? cusps aren’t real!!!!”

      And then two sentences later it’s like, South Node means fated. What? These are all theories and anecdotes, combinations of myth and experience. I love it. I believe it. I think it’s all real to some degree or another. But fastening to this ONE TRUE RULE OF ASTROLOGY IS THERE ARE NO CUSPS!!!! seems very silly.

      • It’s like saying “there are no cusps!!” is the current shorthand for saying, “now some people are real astrologers and some aren’t and this is how you can tell I’m not just a teenager on Tumblr making aesthetics and memes bc here I am insisting that the one true fact about the stars is there are no cusps.”

      • Last, I’m in the 0 degrees of Cancer and I completely and in all ways relate to any descriptions of The Cusp of Magic. I also have my Jupiter in the 3rd house so maybe that describes my Gem traits and that’s fine but, people, please chill on the cusp shaming.

      • Sorry I’m letting my 3rd house Jupiter carry me away here. This is by no means whatsoever to imply that there is no such thing as mastery when it comes to astrology. This is definitely an art and there is, I believe, a body of knowledge to be learned and integrated.

        Just saying when so much is up in the air and there are shades of meaning and different systems and interpretations it doesn’t make a lot of sense to create this ONE RULE OF ASTROLOGY

      • I get what you mean – personally I’ve never thought it was any reason to get my knickers in a knot. Though I will say I find it highly distasteful when people make their astrology “drama” as in the GIFs above.

        I want to answer b) for you – There are many different House systems as there are flavors of the rainbow, so there is no consensus about where a given House cusp starts across these very systems. I prefer to think of the Hoses simply as filing systems rather than get involved in right-fighting about this. House system evangelists piss me off – I’m happy to listen to an alternate POV, but some people are like door-to-door Jesus freaks trying to convert people and I’m not down with the idea that my system or anyone else’s is innately inferior and I need to be “saved”.

        By contrast to Houses, the “signs” are something that mostly everyone agrees on (see my above comment) in Western Astrology. Any disagreement about this is simply a division between adherents of Tropical astrology vs. Sidereal Astrology – again, see above for a rudimentary understanding of the difference between the two systems.

        Finally, as to this: “I always get, because you’re in the last degrees of Venus you’re also interpreted at a 6th house Venus”, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts you’re getting that interpretation from Not everyone would agree with the decision to treat a planet at the end of one House as belonging in the next, UNLESS it was conjunct one of the angles of your chart (ASC, IC, DSC, or MC). Don’t think the way does things is gospel; there are huge variances in individual preference as to how we interpret data, but a competent practitioner can give you good information from any astrological system, tradition, or method.

        I agree there is no one true rule – there are only basic things astrologers mostly agree on but the rest is really individualistic and kind of anarchy, TBH. The total package of techniques I use that work for *me* will not be the same as what another prefers to use and that’s OK. We may share some things in common, but everybody kind of does their own thing – astrology is a Uranian Art, after all.

        • Thanks v much LVenus and Clavdia C for this discussion – i learnt a good deal from it alone! it’s good to revisit the machinations and philosophy of astrology as these are topics that can become very confusing for people that are just beginning their astro journey.

          I came across this article/letter a few months ago – it was in response to some of the wrong assumptions used by certain scientists to put down Astrology:
          “Open letter to Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson” (i know how much he’s loved by some people here ;-)…not. It discusses and answers most of the basic misconceptions that people have of astrology – like what you discussed and other things like the old chestnut that there should really be 13 zodiac signs, and is Astrology a science or philosophy.

  6. Ppl on the ‘cusp’ are liable to say anything.
    This woman once said to me she was on the cusp of Gemini-Cancer. When l asked what date she said 16th of June…ha ha.

  7. I’ve got a warped sister in law who thought she was scorpio until I checked out she was 0 degree sagi. Therefore I can concur. They’re not easy !

  8. sharing this with my scorp sadge cusp friend who probably shares a birthdate with her and might agree .. they even have similiar faces 😀

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