Ask Mystic: Winter Olympics Astro Cartography

Dear Mystic,

I’ve been having serious ‘pings’ lately and was wondering if there was some astro that could be explaining it all. 

I have a bit of a relationship with the Winter Olympics. 

When they were in Turin in 2006, I fell in love with the mens figure skating (as any teenage girl is wont to do), particularly one Canadian skater. What then happened was just a cosmic storm of “arrows” and hints and pings telling me that I needed to go to Canada, by any means necessary, preferably Vancouver. I wanted so desperately to go to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, but that didn’t happen (I was in the middle of university then). Nevertheless, I had never felt so much purpose about anything else in my life. I would ask classmates who were visiting the country to bring me back rocks, I cut out pictures of the city and stuck them on my wall, I developed a deep 4-year-crush on a Canadian boy, I literally did anything I could to completely and utterly imbue my life with Canada (being an obsessive Scorpio teenager did help, so did Cap moon for the long-haul planning).

I eventually moved to Canada in early 2014, my arrival nearly coinciding with the Sochi Winter Olympics. That felt like a pretty special time. I only made it to Toronto — not as far as Vancouver — but I spent a year there, before having to move back to the UK. It was an amazing year, but the cosmic WOW factor wasn’t quite there?

I haven’t made it as far as Vancouver since, but these Winter Olympics are sending me all the pings and signals again, saying “hey, remember me?” Why is this happening again? The only parallel I can see is that Jupiter is in Scorpio again, and it was back in February 2006 when this all started. Also, I checked out my astrocartography and have seen that my Sun and Mars lines sit literally right over Vancouver. Is this a thing?

Any insight would be deeply appreciated. 

Wintry Scorp

Dear Wintry Scorp,

Maybe it is because you are a Scorpio but i read this over several times, seeking the hidden meaning lurking behind the obvious query. Scorpios tend to transmit the impression that they are trying to convey a deeper message. It gets them into trouble. But sometimes that hooded gaze is merely musing upon whether the television remote needs new batteries or not. The inscrutability factor is just, you know, a side-effect of Pluto endorphins.

SO first of all, for those who don’t know, Astro-Cartography is when you fling your birth chart over the world or a country map and you can see where your (say) Pluto line is. Not that the Pluto line is a recommended destination. I live on my Mercury line and i like it. More info here.

So i am not feeling this as a Jupiter in Scorpio thing nor even that Mars line running through Vancouver – for a good time, go to your Jupiter line – mine runs through Somalia so i am giving it miss for now.  This – in my opinion – is not about crushes on athletes (four years?!) or which city you visit. It is about about who you want to be – an athlete? A skater? A person who takes on measurable challenges like that with massive vim?

Honestly, the COSMIC WOW FACTOR – as you put it – is not out there – it is inside of you. You are the Cosmic Wow Factor and Jupiter back in Scorpio is just reminding you of that ineffable THING you craved back in 2006.

What does everyone else think?

Image: Erik Tostensson 

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OMG! I just did this chart and my Venus line runs a little over an hour where I live! My Venus line runs in a straight line from Winnipeg Canada down through Dallas. It is an exact straight line form North to South, South to North right through the middle of the US, it goes through Fargo, ND down through Sioux Falls, SD through Lincoln, NE, through past Wichita, KS, in between Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK and straight through Dallas, TX! I live in the Tulsa area! Ok, well I guess I know where to start looking for LOVE!… Read more »


Ha. My Jup line goes right over Tulsa.


oh wow! are you located near Tulsa?


All my good lines are in Nth America, Europe and India. My Australian lines are sombre (Saturn, Chiron) or Nebulous Nep.

My Jup line goes over only 60ppl in the Sth Hemisphere; Pitcairn Island.

I’m going to US / Canada in the Nthn Summer.


Scorpio loves a challenge . Lack of meaning is often a Pluto type issue.

Sounds like you needed a dream & a ‘ six degrees of separation ‘ type of

quest . Goal setting is really useful for getting you out of your comfort

zone. And it’s empowering to discover your own magical ability.


Astro Cartography! SO fascinating to read everyone’s experiences! Does a line have to pass through/over the actual location or can we take into account a location that’s within an see/region of the line? The location I was previously living is about 200-300 miles out of the closest line to it.

Thank you!


Within an area*/region


just click on wherever you want on the map and all the info comes up on the side (on lap-top, anyway) you don’t have to only click on lines.




If you click on a line (much better on a computer) it will give you a proximity and an indication of how it may play out.


I don’t know how I missed that! Thank you so much! 🙂 Totally helped!


Well JR told me something l didn’t know as well.


Has anyone visited or lived where the Pluto line in their chart?


nm…totally didnt read through the comments thoroughly!


It’s hell. I went into my shell and became a virtual recluse almost immediately. I realise I am the cause of my own alienation, but outside factors played a part too. I never felt understood by the natives, was branded a tall poppy and started the long process of dumbing myself down, turning myself inside out then ultimately retreating. Whilst it’s been very transformative, I’ve wasted over a decade of my life as an outlier. I’d seriously recommend doing a chart before moving overseas again.


Holy shit. Jacqui, thank you so much for articulating this
I feel more myself anywhere but this city. I dint understand how I can’t just fuq tf off


Yeah it’s definitely a thing. Astrologer Cal Garrison told me to ‘get the hell outa there’ when she saw my chart. The situation is unlikely to improve unless you’re prepared to go deep and transform. 🙂


Hmm, yeah living on a pluto line hasn’t been a bag of laughs (since 2006) but I’m trying to overcome it by transforming myself (which began as soon as I migrated here). I plan to phoenix the hell outta here once my degree is over and my youngest child finishes school – which will be an entire Pluto transit once done and dusted


Hey, now, I’ve had a crush on Robert Carlyle for five years now, and I’ll always love Andy Taylor. ;-p


Ah this is my question! Thanks for the insight — definitely mentally retracing my steps and figuring out what it was I actually craved, and why its coming back now. I was a teenager back then and now I’m in my mid-twenties, stuck in a job I hate in a place that bores me… I think I’m in need of something that makes me feel like I have direction, passion, and a direct communion with nature. It’s been a while since I’ve felt that Mars drive.

I am the “cosmic wow factor”. Absolutely.


I’ve travelled a LOT and yes places hold sacred power. Mars over a location is massive. It brings energy and sport and men and power and y’know Mars things. Mars being the ancient rule of Scorpio with Jupiter wandering through is calling you to test your mettle, be competitive in a faraway land where men are men and moose are moose? Or you could just watch doco’s about the Olympics and travel videos 🙂


“where men are men and moose are moose”! this is brilliant.


I just did my astrocartography *with major aspects* and found Pluto sextile my Asc line crosses the NN square my Asc line right near my Murraylands birthplace!!!

Inland NSW has my Neptune / IC line. It’s where I’ve worked these years since Pluto crossing my Dsc.


My Venus and Mars lines cross over the NYC area. I can’t tell you how many boyfriends/lovers I’ve had from that area, particularly from New Jersey for some reason…. even though I met them all here in California, except one guy who I actually met outside Madison Square Garden! …..oddly enough, after seeing my most beloved band at the time (that is led by crush described below), in 2007. Cosmic Wow Factor, and Jupiter back in Scorpio looking back to 2006, though – Interesting! I also developed a crush at that time and I love how you say it’s about… Read more »


Just looked again at the astrocartography on astrodienst and realized my Sun/Asc line goes right down the east coast of Australia! Perhaps after conversing with you all on here for so many years, it would behoove me and my astro-situation to visit your country finally! 🙂


This was a pretty cool map to check out. I looked at each of the 5 US cities that I have lived in, and each description was pretty on point with what I was going through in my own growth issues at the time. Rad! I didn’t know this existed! Thanks!


Also strongly advise against inhabiting one’s Pluto line. It’s where I grew up and I’m finding it fuqing impossible to leave. Venus line just a few km further east and I’m wondering if that’s why I prefer the coastline of this state and especially further north. Feel freer, happier so it overrides the claustrophobia. I’ve visited my Saturn line (seemed fine), and spent a month near my Neptune line (amazing). Also spent much time around my moon line. I’ve pinpointed my Neptune Venus intersection to the nearest town and want to make a journey there. My Jupiter line goes through… Read more »


If you never never go, you’ll never never know 🙂

Robin Angel Wolf

I found this lodge in Alaska on this gorgeous river that is SO remote and SO beautiful. The river? Cross between Jupiter and Neptune lines. Hello most ideal vacation ever…


That sound beautiful and like the ideal place to start getting into meditation or similar. Being surrounded by nature and getting the dreamy Neptune enhanced by joyful Jupiter.

Jupiter – Neptune cross is either Argentina or Siberia for me. I think I’ll take former.


I live on my Chiron line. My Venus line passes through the Pacific ocean. I imagine a tiny island there with a shipwrecked passenger waiting for me to show up. I agree with the idea that this is more about a feeling. What does Vancouver mean in an emotional sense? What were the yearnings of that time of life when it happened originally? Who did you imagine being or becoming when you moved to Vancouver, what would change? Sometimes I think places become attached to particular dreams of self. Funny, I have the opposite – a mythical suburb that I… Read more »


Funny: I live in “no meaningful lines are passing here.” Which would explain A LOT.

Anywho regarding the Scorpio map: I agree with @Mysitc here. I would not invest in the idea that a place has to be WHAM! BAM!
As we said many times: transit or aspect or – in this case – astrocartography lines are like funnel of energies but it’s on us to use this funnel, to tune into this energies instead of simply “hoping to be found” by the energy itself.


Well put!


First of all, Scorpio communication pitfalls are being duly noted over here lol. That is so true that if your not feeling the cosmic wow factor in yourself, you won’t find it in anything or anyone else. That’s been my Uranus in Aries saga. One of the joys in my life is following random hunches that I get. The dots have a way of connecting. So i’m loving this answer. Astrocartography fascinates me. I currently live on my moon line, and i haven’t really parsed it out beyond the fact that I love where I live and don’t see myself… Read more »


Pluto endorphins is my new fave term


Let me tell you a joke. I have been living between Venus and Neptune lines for 6 years (for me it was London) and my love life was a mess. Never a decent relationship, constant illusions on both sides etc. But my fashion was on point and everyone liked me. Now I have moved to live close to Mars line and bam, job, career and love life sorted within half a year. I guess you have to test the lines before you go live on so called ‘good’ lines (like Sun or Venus).


Hmm. . . wouldn’t it be nice to have an “Astro- Pilgrimage” like some people do “Museums” or “Cathedrals” or “Gardens” or “Sacred sites”? (I have always thought about visiting “Unique Trees” of the world–like the most long-lived tree or the tallest one.) But wouldn’t it be fun to do an Astro-Line-Test Trip? I would have to do these places in the USA: Austin, Texas: My MC here is conjunct Chiron and Fortuna Las Vegas : My MC here is conjunct my Saturn and Moon Chicago: My IC here is conjunct Pluto and Uranus Kodiak, Alaska: Jupiter is right on… Read more »


I remember reading once of someone who visited a place that one of their lines went through each birthday. Solar Return and Astro Carto in one.


This is how I am planning my vacations from now on. 🙂


Astro-Pilgrimage sounds fun, but a lot of work. Would definitely do it if given a chance. I think my bad experience with Venus (MC) line was due to the fact life got so comfortable I just drifted without aim or purpose. I also have Venus-Neptune opposition natally, so probably why it was delusion central. Getting to Mars line makes me pick myself up and do stuff. Also had a chance to go to Iceland to work for the summer, but didn’t really push that venture, because that’s where Saturn line is. I chickened out. Imagine getting stuck on a cold… Read more »

Robin Angel Wolf

duly noted.


Just checked and I am living on Venus IC line. Bang on. Bizarre.


But I think I need to move to bequai in the Caribbean Life is tough !!


I didn’t know that the Caribbean and the Caribbean were the same place!


I am thinking it is elemental … Toronto is lovely but urban sprawl, Vancouver has the suburban thing too (i’m in sydney, not disrespecting any place here) … but I thought Vancouver felt very “air” …. cold winds on the harbour, huge beautiful mountains covered in gorgeous Dark geeen trees envelope around the city, like it feels easy to be out of the city beat and up in the trees to mainline fresh air in like, 15 mins max … I was there in the early 90s so it may have changed a bit. I always enjoy the Winter Olympics… Read more »


thanks for your input! I resonate with this a lot — when you said “air” something inside me said YES. will need to investigate…

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

This is interesting.

I suggest snowboarding

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