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Dearest Mystic,

You may very well be inundated with emails these days, from all of us being profoundly zapped by the current Eclipse Zone?! And, with as much grace as I can muster, I thought to describe briefly what has been my almost overwhelming preoccupation these last couple of weeks.

In short, I was adopted as a baby. Long life story, mostly blessed. Can’t complain really. I’m Aquarian, Taurus Rising, Scorpio Moon: and have enjoyed being a magical realist most of my life.

However, I am currently ‘obsessed’ with the notion of my birth family?!? Some sort of radical prospect of being ‘found’?! Fantasies of aristo-parents?!?  It’s just all-consuming. Is this to be expected with all the South Node activity? And is it a suitable obsession in an Eclipse Zone?!  Is something going to manifest?!?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! The Tarot is replete with indications that this is ‘real’….

Love,The Aqua OrchidXxx

Dear Aqua Orchid!

My god, yes.  It’s a big zapper of an Eclipse Zone, made more intense by Mars square Neptune. I have the weirdest Mars-Neptune manifestation, that actually made laugh aloud at 4.30am in the emergency ward this morning. #EclipseHumour.

So it’s been a super-volatile eclipse zone for the people in my immediate circles and myself, the sort of drama that you need time/peace/ease to process and which produces vast insights/stuff to think on BUT which allows for no time whatsoever.  Highly stressful and to cap it all off, my ‘healing’ swim in the ocean resulted in SEA LICE.

If you have never had these, they are utterly vile. But lying in the emergency ward, waiting for a one of those saint-like cheery e.r docs to administer steroids and coated head to toe in calamine lotion (used since 1500 BC i found out) it occurred to me that this is the most baseline manifestation of Mars square Neptune.

Not only that but  I was on the way to E.R, – alone, for various reasons – and thinking/asking ‘where the hell are my spirit guides, when i need them?’ as i was feeling bleak and stressed.

There was a weird gust of wind, like a ozonic breeze from outer planets, with the scent of alien roses and the moon suddenly broke through the clouds. It shone on an apartment building, an old style one with a name inscribed above the front door, temple style.

The name of the building was Lares. So in case you don’t know, that is the name of the Ancient Roman daimons or “guardian deities”. Every house had a shrine to them. So that was interesting.

And so to Aqua Orchid’s question – i don’t think the desire to find birth family all of a sudden is an Eclipse Thing….though the Eclipse amplifies damn near everything. It’s Saturn in Capricorn and that whole activation of lineage, ancestor spirits, earth magic, dragon-lines and well, maybe the Lares.

And as for researching the birth family, the astrology is onside for it and if you are emotionally prepared for such an encounter/the information, why not? Does anyone with experience of this have more informed thoughts on the topic?

Aside from adoption, this Saturn in Capricorn vibe is also bringing up a LOT of issues/discussion around family names – who is called what, which “side” of the family is most influential and all manner of such themes.


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64 thoughts on “Ask Mystic: Aquarian Thoughts

  1. Apologies, for having signed off earlier..but I heard back from the Adoption Agency a couple of hours after emailing them requesting information..
    And it turns out my birth brother contacted them only 3 years ago, looking for me again?!?
    And I have his address now!
    And David, exquisite recount of your son & story, thank you so much.. xxx

  2. I’ve been increasingly curious to do 23andMe. My mother is adopted and we don’t know anything about her birth parents. I must have a lot of that mystery DNA because I don’t look super duper like either of my parents, though I’m looking more like my mother as I get older.

    I’m Aqua Sun, too, and SN just transited past my Sun. The curiosity grows stronger..

    • My daughter doesn’t really super look like myself or her father either…only some traits. But like I mentioned above: she has the same coloured eyes & hair as my birth mother?! Who knows?
      Good luck with any prospective searches in your family…! X

  3. But the way Myst. There is much argument about the term ‘sea lice’. Usually between mistaken people who believe in such a thing and those that know that there isn’t. I grew up at the beach and often heard people arguing about it. The ‘sea lice’ you encountered are actually small pieces of marine stingers, usually small parts of blue bottle tentacles. There is an organism that is described as sea lice correctly, it’s a lice that attacks fish only. Now unless that now includes Pisces peeps..
    The ‘bites’ are your reaction to a really powerful toxin but just small pinpoints of it. Was sea lice your diagnosis ? Or the doctors ? The other possible culprit of your bites are creatures that live in the sand. Usually in shallow sea pools just under the sand. Like water sand mites. Their bites can cause a body full of itchy blotches. Were you rolling around In the sand ? Recreating that famous scene from Here to Eternity 🙂 ? Playing with your floaties and bucket in a little sea pool ? Hmmm .
    You went to ER ? Seriously ? I mean the worst case scenario would have been either a large adrenaline needle to the heart or mouth to mouth resuscitation followed by some electrocution panels.
    Honey, it’s nothing a bex and lie down wouldn’t have solved 😉

    • I’ve been stung by a blue bottle (tentacles were left stuck in my leg) & I tell you a bex & a lie down wouldn’t have solved it. Hurt like crazy for hours – the surf life savers that packed my leg with ice were hot though… 😉

    • sand flies ar emy nemesis. itchy little fuqers. you never see them either. the only thing that calms it all down is tiger balm.

  4. Davidl’s post above gives me hope that there can be a possible happy/healing ending for my boyfriend. He did genetic testing years ago and was startled to find he is over a quarter Ashkenazi Jewish. He has a very unique Jewish name but was always told he was named after someone famous and had no connection to the religion.

    Anyways, through a deductive process and other relatives on his dad’s side being on the same site he realized that the father he was raised with is likely not his father. It was slow for him to accept and at first he thought it might be his dad’s dad or something. Right after Saturn went into Capricorn a half brother popped up on one of the sites he is on who likely shares the same dad and was adopted and not raised by his bio mom or dad. So now the urge for him to find closure and track this guy down is intensifying.

    I just hope it all ends well… there was already a huge rift with the man who raised him (who to be fair is a colossal dick and was never much of a dad). But I hope if him and the online brother go searching for answers it doesn’t result in more pain or a feeling of rejection or something.

    • Are you in Australia ? The laws regarding the right of the child to access birth details has strengthened. This has made it a little easier to find genetic parents. Even sperm donors are not excluded from this register I think. So here at least the law favors the right of the child over the the privacy of the genetic parent.
      Your boy needs some answers from his parents. That’s the first port of call. They must tell him what they know, it is illegal not to and if necessary he can seek answers through a legal process. He should be able to get free assistance from legal aid.
      In my view though, if his genes were supplied by a sperm donor the pursuit of that may end in disappointment ? There is one guy in Europe I read about whose sperm has been used by 90 women. I can’t see how a sperm donor who at the time was legally anonymous would embrace the concept of being recognized as a father figure.

      • No, we’re in the US. It has been a very slow process for him… first some denial, then poking around more, pressuring his parents to tell him what they know, and now he definitely wants the answers.

        HIs mom was adamant for a long time that his ‘dad’ was in fact his dad but now that this half-brother popped up on a genetic testing site she is sort of check-mated and confessed that there was another guy, but she was pretty sure that the timing didn’t add up. Maybe a repressed memory or something. She had him young and it was the era of free love, they were living in a commune sort of situation.

        So it appears the mom may in fact know something and that the pieces may all come together now. But the whole thing was triggered by a genetic test and online sleuthing. But the dad hasn’t shown up online yet.

  5. I had my own reunion 4 years ago now with a child of mine that I didn’t know I had. It’s a long story but basically at the time the mother wasn’t sure she wanted a father for her child, we didn’t really know each other for very long. A fleeting moment where we stayed in a house in the bush at the same time. We made love once and said goodbye to each other, each of us moving on. She was older and had been told she couldn’t get pregnant but she did. Her surprise son has meant so much to her. He has fulfilled her most important dream.

    Anyway, she raises the child and their lives are good. She has never had a relationship with another man. 🙂 She totally commits to raising her boy. There is no father. Turns out that the boy had too many questions to not know. When he turned 18 he used his legal rights to find me.
    One Saturday night a lovely young man rang and asked for me. He then explained that he was pretty sure I was his dad. (A dna test was taken and yep I’m his dad.) He lives in another city but we organized soon after to meet. He came and joined the family on our summer holiday. That was the place for all of us to meet. My wife, and three kids were immediately excited and incredibly supportive. Within minutes they had all befriended each other on Facebook and when I saw his photos I knew he was mine. I thought there would be quiet conversations between he and I when he first arrived but everyone else had other ideas. On the first night there was an ‘intervention’, I was to be grilled gently on both sides by every member of my family, him and his girlfriend in an ‘open forum’ with me being the…. ? center of attention ?
    Over the last 4 years we have holidayed together, visits, catching up. I now have 4 offspring. 22, 21, 18, 14. He’s the 22 yo, he still lives with his Mum in another city but we see him when we can. He’s a beautiful kind intelligent well brought up man and his mother can feel proud for the incredible job she did with him. We now want him with us as much as possible 🙂 but he sets the pace. That’s the general rule we’ve applied. We are available to him whenever he wants, but he decides when where and for how long. I loved him Immediately and wanted to sort of catch him up with everything. He’s a little more reticent a little angry with me for not trying to find him earlier. Our conversation is never light. Both of us went deep very quickly. We don’t talk about the weather or sport results. It’s always about the secret mysteries of our lives. The blood and bone of our souls.
    He always knew he had a connection to the Hebrew faith and to the Middle East.
    Turns out it’s where half his genes came from. He has now travelled widely through the Middle East, Europe and South America. He couldn’t wait to go and see these places, he had always, since he was a small boy but never knew why. Now he knows why. His travels have fully rounded him out. He’s amazing ! My secret fear is that he will retreat now. He’s answered so many of his questions by questioning me. Knowing who I am the good the bad and the ugly may be enough for him. I’m not his father just yet.

  6. Just a last thanks to everyone who shared their personal stories & advice, so generous, and highly valued…
    I’ve just emailed an Adoption Agency in my State, requesting any updated information in my birth brothers or parents current status!
    I have no idea what kind of vortex this may open up, however, the gut instincts and intuition on this one have just been so strong..
    So, wishing you all a very happy Eclipse Season too! Adieu for now xxx The Aqua Orchid

  7. Worked a progressive fund raising event. Chatted with another volunteer -She was my old boss’ SIL. What are the odds ?! 190 plus people- finding old tribes. SNode-ish.

    • Yes! I’ve thought about this, for sure…because I’d also like to clarify the extent of my cultural background!!?? Both my birth parents were from overseas..

      • On Ancestry they give you your background too just like 23&Me. I think 23&Me is better for importing the data for health things and Ancestry is good for hooking you up with your relatives and collecting information on the family tree.

  8. Coming from someone who “found” and also “was found” by a birth family I would approach them like a stranger you don’t know but are interested in meeting and getting to know. In my case, it was an estranged, terminally ill father and his people.

    Easier said than done, however!! You will have gusts of emotion and unanswered questions begging for a prompt pingback. Although Uranus is very strong in my chart as Aquarius probably is in yours, it did not curb my emotions or desire for answers in the least bit!

    I’d also recommend easing into it to see if any emotional traction or affinity forms between between you and the family, because that is ultimately what will guide the remainder of how everything evolves.

    For mine, I got the gift of getting to know who my father was and what I inevitably inherited from him thanks to genetics. It definitely strengthened the trajectory of my life at that time. However, the relationship remained quite weak. It was ultimately my father who was the bridge between us.
    At least I got a clearer view of what was on the other side.

    • This is a great story, thank you…
      I very much like the advice of ‘easing into it’ & gaining some traction..
      The thing is: on my birth fathers side, there’s a whole cultural sphere to consider..tribal lineage, and probably dozens of “aunties & uncles” involved??? Big. And yes, to reconnect with all that would be a massive trajectory shift…
      There’s an answer on the Oracle about strategy that says something about ‘get back to your core philosophy & act accordingly’…it’s ringing true this morning.
      Thanks again for your thoughts x

      • I had something similar in my scenario, as my birth father belonged to a culture I saw little of as I grew up. The peculiar thing about it was… it seemed to be in my genetic memory. I can’t explain it, but when I met them and saw how they “operated,” it did not come to a surprise to me and I was able to move with it quite well (maybe that is where my Uranian tendencies came in handy). I don’t know if that will be the case for you, but there’s some truth in the saying that blood is thicker than water. Best of luck!!

        • THAT is amazing…wow thanks for sharing that…I certainly “look” like my cultural background, that’s for sure..and I have personal values that I’m sure are genetically embedded too…
          It sounds like the “dream” to slip seamlessly into your culture..even when you’ve grown up removed from it..
          It’s like DNA

  9. I recently connected with my half-sister (through a DNA site/test), she’s a dozen years older than me, and me and my siblings (who all came after) all knew about her. My mom gave her up as a teenager but always thought about her and tried to find her unsuccessfully. Her bio dad is unfortunately deceased but now she knows who he is at least.

    It’s been a trip for everyone. My half-sister has some health issues which made her doubly interested in finding her bio-family, the rest of us (7!) don’t have any issues and my mom’s been feeling a lot of guilt about that since connecting with her. I think overall it’s good that she’s got some answers but the truth is most parents who give babies up have issues so finding aging bio parents can be tough even if you think you’re ready. I’m glad to have connected with her and it’s fun finding out how similar we all are to each other.

  10. To me South Node conj mercury (and before that Sun and Venus) has been strangely related to past time relationships.
    I swear things are coming up out of nowhere; stories and meeting in person and dreaming (oh the dreams) of past lovers I do not want to reconnect to.
    Also music has been a big part of it: there are songs I had forgotten about and are popping up in movies.
    I say strangely because is in my 6th house so it shouldn’t be related to that.

  11. I was support for my ex husband in finding his birth father. We reached out to him and to several of his family members. He doesn’t want contact (birth father), and thus his children and sisters and so on are respecting it. My ex still found it very helpful to have a picture and a little life story. His birth mother is currently living with him (her MO is to live in her car until she finds someone to take her in. She asked to pay him to stay for a few days and is now living rent free for months) which is stressful, but I do think he’s getting a lot out of really knowing her, good and bad. Of course he is still very close with his adoptive parents. It’s very helpful to have their stable giving presence in his life. And helpful in a different way to know people he’s genetically related to.

    When our daughter was first born, his half brother came to visit. The two of them were both moved to tears by being in the same room at once with two other people who looked like them.

    • Wow! Amazing story… yes, there is something about deep.
      My adoptive family is big, and would best be described as “pretty much one-of-everything”?! Diverse crowd, they are. But they all honour the blood lines, and the many facets of similarities and differences.
      That’s so beautiful of you to support your husband in his story. My daughter is most likely going to help us with ours…xxx

  12. Sounds super intriguing to me, but yea, i suppose you have to be prepared for anything. If you’re Taurus rising, that suggests that Saturns currently in your 9th house yes? Journeys, exploration, enlightenment… I would do a tarot reading and look at the 9th house for clues! I am hoping for the best for you. And Mystic, FEEL BETTER SOON!

  13. Be prepared for good and bad but most of all for the huge wave of emotion when you see a version of your face looking back at you.

    • Sure! This may sound crazy..but I have a teenage daughter, and from the very scarce info I have about my birth mother..I suspect my daughter looks more like her, than me??? Same colour eyes & hair…x

  14. Wow ! My Mothers Son who was adopted out as baby in 1970 (Mum had just turned 17 and there was no way my Grandfather would allow her to raise him)… has just found us (2 mondays ago). (South node was sitting on my north node…)…She justed visied him on the weekend (he’s Melb. We’re Sydney)…A Gorgeous Gemini…It’s been emotional and beautiful…

    Mum had always allowed for her birth son to find her.We have had big talks about her making the first steps, especially when I had my first born Aquarian. .. she was adamant that she needed to respect his decision to find her. She was also full of shame, sorrow, grief and had a big hole, a void in her heart all these years… she said she can die feeling complete.

    We are all super grateful to him for getting in touch, there are many planned catch ups happening already….it took 3 months of him searching…why not jump in and start your quest…we wish he had many moons ago….

    I wish you the very best, don’t die wondering..xx Blessings.

    • Who wouldn’t a-dore a brand new Gemini brother?! Congratulations on how gorgeous it all sounds..and wishing you incredible happiness in the future..
      Interesting, the 3 month ‘search’ you mentioned would possibly relate to the commencement of Saturn in Cap, that Mystic mentioned…xxx

  15. I left my Eastern European country 20 years ago. And my family didnt want to have anything to do with me… I tried, I contacted and stayed in touch – with no return mail, phonecalls, emails.
    In the past week ALL of the contacted me with:”Hey – long time no see!”
    Plus old friends….
    I am not ready emotionally for such numbers in people from my past.
    My adult children grew up without knowing their aunties and uncles, cousins, etc.
    Now I have to explain ‘who is who’ and why we havent been in contact for so many years.
    So feeling a bit overwhelmed and swept by the huge ocean wave, that comes down on you with the force and turning and scraping your body over the bottom of the ocean, before leaving you at the shore grasping for air.

    • Omg. That is extraordinary…cannot imagine what you’re going through..but can definitely relate to the powerful family machinations going down at the moment.
      Thanks so much for sharing this..and may you be graced with clarity re handling it all..x

      • And, if you don’t mind me saying: that’s almost exactly what I’m anticipating is about to happen in my life too?! A big wave. A deluge, maybe?! And I’m just in awe that you’re actually IN that situation…

        • Thank Sasa,
          Maybe we shoukd learn how to surf?
          Or get a sturdy boat, that will carry us?(metaforically speaking)
          I definatelly didnt even thought of celebrating my two decades of living here in Oz like this.

          • I’m hoping our ‘spiritual lives’ (including this mind blowing site) IS the boat?!? And we carry it with us at all times…
            And, I’m just going to quickly paddle over to the “island” Mystic has pointed out! X

    • YES – absolutely, me also and hearing it all over the place. But maybe, as this is Saturn in Capricorn, think of it not so much as a wave but as one of those islands that rise up tectonically from the ocean…Nothing is going to overwhelm you, it’s just, you know, there.

      • Oh, that’s a soothing mantra. Especially from a recent ER outpatient! If you can hold that thought, then so can we. Bless your healing.

      • Yessss. Thank you for this imagery. Didn’t even realize pluto (currently in my 4th) is squaring my nodes until the Oracle pointed it out to me lol. Time to accept that those islands are there.

      • Oh what an image! I love it. So peaceful and realistic.
        Do you think we can combine this island image and the fact that has always been there with whatever house Saturn in Capricorn is transiting in our birth chart?

  16. Hello, it’s Aqua Orchid here…and I thank you for your comments so far, it was a good release to throw this topic out there & read Mystics thoughts…
    To fill you in a bit more: in my early 20’s I started work as an art director for a multicultural festival, which was featuring my cultural was an attempt to immerse in the relevant communities etc and acknowledge a part of my ‘culture’. Not long into the job, I was contacted by my full-blood birth brother, who had also been adopted!! We were born almost exactly a year apart to teenage parents. Our birth mother had also been contacted, and agreed to meet us “once”, and only if we were together. She had since married and had other children, and not disclosed to her husband et al that we existed, as such.
    At the time, I did not have the necessary emotional support around me to follow through.
    Many years have passed since then, and just recently it has surfaced again.
    There is a bit of a pattern of premonitory ‘happenings’ in my life…
    I’m just looking for some thoughts to consider with this matter…
    And I’m so grateful, thanks!
    Much love…

    • Hello Aqua Orchid, i missed this comment of yours before i commented below, apologies !
      There is a book called The Promise of Iceland by Kàri Gislason , his story also told in Saga Lives with Richard Fidler (both true stories) where he made contact through the sibblings first…I wonder if this may be an option for you/worth considering ?
      I was reading them at the time my brother was searching for our Mum…best of luck xx

    • Hi Aqua Orchid, I too am aquarius and adopted (1962), the extra curricular love child my birth mother said.

      Reconnecting is a huge, challenging and exhausting process. It takes time to process big stuff and this is a primal wound. There’s a book called the primal wound. Worth getting.

      The big surprise is the siblings. I found an extra 15! Eventually. Some I met immediately, others not for over a decade. The full range of human responses emerged, accepting, denying. There’s a lot of others stuff to manage. A few I connect with when we get together, others not at all because the outlier child can become the embodiment of all kinds of guilts and dramas. . so you need to shore up your boundaries.
      Take things very slowly, have no expectations and boundless compassion. Knowing my mother for 18 years meant the world to me, a compass point I had never had. We actually set out to find each other at the same time…

      I suggest writing letters and giving people the chance to reveal you to others


      • Thank you so much for this sage advice, it resonates…
        Yes, it’s all so ‘umbilical’ somehow? And I am amazed to know there is are siblings out there in the world too..
        I’ve been pretty tight with Tibetan Buddhism since a young woman, so use a philosophical approach as much as I can, especially for the “big stuff” that comes along in life. Can completely understand your advice about compassion, and allowing for others reflections/projections in such intimate matters.
        My life has been fairly ‘priviliged’ In some ways…not in an annoying way…just in that I feel fortunate in how most of it has turned out.
        And just lately, I’ve been feeling this “call” re my birth family, and that some serious synchronicity is about to strike…
        Thanks again, wise read!! Xxx

  17. “Emotionally prepared” That is indeed the key word.
    As and adoptee (1970) who has located both Birth parents it was an emotional roller coaster. Not just for me – but all in the Triangle (Triangle being Adoptive Parents, Birth Parents, Adoptee). One I really wasn’t prepared for in my early 20’s.
    It was exciting to discover these twigs in my family tree. Wonderful to meet them, though (at times) some were not so welcoming.
    I did however find a kindred spirit in my Maternal Grandfather (sadly now passed ), and have a good friendship with my Birth Father – these I will always treasure. My Mum and Dad will always be Mum and Dad – they loved me, taught me my values, and most of all gave me a feeling of belonging.

    Every circumstance is different Aqua Orchid, and I do hope that yours will have many happy highlights.

    • When my half sister found me i was not prepared for it at all. (Aqua rising, Libra Sun). I felt very competitive and skeptical. Once I saw the other sibs’s reunion photos i realized that, indeed I was related to them. However, I was not included in the reunion because I expressed doubt. I tried to contact my half sib agsin about six months later and was pretty much….ignored. since my other sibs are in my area I may contact one of them, but really like I said, was not prepared at all to deal with closure if my artistic/creative fantasy. Turns out I was only the artist turned pro…went to Uni, and really made something happen for myself. So I think I pissed somebody off.

      This letter resonates so deeply with me. I need more time to reflect, but I get the whole obssession thing. Work on your own self, but know, the resl identity of bio parents does end up sometimes to be very ordinary and the closure if that fantasy can be a let down. Hugs to you!

      • Thanks for this story…
        It’s making me think of the Tarot & how Strength placement in 12th House is “spiritual nobility”..and maybe not so disguised after all…

  18. WowZ!

    Yes, the south node and all that…the astro seems apt for it.

    I know a few people who have found their birth parents…most found it positive.

    I remember reading about someone whose parents were aristocratic teenagers who committed suicide because they couldn’t be together (after the birth of their child, obvs). So sad.

    • I get not keeping a baby for logistical or psychological or financial reasons but I will never ever understand the vast oceans of control and psychodrama inflicted on those poor people who would be loving parents if only the morals of the times didn’t fuq everything up. What’s more important to the planet than children who are actually loved and wanted.

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