Updating Your F-Wit Management Strategies

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The extraordinary Aly Raisman speech/confrontation of her abuser in court, the Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson “no longer pandering to men” talks at the marches in America…self-help material zinging around on Facebook referring to the post-patriarchy…who knew Lilith in Capricorn would manifest as such next level feminist energy? It’s the Eris – Persephone syndrome also.

But while all this has been no threat to integrated, together people, there is definitely a spike in the incidence of a certain type of person showing off low-level hostility and aggro toward women. Petty power trips and casual misogyny.  Both lower vibe guys and the ladies who enable them. With this in mind and given it’s not always possible to distance yourself as much as you would like to from lower-Mars energy, we should probably all update our F-Wit Management Strategies.

So i was talking about it with Not-The-Typical-Virgo today and we agreed that the reason a particular strain of crap from people (it’s not just men) hurts is because it is usually something that is manifestly unfair, of being blamed or shamed for something that is either not our fault or not anything to be shamed about. And even though the person doing it is often a non-entity (more or less) seeking to smear someone else to cover up their own crap, trying to uphold a dodgy edifice OR to appease/suck up to some patriarchal relic, it still hurts.

And the reason is because though the pre-frontal cortex bit of the brain can absolutely rationalise the situation and react logically, in one’s power – the limbic system is reminded of old abusive scenarios or even – why the fuq not – once upon a lifetime scenarios of witch burnings and women been driven naked from cities, Hypatia, the whole damned deal. That’s my theory.

So what to do?

We could go Franz Kafka on it?

The main thing, when a sword cuts into one’s soul, is to keep a calm gaze, lose no blood, accept the coldness of the sword with the coldness of a stone. By means of the stab, after the stab, become invulnerable.

—  Franz Kafka, The Blue Octavo Notebooks

Take steps, however small for now, toward life policies that somehow minimise contact with such people?

But they have always been with us and probably always will, thriving in some eras more than others. However, from a personal point of view, when dealing with them, there seems to be no better strategy than dealing with the root pain or trauma (as above) that the F-Wit is merely triggering or is an echo of.

And then of course, there is the oldest revenge spell in the world: Living Well. I said this in one of the Horoscopes for Monday but there truly is no better way to ‘get back’ at troll type people than by your cheery zen attitude. Why wreck your health thinking about F-Wits?


Image: John William Waterhouse 

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ChrysalisMM Member

Toxic workplace sitch is up to eleven and Grand Psychopath on the rampage. After a minor breakdown last week I am back to full Defcon 1st House Pluto / Uranus (to borrow dark star’s wonderful term). It’s pretty good to realise that while it’s irritating and stressful, it’s not the end of the world. Fuq her – in the scheme of Operation Awesome she’s a minor troll. In fact it’s galvanised my resolve to finish the unfinished uni thing and get out of the cube farm asap. Am considering taking time off without pay to get it done quicker and… Read more »

PiMM Member

Amazing chrysalis
Its so nice to realise that we can pole-vault over a sticky morass of unnecessary complexity because we have a more clear direction in mind. Espesh if it locks into the old grooves… Am relating to this. hard, emotional work! But rising above because it feels good to be free! Also: later, punks.

ChrysalisMM Member

Sheesh I hope so, pi. It’s horrible at the cube farm right now, absolutely exhausting. But I am determined.

PiMM Member

Times like that I’m probably grateful for having Venus in Aries and a sharp tongue and maybe sword wielding sister of Ares on my MC. Don’t even care if I shoot someone down, if I think it’s worth it. Sometimes it is a paint scraping sideswipe as I’ll figure the direct approach is less effective but i make sure they get the message. Quite happy to render their unconscious prejudices as conscious as possible 😀

ElectroMM Member

I was stabbed by said sword a few days ago. One day, sharing of a dream where this person understood emotions I was going through that I did not share verbally. Next day, I was triggered by comments from same person. They cut so deep. Not sure if it was intentional but obviously this person can tap in due to our strong connection (not sexual btw). Took me a while to recover but one thing that is pulling me through is my Uranus rising, like a beacon of rebellious independence. Learn from it, move on from it. In the end,… Read more »

CentaurusMM Member

Going to the root for ourselves is where it’s at for me. Sometimes there’s an easy release from the soil, sometimes it’s so unfamiliar to what we thought we planted we imagine it can’t be ours and belongs in someone else’s garden and then perhaps sometimes we get drunk on it’s juices as they soak though our skin whilst tugging at the root that we forget why we started. Sometimes we yank on the bloody thing so hard hoping to quickly remove it before anybody notices and make out like it was never there to begin with although the gaping… Read more »

CentaurusMM Member

I’ll also just clarify that I’m not referring to anything outside of my own frame and definitely not relating my comments toward the gender or political environment currently or historically.

PiMM Member

Your last para, agree.

kriblackMM Member

My fuq-wit strategy has always reflected my multi-Piscean ways. Higher Pisces reaction = seeing the weak and damaged parts of their psyche and feeling compassion and therefore “Forgive them O Lord for they know not what they do”.

Low Pisces reaction = instant, walls up, Pisces blank-eyed stare and internal observations of all they ways fuq-wit is obviously an inferior idiot not to be believed and if they are, they’re sure as hell not going to see any reaction out of me apart from aforementioned blank-eyed stare. And probably some maddening, pass-agg behaviour for the foreseeable future just because I can.

Roxy ScorpioMM Member
Roxy Scorpio


I am writing this while still seething, LIVID over an email I just received from a client that he would have never sent to a male business partner.

No, they will always be around, and yes, healing the original trauma is a good idea.

In the meantime? Be loud, be heard, roar (don´t scream)!

VirgonatorMM Member

A friend shared recently how a man accused her of being over-emotional. Normally this would have triggered shame and apologies from her, but instead she surprised herself (and likely him) by guffawing in his face and then moving the conversation forward.

SheRatMM Member

I suppose: It’s worth mentioning that Aly could well have been counseled by many around her that she should “not let [her abuser] take up mental space” and not bother attending the trial or talking at it. This absolutely does happen. Victims of abuse are blamed all the time for revealing the abuse or told to move on with their lives, and not bother being angry with or wanting to confront either the abuser or the people who enabled it. Sometimes, the person, or the people upset about knowing about it, need/s to be confronted and forced to look at… Read more »



12th House Virgo
12th House Virgo

On witch burnings…I can’t stand the echo. Just keep calmly reminding them. I am here now. I manage a household. I own property. I do not have a wife or servants. I have a right to life. Unbelievable this is still a thing. Like a single adult female is still a debatable creature. No more. Is this really important? Why, yes, managing my own business is important. Now quietly fuq off.

milleunanotteMM Member

Yes you are very much Here.

I’m profoundly touched to have met you. Have always had an old photograph of yours, i think more than one, flash into my mind at various times. The wild power and the sadness in those images have somehow assured me it is more than fine to be as i am, too.

12th House Virgo
12th House Virgo

Thanks love. You come to my mind too. In moments when I think I may be too bold to be acceptable. Strange to be close to a stranger. 🙂

I think something of my presence is off settling to people. I have theories about why. I have noticed if I look in their eyes and listen to them – it doesn’t matter what they are saying – they calm down. Trying to use that trick in business in 2018.

12th House Virgo
12th House Virgo

Very timely. Playing out directly in my domestic and work situations. I also felt it shift in the collective around the weekend. I have power. Not a lot but enough to claim my own life. Baseline. Enough to not be threatened by every jab. And if I am kidding myself about that, someone is going to have to come from the shadows and explain that sht to me. Face to face. Calm. Just – explain? So far, just shadows. On a more practical note, I cut all dairy, grains, alcohol, sugar, et al. From my diet. My mood is much… Read more »

melissa rhys
melissa rhys

Famous Italian poet Alda Merini wrote: “The best revenge is being happy”.


“And the reason is because though the pre-frontal cortex bit of the brain can absolutely rationalise the situation and react logically, in one’s power – the limbic system is reminded of old abusive scenarios or even – why the fuq not – once upon a lifetime scenarios of witch burnings and women been driven naked from cities, Hypatia, the whole damned deal. That’s my theory.” It’s a good theory. I just can’t congruise the pre-frontal cortex with the limbic. Fuq, l’m on the bloody warpath. (Mars and Juptier trining my Sun, conjuncting my Natal (SD / Focal of 4 T… Read more »


Cheery zen attitude. I love this. Sometimes I remind myself that this is the only defence.
I’ll make sure to make this my ongoing mantra.

LiliMM Member

Wonder Women-

Aly’s mom- smacked revered basketball coach and company loyalist – https://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/michigan-state/spartans/2018/01/20/aly-raisman-mom-tom-izzo-moron-liar-after-nassar-comments/1051439001

Judge Aquilina, holding creeper md/trainer feet to the fire of truth- was the first female JAG Officer in the Michigan Army National Guard.

Every victim who has faced him- in public court- and sacrificed anonymity to say out loud what she endured.

The victims too scared to speak out but who endure nonetheless.

Eris-Uranus-Pallas arms linked in Aries. Justice speaks truth to male hierarchy. Better check your old boys network.