The Age Of Queens

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Uranus in Taurus could usher in the Age of Queens.  Leaving aside the impact and influence of Uranus in your own personal astral energies, the broad swathe of Uranus in Aries since 2010/2011 has coincided with a swaggering new Age of Kings; the tech titans, rocket ship blasting inventor-billionaires, digital pioneers, Brotopia, a growing array of masculinist advocates online and of course, President Caligula.

Some of these kingly manifestations are absolutely 1000 times better than the others and who doesn’t love innovation. But if Uranus in Taurus brings on the Age of Queens, what would that look like? Ecological rebalancing? The ratification of the anti-abuse & objectification feminist rage now occurring? Stronger societal support for mothers, animals, earth, social equity?

Broader standards of beauty or a return to a more natural aesthetic sans fillers, freezer-venom, imported hair from hard-up woman woven into ours and the whole Beauty Myth cosmetic surgery trip Naomi Wolf presciently banged on about in the 90s? What do we want and how can we learn to speak the language of Queens?


Julie Dillon 
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55 thoughts on “The Age Of Queens

  1. It’s a bit out there, but, has anyone read ‘Beyond the human condition’ by Jeremy Griffiths? He’s a biologist from NSW.

  2. Broader standards of beauty would be amazing to behold. Not the factory farmed version we have that is generally and widely accepted and generally encourages women to alter themselves to look something other than the bodies and faces they chose to inhabit in this lifetime. I don’t rule out choice or the notion of evolution or trying something new. No, it’s not that. It’s when women secretly feel they have to as if what they have is not enough or will not be received. That’s dysfunctional and ironically has become a new norm.

    The other plus is perhaps we can STOP testing products on animals. Perhaps we can cease placing the illusions of beauty above.. well, a great deal many other things.

    Is it the beginning of the fall of the Kardashian types?
    No, I doubt it. Or, ok perhaps but it won’t be a sudden slam or hello, will it be Uranus?

    I wear makeup. I choose ethical and non-chem makeup but I didn’t always. And I’ve adopted a less is more approach though I wasn’t necessarily panda eye girl. We’re allowed to evolve. We’re allowed to experiment and to feel free in our choices and I’ve had to sit with the idea that “if it’s part of creation then it’s ok” kind of thinking but I think there are better ways. A very dear soul has said that to me more than once and I’ve had to get down off my soap box and have a bit of a think.. or at least address my conflict that wanted to automatically disagree.

    Bring on the age of the Queen. Not a matriarchy. We’ve done that and it wasn’t necessarily better than our current patriarchy but an age where wisdom, equality and respect for all rule with love, compassion and acceptance of difference. We’re all going to have to do our bit there and the sticking point will be “all”. Until we’re all ready to loosen the grip on our version of how it is or should be we cannot arrive at that vision. We don’t all agree with that vision. Hell, I’m not even sure I always agree with that vision… and therein lies the key point… viva la evolution.. one thing is for sure, the race of humans will get there. When, we cannot say.

    Be the Queen now.. I mean what’s stopping anyone?

    Crowns on ladies… and… gents x

  3. My mother didn’t wear much makeup and my dad liked it that way. I used to want to wear makeup and the heels but I stopped wearing makeup decades ago. I have never bought stilettos or those pointy shoes that scrunch the toes. No thanks. I had a friend in high school that wore a ton of makeup… she had to in order to cover her acne. I didn’t have acne and I quickly realized that makeup gets all over clothes, sheets, etc. I was at a party last Friday. I had no energy to socialize so I was kind of just sitting alone and feeling my authenticity in the moment. I really studied everyone that came in the door while I was there for an hour. EVERYONE wore makeup. I had no makeup. That night I felt out of it. I have Chiron in my 11th house in Aquarius. An astrologer told me almost 30 years ago that I would always feel abandoned by the group. I really don’t care. I’ve always been more interested in my own comfort because when I’m uncomfortable I can’t be me… and “me” just doesn’t care. I don’t care to fit in. I only care to be me. I’ve always felt that way and still do. And as I’ve grown through the years I have loved receiving compliments that I look great being so natural, that I look the same I did when I was younger, that I’m “cool” by both my nieces and those at CBS Television City who saw me in the halls when I worked there and didn’t play the game. I’ve always been the Princess… The Birthday Princess in the 80s and 90s… and I met the Princess of Play who at 81 is now the Priestess of Play… At 58 I welcome advancing into Queendom and claiming Queen status.

    • PS I also don’t dye my hair, I keep it short for my own comfort and ease and don’t give one ounce of concern if a boy/man doesn’t like it. I have found my identity and what I care about. I know what is real for me. I have no problem with what others want to do, be or wear. I appreciate all unique individuals who know themselves and are themselves. That’s what is attractive to me.

  4. This is timely, and so necessary. I love that this post appears on my birthday. I think the Age of Queens is basically women reclaiming their thrones, and being treated accordingly. No longer waiting for the so-called Kings to show up to fix things. We know nothing gets done with them.

  5. All sounds great to me! It’s about time! We need this and it’s really already happening. Very exciting!
    I want to be a Queen too! 🙂

  6. I’m not persuaded that Queen/female rule would be any better than King/ male rule. While it sounds ultra traditional, women are no less guilty of the 7 deadly sins than are men. And worse, they hold onto grudges far longer than men. What the world needs is a more balanced power sharing and an honest recognition by both genders of the strengths of each and making room for those strengths to be expressed. King/male rule is reluctant to share power. Are women who rise to the top any more willing to do so? I’m not so sure.

    • I make a distinction between women ruling from their masculine (female queen) and rulers of either sex coming from a balanced or more feminine style.

      Totally agree women can be just as bad as men – we all need to do some healing.

    • same. I don’t feel that there wouldn’t be a darkside with Age of Queens. The answer to patriarchy is not matriarchy but fraternity. I forgot who said that, but i think it’s still true.

      • The answer to over-steering to the left is not over-steering to the right. It is the judicious use of power to effect the shortest time thru the corner.

      • Well, “fraternity” is still gendered masculine, so we need another word. Not sorority either, obvs.

        We need some new words, period–as the rise of the trans and all the letters of the alphabet they keep adding (a friend just came out to me as “Ace.” Awesome!) are telling us. That is also very Uranus in Taurus, I think. Sorry, random tangential thought typing.

  7. I’d better get back to work.
    Again don’t want to go into detail until I have completed my mission but fuckyeah to the new direction my life is taking. It’s hard work but it’s so totally worth it.
    Now if only I could factor in some me time….
    Soon enough.
    Work work work work work (on repeat still)

  8. Hell yeah to all this.
    Almost finished moving into new place
    Have ahem boyfriend type thing emerging which I’m keeping shtum about because I’m honouring the magic of it, our mutual intention to treat each other with love, care, trust and respect. Add to that the fact that nothing physically has happened yet although the chemistry is so charged. He’s basically a reflection of my own spiritual and emotional growth and happens to be insanely hot, funny, clever AF, massively into meditation, yoga, etc and whether it becomes something or not, the fact of our meeting continues to inspire us both and feel deeply significant. Also, he treats me like a queen. Very interesting dynamic there – his sun I think is on my north node – I’ve not studied our charts much because I don’t need anything to validate what I already know and feel but yeah. There’s a lot of Venus – Chiron – Pluto deeply dark and sexy – the kind of people I seem to attract always have that crazy intense Venus Chiron Pluto connection but thankfully this one is NORTH NODE & sober, single, sane, a bit mad in the coolest possible way, a writer, a musician and just an all around sweetheart. Regardless of where it goes or doesn’t go we are committed to keeping the vibe haute and yeah. He’s working in LA right now but doesn’t live there. I’d love to say more but I’m not going to … I do want to thank the community here for the general awesomeness and support. And did anyone else think Natalie Porman’s speach at the women’s march totally resonated with this vibe?

      • Well, let’s not count our chickens just yet because as fabulous as he is, what do the French say?
        “All beginnings are lovely.”
        And although we’re very excited about each other and no question about the relationship being a very beautiful and positive, powerful experience for the both of us it has not as yet been consummated.
        We’re definitely out of the friend zone- a cyber orbit we’ve been doing and enjoyed for two years now – it could still turn out the be …. well who knows but yes just having the chemistry is lovely so thanks.
        Odd reactions to “jealousy “ notwithstanding
        I get it
        Plus I’ve been so bloody down miserable with dr Chiron squaring every sun, Venus acendent etc and having that square generally being Saturn’s little bitch / slave and all the Pluto entering my 2nd house crapshoot ahem I mean Transformation that began in February 2017 – it could also be pure coincidence that Pluto is grinding back and forth over my north node but yeah. Lol.
        Let’s face it, when you’re as used to being depressed as I’ve become in the last couple of years and uncharacteristic having Jupiter rising so all the more reason to breakout the balloons and streamers disco balls and get jiggy a la Flashdance with the leg warmers and so on when the universal mother throws you a bone (errr)

        Like it could totally turn out to be nothing
        Or whatever
        But sigh of relief that there’s something happy happening cuz yeah. It’s a chilly few months for my normally buoyant spirit. I’ve been so far down that I’m grabbing anything positive that comes my way with both hands.
        Weirdly I’m also realising how many men or perhaps I should say “types” I’m alergic to.
        I recently started online dating and combined it with a very strict sort of methodology. Ie meet for coffee.
        Accept zero bullshit
        And it’s been interesting to see how many nice and not terribly nice/ right for me guys there are out there.

        Like there are so many guys who I’ve been on dates with and I have learned so much about myself because I’ve treated them as almost mini job interviews. As in … does he resemble his profile pic and bio? Is he being honest about his relationship status or other bizarre stuff like a smoker who says they don’t smoke and yet can’t go 30 seconds without vaping. Errr
        And you sort of want to say “ why would you lie about a thing like that?”
        It’s not like a woman who doesn’t want to date a nicotine addict is going to not notice that… so why lie?
        Oh…. so you are in fact still cohabiting with ahem the mother of your child. Riiiiiiight

        There’s a lot to be said for keeping first dates to a coffee.
        And just dating in general.
        I feel like women take men way too seriously.
        Not that I don’t take men seriously

        There’s so much more to life than men

          • Thanks Chrysalis:-)
            I’m just enjoying the new episode or chapter of my life and trying to keep it real and in the moment. As in seeing it for what it is rather than projecting too much future type fantasy about what it could be. Although the temptation to do so is strong. We’re very different people in some important ways and I like that. He’s very structured has his daily routines and calls himself a “stick in the mud” whereas I’m more into going with the flow. He’s into Thelonius Monk, I dig on Rihanna. Although secretly I adore the Monk but I’ve been enjoying playing up the contrarian role and challenging him. We disagree about films and so many things in fact but I like that. I don’t want to be with someone just like me. I like his stick in the mud, groundedness. Basically he’s a grown up bad boy. So the naughty thing is there but it’s beneath eight years of sober ashtanga / vipasina / pomodoro discipline and being a single parent- very committed to fatherhood and with that strong work ethic.
            What’s not to love about that?
            Also I seem to evoke an excitement in him which has perhaps been dormant for some time. What was reassuring was meeting in person and feeling so very comfortable with him. In real life. Regardless of where it goes or doesn’t go, it’s a significant marker of a change in me. Also it’s great to feel all those naughty things that happen in a new romance and yet this person doesn’t have the need or even desire to get off his face on drugs or alcohol. Basically we’re friends who really fancy each other. We’ve fallen out on several occasions and reconciled without rancour and there’s a similar sense of “magnitude “ or perhaps a generosity of spirit. Something akin to loyalty I suppose which makes me feel like we’re going to be friends no matter what happens or doesn’t. I like that he doesn’t live in London but also isn’t too far away. The idea of a fit, healthy man/ lover with a dog and a cat and roaring fireplace in a cottage by the sea appeals to me. But I’m projecting and I don’t want to do that…. let’s see. For now I’m still moving boxes and haven’t unpacked my own stuff yet… but I’m liking this new chapter in my life and it’s feeling like things are getting better… incrementally- I’m in no hurry.

            One conscious decision I made was to stop having bad experiences with men by taking my power back. I chose him.
            I was very clear and deliberate about what I wanted and didn’t want and after writing him off a few times and dating other men, he kept circling back into my orbit and stepping up to the challenge. At one point I was still dating other men and realised NO. I want him. None of these guys are him. So I made it clear that he was everything I wanted and told him how I felt about him but I also said, “It’s fine if you don’t feel that way about me. People get to their feelings in their own time if they get there at all. This is just how I feel and what I want.”
            A lot of men wouldn’t be comfortable with that. As women we’re so conditioned to be chosen rather than choose. I’m okay with taking the risk and saying “I chose you”
            And he seems pretty happy with my taking the lead, so. Let’s see. Mostly I just want to enjoy my life on my own terms.

  9. Also I just saw a thing

    Ni santas.
    Ni putas.
    Sòlo Mujeres.

    (Not saints. Not whores. Just women.)
    From I think @BrownMujeresMedia

  10. Wholesale abandonment of the entire cosmetics industry would be a fine start imho, because it would mean women are comprehending that we look fine without plastering numerous varieties of expensive paint onto our lovely faces, and it would also shift the idea of personal value onto other elements of existence.

    • I’m ok with keeping cosmetics if they become more animal friendly, woman friendy, earth friendly products with reasonable price points and a social conscience. It is happening, but I think smaller online companies will have the advantage.

    • Yay, it’s interesting, I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup lately. I am okay with it. I am an actress so I have trouble painting my face to fit in. I would say I am at level 1 in the Entertainment world. Behind the scenes kinda of actress. If they need someone I will step in but I will mostly help out.

      Your post resonates with me.

      • I was reading something interesting about theatre and make-up. Wish I remembered where Like cinema and related things, it seems right to keep the artifice in place..

    • I try very hard to make room in my philosophy for the existence of makeup. That it could be (and for some people probably is) about joy, celebration, costuming in the best sense. But barring job interviews and weddings, for which I will put on mascara and a little foundation, I don’t wear any (I’ve never wanted to feel like my own face wasn’t enough, or like I had to hide it under something before going out). And I deeply wish everyone else would stop. Maybe just my own pain, but I wish being a woman wasn’t equated with painting myself, owning lots of shoes that hurt my feet and whole body, removing all the hair from my skin (which for me irritates it and causes infections, even on my legs), etc. I would soooo welcome more naturalistic beauty. And more appreciation for what we do rather than how we look. Or at least more appreciation for what I do. I do a lot of awesome stuff, a lot of service in really important areas. I try to dress nicely while I do so out of respect to myself and others but it is so not the point of my existence or an important part of my value.

      Meanwhile, my Scorp daughter (5 Years old) will paint her eyebrows and cheeks with yogurt or anything else she’s eating and lives for the days I let her wear tinted chapstick. She changes costumes five times an hour, and tells me she wants to “just do and be fashion.” I do try to encourage all the innocence and love she’s bringing to that, and I hope someday to connect her with a woman who can help her explore all that more, since I’m clearly not the one. So maybe I don’t wish it would all go away.

      Not sure how much of this is just my pain from my relationship with her dad, who was always talking about how I wasn’t feminine enough, or sexy enough, how outfits I wore would look good on a skinnier woman, or one who was more comfortable with her femininity. I spent years trying to please him but it was a moving target and deeply degrading (and now he does the same things to his current girlfriends, telling them how I was so much smarter, mostly, but also sometimes prettier – it’s his way of avoiding intimacy). I’m just in a very F YOU phase about all of that.

      My personal age of queens is not accepting “love” that tries to change me. Responsibility for the times I am petty or mean or hurt people, yes. But not lack of respect. I am just fine how I am and when I am ready to be with a man again, there will be ones who not only accept but enjoy the way I express my (very much present) femininity without much connection at all to things like makeup or shoes or purses or owning more than about four outfits at a time.

      • So yeah, really it is just my pain. Because I actually really enjoy the love and joy other people bring to more conventional (or unconventional but not naturalistic) beauty. I just don’t want to have to participate myself. And I don’t have to, so it’s okay.

        • In case it helps I was a 5 year scorpio that would say things like ‘can’t wait to wear a mini skirt lipstick thong (!)’ and now I’m a 34 old scorpio that is super natural and casual. I do like my mascara but I will also rock a moustache à lá Frida Khalo if I wish! The right to look natural is very dear to me! All this to say that she may grow into a different approach..I did! And yes my father and TV were one of the influences as a child :/

      • Sorry, Pi. Should have just put this under its own thread. I thought I was just writing to say “I agree.” Turned into a bit more than that. 🙂

        • 🙂 loved what you wrote, except for the bit about the crappy ex who habitually belittled your you-ness *cold, stony stare at crappy ex*

      • I’m so sorry you had to experience that type of treatment from your ex – that sounds very demeaning and wounding. I can relate to it with my own experience in a relationship with a man who avoided intimacy – I’ve found it very hard to move past because it really cuts in a deep, vulnerable place.

        I just wanted to say ‘hear hear’ to your final paragraph though – you *are* enough, as you are. You are feminine enough as you are, you are desirable enough as you are. I write this for myself, really, not to patronise you, because I also struggle with feeling like I’ve missed the memo on ‘how to be a woman’, and this self-acceptance is something I’m striving for in my own life. xx

    • As an experiment and because I actually considered being an American Sikh back in 2014-15 I actually used no cosmetics besides the absolutely necessary which was limited to sunscreen, lip balm, and some deodorant made with essential oils. No shaving anything. No plucking sugaring, lasering, or bleaching or coloring hair. I wanted to see if I could live the lifestyle you know?

      I am glad I did it. It was easier than I thought but at the same time, it felt oppressive as someone who is also an artist. I realized I expressed myself through clothing and makeup and hair to other people. So some women don’t use makeup and cosmetics to attract mates. Some use it for expression.

    • I don’t wear makeup daily, but I love it! For me, makeup can be a channeler of power and fun and art (and #scorprising eyeliner). Some of my painful childhood memories have to do with judgment of being feminine / wearing dresses and having to wear a uniform. So I am reclaiming what makes me feel good. However I feel there is this weird mind fuqing qi that goes on re media and ads of the Botox world. A director/actress made a great point in this podcast I listened to about how real noses and wrinkles are beautiful- looking up to the actresses of the 70s.

    • I mostly use petro-chemicals on my cars n bikes.
      Why ppl put it on their face beats me.

      Make-up is a vicious trap. The more you use the more you’ve gotta use it. My Venus in 2H Virgo is scared by the use of it.

    • oh ok so my thing was not to moralise or whatever. It’s the compulsory gendery-ness of makeup that gets my argument genes going.
      I think this guy sums up my views – he is fabulously awkward, stick with him, the makeup bit starts at about 2:50 😀

      I calculated the price per kilo of a supermarket brand of mascara once. It was about $22,000 AUD.
      In USD and imperial measurements, say about $15,000 for a pound. That’s pigment, a solvent, some kind of glue, and fragrance. Gold is about $50,000 a kilo. cocaine $10,000 unless you’re in colombia or dubai (or something). Pasta is around $5. Salmon, maybe $30. Aesop body lotion? about $20,000/kg. oh wait sorry $200 lol. A litre (kilo) of Jo Malone perfume $1980. A litre of Bach flower essence $2000. Midazolam, about $2500/L (source )

      Just to be clear, a black glue we apply around our eyes is priced ten orders of magnitude higher than an ICU sedative.

      anyway I got carried away, that was quite fun for a cynical creature like me (I own about 4 mascaras btw so i ain’t pointing any fingers) I guess the point was that there’s a tasty profit margin in certain artificial substances that we can convince ppl they are less-than without. individual choice yes defo, ‘indispensable’, thanks but no thanks Lancome.

  11. this age of queens to me means a more fluid, natural authentic sense of power of the individual away from paradigms and structures. Also I’ve noticed the the Kings mentioned all have a bunch of feminine shadow sides that need integration- speaking to a need in society as a whole (I.e. Neil Strauss Elon musk piece, Tim ferriss recent talk about being nicer to himself, pres neros rampant attention starved inner child.

  12. I coincidentally met one of my birthday twinies yesterday and she is so inspiring and ambitious. She (realestate and business) and two of her friends ($ and tech) have started up a website for local tourism cutting out the middle MAN and all night I thought this will go global, franchises, the whole thing run with the big picture for local small businesses in mind. She asked me to visit her for some brochures and said I moved around the corner.Wow! ..she designed and built with her husband an eco friendly palace. The furniture, the charcoal walls framing huge windows of epic views of bush and ocean, the art works, the no fuss innovations to lessen housework, and space for storage. Sometimes a sparkle of our own potential smiles at us.

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