Checking In: Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn for Capricorn? Welcome to more gravitas, gut instinct and being more fully in your body.

Capricorns, it has been a month of Saturn – your boss planet – in the constellation of Capricorn.

Never mind the presence of Pluto, Mercury, and Eros as well.

The Saturn Vibe should feel like a distinct new tone has entered your own personal galaxy.

Like a distant, productive humming in the basement of an alt-science lab, as if a new-fangled machine just got switched on.

Your tolerance for triviality and misuse of resources such as time, lucre or your Jing energies is now non-existent.

Physically, you may feel more grounded. You feel the meaning of the old witches term “bone-deep.”

As the triple Capricorn* existentialist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir said – “the body is not a thing – it is a situation.”

Saturn in Capricorn for Capricorn is naturally stronger in its effects but they’ve also got an advantage. This sign of the Zodiac is born knowing about time, glitter and gold.

They retain the lessons they need to learn and then turn them straight to profit or wisdom.

So, checking in – Capricorn, how are you?

Observations about contemporary Capricorns are also welcome.

* De Beauvoir had Mercury, Uranus and the Sun conjunct in Capricorn. 

Image: Loretta Young

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I just pulled de Beauvoir’s Ethics of Ambiguity off the shelf yesterday for an article I’m writing! And yes, “bone deep” is totally resonating..

Black Cat

I don’t know. I am still working a million hours a day, but have stopped drinking alcohol and have no appetite. I did really enjoy the dionysean Cap aspect as a balance to all the perfectionism and insomnia.


Cap asc 3º. When Saturn was at 1º I received an email from the gallery i’ll be showing with next month about a possible solo show at the end of the year. It was a HOLY FUQ!!! moment. Wildest dreams come true. Jupiter is transiting my 10th house. Now that Saturn is exact we’re at the negotiations / paperwork / talking dates stage. It’s all happening so fast I don’t think i’m ready. Happy to postpone the solo show until next year if they can’t slot me into an end of year date. There’s no way I’m rushing my art.… Read more »

The Year of the Phoenix

Good on you!!


thank you and to you too. Well done!!!

Not feeling so great about everything this weekend though. The Leo eclipse will be pinging off my 8th / 2nd house. $$$ related. Stressed.

Having PMS doesn’t help!!! LOL


Wow!! to the feelings of Now and the work behind the scenes for all this time.

Would absolutely adore seeing your artwork, both of you. All that earthy Capricorn skill and crafting with the beautiful MerGoat bubble of sensory bliss in Expression coming through.


Thanks Mille. A Pisces friend recently described one of my paintings as the love child of Neptune and Uranus. Haha… Couldn’t have put it better. 🙂 My Neptune conjuncts Sun. To quote Paul Klee: “Art does not produce the visible; rather it makes visible” Perfect description of my work. Where shapes born from chance / accident in the process of making collages are the vehicle for an expression of colour. With venus in Libra I bring beautiful little Frankensteins to life. Haha… I’m pretty sure Mary Shelley had Uranus conjunct a personal planet. Can’t remember if it was Mercury or… Read more »


Beautiful! It’s in your inbox.

The Year of the Phoenix

God yes! My Mars is in Cap so look out ha! New systems in place at work restructuring the quoting cause the sales person is too lazy/entitled check! Regular workouts with motivated twin sister (see Mars in Cap above) locked in and self motivated Yoga class attendance check! Bodywork with physio to heal spinal problems and work related arm injury check! Sampling new products for sideline start up and actioning advertising campaign – we were approached by Frankie Magazine to be part of their homewares edition! We had been discussing this between ourselves and how we wanted to be in… Read more »

Alexis T

I have definitely felt a change since Saturn entered cap and not necessarily for the better. Where before I had a feeling like since Thanksgiving my fingers were connected to an electricity socket – always moving, things happening every minute, lots of excitement – things now feel completely sober and still. Work has taken 5 steps backwards in order to move forwards at a new glacial pace. Things don’t feel any sort of fun anymore! The most fun I have is skipping my plans to go out and staying inside to organize which I will admittedly say feels very good.… Read more »

Alexis T

Does anyone know if this dreadful feeling will last forever and what the light at the end of the Saturn in Cap tunnel is?

dark star

I’m wearing a cashmere sweater today and if that isn’t channeling the Saturngeist I don’t know what is. Also worked out some belief re money appearance and nice things.


Sun / Mars conjunct in Capricorn in the 7th… I feel a bit more grounded, I guess? Not sure I would notice Saturn if I wasn’t already expecting the visit.


However, I will say that planning my visit to a new gym for January 8th, when there was a Venus thing going on, worked brilliantly. I loved my workout and have decided to commit to that gym, and to sweating my prayers.


Not officially a cappy, but definitely hardcore identifying with Capricorn since Saturn dropped in. I have a stellium in Cappy of Mars, Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn all from 0 to 9 degrees and in hard aspect to my MC. So, pretending I’m a Capricorn and reading the daily and weekly for Cappy feels right.


Sun, Mercury & Venus all in Capricorn, and yes, I’m feeling it in my bones. The hilarious first sign was a sudden compulsion to watch planner videos on YouTube nearly non-stop. Stunned that a “planner community” exists. Deco-planners instantly dismissed. (To be clear, I have NO problem with peeps doing & enjoying the heavily decorated books etc.! Just not a match for my suddenly ultra-functional setting.) Then, a moment of clarity. “My system is better. It’s bespoke for my life.” And the compulsion passed. And only twitches in the background now and again. I can’t be further than 5 feet… Read more »


“Your tolerance for triviality and misuse of resources such as time, lucre or your Jing energies is now non-existence.”

I’m Cap-rising. This is spot on. I feel more grounded yes, thanks to a raise at work, moving into a better living situation, and having a solid partner. At almost 35 I feel like a grown-up, finally, and feel like I’m being treated as such, largely cause I’m treating myself as such. I’m experiencing a lot of veils coming off others, like I can see them more clearly.


Since Saturn moved in, I’ve had a persistent bad back with referred pain in my knees. Finally saw a physio and after much troubleshooting she has found ‘an old problem’ in my pelvis/sacrum that we’re going to fix. Woke up the next day with no pain for once, and am now watching my posture to make sure that both feet are planted directly under me. If I end this transit with better posture and no back pain, it was worth it. So many other things are going on. My Venus in Cap is gaining strength and less tolerance for flimsy,… Read more »


Its all oppositions for me being my 10th mainly affected and opposite all that stuff in cancer. I really am champing at the bit to get into the next phase of my life, as I am now free of my child and really feel a new era beginning. I am however waiting on my mother deciding if she is going to shift her life so that she is closer to me to enable me to solve a lot of her problems in her old age. If she decides not… then I am leaving every body to it. I have reached… Read more »


Cap merc and mars in the 12th, Cap rising and Cap sun in the 1st: pluto has been bang on my rising all last year, so that’s been interesting. Work has been great! I’m focused and things are expanding. I decided that my marriage wasn’t up to snuff and ended that. Just moved into my new house last month. Actually the closing date was Dec. 21 – the day Saturn moved in! I really feel like everything is completely different. Literally, my whole house and furniture (or rather lack of; I let the ex take almost everything) is all new.… Read more »


I’ve been wondering the same thing. LOL.

“Money, money, money”. When?

Cap Asc. Progressed Cap Sun


yes! progressed sun and merc in cap, given up caffeine now as fed up of feeling rough.
eating black foods to restore adrenals- black beans, black rice, black tahini!


Wait black food does this?

dark star

Do go on!


yes, apparently : )

siberian ginseng’s gd aswell, rhodiola….


ester c aswell


This time last year and the year before, I was dying from Not Having The Capricorn In My Life. Thank fuq this time around I Am The Capricorn. It still pings me – little flashes –


Oops posted too soon.
Little flashes but the agonising pain is gone. This was NOT some blow-it-off-I’m-fine process – the period was defined entirely by outer planet squares to personal things – whole new levels of emotional resourcing and self awareness – now strengthening my capacity to function as a member of the human race.

The trick now is to weave all-new functional relationships.


“this time I am the Capricorn”



I’m loving it. I’m now awaiting Uranus in Toro. YES.


100% – Saturn coming up to my ascendant next week. I feel like a machine! the amount of work I’m getting done and just zero tolerance for time wasters. I’d rather just do everything myself. I’ve just bought a treadmill so i dont have to leave the house haha. I’m even distilling my own water. Current capricorn challenge this minute is – should I go out for drinks now with the CEO of my CRM? (like a mailchimp type thing) lol…. you can see the up and down sides of that. is it even relevant? but you never know who… Read more »


I’ve already averted one psycho sound flirt today.
I’m looking for more to avoid.

And it must be Merc cj Pluto because my erstwhile Pisces contacted me…..again.
It happens everytime. It was the planetry thing that we met under.


Do you have a pestering Pisces too ??


I’m quintuple Cap (Sun, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) so I thought this would be like some kind of thought revolution for me, but honestly I don’t feel that much different :/ I was hoping I would suddenly acquire Saturn-based willpower of steel but outside circumstances have conspired to make me want to take to my bed for most of the month. I will say however that I feel less chronophobic and neurotic about hitting arbitrary self-imposed goals since Saturn progressed. I kind of would have expected it to be the opposite, but maybe it’s the grounding influence making me feel… Read more »


3 personal planets in Cap and my bones have been literally letting me know.
I have been exploring various concepts around ‘the body is not a thing, it’s a situation’ over the last year or so but I’d say the stakes have been upped with Saturn’s move and the option to do or not do appears to have been removed. Yes, it’s Saturn neck but it’s more than that. Structure is everything – physical structure (bones) is everything.


‘Sweat your prayers’

This felt bone-deep as I read it in the Daily Mystics this morning…


Yes. My new mantra.

Sun / Mars conjunct in Cap in the 7th


My progressed sun, mercury and venus are in Capricorn and I would say that description is spot on, even for me. I feel much more grounded – feeling safe and confident. Not in any hurry to finish things, just doing consistent work towards my goals everyday. I don’t have time right now for frivolous people or partying. Just work, house cleaning/organizing, and reading tons of books each night with a fireplace. Its heaven. Maybe its something to do with all the lovely trines I have to my natal Saturn from sun, mars and mercury, which is also getting a nice… Read more »

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