Finding Your Moon City


Tennesse Williams wrote of New Orleans as being like his Moon City. Fittingly, in astrocartography, his Jupiter and North Node/IC lines ran through it. So he would feel particularly at home and nurtured by such a place. The IC line is like your home line, it’s got a lunar sanctuary energy to it.

“New Orleans and the moon have always seemed to me to have an understanding between them, an intimacy of sisters grown old together, no longer needing more than a speechless look to communicate their feelings to each other. This lunar atmosphere of the city draws me back whenever the waves of energy which removed me to more vital towns have spent themselves and a time of recession is called for. Each time I have felt some rather profound psychic wound, a loss or a failure, I have returned to this city. At such periods I would seem to belong there and no place else in the country.”


– Tennessee Williams, “The Angel in the Alcove”

Astrocartography is when you project your natal birth chart over the world, a country or town. You end up with Sun, Moon and planet lines in particular places. They have the characteristics of that planet. Nobody – that I know of – has ever tested this by going around living on each of their planet lines. But FYI, I live on my Mercury line (writing, reading a lot, high word output) and people consistently report rad results from their Jupiter line.

Do you have a Moon City?

Image: Georgia O’Keeffe – Yes I know this is New York, not New Orleans but i love this picture and it fits.

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ElliiMM Member

This makes a lot of sense but can you post a link with steps on how to work out my moon city?:)


I think northern New Mexico – around Santa Fe, is my version of this. I lived there for 7 years – a very magical place. though it has recently and increasingly been less potent in its sync effect when I go back, I remember the intense level of Thereness that I felt in the past, now its more in my mind. It’s been so long since I visited Nola, maybe it’s time for a trip. I feel very much the need for such a place these days, sometimes I feel that I’m chronically stuck in someone else’s movie.


What if your North Node line is near the city of birth of someone you like?

Roxy ScorpioMM Member
Roxy Scorpio

NOLA is, after all, called the Crescent City, allegedly because of the moon-like shape of the river at the earliest points of settlement -French Quarter and Algiers Point on the Westbank (interestingly, the vibes of those two is diametrically opportunity as well). The place I live and my true home, but not for its moon vibe: I could not think of a more Plutonic city in the world – so, true,, the moon card in Tarot.

Roxy ScorpioMM Member
Roxy Scorpio

Opposed, sheesh!

gbsMM Member

I absolutely love New Orleans. It’s definitely a city with an affinity (for good and ill) with water and its tides. Ghosts are very palpable there, and there’s also the wonderful Jupiterian philosophy of “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die” that New Orleanians cheerily share with visitors.

My soul places are the city of Salvador in Brazil, London, and the ancient woods of the British countryside.

So Mutable It HurtsMM Member
So Mutable It Hurts

Holy shit, I did not know about Astro-cartography…that’s right up my alley. I’m not surprised to see the city I just left, Thunder Bay, bang on the Chiron line. Im not sure about my moon city…I never go back. Off to check out my own Astro travel chart thingy. It’s so interesting to think of where you live during certain transits, ie I lived in Tbay while Saturn was opposite my Chiron/sun

PiscesPheonixMM Member

I feel this with Alice Springs, which is where I currently live. It’s a city that seems to draw people to it to heal, or those who are healers. It’s a space of consideration, recalibration. Every time in my life I have come back here, it’s always provided me such sustenance.

rachelMM Member

A top moon gazing experience for me was not in a city, but a lovely, warm, outdoor shower in Hawaii. (!) Magic.

dark starMM Member
dark star

A lot of my n American lines fall in the water (water problems ammiright). I live now on my Pluto line ac birthplace, which is right for now. Lol to looking up what they say about Pluto lines- obviously written by ppl with a scorp allergy. But it has been perfect for the last 7 years, mining the depths and clearing new ground. The east coast cities where I lived for a while are on my Venus line. Last spring when I was in NYC I felt incredible- very powerful and feminine and strangers were a joy to talk to.… Read more »


My Node/IC line falls in the South Pacific Ocean. But my Sun-conjunct-Neptune MC line falls in Queensland, Australia! Since I have Sun-conjunct-Neptune right opposite Jupiter, this means my Jupiter/IC line also goes through Queensland.

The lines go through Cairns. To be really, really specific, they go through Proserpine. Does anyone posting here live in Cairns/Proserpine? Or have you been there? What’s it like?


Eat the fruit and the fish.

Garnet70MM Member

Not crash hot with astrology and meanings (extremely green in this area), but the astro travel map is proving a learning curve as I decipher the meanings. And it’s giving me food for thought for finding what is ‘home’. Thank you for the astro-cartography link 🙂

emgMM Member

This made me check my Astro cartography And of course Bang on
Oddly enough I’m off to northern Italy and I’ve a delightful line straight through Can’t wait to see what happens


Cape Town – the city’s pulse is magical realism at its finest from the nature, vibe, and even built environment. Full moons are a treat, not just from the views but the way you feel it on your skin. I can absolutely see how it can be moon sister cities with New Orleans though.

Runner up for me would be Lisbon/Sintra region. Always a special time there x

scorpiodawnMM Member



After how long clacking across Lake Ponchatrain on train in pitch winter blackness I remember landing in the crescent city under a crescent moon. Bless NOLA for that wonderful week long fling. 8 months later Katrina broke her heart. Good memories of landing in Hawaii during a wet lunar eclipse. The puddles looked like craters of ink. Flew off the following night at midnight Dec 31 to arrive in Sydney on Jan 2 under black smoke from fires. On September 12, 2001 looking up in the sky in Vancouver, Canada with a crescent moon snd star thinking “shits about to… Read more »

davidlMM Member

I’ve been there once, late 80s. Aside from a very awkward misunderstanding with a very large gay African American man who asked me if I like to party. Well I said yeah, sure I like to party ! Totally missing the point that that meant him wanting to do me … anyway … I loved NO the light and the dark.

milleunanotteMM Member

Same sort of thing as a Sag Rising Sag Moon! Hail fellow, well met, FIRST, right??

jeskileMM Member

I am a native New Orleanian and have done a ton of Williams/NOLA research, but I’ve never come across this quote. How lovely. God, I adore that wonderful broken man and this wonderful broken city. Thanks Mystic.

Roxy ScorpioMM Member
Roxy Scorpio

True dat! This place always had a broken feel, a trauma, an open wound – even pre…wonderfully dark, charmingly morbid, and – sadly – still hurting

Calli GMM Member
Calli G

Fira, Santorini. I’ve never been as simultaneously vibrating with energy and totally at peace as when I was drinking a glass of wine under the moon in Fira.

Taurus VixenMM Member
Taurus Vixen

Ah there is a church on the square in New Orleans that my heart and Soul is always drawn to. For whatever reason, that church in all of American speaks to my Soul.


New Orleans is and always has been my moon city. And since I spent so long denying my own soul I now live in it.

KarenMagpieMM Member

Same, and same 🙂

LiliMM Member

Ancestral home via Acadian expulsion. Love NOLA!!


I feel like that with Mexico City, my home town. I love to travel but after months of being in other places, I just want to go back home.

I love to go for a walk downtown, and recharge myself. Mexico City has been a city since the foundation of Tenochtitlan in 1325. Cool ha? Even the same streets (at least in downtown) are still there, because the spaniards built their buildings (around 1500-1600) using the same stones of Aztec temples and respecting the design of the streets.

LAMM Member

LOVE this.. hadn’t finished reading and was like umm wonder what the astrocartography is.. Definitely want to visit a ‘home’ spot on mine to see what it feels like!


New Orleans is one of the few US cities that has a European feel. It is old as it can be. It’s also a bitch to navigate in as there are almost no straight streets. The circular-curvy streets are a throwback to the days of yore where people would shoot up cities with cannons which would be too easy if you had straight streets.

I searched internet images for “moon of new orleans” and found lots of brightly colored images. 🙂 I miss that place sometimes.

SyrenaMM Member

Amen to “bitch to navigate”. I only ever end up there for work, and I inevitably land after sundown. My poor GPS doesn’t know what to do with itself. I swore I hated the place until the last time i was there – no idea what changed, but I finally appreciated the beauty of it.

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