Metaphysical Hair Is A Happening Thing

There is an actual hair salon called Metaphysical Hair. It makes sense if you think of the hair as a visible display of the crown chakra energy.

Metaphysical Hair seems like THE concept to help channel the intensity of this Eclipse Zone…i literally walked past this the other day, on the phone, dealing with Eclipse-style situations.

Then i thought that it is a week of SUCH over the top and non-negotiable realizations. My only beauty advice has been “no impulse hair moves.”  There is a link between astrology and hair.

What Pluto or Uranus transit, for example, does not involve a drastic change of hair color or style? It’s a fantastic way to signal the notable change within and impending.

Because it’s been really more about holding your ground and strengthening your stance. I could not in all faith charge into a metaphysical hairdresser to get a root chakra touch up and a blow out.

Still, for when it’s not a Full Moon Eclipse in Leo impending, is this a concept? Is metaphysical hair a happening thing?

And, I cannot find a website for the hair salon but this article says proper hair care protects from ghosts. It also says perms create negative vibrations and not to wash your hair on the Full Moon.

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Wish Upon a Star

I love my hairdresser. She is a vivacious Aries. She could cut hair in her sleep. And she is funny.

I have curly hair and have been to upmarket salons (in Noosa) who claim to have senior stylist that know how to cut curly hair. But no cigar.

I stumbled on her when my usual hairdresser was sick. What a find. And the price is low as its a country town.

I always walk out of the salon happy.


I’m so feeling my Venus in Leo coming back into it’s glory. Im training again. Lifting weights and swimming even. I love my new digs. I’m getting out and about more to enjoy both the location and the mercury in my third house transit 🙂


Finding the right hairdresser is difficult. When you do it feels kismet, a true soulmate. I had the best hairdresser turned out to become my best friend. When you find the right hairdresser/stylist never let go, never take them for granted.
Hair contains magical power. Use it for good! 😉


My own Leo hair eclipse moment: my hair has been falling out by the handful every time I brush on and off for a year; constantly in the last month. After having an expert nutrition response natural doctor muscle test me, it turns out my old episiotomy scars were the culprit. The solution: twice daily for the next 90 days massage wheat germ oil into the scars. Also taking supplements for my adrenals. It’s been a stressful 9 years! That was yesterday. So far today, no clumps of hair!


Laughed at the metaphysical hair Mystic, as I am on week six of no shampoo, no conditioner, to get to natural hair Hard at first bu t I persevered..I’m retired, have short naturally coloured hair, so thought, if not now, when?
My hair looks good, is not greasy and behaves itself with no products etc…
I’m happy and it fits in with the oher things I am doing to live with as few chemicals as possible….:)


I literally just had to have a chop today on my lunch break. Feel too fragile to cut it myself which was original plan, but I am a bit clutzy so a professional service is much better. Feels so much better after a new stylist had her way. Felt like a Leo style exoplanet cleanse, next is a trip to podiatrist for long overdue attention. Aiming to get all the maintenance done before eclipse for a fresh start


Hair is totally a metaphysical thing, especially around a Leo eclipse! I use hairstyles to help create certain vibes or attitudes – a short pixie cut will help me to feel strong and independent, a smooth bob will create a feeling of chic professionalism. Not wanting to do any of those vibes, but wanting something streamlined and light, my hairdresser crafted me the perfect hairstyle last Thursday, based on how I want to feel…not radical, but different enough to make me feel it.


Gave up on hairdressers a long time ago. Seems long curly hair too much of a challenge-or temptation-looked like barbra streisand with a 70’s perm the last time a supposed “curly gair expert” touched it!! Don’t miss my hair getting ripped out during the post -wash combing!


I got a significant hair cut yesterday before I saw this! It had been scheduled for almost two months. I took about 8cm off all over and changed a bit of the color and am really loving it. My ‘failed’ perms from last year suddenly look great, like a natural wave – cutting off the weight freed the curl. I’ve gotten lots of compliments so far! Natal 1H SN Aqua and 7H NN Leo, about 5 degrees off the eclipse degree.


There’s a metaphysical hairdresser in L.A. I haven’t seen her but I know she exists. I can’t remember her name! She’s a hair witch or something. Also, these crystal combs are fab:

I started wearing wigs about two months ago and it is SO VENUS IN LEO and it makes me unbelievably happy!

Mystic, I can’t believe you didn’t go into the store! I’m going to be in Sydney next month, maybe we should go together!


W O W those combs tho!!! Love your blog btw; I’ve been following since 2007!


Oh! Thanks so much! xoxo


Hey I’m just happy to have a hairdresser who cuts my hair right, for a reasonable price. That’s metaphysical enough for me in this expensive city.


Yes I have had a metaphysical hair treatment there. It’s fantastic!! Headhunters has been around since the 80s.


Oh yes, I know this store, been there forever. Great service….and great for people undergoing treatment.


Please can you tell me where it is. Just emailed MM but not sure when she’ll get to it. I need some good advice about shaving my head and what to treat my scalp problem with etc.


Found them! Googled them and their website looks trippy 70s style. Will check out irl.


I left my hairdresser for always talking ‘into’ my crown chakra about her personal ‘problems’…. I always felt sick after each visit.
Found new one – first thing she said to me looking straight into the mirror:”look at your beautiful eyes!”
I had a few girlfriends shaving their locks in the liberation mode – some were liberated, others struggled with the loss of former identity.


Etc. Etc. Etc.


so no haircut during eclipse? I’m confused :S.


I scheduled a haircut and colour on the day because I thought it would be good for a cleansing.


Same!! We’ll have to check back in with the results…maybe it’s just anything before the eclipse, so during/after will be alright?


I loooove my divorce hair. Literally cut off so that only what I’d grown since moving out was left, and that very day I got notice the judgment had been signed.

Hair is magical. That said, I mostly don’t get mine cut because I find the whole process of trusting my head to someone else very difficult. Wish I could find a metaphysical haircut- as long as it wasn’t just an excuse to push expensive chemicals on me (another thing I dislike about the hair cutting process).

Caterina senang

ooooo – i can totally feel this leo hair power-up. normally by now, relational to ast visit to metaphysical hair master (and she is this: focused on feng-shui of hair, transformative systemic impact of hair work etc, and i do go to her because hair needs cutting but mostly because i am in need of the shamanic ‘treatment’ in the way i go to a bodyworker) Anyway . . . I would normally be desperate by about now to make the trek to town for a cut/session but MY HAIR IS DOING IT ALL BY ITSELF. It feels as if… Read more »


Id never heard the word merkin before.. now I can’t get away from it.


Ooh…I scheduled a pretty drastic hair cut ON the Full Moon in Leo eclipse…I thought it would be a good time for a big change, and I’ve been looking for the most auspicious date for something new. Was I way off base here??


A haircut when the North Node entered Leo prompted me to want to change my entire life and the solar eclipse in Leo last August is when I made it happen. My hair has been amazing ever since (not to mention how much my life has improved lol). I would think any moon in Leo, eclipse or no would be a great time for metaphysical hair styling.


As well, just two minutes ago was researching cuts for my upstairs neighbor, whom I am cutting / colouring tomorrow. It’s not a total transform, just a general clean-up (she’s had no cut in years except her own Drunk Scissors and she’s been using–gasp!–boxed colour!).

I think I’ve always felt like I have metaphysical hair–I am quite hairy (Italian), but I always described it like there was an invisible sweater around me with loose threads, any of which could snag or get pulled and unravel the whole thing. Metaphysical hair is such a more empowering metaphor. Go Mystic!


My take is that metaphysical hair involves the crown chakra as well as the tangible hair. I love haircut for the head massage and I choose the stylist for their scalp and head massage as well as their styling.

dark star

Omg laughing at the serendipity of this, two mins ago I was staring at Instagram hair products and texting my rising libra sister about needing a haircut and wanting highlights for vitamin c starved locks


Crushing up vitamin C tablets in a blender and using it as a mask actually works for removing hairdye ….


Allegedly anyway. I once tried to remove indigo henna as ends darker than roots but eventually resorted to that colour removal product. Smells revolting and didn’t work as henna stays put but on the plus side, it didn’t damage my hair or turn it green as bleach would have. In the end I decided to leave it as its kind of reverse ombre. I’m using lush henna and at first was mixing up the marrow, the bruin and the noir but have recently committed to full on rouge all the way. The coconut oil makes it really soft and turns… Read more »


That should read maroon, not marrow. Naughty auto correct

dark star

Cool about vit c. Henna can cool, I’ve never seen ombré henna actually- new hair trend 2018


Ha I caved and actually did another henna treatment last night. Basically it’s just more bright red at the roots than it is at the very ends but because henna is basically mud and I’m not terribly methodical about my application of it, I tend to mix it up and then spread the good over my roots and then wrap it in clungfllm for a few hours without much concern for the evenness of it- I mean it’s a natural muddy stuff that turns everything orange if it gets anywhere including your ears, hands, back of the neck etc unless… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I wore a wig last night…and it does add a whole new metaphysical aspect to your aura xxx

Also the scheduler don’t lie when it says ASTRO PARTY


dark star

What was your wig persona?

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Drunk Beyonce


That is fantastic!

dark star



Ha – spent last night trying to strip my hair of colour after 30 years of dying it – I want to see what the real me looks like! Sometimes a haircut is just a haircut, sometimes it is powerful.

Year of the Phoenix

Ha! Too late! My little 10 Taurean / Golden Pig yo nephew told me he wants to be a hairdresser when he grows up I said great! You can cut mine! My thoughts of undercuts had been brewing for years (and I work in a creative environment with a cool boss) Things did go a tad haywire but hey it grows back! And my VERY thick long blonde were I want it hair can cover the shaved to the skin rescue job for a couple of weeks. … One big plus already it is literally cool, sub tropics and peri… Read more »


I feng shui all my clients’ heads and if they aren’t into it, I don’t style them. It’s a sacred thing working on someone’s head, and hair is UNQUESTIONABLY a psychic storage unit. I have a girlfriend who’s been in and out of hospitals with a list of ailments and I just scheduled an emergency cut with her. She needs to have fresh psychic energy to work with, and a haircut from a healer can change your life. 🙂

Year of the Phoenix

sounds absolutely amazing!


Yes, I agree. I don’t let anyone cut my hair. No. 2 / 3 all over does the job though if I did have longer hair you would definitely be my go to.
My daughter is a prof dancer and just recently gave herself a no.1 all over after having long dyed hair for years. It’s had incredible benefits to her well being and people’s reaction has been so positive.

dark star

can you healer style my hair on the eclipse? Lol I feel like it would be superpower lightning charged, a meta haircut


I WISH! Omg an eclipse/moon meetup/metaphysical makeover festival. WHY IS THIS NOT A THING. I’m actually picking out some new high vibe colors for my own head because this eclipse has already started having its way with me. Time to uh…gird my loins (skull?) if you will.


Ooooh are you in Sydney by any chance? I just grok something that I may need to shave my head as I have been wanting to for years because my hair has always been thinking since my mum didn’t shave my head like she did my sister at 2yo. Have been stressed with my itchy scalp for years and I might as well with this Full Moon eclipse in Leo to celebrate endings and beginnings of all my work! So would be lovely to find a stylist who respects working with our heads. Any referrals if you’re not in Sydney?… Read more »


*thinning* not thinking hair though a good head massage and cut always lifted my stresses and worries and infused fresh energy which I guess is metaphysical. It would be amazing to have chakra cleansing then hair shaved by one person a healer who works with hair!


I agree. No weight loss, new glasses, wardrobe update or metaphysical healing modality has ever done as much to change my aura, my self-image and my outlook on life as dramatically as when I’ve had my haircut by someone with healing powers or magical vision.


I definitely feel like “metaphysical hair” could be an eclipse thing! Wouldn’t that be a hell of a day to get some kind of transformative haircut?


Seems like something Trump and his toupee could benefit from.


Ha !


Well it’ll affect him. His Pluto is 10° Leo in the House of “who knows what’s in his head”.


What is up with his orange hair?! He is rich but cannot afford a good haircut/dye job?!


I forgot, until my sister reminded me that I have my moon in Leo and the hair this weekend has been all Leo’d Up enormous (humidity) and sensational… definitely hair game + 100 ! So… it could be happening?

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