Love In The Republic Of Pluto

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This week’s super-fly line-up of the Sun-Pluto-Venus enhanced by Mars-Jupiter is sudden love, sexual chemistry measured at Warp Core Intensity in the thousands and momentous relationships being formed or fortified.

But it’s also this…below. Goodbye to ghosts, zombie crushes, shadow selves and psychic echoes from other times.

This much positive Pluto power amping all relationships into a whole new frequency is rare.  Fresh life force is being activated but if you try to infuse it into fragile structures or dead paradigms it back-fires.

See your horoscopes for more-more-more.


Jean Harlow with Primo Carnera

Remedios Varo – Woman Leaving The Psychoanalysts Office

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91 thoughts on “Love In The Republic Of Pluto

  1. That image by Remedios Varo is INCREDIBLE!!!

    And i am loving this Pluto transformation energy… what a time! xxx

  2. And all on top of my natal Venus…(well Pluto’s a degree and a bit off). I’m expecting fireworks guys!! (Nothing like this happens to me, really. lol)

  3. Just the other day I came across a really interesting radio talk show about the “New Predator” by Eve Lorgan and Lauda Leon. I think the most interesting point is built up to, and only mentioned about 15 minutes before the show is up. This show brought to mind the post here awhile back concerning AI.

    I think Eve Lorgan’s perspective on the dimension of paranormal romance is fascinating as well and merits a deeper look while keeping in mind our karmic South Node experiences, qi vampire relationships and any other connection that would fall under the umbrella of “Anomalous Trauma”, as she calls it. Brings a different level of awareness that astrology partners with in identifying.

    The timing, as always, impeccable. Im glad this post came up.

  4. I’m definitely feeling this: the Sun-Venus-Pluto conjunction is conjunct my Mars in the 8th house. And the Mars-Jupiter alignment is conjunct my Sun.

    I’m trying to implement MM’s advice for this moment by taking concrete action and not letting this wonderful moment just float away unexplored.

  5. Christ, can’t it just be a really cool new creative/business relationship or something?
    Mind you I had a man 20 years older than me (a TAURUS) who I barely know , and am not remotely interested in shagging and am also not particularly mentally stimulated by, even though he’s otherwise outwardly nice, text me yest with a random offer of 3 months o/s travelling. I LOL’d in confusion. I think it was actually meant for someone else. I mean it sounded amazing but I think he was drunk and hello, I have bills to pay. Hahaha

    • What shits me about that scenario too is that there are SO MANY lovely amazing women out there “older” than me who’d love to find a nice friend like this, but (ok generalizing now, step down blokes) seem to think that someone an entire generation younger is the right kind of lady for them? I’m actually affronted by the idea. Anyway.

      • Lol! Too right about the age thing. But maybe this is a sign that your psyche wants some travel and adventure! just not with this dude.

        • it’s true, darkstar,.. psyche does want the things. But I know I am going to have a Mystic Medusa DUH (TM) insight about 24 hrs after writing this. it happens…*waiting*

      • You’re not wrong though. Based on personal experience and online dating articles facts – guys in their late 40s and older don’t want to date anyone their own age.

        And guys of all ages prefer the 20-30 age group. 🙁

        • I think one of the OK Cupid statisticians actually wrote a blog post about that, back when OK Cupid (a) employed people who weren’t algorithm-icians, and (b) had a blog. (c) maybe both of the above still happen but it’s been a while since I googled stuff.

        • LOL! Yeah they claim us +40 chicks have baggage. Looked in the mirror much dude?

          But tbh that shit backfires cos 20-30 y.o. chicks have their baby clock alarms going off like crazy while old dude isn’t gonna want another baby when he did that-done that already.

          But a part of me sort of gets angry at the 20 something chicks who want to date the +40 guys. I mean wtf is wrong with men your own age is one thing? Plus it just feels like they are stabbing their older sisters.

            • Oh, and I have Venus in Cap, which I’ve read can date older when younger, then younger when older, which is exactly what I’ve done.
              And my Venus is square Uranus, so it feels totally natural to me to be unconventional about my love life.

              • Way to play that Venus in Cap! Enjoy!!!
                I have Saturn in the 7th so I tend to prefer old dudes anyways, but I have done plenty of age gap dating the other direction as well to satisfy my Uranus con Sun. To me, it is a bit exotic to date someone close to my own age which has only happened less than a handful of times.

                • Cap is my 7th house cusp, too, though no natal planets there.
                  Of course Pluto has been transiting there for awhile now and Saturn will join it soon. Not exactly ‘light’ energy! Haha!

                  I’ve not often dated someone my own age either. Right now I’m not dating much at all, but when I do, these days it tends to be younger. Sometimes a lot younger…guys around here seem to be up for that.

              • flowerchild, I have Venus in Cap and Venus square Uranus in the 7th, and this has been my experience too! And I never planned it this way, they (old when young, young when old) approached me. We should trade notes 🙂

            • And also yes the Toro – I can see it a mile off : he wants a lady in his life who he can school somehow – seriously he sent me a photo of something in his house and there were flowers in the background , carnations and baby’s breath, ohhh haha haha #taurus
              I’m not 15, bloke and this is not 1987

              • the baby’s breath carnations vibes are cracking me up omg is he RLY a Taurus or are we in a time warp to my first communion 90s flower crown

          • I don’t worry about the baggage thing everyone’s got sumthn.

            I’ve never ever had a woman msg me where they’ve had to pay for the access.
            Just about all the women who have sent the standard non-payable inquiry have turned out to be Nigerian Nationals….male l might add. No, not homosexual…scammers be they.

            About half won’t even reply. I’ve had 4 good dealings of which one WAS the PisScorp who said a $100k a year wasn’t enough money.

            All this in my 7th, opp my Kat Asc/Sun midpoint, means nuthn. I realise something maybe happening subliminally but aint nuthn l can see.

            Pointless really. No-ones going to go out with alleged child-basher.

            • I would say perhaps try to meet people in person? That is the only thing that worked for me. Meeting people online was a complete waste of time for me that merely lowered my self-esteem into the mud. I don’t know how other people can stand it.

  6. Shadow work is everything right now, the Pluto axe is actually now breaking through all the ice
    Remedios is a genius btw I hadn’t known before the site!

  7. R R R R Right on time, yeah right on time …

    The difficult person at work has left! Never to return! First day back for 2018 and I get this good news!

    I was already ready for a MUCH better year now Saturn has stopped squ my Virgoan Sun / Pluto conj (after the bastard had steamrolled my early Virgo ascendant a few years ago….

    Yes! Finally The Goodtimes can start happening again!

  8. pluto , i love you.
    and does it have special resonance when a natal aspect happens generally?
    i got venus-pluto conjunct. cant remember what mystic said abt this, im sure someone asked in adtro school

  9. Sudden love.. really???
    Does that even happen anymore? Lol

    What about MONEY and art?

    Did anyone hear Frances McDormand’s speech at Golden Globes?

    She said it was time to end the “power structures” in the entertainment industry.
    Right on!!! So very Saturn in Cap / Pluto.

    • All I know is I saw her in 3 Billboards and yeah woah she nailed the post zap zone post Saturn post peri menopausal! I wanna torch everything too!!

      So fantastic to see the worm mid turn!!

    • Anyway, who has time for love right now???

      I’m working two part time jobs and trying to fit some painting in around that.

      I barely have time to eat.

      Tonight** I was counting how many cotton eye makeup remover pads I had left because I’m working 3 very long shifts in a row and won’t have time to get any. LOL

      Love can wait. I need to do the art and make some $$$$$$.

      ** Virgo mars planning ahead.

      Cap asc.

      • The struggle is real! Totally been there with the juggling the multiple part time jobs with big upside being your backside is pert from all the running around / food is just too much hassle

        But making art, or creating and actualising yourself, now that is feeding your soul

        it’s the hard work that makes it sweeter because it’s more hard fought and dug from somewhere deeper

      • Agree… If lots of people fall in love with my *ART* I might be able to pay some bills.

        I *could* squeeze in a love interest who wasn’t too needy as well though. Eyes peeled O-O

    • It was fantastic… also loved Oprah’s speech even though I usually find her annoying!

      Great to smell change in the wind. THEIR TIME IS UP!!!!

  10. I just ended a relationship last week. Don’t think this applies to moi. oh well… I need to think about career!

  11. Venus/sun/pluto will be smack on my Lilith… in Capricorn. Does this mean I get to be boss bitch for a day? Or have a meeting with her? Have wild sex on the printer/photocopier/scanner (hold that print out!)? Slack sexting (slexting)? I’m going to channel my inner Alexis and wear lots of red in anticipation.

  12. All this is happening on my 5th house moon-Lilith. I would love some sudden creativity/mojo. Sudden love is not going to happen to me – I’m pretty sure I vibe ‘Fuck the fuck off, sudden love’ 🙂 I am all about creativity at the moment. I have stuff to do.

  13. chiron is still on my sun. Is this why I feel like I am swimming through custard and eating tranquilisers? despite all of the above? the lassitude is insane. Neptune is miles off everything. Progressed cancer moon is making me a *total shut-in seriously is this a thing*. This is just not me. how to activate life (AGAIN)? ta. pi x

    • Chiron is conjunct my Chiron on my asc currently. But I feel really ramped up by all the Saturn stuff in my 10th. However I do feel for you in your custard, eating valium and prozac. Wow. I’d be clean out on the dairy let alone the drugs!

    • Yeah, as much as I’m like woohoo no more Saturn sqs Jupiter in Scorpio parade Chiron is still on my moon promoting inner landscape weird turn pro ninja work. It feels slow, every tarot I’ve pulled has had “slow learning at home” in 4th h the last few months.

    • Yeah, I’m feeling a ‘forward charge!’, but it’s like horses stampeding through thick mud. I’m having Chiron return and Chiron will make one more pass over my natal one at 26 Pisces. It’s in the 10th house, too, so I really want to get going on my career change but it’s all going pretty slow. I’m somewhat unmotivated, too, though excited at the same time. Maddening!

      I’m feeling really inward and introverted, way more than usual, and am doing a lot of work from home, including seeing clients at home in my living room that I’ve converted into a home clinic.

  14. God how I wish I was in for a rocking good hot heavy soul searing connection. Alas, I’ll most likely me cleaning out my psychic closet and letting go of my karmaic relationship and the shadow beliefs that keep me hanging on.

    Although I need have an amazing soul searching conversation with my little sister yesterday.
    The sun/ Pluto/ Venus energy is sitting on my mars. While mars and Jupiter will be touching my natal Venus conj. Pluto.

  15. yup. Love the art work here, this fees like it is currently. Have just heard back from the new world that could be and been asked to send in my CV. I have so many bits of my anatomy crossed that I can barely walk. So hoping this will prove to be my way forward. Also me and the aqua really felt our stumbling block that is our sex life last night. Him very virgo moon, Venus in Capricorn. i.e. sterility please. Me very Neptune in Scorpio 8th just dive in. We are a complete mismatch in the sack. Although that would not bother him as he can lead an a sexual life with ease, I cannot! I really cannot. I know for me it is oxygen and vital. Hey ho… things they are a changing.

  16. Last…degree….of..fourth….house….

    Square Chiron. Pleasant I have not been.

    Interesting tidbit. I put in all the birth data I could fit from my family, four generations. And

    The composite Chiron is on my sun Venus Eris conjunction.

    Someone smarter than me would know what this means.

    They would also tell me to stop messing with power I can’t possibly grasp and go back to writing pretty poetry.

    • My latest musings on Eris were around wondering if the energy related to being the ‘other’, exclusion/rejection, and encounter with a new paradigm , as such all of this implying a balance of power (I disagree with the eris = Persephone interpretation, but if that works for you then maybe).
      Chiron being woundedness, also wisdom from pain, knowing how to ‘fight’ (sans aggression). Peaceful warrior.
      Maybe a very long family history related to… Beauty, pleasure, expression, luxury, love, enjoyment (poetry)? And maybe there is a problem with that of some sort? Exploitation, rejection, condemnation, isolation? counselling, counter attacks, strength in beauty (not as in blowdried hair and lipstick but rather the beauty in e.G. fighting spirit and strength?) With your user name is there Irish heritage? Face-first encounters with the Leviathan? Chiron yields to circumstance and is liberated in the process, I “think”… Not sure though.
      (In replying to this I do not think I am smarter than you btw)

      • P.s. I say, *never* stop messing with power you can’t possibly grasp. (I have Eris-Pluto opposite, on my midheaven IC axis)
        Maybe your poetry can be the bridge. Epic poetry a la Homer or the Celts? About encounters with Power.

        • Ah, what card is that? Or Maybe it is in the act of true self acceptance in the face of a history of family issues or rifts, un-addressed pain, that you find insight and freedom.

            • All of that. Yes. Irish ancestry definitely.

              History of depression and illness on the French and Greek sides as well.

              I really just thought I was either an afterthought/ mistake or was here to save the whole shebang martyr. But, like ever every person ever, i made these decisions in adulthood based on that wound. I just was the wound. And I got used to it, let it define me and fought it at the same time trying trying, plus milking it.

              The Shadow bits of this are how gross it feels to have this be what I’m known for. I know now how I never had to be that but I built the edifice then moaned and whined when it fell. It’s a bizarre place to be, witnessing your whirling mind and knowing you are addicted to the chaos and have to give what seemed like relief up to find whats underneath

              Knowing it could be more chaos. But you can’t hide. You took that path

              You clicked
              “Please only check this if you really know what you’re doing” and you didn’t. Pride comes in funny forms.

              Saoirse means freedom, but I was cocky then ,thinking that was a thing. Power is going to be interesting, as Saturn is squaring my Pluto retro opposite moon now too.

              Surrender to that higher power, cause I’m surely clueless and want to be if service. This Venus sun Pluto thing is trine my ascendant.

              Makes me want to go back in time, feed my child self organic food, make her exercise and out a helmet on her. And hold her, hold her hold her.

  17. I am so excited about this astrology!! My descendant is 26 cap so it applies to my 6th and 7th houses. It’s squaring my Venus/mars conjunction in Aries in the 10th, and also conjunct my draconic sun 19 cap. I don’t know what your thoughts are on the draconic chart but it’s somethig I’ve always tracked and I consistently find accurate connections between the tropical and draconic charts….particularly synastry so I think it’s plausible!
    Anyway, I’m starting a new job weds so I’m hopeful the current astrology is a good omen. Also had some relationship crap take place in the last few weeks so I’m of the “no more bullshit” mentality!!!

  18. All happening in my 5th

    I am “hopeful“ but still delusional – my Venus squares my Moon/Neptune so this is usual. My fantasy love life has always been more interesting than my real one and it’s the men I am not attracted to who are interested in me – cue neighbor who creepily chats over the back fence

    Might my Capricornian ruled 5th House mean office romance with the boss….

    • This just recently occurred a few days ago; so odd – a delivery (motorbike parts) that was sent to me, yet my very macho (black leather clad) male neighbour was like at my gate before I could blink…we introduced within seconds & I felt it was a bit of a set up…he really gave me the once over. Today I saw him with his young female partner & he was watching & smiling at me & my partner and I thought what a smooth creep…transiting jupiter/ mars Scorpio 3rd are both square my sun now, 6th – and I’m unperturbed but I do think some men are surreal the way they can vibe sex with unknown women while they are involved with another.

      • Yep and as for the goat boss don’t do it…I have had this proposition and it the elusive escape is even hell. The current energy is really exposing an ugly truth. Stay safe!

        • Yes, good advise

          There was a point in time when there was a possibility, I was new in the job and he was and is the sweetest boss, but I balked for a number of reasons the main one being the disparity of power and my “fear” of the unknown ie he has a beard and apart from stubble it’s not something I have experienced or drawn to sooooo

          • There will be ways the most impossible visual tests book you into some illusory exchange…a powerbroker knows it’s an uneven game. I am currently despairing of crooked sexy “successful” types. Smooth people who just slowly extract your life essence… to

            What is it with married goat men? I have them repeatedly subtly interrogating me. Always with seductive interest, doesn’t help I have transiting Lilith 5th.

  19. My MC is 25 Cap (9th/10th), and I have a natal Sun Pluto square (Sun 17 Gem 2nd) (Pluto 11 Virgo 5th).

    I’m ready for fame and fortune! (it’s been a bloody long time coming)

      • Good luck Gemi!! May the stars deliver!

        I’ve just been asked if I’d be interested in a solo show at the end of the year. Fuq yeah!!

        My current body of work hasn’t even been received by the gallery yet. They must be confident I’ll sell. Now I’m nervous. Lol.
        No sales means no solo show.

        I’ve been so focused on Saturn in Cap I completely forgot about Jupiter in Scorpio – in my natal 10th hitting my Neptune / Sun conjunction. Wildest dreams come true!! 🙂

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