Let Go And Let Gaia

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Many of you will have grokked the multiple mentions of the new Earth emphasis or Earth era in the Horoscopes of late. It’s not just the current hefty line up in Capricorn nor even Saturn into Capricorn.

It’s that plus Regulus into Virgo (Age of Kings gives way to Age of Queens) and Uranus impending in Taurus. Earth-Earth-Earth. It’s foundation energy. One way or another, we are all re-grounding ourselves now.  This has ecological and economic manifestations that we shall, of course, be exploring.  But today i am thinking about Gaia.

Gaia is the Ancient Greek Earth Goddess – Terra in Ancient Rome – and she was the most ancient one. The creator of everything. She conjured up her husband – Uranus. She birthed all the gods, fought massive battles, ran the fuqing planet and most of the time was a single mother.

Some say Gaia is the most primal deity of all – that there was nothing else pre-her. Gaia was the Goddess consulted by the Priestesses at the Oracle of Delphi.

Gaia existed before time. She correlates with the Indo-European-Buddhist Tara, the Ancient Babylonian Ishtar, the Phoenician Cybele & Astarte, the Ancient Egyptian Astarte. Her full Ancient Roman title; “Terra Firma – Great Mother, Firmly Founded, Oldest of Divinities.” 

Where is Gaia in your chart? Gaia is Earth. The Earth point (and i don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking on this but it’s starting to interest me again) is always exactly opposite your Sun.

We are living through a cultural shift that feels tectonic and I definitely think Pluto square Eris/Persephone is a factor in this; the rage, the unmasking of abusers, how this parade of sleaze has thawed trauma that we long-ago snap-froze in some secret recess of our psyche.  But could it also be Gaia Vibe.

And while we are at it, Oprah 2020 (Pluto on her North Node in Capricorn, that should do it)  has my vote and i don’t even live in America.

Maybe we just create a liberty & egalitarian rights for all beings one world government? Scrap all the recent religions and just go back to basics; Gaia. The first one.



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82 thoughts on “Let Go And Let Gaia

  1. Yes, totally. I keep picturing we will all be just citizens of the world. Our country: Gaia. The now countries will be the new neighborhoods.

  2. Sun sign capricorn, rising in taurus, and my mercury, venus, and neptune in capricorn, as well as my lilith in taurus…can i get any more earthy? I am so ready for going back to primal Mother. So f*ing ready! Ive been grounded and waiting…

  3. If Gaia is opposite my sun I have her in 8th house Leo..conjunct lilith…primordial flames to say the least. maybe why my aquarian sun is like ‘hoooooleeee shhhheeeit it’s the mother of me!!!’ (or maybe that’s ruling planet uranus opting to quiver for a moment rather than vibrate.)

    …And Gaia conjuring Uranus, then they make babies…Uranus won’t stop laying on top of Gaia and ends up getting his balls chopped off, cue venus etc…what if in a parallel universe Uranus just wanted to crawl back into the womb….isn’t there a whole theory about this boys and their mother?
    (jumble mumble rant end)

    • Oedipus has something to do with it I heard.

      uranians can be wierdly chauvinistic. (i base this statement on statistically insupportable evidence)

        • ahaha. I read elswhere a woman’s experience of Aquarians being weirdly competitive. As an Aquarian sun who’s being looking into my less than admirable tendencies I recognize this competitiveness. For me it shows up in that moving into the emotional realm and my own vulnerability has to be actively done. it doesnt come naturally and feels very challenging. if this challenge isn’t acknowledged and taken up there’s the chance that this energy gets discharged outwardly and can express as competitiveness, amongst other things.

          As for chauvinism…well if i were to consider myself a sovereign state there could be times that this happens;)

  4. Mother Earth is going to have the last word, either way. Recently saw a vid projecting based on actual current trends, what the world will be like in 2030, 2040, 2050… it had all this groovy high-tech space age stuff but right along side was the further effects of climate change and our general impact on the environment, which looked pretty apocalyptic, with wars over food and water, and mass migrations of people due to desertification and too high temperatures. It’s very possible we may not be able to sustain ourselves long enough to achieve all the flashy stuff they showed.
    And there was a running theme of re-colonizing somewhere else, namely Mars. Such a ‘yang’ idea (as opposed to yin) that we can just lay waste to the Earth and go somewhere else, and I think it’s ironic (maybe not) that it’s Mars (the ultimate in yang, right?). This is what we get when we don’t respect our Mother…..you can’t put one over on Gaia.

    My Earth is at 11 Leo in the 2nd house. I also have Venus in Cap in the 6th and Mars,Saturn, and Chiron in the 10th, so all Earth houses covered/populated. I have Lilith in Taurus, and Jup/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo, so quite a bit of Earth in this Aqua’s chart!

    I miss living in my tree house in the redwood forest and I miss my garden. Living in a very urban place it’s difficult to commune with Gaia, though I could get myself out to the beach more often. Last time there I didn’t want to get out of the ocean, even though the water is freezing here. I couldn’t pull myself away, just kept feeling drawn back in. It was so healing and felt like a reunion..

    • Yes re the trashing and moving on. It’s disgusting and made worse by powerful commentators like Hawking et al who are basically saying it’s too late let’s move on. The indigenous peoples of Australia have a story about white men coming, trashing the land and eventually moving on.
      They have been on this land for at least 50,000 years and white men have been here for 200. A bleep in their history.
      I say if you want to move on and trash some other place then just go ! In the meantime stop trashing this place.
      According to the aboriginal story after the white man leaves the earth is repaired. I hope I live long enough to see the day. I’m leaving my children a parcel of land, virgin bush surrounded by a national park on a river and we have talked about keeping it for the generations ahead. We love this planet and have no intentions of leaving. And firm intentions of helping it repair.

      • Yes, I love our home planet, too, and it doesn’t feel good to me at all the idea of leaving it for another planet. I don’t know how realistic that is in the first place, even for those who would be ‘psyched’ to go. It upsets me…. this is such a beautiful planet with such a diversity of plants and animals and terrain and oceans, how could anyone be enticed by wanting to go elsewhere? They didn’t appreciate it in the first place… just the mentality of trashing/leaving and thinking that is ok…ugh! I guess that’s the world viewpoint of capitalism…very short-sighted and selfish, and ultimately self-destructive. :/

        Anyway, indigenous people here in North America have a similar story. I think I’ve posted this before, but it’s native elders speaking on this topic and they said ‘we were told we would see America come and go…’

  5. Oh the 12 Libra opposite sun Venus eris. to complete the square. The thing about the nodal cross in the placidus chart is that the sun earth point us in the first degree of 2nd/8th. Square the nodes in 4/10.

    Asteroid Gaea is 1184. In aquarius currently.
    ( My phone autosuggested dystopic after aquarius.) Letting go of that “hair” version of the age of aquarius might be appropriate. Though letting the sun shine still seems necessary.

  6. Regulus on natal Regulus, Vesta on natal South Node 25 scorp (10 th House) + Sun 26’9 Taurus so Gaia 26’9 Scorpio right against south node. So does that make me a Queen, and something from the past will come up in my career? The funny thing is every-time MM brings up a new concept and I research it via Astrodienst it always has some strong relevance eg Regulus on Regulus

    • Regulus is conjunct my Jupiter 12th at 2 degrees, and conjunct my Ascendant at 3-4 degrees. It is sextile Moon 10th, Juno 2nd & opposite Mercury rx.

      I’m another aqua sun 6th, so Gaia would be conjunct the transiting north node 12th, square my Lilith 8th.

      I have a Capricorn stellium 5th transiting my natal Venus.

  7. In my chart, asteroid Gaea is at 11 Saggo, conjunct my AC at 4 degrees. However, I have Mercury Rising exact on my AC and I am pretty sure that I come across as “mercurial” not “earth mother.”

    Still, I have an abiding love of the earth– trees and greenery especially. It makes perfect sense for me to have the Earth Point in Taurus exactly conjunct Jupiter in my 6H. (I have sun in Scorpio exactly opposite Jupiter.)

    I like the way it plays out– with Ceres in Capricorn, and Jupiter-EarthPoint in Taurus in the Virgo sixth house.

      • It would appear so… and as I began typing I got mission impossible music –

        – not that I’m into the movies
        – not that I’m into the lead actor
        – not that I think that anything is impossible as such

        Maybe it’s a sn/sun that says there will certainly be some adventures with some characters you’ve known before in another reality and maybe a couple of close calls but you’ll emerge victorious?

        Or maybe it just says back your own ability, even when it looks like the hero is done for they pull off some spectacular feat?

        Or maybe it just says I have an unusual mind that likes to present me with soundtracks to life? Sometimes all I have when I wake from a dream is a line of a song. Lately this ‘soundtrack’ thingy is like I have an entire orchestra, a couple of radio stations, every cd I’ve ever owned, several talent scouts scoping and random songs that don’t fit scenes and have not been heard for years and no locatable power switch. I simply have to change stations or get busy with something else. Weird.

  8. MM I am v down with the back-to-basics one-god-fits-all, and you’re making a (ahem) rock-solid case for Gaia.

    if the earth point is opposite our sun, then that means Virgo and the (as PF mentioned) 4th point of the t square thing in my chart. so… let (Vir)go, let Gaia? need to mull over this. hmm. to research in depth: Virgo, 3rd house, sabian symbol for 25 virgo.

    • Pi, my Gaia is the 4th point in my t-square also. 3 Leo Sun and 3 Aqua Gaia. I like the Sabian for this: A Hindu healer glows with a mystical healing power and a council of ancestors are providing guidance.

  9. Gaia at 19 Leo, 5th house, Sabian symbol for.. a houseboat party!! Hells yeah. I am winning at life 🙂

    Just watched the Oprah speech and it made me teary. I’ve been predicting Oprah for president for a good number of years. She ticks all the boxes: media personality, charismatic, ambitious, has her own book club, people from all walks of life love her, humanitarian, she has a rags-to-riches story, plus American is well overdue for a black female President, and Michelle just whetted everyone’s appetite for one. Plus imagine Trump going up against her! It’s like Jaws vs Godzilla, who will win??

    Interesting times.

    • I watch an interview between her and Stephen Colbert (or Ellen?? hahaha i love how it’s either/or) and she responded:

      N E V E R R ! ! ! !

      to the prez question.

      But an aquarius president.
      Isn’t bernie an aqua?

      • I think she might change her mind if she thought she could get Trump out. And she strikes me as someone who would feel compelled to do it if she thought no one else would succeed. Plus if that happened I think that regardless of the outcome it might finally drive people to want politicians that are less flashy and that just.. do their job. Maybe even just contemplating her running will do that.
        Still I think she has the skillset. She’d be very used to handling rampant egos and agendas and bending them to her will. She’s also a good listener. She can work the media. I’d vote for her if I was American.

        • Trumps statement that he would beat her is a direct challenge and a clever enticement to her ego. It would suit Trump down to the ground.
          Firstly he would know who his competition is and also be automatically the most experienced politician in that 2 horse race.
          I think he has a good chance to beat her. More chance than a more experienced political opponent.
          What I see is that Hollywood and the whole anti trump movement sort of owns the Democrats right now and they need to switch that dynamic. Where once they owned themselves there ideas and their own cool eg Obama, they seem to have decided that joining the chorus of criticism of Trump is going to be enough to win the next election. Ummm no.

      • I think the chart of the USA as a country has an Aqua Moon, so maybe that’s part of it?

        I’m tired of ‘celebrity’ politicians. The trend in that direction has just increased and increased here over the years. It shouldn’t be a popularity contest. We need people here who really know how to ‘do’ community, think of the whole, know how to serve the whole, and really know the democratic process. Having wealthy celebrities as our leaders, even if they appear to be more left wing than right wing, is still not a good trend. Oh, and please, no billionaire tech leaders as president either….I heard Zuck might run……NO!

        Oprah is great, and I loved her speech at the Globes, but I don’t get enthusiastic thinking about her as our president.
        I really love Bernie and voted for him, and I don’t know if he would run again, but we need someone like that, we really do..

          • Ha! Oh yeah, you’ve got the same as the US!

            I’ve got Aqua Sun/Crab rising, so I vibe, too, but the connection I feel here, as an American, is with the land. Culturally, I’ve felt like a stranger in a strange land increasingly over the decades… :/

            • Do California, Oregon, Washington S and BC? Might even drop in on Sarah P.
              It’ll have to be in what they think is Summer; lol.

            • About $900-$1200 return. I might get my super and do it for 6/8 weeks. Do San Crabsdisco, Seattle, east to the Wheatlands of Canada till l get to my Jupiter line then south to Houston. I’ll will have to brush up on my regional accents.

  10. YES YES YES. Oprah 2020. I feel it is a life line for Humanity. … The idea was perhaps introduced to our collective consciousness via ‘The Hunger Games’ – where in the end, Catniss, the Heroine kills the equally power hungry white women, for favour of a black woman leader, who actually cares about the people.

  11. As an American, I’m not sure if the country needs another TV celebrity with no governing experience, but Oprah is a self-made, empowered woman and person of color who has successfully run a large organization.

    And I can’t think of another Democrat out there who would be able to best Trump in his ability to communicate forcefully and directly with voters. For all that he is a vile human being, he does a masterful job of manipulating people’s fears and insecurities through his communications.

  12. I love Oprah. But I’d like to see a US president with a firm grounding in policy (both domestic and global), law, history, and actually making government work. While Oprah has many sterling qualities, I don’t know that she ticks many of those boxes.

  13. I love Oprah – as Oprah. The “My Favorite Things” and “Super Soul Sunday” and “Everyyyyboooddddyyyyyyy!!!” Oprah. Not as president. She has zero law or policy making experience. She would not make a good commander in chief. It’s not practical – as tempting as it may be to swill an antidote to Trump right now – to elect another media personality to the job of president of the United States. It just reinforces the very misguided idea that you don’t need any actual experience to run this country, just a big personality. Feet on the ground, people. She can be – and already is – a great, inspiring, spiritual leader. But not an elected government official. No. Saturn in Capricorn says freaking NO.

  14. There are photos of Oprah kissing Harvey. The Great Hollyweird/White House Purge is only just beginning. I think we can come up with a better candidate for 2020.

    • It’s hard to come up with the right solutions when insanity is the new norm. I actually can’t think of anyone I know that wouldn’t be a better president than Trump or Oprah ?

      • If it had to be a celebrity, I almost wish Schwarzenegger could run. He’s become quite the environmentalist.
        …though I never voted for him as gov of California because he ran on the Republican ticket.

        • Arnold would already be president if the law of US born had been amended. He’s getting on a little and I can’t see them changing that law anytime soon.

          • Agreed. I was just thinking that — that he would have run years ago and probably have won!
            Yeah, they ain’t ever going to change that law….

            Speaking of body-builder guys, though, I heard The Rock was thinking about running…..haha!

            • Democracy has become a popularity contest. The underlying issue here is the future of democracy as a political system. It’s basic premise. That the majority of people know what is best is a pretty tenuous idea.
              How do you think we are going with that ?

              • Yeah, majority rule is like mob rule.
                We should move to a consensus government, like the Iroquois council, but yeah, that’s never going to happen in the USA. /myidealism
                Some studies say we are not considered a democracy anymore anyway, but an oligarchy, and that makes sense if you look at those who hold the power and the unbelievable wealth inequality here that gets exponentially worse by the decade.

    • Exactly. Yes, we need a non-celebrity-billionaire president. I’d vote for Bernie again in a split second, but I don’t know if he’ll run. I wish he was younger so he’d be around a lot longer and could be a potential candidate into the future…

      • Nothing says Capricorn stellium astro like eschewing celebrity for someone who can just do a fricken decent job for once.

  15. The natal aspects and alignments in a heliocentric chart – an earth/moon centred chart – and especially the transits to those aspects have always proven far more powerful in effect than anything else for me … just saying. For example, I have Venus in Taurus is my geo chart, but Venus is in Cancer in my helio chart. Everything about me is defo Venus in Cancer –
    so not Taurus – and any transits to my helio Venus have a greater impact than any transits to me geo Venus. Then, if the latitudes in helio also “double up” to match any helio transits, it’s a mega zap zone. Earth/Moon is always 0.0 so anything within 0.03 in latitude transit has a major effect. Anything outside of that doesn’t count. Earth rules.

    • Can you say more about heliocentric charts or point me to any good links?

      I was able to find my helio chart in Astrodienst. My Aqua moon changes to Taurus in my helio chart and is exactly conjunct Jupiter– which seems RIGHT, intuitively, or at least it makes just as much sense. My Libra Venus goes into Leo– I can see that in myself as well.

      The one thing in my helio chart that doesn’t make sense is my Mars-in-Virgo becoming Mars in Cancer. I am almost a poster girl for Mars in Virgo. This position does not work.

      As for the transits, I will have to track them from now on and see how they play compared to the geo chart.

  16. I have Gaia at 29gemini trine Saturn in 29aquarius. Does anyone know by chance what this could signify? Also my Saturn is in my 2nd house and Gaia is in my 6th house.

  17. I think Trumps election as president of the US and him taking on the mantle as unelected leader of the ‘free world’ is the end game for the relevance of US politics and the global power it once had. It just doesn’t matter anymore to the rest of the world who becomes the next president. The US is becoming one big reality TV show, maybe even a Mockumentary.
    ‘Oprah as president’ then becomes the logical outcome of this endgame.

    • I’d say the only thing holding it up would be the incredible amount of care and thought that is going into it. What I also know is that Mystic always delivers what she says she will, when it’s ready. Patience grasshopper x

      • My software business has survived by delivering actual finished product. However long it takes I will not deliver buggy 80% shit like a lot of other companies, hello Microsoft ! Anyway, the client never remembers how long it took because when it works perfectly from day 1 you never look back.

        • Wow, thanks to Mystic and DL. Writing this somewhere in my 2018 diary will ease my work-anxiety-woes to some degree. Any degree is fine. Doing it is one thing, but feeling the shivers outside of work hours just because i’m doing it this way, is perfectly another for Pisces Sun.

          Mars in the treasures of the self 2nd house ruled by Capricorn;
          Saturn in the 6th House of everyday alchemy ruled by Taurus (just had time with a tired but still healing Taurus bodyworker, who healed and graced me nonetheless);
          Pluto in Virgo ruled 10th house of public works (…can’t even say what Virgo stuff of late has presented, interacted and riffed off just being with me, but it’s a little tiring, what with the strong Pluto Shadow opposing Piscean Sun in Fun House…but OK!) Let Gaia, indeed, just let her.

          As if they have a choice anyway with that astro natally, but I want my worrying self to let them let me this year.

  18. But isn’t Prez / PM / Chancellor position that of a sales savvy operator (Reagan, Thatcher, Hawke). Like Obama was an avuncular operator who had support from policy wonks. Hawke did well, what with his ebullient Sagg bonhomie, while Keating did the Cap hard yards. We (in Oz) are benefitting from their work in the 80s-90s now.

    Invariably good leaders surround themselves with wonks to set them straight with what is being promoted to the ‘adoring’ masses. Oprah’s chart indicates a GT in Air with Sun cj tight to Venus and Jupiter and Neptune. Her Asc is Sagg but it is 19′ away from Cap. I reckon she is Cap Asc. And she is a person who listens. With the right ppl she could be a success. Reagan was just a fulcrum / mouthpiece / promoter type and was a successful prez. I didn’t like his politics, nor that of Thatcher’s, but they knew how to present policy.

    For us Aussies what Xenophon is doing in SA is of some curiosity.

  19. Hmmm, my Earth is at 0 Taurus, my 8th house. I’ve been receiving signs about getting grounded since Virgo season of this year. I’ve been prioritizing nourishing food, good digestion, intimacy, making decisions based on how I physically feel about the choices. Being grounded isn’t easy for me. I blame my mars in Aquarius (he’s cool as hell but also kind of a dick). It does make me fairly Uranus-sensitive tho, i’ve noticed. I am in suspense about Uranus in taurus. I’m leaving for an oversees trip the day that uranus changes signs. I didn’t plan it that way – my best friend (her sun at 0 Taurus) is getting married. I am hoping for a fun, weird, sensual, romantic vibe with no drama. Should be an interesting trip lol. Tangentially, the Libra rising horoscope was weirdly specific about finding a new scent this wk, I didn’t even have to do anything. My Cancerian colleague seemingly out of nowhere whipped out a super grounding essential oil/vibrational medicine blend this morning during a meeting for me to use and it worked really well. I love when that happens!

  20. She’d be perfect for the job.
    Can we get Maya Angelou and Whoopie Goldberg in the tribunal too?
    I say tribunal but I’m thinking of a triple goddess type thing instead of a senate or house of stupid “lords”

  21. I had the coolest dream recently.
    In it, I was running against Dronald Frump and nailing him to the wall verbally in one of those live candidates going at each other debates. I really took him to pieces and then after the debate was over I was backstage or in an empty theatre type place (weirdly my primary school assembly hall) with my smart beta boyf type super enlightened guy who was sort of rubbing my shoulders and generally being “that guy” and I warned him against using what was essentially my show as someplace he could do laundry (makes no sense I know) but it felt amazing. Like I was putting down a boundary and saying “easy dude” this is great and all but…
    In the past DT has appeared in dreams as a saboteur figure. It felt good to finally be taking him on

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