Happy 2018 – Saturn In Capricorn – Me Back Again


Happy Saturn into Capricorn!

So i am back after what was genuinely my most reinvigorating and restorative pleasurable holiday ever. I got away from the screen, hiked and hung out with horses and kangaroos. And, I sunbathed, read and reconnected with family + old friends. I got Watsu, which is incredible.

As a Mars in Virgo person, I have typically been appalling at taking holidays or even solid days off. I feel guilty, and my mind conjures up catastrophic scenarios of crap that will go down if I dare relax for a day. I know, I know. It’s counter productive.  Given that I have returned from this break newly inspired, one of my intentions for 2018 is that I resolve to take proper restoration time from now on.

Saturn in Capricorn makes every day an opportunity to reset resolve.

I am going to be able to respond to emails that have built up in this time by tomorrow, so if you are awaiting a response from me, it will be within the next 24 hours. Otherwise, I left you in the insanely capable hands of Tarik, my multi-Sagittarius developer. If any of you ever have a site – smaller than mine, which needs massive server capability – that needs hosting, he has a side-hustle: Optic Empire.  Tarik is excellent to deal with, unlike many tech genius types, and I could not recommend him more highly.

Saturn In Capricorn Mantra – All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter

What else? Okay, I suspect it is because I am a Mutable, but I love Saturn in Capricorn.  But that may be because it was square my Sun the last few months. I will do a proper Saturn in Capricorn post over the weekend or before!  But in the meantime, how are you feeling with Saturn in Capricorn? More solid ground? A tangible sense of assessing and feeling for what is substantial?  All that is gold does not glitter. *

Also, I know that I have alluded to this in some of the Horoscopes but did any of you feel Uranus Direct just after New Year? It is now heading straight for Taurus.

So thank you for your gracious patience while I was away and stand by for more from a reinvigorated me.

*All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes, a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king

Tolkien – of course.

Saturn just crossed over his Mercury (Retrograde!).  I would read it as crownless again shall be queen, but that’s just me.

The shift of the Fixed Star Regulus into Virgo after thousands of years, IS a new Age of Queens.  Stay tuned.

Image: Matt Griffin

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Happy 2018 and indeed WELCOME BACK. I noticed (rather uncomfortably) how much your absence left me feeling a bit adrift, and vowed to work on following your wisdom in a way that empowers me to generate it myself as well, always, rather than “taking” it and lazily following along to the point that I am lost without it. Sort of like using a GPS in your car – if you totally give over to it, you never look at the map or really know where you’re going. Sometimes you dont have the GPS available, and you’d best not be fuqed… Read more »

melcMM Member

Woo hoo!!!! Oprah for POTUS!

quadrupledMM Member

welcome back Mystic!

queenofthejungleMM Member

Thanks for your characterization of Mars in Virgo — that’s me, too, and at the top of my chart. That, combined with Saturn in the 1st house, gives me a “work ethic” that’s often to my own detriment. I think there’s something going on for those of us with this placement, as I too have recently done some work on myself/ had some revelations about going easier on myself, taking more time for myself, and taking time to just do nothing… As for Saturn in Capricorn, I think it’s usually a good thing for a planet to be in its… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

So glad you had a rad break Mystic xx

Taurus VixenMM Member
Taurus Vixen

Welcome back for I have missed you. But we all do need a solid and good holiday to feed our Souls. Err, have I mentioned I’m glad you are back? lol


Happy New Year!! Great to have you back MM!

gogengoMM Member

Yay!! Honestly missed you so much

Saturn in Capricorn is like WHOA

I love it, this Toro is feeling Uranus too

And Regulus in Virgo YASSSSS I have this placement natally + have been really been stepping up my royalty game.

I’m totally booking a consult TY for everything <3

Scorpio_RisingMM Member

WElcome back! Happy New Year!


Welcome back!
Happy New Year!

Virgo EllieMM Member
Virgo Ellie

Welcome Back Mystic! Happy New Year… what a way to enjoy a vacation with horses and kangaroos!

Ok, Saturn in Capricorn, show me what I need to know. I still feel like I am in Saturn in Sagittarius. I still feel like I am being testing of my strength and determination. Oh well… Virgo Strength and Determination Activate….

Wish for everyone a great new year 2018!!

AlouettaMM Member

Yay Mystic! You do sound really relaxed and happy. I hope you do keep making time for yourself, it’s so important. I’ve made one hard decision since Saturn turned direct that was about making sure that this year isn’t based on bullshit – strong foundations or no foundation – and since then, and after the initial sad weight shifted, I’ve been on fire. I just have no desire to hide my light anymore, or pretend to be someone I’m not, or pretend to want what other people want to keep everyone happy. I’m foreseeing a year with fewer but higher… Read more »

LaFemmaMM Member

I love Yoga with Adriene, that is very cool! She is lovely.

AlouettaMM Member

Isn’t she? I’m thinking she’s to yoga what Mystic is to astrology. Plus her videos have seriously given me back my sanity.


Welcome back Mystic! I’m glad you had a great holiday. My Mars in Virgo collected seashells in Sanibel Island (I headed to the beach with a plan). Sat in Cap so far has been good to me. I’ve had the nicest Christmas and birthday and new year in YEARS. And I’m gearing up to sell my house and move by April. Yay.

flashfireMM Member

So glad you are back in the swim of things, Mystic, but yes and yay to healing holidays! I have felt a switch, definitely. A bit lighter since Saturn moved out of my sign, but I have Venus in Cap so Instill feel Saturn near. But the tone has changed. Is it crazy to say that a month ago, it felt like a burdensome boulder slumping my shoulders, but now… I am find myself standing tall again, naturally, without effort or thought. Seriously. Like my posture improved radically on Xmas morning. I’ll be walking along, and suddenly realize I am… Read more »

flashfireMM Member

Grrr. I would be so much happier — and feel so much more queenly — if the above didn’t contain several typos and errors.

virgosunMM Member

To coin a phrase…thank god you’re here……

emgMM Member

I consider myself to be very saturnian and deal with the energy pretty easily. I’m a suck it up type. So actually this feels great in that I have pots of energy to get on with things career wise as this is all now 10th for me but I am still struggling to get everyone else on board. I am still waiting. I seem to have been waiting for the last 6 years or so. And I am soooooo utterly bored of it now. So I hope next Monday folk will be back at their desks and things can make… Read more »


Holidays are the best. I’m glad you have discovered them 🙂

I started dreaming again recently. Proper dreams, that feel like stories and which I remember when I wake up. It’s been years – not sure what the change is.

milleunanotteMM Member

Yes, Piscean-same. I’ve been 12th house LOVING IT. Even when it feels messy or confusing or shifty. It’s my real language, returning.

Oh, music seems to have come back to hit a nerve, right when i found my performance mic, too. Gonna sell it: i have new artistic treasure ventures awaiting xx


Ah, the FRESHNESS! I can feel it in your words. So good to have you back, after your beautiful break. Here’s to a marvellous 2018 for you, Mystic xx

…and your mate Tarik is fantastic and deserves a wonderful 2018!

MissDeeMM Member

Hey Mystic, welcome back! We missed you a lot, but I must say that I decided myself to take a break and did not join the XMAS convo that you posted before leaving. I came to check to scopes when I new they were published. I shot down some communication channel that I will restart as of Monday, when I’ll be back to work. Around that time Mercury will have ended his shadow zone too. As for your question: I am loving Saturn in Capricorn in terms of really cutting some pseudo-ispirational but never (EVER) leading to nothing solid and… Read more »

Triple Air GemMM Member
Triple Air Gem

Hey Miss Dee, I feel you with Saturn opp Venus. I just finished with that, and also Sat opp my Sun. What a hard core pain in the ass transit. But, despite feeling much as you did and having not much potential come my way, I noticed a lot about my relating style/walls. And how I used to just jump at any bit of potential romance whether it was right for me or not. Am feeling much more capable of choosing well. More than I ever have. And hilariously, less invested than ever. Hopefully you will feel lighter once it… Read more »

MissDeeMM Member

Oh Triple Air Gem you read my mind! I am a quadruple Gem btw. “But, despite feeling much as you did and having not much potential come my way, I noticed a lot about my relating style/walls. And how I used to just jump at any bit of potential romance whether it was right for me or not.” Funny: I just said these exact things to a very good friend of mine not later that yesterday (Saturday) evening (now is Sunday morning here in Europe). And yes I do feel a lot more capable of choosing well, more than I’ve… Read more »

ChrysalisMM Member

Welcome back, Mystic – so glad you had a wonderful time. How funny re Mars in Virgo and taking a break – I can relate. Can’t even contemplate a weekend away without a massive self-guilt bender. Imagine my marriage – a Mars in Virgo/Cap moon and a sun-Merc-Jupe-Saturn in Cap. What a cheery couple we were…no wonder we didn’t ever have a holiday. Saturn in Cap has so far been a lot of planning, scheming, with Piscean daydreaming thrown in. Scheduling interspersed with beach time. I technically went back to work this week but am still in wafty Neptunian mode… Read more »

CentaurusMM Member

Love this post and love that you hung with the 4 legged’s and some humans known and now known. Welcome back! Welcome 2018. Yes it is palpable this Saturn in Cap and Uranus direct.. .and very much welcomed xx


Saturn was opposite my sun but now heading for my ascendant and my gad I am LOVING it.

Natal Saturn in Virgo so I looked around me today to see multiple big goal lists, and progress tracking spreadsheets I had stuck on the wall, productivity and gratitude journals, a year planner plus another blank page journal ! After a few years floating through shitty Neptune transits I feel this return to self and loving it.

But also Uranus – crazy ideas and a sudden obsession with distilled water.

curiouser and curiouser crabMM Member
curiouser and curiouser crab

Welcome back, you were missed, so lovely to have you back. and so, so lovely you had a truly reinvigorating and restorative holiday, sounds the best.


I agree with Ali, you sound different and so happy! Good for you for taking time away, it’s important.

I’ll be honest, I am feeling extremely physically wiped out the last two weeks!
I sleep 10-12 hours a night. I hope all of Saturn in Capricorn is not like this, that’s about when this started. Or maybe I just needed to sleep after Saturn return ended lol.

dark starMM Member
dark star

Yay, I feel the enhanced aura vacation vibes transmuting mm!! A vacation well spent! Saturn in cap so far for this plutopisces: Figured out budget for trip/grand job escape. Who knew the auto diversion of funds set up a few months ago actually works for saving. NYE had a romantic encounter with a friend of a friend Aries (he literally woke up and put a ram shirt on. cant make this shit up). It’s intriguing given his fire/ air + Taurus moon on my DSC/ we vibe BUT I’m surveying it with Saturn eyes and real boundaries on what I… Read more »

birdMM Member

Wow, Mystic, the tone in your writing is so different! You sound positively bursting with all things happy and good! Welcome back. I’m really celebrating that you had such an amazing holiday.

Saturn in Capricorn has established in me a firm inner resolve to rebuild from the core. I’m decluttering my life holographically. My bedside reading topics are neuroscience, trauma, bodywork, addiction, psychology, and Marie Kondo.

For the next two years, my project is me.

birdMM Member

And my Mercurial key ring arrived yesterday too! Thank you! xox

KayMM Member

those book choices…yesss!


What sort of Mars in Virgo even admits to a holiday; lol.

Regulus @ 0°5′ Virgo….at what range of orb does it impact? I say this as it’s a glacially slow mover. My Mars at 0°15′.

globalgirl108MM Member

Mystic you are back indeed ~ the last two lines of that post!!!
The new Age of Queens has commenced.


Welcome back, please never leave us alone again (just kidding, I love that you took your Virgo Mars on holiday ). Who didn’t feel Uranus turning direct? It was like a Mercury retrograde on acid! Just pointless breakdowns and shit getting lost. As for Saturn in Cap, well, I think it will be good – cap midheaven and multi Taurus awesomeness means I know how to do earth. It is all square my Aries rising and Libran moon, but hey. What’s an existential crisis amongst friends? At the moment I have no job and no money, and have two kids… Read more »

syrynxMM Member

Maybe Regulus into virgo and at the same degree as my prog Jupiter saved my bacon this last couple of years. I found out yesterday I got a first for my honours degree. I have to make this year better, it feels like a necessity now. Cappie rising and pluto about to conjunct ascendant.

leolizaMM Member

My natal saturn is in Capricorn. Sooo this week I’ve had a visit at funeral home for a friend where I fell on ice in parking lot and bruised my boob,twisted my knee and ankle, had expenses for daughter , $ increase for moms nursing home, and today husband at dr. for first time in 10yrs. I’m gearing up for my second saturn return Dec of 2018 ..mr saturn please move along..theres nothing to see here.

seawitchmermaidMM Member

Welcome back, Mystic! Glad you had such a nice holiday- Watsu sounds amazing. I got my Mercurial key ring yesterday, it is gorgeous. <3


yes! Libra with cap rising. Wow, its like the world has shifted recently with saturn in cap. Old hangups and doubts shifting, fuck yeah attitude engaging. PLANNING HAT INSTALLED. Having done saturn in libra not that long ago , the last 7 years of my life have basically been identifying and removing the layers and layers of life that wrap around you and now I feel strangely…able … to move forward into uncertainty and take a path less travelled.

Libra9MM Member

SNAP! Libra with cap rising. Everything you said has happened to me in the past seven years. Got two unexpected offers to do art this year. Just rubbing the magic sticks together to fund these new adventures … and Welcome back Mystic, so glad you took a break

jeskileMM Member

You were so incredibly missed. Welcome back!


Hello yes I missed you! Lovely to have you back but so glad you had a fantastic holiday. They’re absolutely needed. Learnt this the hard way… as you said in last year’s Cappie book, I collapsed in a heap of adrenal fatigue. I rest as much as possible now. I was SO scared of Saturn in Capricorn. My Saturn Return in Libra was, as they all are, tough. 10th house. All about relationships and career. Saturn in Scorpio, 11th house, showed me who my friends are. I thought Saturn in 12th house, Sag, would be a welcome rest, I have… Read more »

So Mutable It HurtsMM Member
So Mutable It Hurts

Fuq yeah! Love the enthusiasm! So happy you’re feeling reinvigorated!


Omg this is so great! Yes to all of this. And Saturn in Cappy feels fabulous

babysinclairMM Member

So glad you had such an amazing vacation. My Dad has Mars in Virgo exactly opposite his Pisces moon, so pretty much busts his ass until he passes out on the couch lol. I had a rough Saturn in Capricorn few days over the holidays as it is conjuncting my Neptune but once I got my head out of my ass it was actually a really beautiful and rewarding revelation. And my hustle is stronger than ever. Loving it.

notMuggleMM Member

Welcome back and happy New Year! So good to hear from you so soon as wasn’t expecting until Monday! Yes to the more grounded feel and weirdly I feel stronger although more fragile because I had to give my mental (per Oracle) guy notice to move out becos I couldn’t hack the weirdness anymore. Yes please to your proposed piece on Sat in Cap. BTW I have put New and Full Moon times in my 2018 calendar especially the eclipseA coming up. A bit more time and will have Jupiter on Moon respondent as they’re the best.

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