Eclipse Ritual Concepts Rant

This is for those Mega Mystic peeps who missed the email or prefer to read things in a browser. And of course, for if you would like to discuss your Eclipse intentions with fellow Mega Mystical people!

As you may be aware, January 31 is a Full Moon Eclipse in Leo.

While I am not normally a ceremonial kind of a person, this particular lunar event lends itself to ritual and art. It is exactly on the North Node of the Moon aligned with Ceres and with Venus/Sappho on the South Node. The South Node represents the past or past lives and the North Node your ideal path in ‘this’ life.

This makes it one of the most potent portals of the year – arguably of the decade – to wipe clean past patterns and flamboyantly declare your future reign.

Below (in blue) is the take from my druid as an FYI and (in orange) the exact times it is manifesting. With this Full Moon Eclipse, the closer to the exact time you do your ritual the better.

These are my thoughts on Eclipse Ritual Concepts – take any that resonate and ignore what does not.

* Before you begin your ritual, do a digital detox of all phone numbers, social media presences and emails of people/entities or things representing them from your tech realm.  This is to align with the Venus in Aquarius on the South Node end of things. If you’re an Eclipse purist, get rid of certain music that you connect with a person or a time that has had its day.

* Get Sky-Clad – aka naked. Before you roll your eyes, this is not just some pervy concept gleaned from pulp occult novels of the Seventies. The idea is that the connection between you and Source/Spirit is not impeded by clothes/vibes etc. Alternatively, wear something new, that you have literally never never worn before. For example a kaftan. Or even just a big t-shirt. But seriously, naked is epic for this.

* Play NO music – have white noise (easy to grab on line via You Tube etc), pure Schumann Resonance with no music on top or a storm track with underlying Theta or Gamma binaural beats.

Spotify has heaps also.

* You will be creating a protective circle of salt around yourself – this is old-school but it works. Obviously make sure that this a time when you will not – cannot – be disturbed. You will be lighting incense – frankincense is excellent if you can get it – and a candle – gold-yellow is excellent but the real point is the flame.

* Beforehand, for clarity, consider drinking a Tulsi tea – Holy Basil – as you write a list of grievances, regrets and resentments that you are willing to release. Then work what you desire/intend into one epic mantra or request. Make it as simple and eloquent as possible.  If you know your astrology chart, you could theme it around the sectors where you have 11 Aquarius and 11 Leo.

* Do a quiet meditation to get centred and to give thanks for all that you appreciate in your realm. Ask aloud for the help of (your higher power, guide, angel, spirit) or actually Venus as she is aligned with the South Node on this Eclipse to aid you in releasing what you want gone from your realm now. Read your list aloud as you let the candle burn it away.

* Think on that for a few moments and then, after three huge cleansing breaths, ask for the aid of the Sun/Ceres (Ceres is on the North Node) or whatever deity/angel you feel aligned to for help in manifesting your true desires now. Say the mantra – if you can manage it to be a very bold Leo type declaration – “I now declare…” then all the better.  Sit with that for as long as you want. Remember, you are sitting in a circle so this can wind down into a meditation. Option: If you are a yogi, the Surya Mudra would suit this ritual, as it is invoking the Sun/Fire.

* Finish however and whenever you like but don’t say anything else after your ritual intent setting/mantra/declaration.  Option: you can bow or nod to each corner of the compass to honour the East, the West, the North, the South.  Consider also a shower with a salt scrub and anointing yourself with a citrus blend natural oil. I like – for this sort of thing – the Aesop oil called Breathless as it smells like Blood Orange but any citrus zing with zero synthetics will work.  If this Eclipse falls for you at a time when you can go straight to sleep afterwards, remember to have a pen and paper by your bed to record the beautiful dreams in the morning.  If you have a busy day ahead, keep the mantra in mind as you go about your business, perhaps write it down several times, to sort of seal it in the cognitive process.

Ritual is an opportunity to engage with the unseen energies of the universe. It’s our chance to petition the beneficent good spirits or spirit in general or the gods and goddess, to help and empower us mere mortals. When the big issues in life, seem too much to overcome or achieve, we humbly ask spirit via ritual to intervene, to help us.

Ritual often involves the giving over to spirit of a token gift; we give something before we ask for something. Be that, incense, sacred into oils to the fire or just the giving of water. In my rituals I always involve and call in the subtle elements and elementals of Earth, Air, Fir and Water to create a sacred place and sacred time. In a full moon ritual I may tend to focus on the element of water.
Water is the companion to the moon, it captures the essence of the moon, we see the moon reflected in the water, and the feminine water may hold the energy of the feminine moon and our sacred intentions. The full moon, is the moon at its ripest and most powerful, the energies of light fully come forth into the dark. The full moon rises at the exact same time as the sun sets, this liminal time of twilight which is between day and night is seen as a doorway to the other worlds, a  portal in time, so a great & poignant time to do ritual.     

From my Druid – Anthony Ashworth 

LOS ANGELES – Wednesday – 05.27
NEW YORK – Wednesday 31 Jan – 08.27
LONDON – Wednesday 31 Jan – 13.27
DUBAI – Wednesday 31 Jan – 17.27
HONG KONG – Wednesday 31 Jan – 21.27
SYDNEY – Thursday 1 Feb – 00.27
AUCKLAND – Thursday 1 Feb – 02.27



Image: Fiona Hsieh

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PiMM Member

The eclipse was exact on my Saturn. And some other bits. The impression I get fr the Astro Media is that it was some kind of “the agony and the ecstacy” moment. For me I could sum it up as “meh?”. What did I miss? Am I going to some kind of non worshipper hell*? Any splainz appreciated. I feel like the planet gave up on me after the Capricorn stuff fell thru all that time ago. Like, throw hands up, pfff fuq this, we tried Pi, you’re thick as two planks when it comes to getting the message, happy… Read more »

jeskileMM Member

This was amazing. Thanks Mystic.
Mantra: Get Over Yourself. Make The Effort. Go Deeper.”

notMuggleMM Member

Thank you MM for the guidance as found that the Full Moon eclipse is in Leo which is where my 10th house begins so endings and beginnings for work (all types). Suddenly got sick of my struggling physical health from extra 10kgs that I put on last year from tendonitis to both elbows and twisted knee in Nov 17 so found an amazing detox and eat for health regime called Viva Mayr “Cure”. Apparently this is the real reason behind the movement to more alkaline diet but so much more than just an alkaline diet. Have been detoxing my guts… Read more »

AqualadyMM Member

My Mars is at 10 deg Aqua. I’m going to have to ruminate on that. What has confused me a little with all this North node in Leo stuff is that my South Node is there. But then so is my midheaven. How does one work that?

As for being skyclad some of the best magic is worked this way. Powerful stuff.

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

This is GENIUS. Doing it ALL.

Saoirse Kirke
Saoirse Kirke


LotusFlowerMM Member

Mmm the moon will be in my 8th house and trine my 12th house Sagg North Node exactly and also within 3-4 degrees, my Neptune and Ascendant. Sounds nice and juicy. Ripe for ritual! Thanks for posting here too MM – easier to read in browser x

leolizaMM Member

I will be curious how this eclipse goes…it is conjunct my ascendant. I have a mammogram that day and physical the next, since its lunar im hoping its not my ‘girls’ :/

UniversaliMM Member

I love this! And the phrase “Sky-Clad”! I’m also wondering about timing. It wont be possible for me at moon rise…I could set my alarm and wake up for the eclipse though (I crash early and rise early)…that might be best.
I have 9th house Aqua Sun and 2nd house Leo Moon…am just enrolling in a new course to set the direction for (hopefully) the creation of some income so this is pertinent!


This in going down in my Leo MH and Aquarius 4th house. Wondering what this will mean between my burgeoning teaching career and the fact that we’re trying to sell our condo/ buy a house. Or nothing LOL? I really like the ritual though and wish I hadn’t already packed my smudging supplies and candles.

birdMM Member

This eclipse is conjunct my Leo ascendant (8 degrees) and Saturn (10 degrees).

LibraLilithMM Member

If you can’t do it exactly on time – I’ll be in a cab between meetings so it’s probably a no-no – is it better to do it after or before? I’m thinking as it’s a full moon then night before more potent. Anyone think otherwise?

flashfireMM Member

Yes, I have the same question. Before or after?

notMuggleMM Member

I have that problem but have found it not so much before or after but when i have the most time and appropriate place and space to slow down and go through with it so that it soaks in and strengthen commitment to any new thing or close off old things. I have done things before and after and found either is most effective.

AlouettaMM Member

Can I ask, with eclipses in general – if there wasn’t also this lineup of other influences – would you tend to focus more on the sun or the moon’s placement? In terms of what was coming in and what to let go? Or do they operate differently? Also, I’m trying to figure out what this means for this eclipse lighting up my 4th house Leo, and 10th house Aqua. It will also be dead on my partner’s AC/DC – so I imagine he will be feeling it the most. In any case, I’m not normally into ritual, but this… Read more »


Not do anything stupid with money? I ain’t got any to be stupid with.
Play no music? Wh….aaaat…!!!!…..!

Uranus @ 15° Leo
Moon @ 7° Aqua.
Closish? My crazy axis will be lit up l guess

AqualadyMM Member

lol yeah while the no music thing makes sense that was my response. *headphones on right now listening to African rhythms*

dark starMM Member
dark star

Also, my current obsession is castor oil packs. Google it, it’s the most clearing/ soothing thing ever and probably a good post ritual eclipse act


Thank you so much for this, MM! 🙂

Eclipse is in my 2nd house, exactly opposite my 11 degree Aqua Sun in the 8th house, and smack dab on my birthday! I’ve been feeling alternate excitement and dread. I’ve been having serious financial issues for awhile and wonder if something will come to a head, and wondering if will it turn for the better or worse, since this is playing out in my 2nd/8th?

dark starMM Member
dark star

Eclipse is in my 10h. Liking the idea of roaming around (mutability meditation) with a notebook, tape recorder and palo santo, preferably near a lake.
Co opting the word sky clad, my favorite state lol


I think I really need to do some sage burning throughout my house though… like burning the sage with the white noise and setting intentions/declarations. I need to tell all negativity to just go away and bring my focus back.

milleunanotteMM Member

Mystic and Druid Friend, thank you so much. (Accidentally deleted email in part of the great purging.) This is not just in the moment. One has to fully prepare! I like it as it will keep my current project focused on something Higher. This can be me honouring the work rather than slightly resenting the slog. I think the 6th house is Everyday Alchemy. Have avoided full blown ritual as it kind of bores and scares me. Results blew out of control when i was young and wild; i made my own rituals but i was fierce; and calling Loa… Read more »

dark starMM Member
dark star

What happened? I’m intrigued