From Eclipse Angst To Eclipse Genius

You can sit around in existential flip-out mode re the Full Moon Eclipse in Leo (at the end of January) or you can switch up the Eclipse Angst (normal) into Eclipse Genius (supernaturally insightful).

It’s going to be in Leo, opposite Messenger God Mercury and with a whole lot of emphasis on the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius, for that extra performance enhanced karma-vortex theatrical effect.  Venus will be conjunct the South Node at this time also.

But you know what? This means that rituals will work wonderfully with it.  I have devised some really weird  but effective ones to honour the Aquarius theme and asked my druid to contribute his thoughts for some extra pagan-celtic oomph.

These will be emailed out to Mega Mystic members this weekend, along with the usual Daily Mystics.

So, if you are a member and not getting the Daily Mystic emails, please let me know your updated details so you can ensure you get your Eclipse Genius ritual suggestions.


Johann Peter Hasenclever 
Nick Nazzaro

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I’m getting really strong “fated” vibes. Nothing in particular has happened yet but I just feel the doors opening:doors closing hyperflux

ChrysalisMM Member

Weird merde going on all over the place and mostly about boundaries. Huge “invitations from the universe” to set really strong boundaries personally and at work. It’s been chaos but it has prodded me to make some decisions about standards and what I will and won’t accept for myself. What I am asking of certain people isn’t unreasonable and so the cards will have to fall where they may.
Eclipse will fall in my 12th/6th.

NanMM Member

Really looking forward to this; I purposely have taken off of work.

SomnambulistaMM Member

Did the rituals go out in email?
I’m getting the emails sporadically.
I got Fri/Sat/Sun and then Tues.
Were there emails in between?


It’s exact on Saturn and vertex across my 2nd and 8th houses. Shine a light on the ties that bind? A closer look at my ‘expenditure’? Sex and money and lots of it? Art lust (t square with uranus in scorp 5th)? The time is right. Do it.
“My druid” <3


Or maybe a letter from the tax office. Or something unpleasant, this is the 8th house after all. Oh well! I’ll handle it, or not! *shrug* 😉


If we go with pf’s theory that the 4th point of the t square is where the resolution (?) happens, then i suppose that means I need to go Meet People?

If it’s a full moon eclipse then does that mean if I examine the new moon tomorrow for hints and directions, the full moon might land more consciously?


It is Tracy Marks that is the Guru on T Squares. Grand Crosses are dynamic tension where each point tries to dominate but is kept in check by the other 3s equalising effects. T Squares don’t have this luxury.

T Squares are like Sidecars; difficult to handle but given time you can learn the dynamics. Really they are a wild buck of a thing. GCs are like cars; at least you have 4 wheels. Oppositions are like motor cycles; exhilarating but dangerous


Oooh! Thanks, MM, I look forward to knowing about these rituals! I’m not freaking out too much, but just a little bit because the eclipse will be happening ON my birthday, so right on my Sun at 11 Aquarius! Whoa!!!!!! My Sun is in the 8th house in my chart, so full moon and transiting NN/SN and Venus stuff will be 2nd/8th house issues for me. Hmmmm…….. I’m not the greatest at interpretations, so any insights are welcome here… Generally, lately, I’ve just been feeling unsettled, and feeling a little stalled on moving forward in work/career, feeling a little aimless… Read more »

dark starMM Member
dark star

Hbd in advance! I remember mm said 8th h how you make money, and 2h how you utilize / vibe re it. Also money and romance are so tied so any self worth progress you get it one translates to the other

AKAPlutoMM Member

I would really love how to turn this angst around. I have ten days to find a place to live and I’ve been looking for two months already. The upheaval and hopelessness has me so depressed I can scarcely function. Is there some voodoo to score a sanctuary? We Librans have had our home sectors raged by Pluto for so long…

isaMM Member

thank you so much mystic! can’t wait!

Crystallised futureMM Member
Crystallised future

Fantastic Mystic! My whole life feels like it’s a new order and this sounds perfect to keep the current momentum of change right on track. Thank you.

em price
em price

ooh thank you so much!

emgMM Member

I’m waiting on the first shoe dropping followed by the rest of the closet. So any help getting it tumbling I’d be pleased.

Triple Air GemMM Member
Triple Air Gem

It will be smack bang on my descendant. I’m trying to move interstate – agents and suitable apartments proving frustratingly elusive – and I’ve got an older guy wooing. He’s gone from super intense to ghosting in the last two days.
I’m not sleeping and work is OTT.
Can not wait for it to all shift and ease


Ugh, why do guys do that? They initiate, and then they evade. Is it all just a power game?


Second that on the ghosting. Another bullshhh first of 2018 (and hopefully the last)

JacquiMM Member

I feel as if a tipping point is approaching (and needed screams body), magik would herald that perfectly. Thank you MM XxXx

MissDeeMM Member

11°Leo (where the Full Moon will be) is my 12th.
So yes please, bring the rituals on, since I believe this house is extra-ordinary to perform rituals.
At the same time Saturn in Cap has performed a very powerful shift and I have cut out all the “motivational-y” stuff (visual board, word of the year and so on).
Guess I’ll have to pick up and extra simple and pragmatic one from the list you’ll send on the DM mail.


My 12th too, and the August eclipses were existential angst central, so I could definitely use some help with this one.

ElectroMM Member

This eclipse is on my 12 Leo MC, and the energy feels like a shift from being an introvert to an extrovert. Is that possible? I’m shifting the way I think about people, patterns, my own energy, my habits, money, and what it means to be part of s community in this modern age. I feel like the ancient part of my cells are tired of being part of a society that is built on keeping people apart and I can’t even. So it’s all about reimagining and reworking what I put into daily existence.

BelleMM Member

Im sun and venus in leo (6th house), and my rising, moon, mars and north node in aqua (12th house), and am quietly freaking out about both the lunar and the solar eclipses. It has really felt like something is going on behind the scenes at work since I returned this year and I dont know what it is yet. Everything feels like its in turmoil and I just wish it would all hurry up and reveal its self.


Leo is my 11th house, aqua 5th house.
I have a weekend retreat that weekend that I have planned for 40 friends. it will go well hopefully.
I am stuck right now between letting go and moving on with crush or staying andbeing payient with this love situ. I feel like he is playing around with me.
This week seems crucial but i cant go on like this.

SheRatMM Member

Yeah, this eclipse is conj. my SN Leo in 11th, and oppo my Sun/NN/Merc in Aqua 5th.

These eclipses, mang. I’m psyched for ritual ideas…aside from writing like crazy, I had pencilled in time to come up with a bit of Fool/Star wishmaking.

SheRatMM Member

Sorry–make that Fool/Star/Strength


Just let him go and move on. If it was meant to be he’d be by your side, wouldn’t he??

I had a similar situation to yours and tried the patience thing. Pisces guy I was seeing disappeared twice for 2 weeks without a word. He always came back with apologies and excuses.
In the end I realised everything was on his terms and that it wasn’t fair nor how i wish to be treated – like an option.

So I said goodbye and wished him the best. He didn’t even have the decency to respond.

Virgo EllieMM Member
Virgo Ellie

Hi Mystic, I know you use to send members the Blog posts updates to our emails. Is that not happening anymore? I don’t get those emails. I have time to check the site but was curious. Salt across the entrance way… will try that! I need epsom salt for my muscle pain I am dealing with. I can’t wait until February when my apartment construction will be completed and I can move all of my outside items back to the porch. I can’t move in my place. Plants everywhere. It doesn’t feel good with the flow of energy blocked. So,… Read more »

helloiseMM Member

Lord, yes PLEASE. I’m going through a bout of fresh anxiety/dread about everything in my life right now, lots of stuff coming up for release, reckoning, and integration. It has that signature wigged-out energy of Eclipse season.

AlouettaMM Member

Yes me too! I keep waking up with the heebie jeebies.


Me too massively 🙁


Yes. Things I don’t have the time or desire to wallow in are floating all around me. I’m treading as it is, progress and upgrade is needed. Also as Leo is my nn I’m even more frustrated to be stuck caged at home with no social life and now an ice storm.

GemyogiMM Member

This sounds fabulous!!! Thanks Mystic

Year of the PhoenixMM Member
Year of the Phoenix

Just gotta say tried some magic recently and it worked! Salt the doorway, who knew ; )


I had never salted the thresholds before, but after signing paperwork to be done with crazy abusive biz partner, I Super Cleaned the house, saged, tibetan bells and then salted the thresholds.
It’s been really great, actually. It also cut down on people “dropping by” to say hi.
Need to re-sage, tho as I have someone/thing moving stuff in the bathroom again. Sounds like tonight is a good night for that . . .

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