Your Own Private Saturn

It may not be being spelt out as such but the major theme underlying all the Horoscopes over the next eleven days is these last days of Saturn in Sagittarius – until 2044.

That’s right. The next time Saturn gets into Sagittarius, it will be square Pluto in Pisces.

So i think we can all agree to cross that particular bridge when we come to it and that Saturn will a lot more functional/happy in his own home constellation of Capricorn in a few days.

In the meantime, this Mercury Retro is a piece of work. Think a la the Messenger God bearing communiques from the entire past cycle of Saturn – since the late 80s in some cases – via cryptic omens, savage nostalgic flashes and the usual Saturn patented combo of unexpected dental-tax-utility-vet type expenses or stress.

Mercury Retro in Sagittarius is all about raw, authentic candour and the Saturn involvement makes the core themes things we would usually prefer to contemplate with a degree of pink-cloud consciousness or jovial upbeat vibe.  Anxiety re time, money, status and body are all Saturn turf.

But, as always, the antidote to Saturn is IRON – pumping it or reinforcing your attitude with an iron-like stance toward the crap that would weight you down or crush your joy and self-concept.  And second tier Saturn management; a Plan. Devise the attack plan and go for it.  Mars into Scorpio in just a few hours will help.

I have Saturn square my  Sun for 18 more hours – and yes, this is the sort of transit you count down. And i just downloaded a Cold Shower Therapy app. It’s Saturn Central over here.



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Saturn from Cassini

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137 thoughts on “Your Own Private Saturn

  1. As we close out Saturn in Sagittarius I think back to when Saturn started making it’s mark. I thought it started for me back in 2009. My life was thrown all around and placed into a path I never expected… I found peace after moving to a different state 1000 miles away from my hometown. The best decision I ever made. What triggered this life change was a health concern. I met the devil and then I ran to God. I gave my life to God and my life changed. Right now and it honestly started may December 2016 that health concern is showing it’s nasty head again.

    Saturn has been in my money and communications house. I am trying to understand the red flag Saturn is showing me that started in 2009, went into hiding and now it is back in my orbit. It’s a health concern. I said to a card reader that I feel like I am going to die. It was a tuff 2017.

    Could it be that God and Saturn is telling me to speak up about what I have experienced?
    Could it be that God and Saturn want me to help redesign the approach on health treatments because I what I have been through?

  2. Okay, first things first. No cold showers for me. I’m okay with taking a hot shower and after that rinsing off conditioner and my body with cold water OR having a hot sauna and after that rolling in the snow, but just a cold shower… Brr.

    Secondly, I have really been getting the Saturn in Capricorn Feels. As a natal Saturn in 2nd house, my Saturn Feels usually concern DYING, losing my house, losing all my money etc. I just have this horrible feeling that something bad is going to happen.

    Anyways, yesterday I bumbed again to a metallic bracelet I have had for a long time. Without really thinking about it, I put it on. Didn’t really realize but the Saturn Feels went away. Because in the evening when I took the bracelet off before going to bed, I was soon anxious again. Then I remembered that Mystic has said that anything metallic is an antidote to Saturn? It workd, at least for me. Intuitive Saturn shielding!

    • Sankt, I honestly feel the same way. I have Saturn in my 3rd house transiting. Saturn natal placement is in my 5th house. (Yay me) But 2017 has been horrible for me health wise and I want to say that once Saturn leaves Sagittarius that things will get better.

      I wish understanding astrology was easier for me.

  3. To chime in base level effect= inner life/emotions/day to day become more saturine but as a cap moon this is probably simpatico with your normal vibe. Growth for your inner life

    My Pisces moon has been squared by Saturn for a while yup lots of inner work bc the two are not totally in line. But worth it!

  4. HI Mystic,
    I have a question with Saturn in Capricorn, which is in my moon sign, I basically understand the effects of Saturn in your sun and rising signs . What Is the effect when Saturn arrives s in your moon sign is as strong effect on your life ?
    Kris Scorpio sun Leo rising Cap moon

  5. I am so bloody punch-drunk with oppositional outer-planet transits. l feel apprehensive with Sat return (2°) and then over my 8°53 Dsc. Take the little party of the Malefics next March/April. Pluto separating fr my Dsc but applying opp my Sun for like a bloody decade. And Mars will join Saturn right on top of my Dsc; Xactly on top. This is the house where my aching Moon lives. Likelihood of me getting a partner; lower than bloody Kelvin (-273°C)

    I knew nothing of the Astro back in Feb/Mar 2008 but getting the Cap-Super-Bitch fr Hades as my alleged supervisor was a guttural and portentuos event. In late 2013 l re-mapped my life and was able to see what Pluto was doing to me. Pluto going SD exactly on top of my Dsc on 20/9/13 was the most horriblest day for me. I discovered the ‘astro’ for this day 6 weeks later.

    Nep has been opp my 1st Decan Virgo Stellium for so bloody long but now leaving. It can’t happen soon enough. Plus Uran doing circle-work over my MC which is opp my Nep /IC.

    With the chronic shit going down this past decade along comes King Chronos. I’m like the passenger on Weird Al’s on “Another One Rides the Bus”. I must re-read Mystic’s 2018 for some posivity.

    • As always your words resonate with me. Not sure where to find the answers either. I sense having Chiron, Mars and Venus in the china shop of el toro in the third, could explain a few things.

      Know that something is up and trying not to loose my mind. This is the countdown for a very difficult time for me.
      The thing I am learning the most about my nervous breakdown history is it’s the ultimate rejection, much bigger than any failed love to provide sanctuary for my heart.

      This year has been sign posted with references to 2002 the year of criminal stalking and sexual violence. Even loosing my mind again over both these offenders again (one here to bury his father, the other on a commuter train). My recently obtained qualification even has the academic results for 2002, different campus and different course. A pain filled reminder that I need corrected for my survival journey.

      I am done with the past, but it’s not done with me. Switch on the good tunes and make sure to up your vitamin B12 to alleviate the stressful overload that appears just now. Namaste PF

        • Thank you PF.
          There is a psychological term for this. I’ve came across it in The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk.

          • Yes. That struck a chord / accord with me too. I am getting it as well. Cheap enough too. So much hurt out there from ppl who trample over others.

          • Hey, if you are interested in that book also check out the TRE Exercises. It’s basically releasing the psoas and other muscles through neurogenic tremoring. Helped me a lot. Not the whole solution but helped.

    • Pf, my outspoken 2 cents.
      Back to basics kiddo. I am thinking of the astro rule, to get something out of a transit through a house, work on the opposite house. That means your first house. You. How you do, what you do, how you conduct yourself. Forget the quest for a partner. If you’re this much of a mess as you say, work on sorting out your own things. Women will always exist and having a partner will certainly not solve your current personal problems, although it might be a pleasant distraction. Of course introducing yourself to a pretty lady as being under inverstigation etc is going to get you the side eye. Neptune’s yearning for cosmic homecoming is a spiritual state, one which you must reach within yourself, another person can’t deliver this to you on a silver platter. This has been a slow lesson for me too, and I probably sound didactic etc, but you seem to be working yourself into a terribly astro-technical lather. The sum of the cardinal squares ends up in cancer. Do you and let the chips fall where they may. Like melodryad mentioned. You never know how the next few years will pan out. You’ve been through all the shit and you’re still here. reversals of fortune come in many shapes and sizes. Let freedom reign, as Uranus in your 10th will soon be advising. Love from pi. X

          • @ Pi I recontextualised what you said to mean; your often too close to the action of your own life, you can become exhausted through seeking to understand why things are indeed the way they are.
            There is an enormous amount of shame and guilt that encompasses trauma (especially early childhood trauma).
            It has shaped so much of my existence and colours my world. Even in the deepest of my darkest moments I try and see a different colour, just shift it a little.

            I could never find myself with someone in any sort of relationship that hasn’t lived a variety of challenges. Even from a very young age, I never felt my age (because early trauma had already started to exhaust me) and alter my biological age.

            As I return to my creative space within, chronic pain is my new companion I am trying to reach my own equilibrium with this. I soon saw the loop of opioid addiction. Life management is what I seek
            This community here of like souls, gives me hope that love of humanity can heal sorrow. Much love and compassion to everyone here in this community. I’d gladly share a cup of the good stuff with any and all of the MM crew. x

            • Hey, the first bit of what you said I think. Yeah.
              Although I know our comments here can never quite reflect the situ and I get that it can be irritating if someone misreads us so I thought maybe I was being a bit enthusiastic in my reply to pf. Thank u s.

          • I understand you 2nd guessing but, no, put it all out on the table. I’ve gotta look at everything in the eye; even the unpalatable. My 9th is Pisces; I’d be stupid not to listen….and take it on board; fixed tho I am.

      • I appreciate your words of encouragement. However, there’s always a but, l am so sick of working on myself. I do fitness things and I’m walking heaps. Trying to complete my Van (no $s). I’m reading up on being a better man even tho my former says I’m a good bloke. I support my daughter and her daughters selflessly. I truly am sick of working on myself. I really don’t know what else to do. Have the Beehive shifted 50mts to the North?

        Pluto opp ya Asc then ya Sun at the same time as Nep opp ya Mars / Pluto / Venus (+ Prgd Virgo Sun / Asc Venus / Merc + Pisces Moon) is one fuqn huge shitfight. I also am aware l can ANALyse things being so Virgo. But fuq, having all that opposition to personal natals is fuqd, fuqd, fuqd.

        I’m not going to lie to anyone about being under investigation. It is question that comes up invariably in first contacts. How do you avoid it? Avoiding it is a lie by omission. That gripe is connected to that other outer planet fuqer; Uran. Of course l wouldn’t expect anyone to be interested in another if they were under investigation. The investigation
        1) hasn’t started tho the allegations are 3 mths old
        2) doesn’t include me
        3) ‘findings’ are given to me to see if l want to take action
        4) is a kangaroo court.
        5) is operated by overpaid fuqheads.
        But you can’t NOT answer, that question, if it comes up. And, no, it’s not fuqn fair.

        I have now started to believe in past lives; tentatively. Reason? I must’ve been one fuqn huge p…k or c..t, in a previous life, to have this shit happen.

        I am not looking for a partner to complete me, to find my better half or other cliches. It is just who l am. The discovery of my personal astro has been the confirmation of who l am. I didn’t read about Neptune, Pluto, Moon and Uran and then think “thats who I’ll be!”.

        You know I’m dble Kat, Chart Ruling Moon / Bucket Handle in the 7th. Mystic says your CR house placement is what you bang on about. And l so bang on about it. So bang on about it. About it. When l was little (5-8) my dreams were about brown-haired girls and mermaids. I crushed on Sally Field then got older and crushed Jacqueline Bisset. I was going to marry her; l was only 11. Then Helen Reddy, then Kate Bush. When l got to my teens and heard (some) other boys refer to girls in a disparaging way l couldn’t believe it. I thought how could you be so rude. How are you going to get a partner if ya that rude?

        And then the other night l read about the ‘Yod’. Something l haven’t given that much thought. But when l looked l found the Asc (ya physical being) exact sextile 2H Venus (ya desires) apexed by the Moon (emotional needs) in the 7th (relationships). Esp as the Asc trines my Nep and the Moon squares Nep. You can’t make this stuff up.

        I am that person. It’s just one crap-shoot aft another. One day I’ll join Ernest n Robin.

        • I hear you about the endless working on yourself, when you’ve got strong external grinding, ever grinding, and ever making you feel keenly like you are a shit. And in your case, even feeling like you must have been one in the past! You just never feel like you can do enough, or be enough.

          Big weary sigh!

          One thing, though, if this helps at all, is that I’ve had little glimmers of letting myself just be myself, just feel however i feel, and even to the point of expressing it in poorly worded ways, or believing i’ve clarified my words when i later see it is mush.

          Part of that is Saturn transhitting the Ascendant (and related conjunctions there), and part is the impact of Pluto on my Capricorn Mars, plus Capricorn cusps the third…so Pluto dredging up lo Mars rage, i guess.

          Hate seeing the Lo in me. Hate showing it. But then, i just have to embrace it and forgive it, since the rage (like yours in some respect) comes from an old place of un-loving mistreatment. We never want to be anything like the one who did such things, so we’re harsh on ourselves. That’s the harshness that shows up under these planets, not the planets being harsh.

          So, yes to self care, and chopping wood, carrying water. Remember how good that is that you do it. I kind of think it’s amazing after everything, that you still yearn for that good good woman, and you hope and want to believe she is out there. Now that’s faith in the power of love: don’t lose it.

          In the meantime, be that for yourself 🙂 whenever and however you can. Hang in there, PF. My faith is that the wheel ever turns, and in both directions ( a gambler’s faith, perhaps!)

          • Thanks to you MN. Yes l can hear you come from the same ‘country’, maybe another state/province, but def the same country. I couldn’t sleep last night with a full blown Court case going on in my head with S’s, Pi’s & your words.

        • I don’t know, maybe there’s nothing else you can do. Enjoy walking, and breathing air, and eating nice food, and your pleasant relationship with your ex, and your kid. Enjoy fixing your van, or not, and being freed from an injustice by the magistrate, and living in a free country, and living through your youth to become older and wiser. Trust that you do a good job in life and are growing thru trying to understand your personal history and the ripples it leaves today. Enjoy waking up in the morning, and your first cup of coffee. Enjoy that you crush on perky brunettes. Trust that there’s no other way things can be right now. This life is all we have and sometimes it’s a degrading shitshow but there are still puppies and flowers and sunshine on your face and people who love us for incomprehensible reasons so it’s also a paradox. You wouldn’t have been given these profound challenges if you weren’t able to cope with them, although I don’t know how to define cope. there is peace available to you even if you’re receiving it with broken knuckles and a limp. maybe it’s your job to bring your ceaseless humanity to the world at large and in the face of the strange actions of low mortals who are blind to your peaceful and & hard-won sensibilities.
          I don’t really remember people’s astro here most of the time.

          sorry. That’s all I got. maybe it’s my 9th house CR mercury talking. xx

          • Written by my Astro Doppelganger. Born on my birthdate AND the same Moon as me. Sort of says it all Pi. I wished l was as good-looking and could sing like him.

            “Well I left my happy home
            To see what I could find out
            I left my folk and friends
            With the aim to clear my mind out

            Well I hit the rowdy road
            And many kinds I met there
            And many stories told me on the way to get there

            So on and on I go, the seconds tick the time out
            So much left to know, and I’m on the road to find out
            In the end I’ll know

            But on the way I wonder
            Through descending snow
            And through the frost and thunder
            I listen to the wind come howl
            Telling me I have to hurry
            I listen to the robin’s song
            Saying not to worry

            So on, and on I go, the seconds tick the time out
            So much left to know, and I’m on the road to find out

            Well I found myself alone
            Hoping someone would miss me
            Thinking about my home and the last woman to kiss me
            Well sometimes you have to moan
            When nothing seems to suit you
            But never the less you know
            Your locked towards the future
            So off and on you go, the seconds tick the time out
            There’s so much left to know and I’m on the road to find out

            And I found my head one day
            When I wasn’t even trying
            And here I have to say
            Cause there is no use in lying, lying
            Yes the answer lies within
            So why not take a look now
            Kick out the devils sin
            Pickup, pickup a good book now”

            • Cat Stevens! Love his music.

              My heart goes out to you PF! As many have said, we support and appreciate you here. I really appreciate your humor, too, and your puns. Humor is healing — maybe use some of that medicine on yourself right now, even if not directly on the situation you’re facing, but in other ways.

              Also, what Starbaies said I think is key – that our astro is not 100% deterministic. You have facility and self-efficacy. It’s hard to remember that when the chips are down, though, I understand.

          • Agree with Ali, you have such a beautiful way of saying things while also being direct and having a message. <3 <3 <3

        • and lastly i’m sorry you’re feeling this way. the drudgery of ‘now what’ is never appealing. nothing stays the same forever tho. That i am sure of. thank the mutables 😉
          pi x

      • “To get something out of a transit through a house, work on the opposite house.” Huh. I have not heard this so simply stated before. It is reminding me of this stuff I am learning about the body through the work of a guy named Vladimir Janda. If there is pain in a certain muscle and it is causing issues often you just need to strengthen the muscle that is the antagonist to get said muscle to release.

    • Hi PF, so a bit of storytime because I have something somewhat parallel I want to share with you. Ive been doing the Saturn grind and there have been some huge injustices Ive been awoken to that were happening to me, the depth of which I was previously unaware of.

      So a few weeks ago I had a watershed moment after a very stressful, aggravated, Why the Fuq is this Happening to me spiral. And later I found this tweet from someone that felt like it was a message for me: “You can literally do everything right, but the Universe doesnt owe you anything”. I certainly dont go around feeling like the Universe owes me anything so I didnt take it in a literal sense, yet I knew it was trying to tell me something. I digested the phrase and it came up like this: “If you are a good person, would you stop being that way because you didnt get what you desired, or even rightfully deserved?”

      Yes the shitshow has been rough on you. Yes it most likely was shady and not fair. But as you know, this world is not exactly fair and there are a lot of imperfect systems and humans we live under and are affected by.

      As Melodryad told me in another post, astro only describes the shape of the vessel but not what drives or even fills the vehicle – that part is up to us. So I want to take the emphasis off of the astro for a moment, step back and try and see what the situation is saying without that lens. And what I think is, is that there is a big question being asked of you by the Universe through all of these uncontrollable negative events: how do you react to these slights? Who will you become through it? Who are you? Remember, you are the hero of your story, not the victim(even though we may seriously question it sometimes, lol). They say you can judge a mans character by how he treats those that cannot benefit him. I think the same goes for situations that do not benefit us. Who do we become when we dont get what we want, or even rightly deserve? Take a big step back and see things from a 3rd person pov. Maybe look into history and the stories of those oppressed/wronged, etc, and who you admire that really rose above to answer the call? Accept the things you cannot change, but be courageous with the things you can. I hope you dont aggrandize the slight/the injustice/the challenging astro and feed it more energy as its not really about that. I believe the pearl of wisdom is in how you respond to the question being asked of you.

      Pi and S also stated some great suggestions here as well. Vent as needed, but i hope you do update us on positive progress as well. You are appreciated here and there are people that want to see you do well. xx

    • We all feel hopeless sometimes and I’ve been in the dark hole a few times as well… sorry mate. But, you will get through it and things will get better. And you can choose whether to keep fighting for your life or give up, and giving up is never the right choice.

      • Ta Gy. You reminded me of this Barnesy song;

        “I heard about a person who had a broken heart
        With nothing to drive him on, no hope no spark no flame
        He could’nt see at all tears they were blinding him
        He kept it all inside, the guilt and all the pain
        You know I say I tried to warn him
        They had him backed up against the wall
        I hope I’m not too late
        No one can tell you exactly what you have gotta be
        You’ve got to stand your ground and fight to save your life
        It may be hard but ooh ooh it’s the only way
        Always remembering there ain’t no second prize
        There ain’t no second prize
        You know I say I tried to warn him
        They had him backed up against the wall
        Why can’t I stand up and try to tell him
        They’ve got me backed up against the wall
        I hope I’m not too late
        No one can tell you exactly what you have gotta be
        You’ve got to stand your ground and fight to save your life
        It may be hard but ooh ooh it’s the only way
        Always remembering there ain’t no second prize”

  6. Ooooo this makes me kind of emotional! I was just sitting here about to get down to a weekend full of work and closing out projects reflecting on how I am actually really excited to do this even though the pay is shit etc. etc. I had my Saturn return a year ago and wow, there have been a LOT of changes. The main one being that I now use professional work/working on my “career”/brand as sort of a path for emotional/spiritual development and a way to manage anxiety and depression. For a lot of my 20s I would just race to get things handled then Neptune the fuck out on esoteric side projects and numbing myself. Always wondering why my finances and life were an unstable (but interesting!) wreck.

    I have not reached my goals yet but every day I do something toward getting there and this is what gives me hope in my future and believing in any collective futures… the defined goals, the process, tracking things. I used to write and write and plan but never take action. Life was like a cold shower and I just wanted to stay in my warm bed and dream, man. But the cold showers put you back in contact with reality and feel so great afterwards.

    I swear that apps have made me a better person during my Saturn return too. That’s such an Aqua thing to say I suppose haha. But seriously! I was chronically late because I would space out and get distracted in the morning, suck at keeping track of time. Waze and other transit apps changed that, I am never late anymore which is crazy. I track my cycle, my habits, my workouts, my work, everything. It’s harder to hide when you have data on yourself.

      • Sure!

        So I have sort of hacked the Wim Hof app to track 3 things: cold showers, breathing exercises in the morning, and my daily hour of myofascial release. You can find this one if you just google “Wim Hof app”, the developer on iTunes is listed as “Innerfire B.V.”. I consider these three things the basics of tending to my body enough to set myself up for a great day or at least a day I gave my all to and started off right. Wim has his own exercises but I use that tracker as my myofascial release tracker.

        I use Streaks (streaks app dot com) to track my journaling and workouts.

        Github has their own internal tracking system/graph to look at how much I’m committing every day and that I am at least coding a little bit even when I am busy. Just looking at my graph and my streak every day gives me motivation to put in a half hour here and there on busy days.

        And finally, I use Clue to track my cycle which is amazing! Like oh my god why was I not doing this before. Now I can separate situational or chronic depression/anxiety from PMDD which has helped me understand myself a lot better and have more perspective.

      • OMG just realized you requested least complicated, sorry. “Streaks” is excellent! I could probably consolidate all but the cycle tracking app into Streaks if I wanted to, it’s really great.

        • It’s awesome you’ve been able to orchestrate all this and really make the apps work for you! I always think I’m going to get organized this way, but don’t really follow through. I always check my daily steps, though, that my phone logs. Kind of satisfying to see!

          I was just listening to a podcast last night where someone mentioned the MyFLO cycle tracker. It looks interesting and even suggests which types of activity, work, exercise and nutrition are best for each phase of your cycle.

    • That’s interesting! I was just thinking earlier today that i could bite the bullet and use apps for tracking (Piscean me hates signing over my personal deets, so i’m still working on a compromise there.)

      I am torn between getting anxious over the data, and maybe finding out the data is not so awful. Essentially, i want to know for sure if i’m doing what i think i’m doing!

      (Early riser here who can also get spaced out or sidetracked in the mornings.)

    • And I have to give a second shoutout to Waze, I am still astounded that something as simple as punching a time 15 minutes earlier than I need to be at any location makes me early because it gives me a concrete time that I need to leave by. Seriously, I used to be chronically late just because I could not accurately track time in my head and it made me seem like a flake. For years I tried to explain that I was not intentionally not caring but it didn’t matter because I seemed like an inconsiderate asshole. Waze is my personal vindication. I DO care and try. My weirdo brain just needed this tool to help.

  7. I have had the shittiest past month. Pisces Sun 23 degrees. I think Chiron is on my face too right now. My saturn trauma was just given the perfect illustration when I looked at the picture you posted at the end of the article. I heard in my weary head ,” See that ball in the middle of that picture? That ball is you. Spinning and looking all beautiful . See those rings around that ball ? That’s the area you get to be awesome in. That’s all you get. So, if someone throws a rock at you and you want to go get them . You can’t get past the fence. You have to take it. Take those rocks and build a fortress, fercrissakes” Yes , I am suffering from saturn prison camp

  8. I am right there with you, counting down the days of my Sun opposite Pluto transit which ends the day after Christmas (present from the universe). Even though Saturn is poised to oppose and square my cardinal everything, I am going to consider the absence of a decade plus of nigh continuous accelerated depth purge a win. I won’t have another inner planet Pluto transit for 26 more years.

  9. Well you have it for 18 more hours Mystic – and it has probably passed by now – I have it conjunct my Sun AND my Uranus in my Chart. . .for LIFE! and it is currently conjunct my MC along with Mercury, opposite my 4th house, square my Neptune, and square my Asc. And yes, it kicked me in the gut hard just as Merc Retro entered its strongest period on 2 Dec/17. OUCH! And BTW, I had a very frugal, silent but stern father in childhood of whom I was terrified. So all of the myths of Saturn are true. That He has been unkind to me is an understatement.

  10. I’m a Gemini rising with Mercury in Libra and normally I am pretty tactful. I often don’t see the point in arguing over degrees of truth that are relative anyway, and I also hate it when everyone isn’t getting along.

    I’m also Virgo Sun, Venus, Mars, Aries Moon and Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius. So a) this mercury Rx Saturn thing is hitting me hard, and b) I can certainly initiate a hissy fit over every small detail someone is managing less than perfectly when the mood strikes me. Which it hasn’t for a really long time.

    But suddenly these last few weeks I’m just over it. Told my best friend candidly (though in that case I hope kindly) that her worries about how her current interests will affect her art don’t matter a tick because she isn’t doing her art so she should focus on that. Both my parents are visiting (they hate each other; my apartment is 400 square feet and all of us are here) and I’m just… no filter. The best way to deal with my father is to very kindly but very clearly set boundaries. Like with a dog or maybe an overenthusiastic eight year old. Not that I’ve ever done that because I have too much of my own stuff – when I was younger I screamed at him a lot and that gradually gave over to just letting him be really inappropriate and trying to limit my time with him. Anyway. I’m back to screaming, to him not doing anything right, etc. To zero tolerance for his frequent attempts to breach boundaries, to the continuous anxious monologues. My mother is all water so makes no sense to me whatsoever (I have Scorpio in Pluto – that’s it). I am managing a little more tact with her at the moment (though not last week when she visited), but she’s insisting I go on a trip with her. And I’m refusing. And this is unprecedented.

    Anyway. I don’t really approve of my actions, but/and I am also just so completely -done- with letting people walk all over me. Wish I could find a nice way to express it all. I hope anyone at all is still speaking to me when Saturn goes into Capricorn and Mercury goes direct.

    • I also just graduated from school with a bunch of debt into a profession where getting your first job is really hard because the company loses a TON of money to train you. And I’m a single mother with two months of living expenses saved up.

      I graduated with high honors, despite a divorce, and took my (hard) licensing exam the first day I could without studying and passed. So everyone wants to give me all kinds of congratulations (which are beautiful and appreciated) and they want to hear about how great I feel. Except I don’t feel great. I hate going through interviews and I’m terrible at them and I REALLY want to move into a particular town but I got rejected by one job and haven’t heard back from the other for over a month. And it’s hard to muster all this fake enthusiasm and bravado for the jobs I’m still in the running for in other towns. I’m 30 years old and very good at school but I’ve never had a “real” job in my life and I’m afraid I’m doomed to never have one and I am not going to feel remotely good until I know where I’m living and that I can support myself. So, no, I don’t feel relieved. And I am soooo tired of people trying to convince me I should feel relieved or thrilled because I don’t. It’s just how I feel; leave me alone! Get your vicarious relief somewhere else.

      Basically I’m just trying to take myself on long hikes into the forest everyday followed by cleaning my apartment/ getting rid of things alone, and lots of time with my kid, who is the only person I like at present. When I have to talk to people, things go awry.

      Anyways. Just wanted to share my EPIC Saturn/Mercury Rx crankiness. No one so miserable as a Virgo without a plan or an Aries Moon who has to wait. And I’m both at the moment.

      • Congrats on your degree! I always consider anger a good sign. Part of you believes you have the ability and worthiness to get what you want enough that your trajectory is propelling you ferociously towards it.

        • I just wish I knew how to combine not doormatting with maintaining basic love and respect for others. Not a skill I’ve learned yet!

      • You have a plan. You just can’t see whether it’s going to manifest as you want it to and you’re now doubting it and yourself. Go back to – you have a plan! Hold that and some faith… I know it’s so easy to say in places like that so please don’t assume it to be said tritely or without empathy.

        Virgo is also initiation and bringing your vision (Leo) into your physical body. Leo is where we break out of the family dynamic and enter a world beyond the familial and home…

        Long forest hikes sound restorative. I need some of that right now myself.


    • That house situation gave me a shiver, you have my sympathy! Re watermom: boundaries can be sidestepped by watery folk easily without thought. What she actually wants is alone time with you I’m sensing. Which might be an insane request given job hunting kids etc BUT I feel like you might get some calm from it. No trip needed just an afternoon or dinner?

  11. I just had my Saturn/Saturn cycle explained via another subscriber (Melodryad). Of course as a Libra Rising who found my match during the 1st Saturn return to another Libra rising, it has to do with my/our relationship ….. and of all blogs it was in the one on Crypto Married People(!) – the antithesis of our own marriage. But that’s Mercury – ever the Joker .. i thank thee. It is always amazing to see how astrology can be so on point when you have the right teachers to explain it to you; and also to have some tangible “proof” about something positive – especially when it relates to Saturn.
    (Just wish that i had been as astute with finances – as Saturn in Sag through my 2nd H was punishing as hell.)

    And of course thank you Mystic for your wisdom, guidance & just sheer amazingness; Melodryad: just LOVE ….. & this community for Being ….Sorry, i seem to have gone all Gwyneth-schmaltz on you, can’t help it.xx

  12. Virgo sun and Gemini rising here – your Mercury retro prayers welcome – this is an apocalyptic psych battle!! I wonder if way out of this craziness is to just let go and let it play out without resistance. Aversion = Suffering.

    • Fellow Virgo Sun Gem Rising here. Are you also instigating fights with everyone you know? That’s what I’m up to these days.

      • Hey, more trying to correct their behaviour like its any of my business and really who fck listens, especially during times like this!! Best is follow MM advice – less is more and up the candles, herbs, baths, cold showers and whatever brings grounding and love towards oneself and others.

  13. Mercury Retro is a thing! Met people from the good old, bad old days today. The party A few Gems in there. Some are current friends, some are alienated but related. It’s too bothersome to describe the relationships but 20 years on they now involve us all by blood, intimate relationships at some point and marriage; various siblings, in laws, coworkers, house mates too etc

    While I don’t think think these people are some soul group I felt the need to incarnate with, there we all are… our kids now related or friendly. And it’s awkward because some heavy stuff went down, but yeah, also comfortably familiar. Saturn in Saggitarius, so we were laughing at our middle aged spread, clocking the changes in each other/self.

    Wish we had all been able to be our best selves in that time? But as it is, it’s like a faintly depressing reunion with distant cousins.

  14. I think there is a point in a Chiron transit where I have learnt that an aggressive approach to problems or uncertainty or deep pain is vastly counterproductive. A process of yielding and acceptance, both of circumstances and of self as I stand, has for me at least been the only way though the eye of the existential needle.

    • Wow, you’ve put into words in a very clear and understandable way how I’ve been experiencing my current Chiron return, though I didn’t recognize it until you said it. Thank you for that reflection! 🙂
      …I thought it was just that I’m now getting old and too tired to have the energy to stress out on the level that I used to about everything. Haha!
      I think you’re right, though, it’s Chiron working on us in a compassionate way, ultimately for our own good to get a little bit of freedom from suffering.

      • Funny what you mentioned about stress. I described 2016 as peak stress, and I simply refuse to be that fried ever again in my entire life. It’s like when the speaker cone is broken and rattles when the bass turns up, I just can’t. The transit was also Saturn in my 6th.
        I think Chiron shows you that you have to let yourself off the hook, in a certain way.

        • Yep, I’ve had Saturn in Sag transiting in my 6th house during this time, too. Crab rising, here…

          Chiron is transiting in my 10th and my Pisces Mars is exact on 10th house cusp/MC.

          I’m a bit the same, can’t ‘get it up’ to stress spectacularly anymore and if I do, I’m not so effective at it, and exhausted and absolutely frayed for awhile after.
          I think it’s also due to my HPA axis, adrenal system, being blown out (like your speaker analogy). I also have CPTSD, so I’ve got to take it easy….. I’ve learned some techniques for quelling ’emotional flashbacks’/times when I’m triggered to my trauma..

          • p.s. Regarding Mars….. with trauma triggers, responses are: fight, flight, fawn, or freeze and I tend to FIGHT!!!!! …..and viciously so, but now it takes too much out of me and of course is not healthy.

    • That’s Chiron medicine for you…no amount of Mars-ing out in the world will work out as a response. It does feel “weird turn pro” once I realized this and started yinning out.

        • Yeah! Maybe letting yourself off the hook/ acceptance IS weird turn pro. I can say the transit for me had me confront but also accept so many family of origin things (Chiron transiting my 4 h stellium).

          • Alsooo maybe Chiron will always feel a different “weird” and “pro” natally opp 2h Uranus and 11h Lilith. Some zappy alien vibes there. Maybe ppl with more triney chirons feel it differently?

    • Mmhm. Especially when you add Saturn into the mix. In fact that acceptance and embraced attitude of yielding is the hallmark of my Saturn in Sagittarius experience – says me as a Sagg ascendant. For the record, I’d say Saturn in an asc sign is as powerful as a Saturn return or Saturn in your som sign. Perhaps a different emphasis, but definitely as ahem noticeable

      • *sun sign

        And sorry that reply was heavily Saturn as opposed to Chiron related. I think I need to dig around more – turn my antennas more sensitively towards – Chiron. I have him in a natal T-square, opp my Libra Sun and square Saturn in Cancer. Yeah, Saturn had to find a way to get back in there lol..

      • That’s an interesting t square though. MM mentioned sometimes we can get a feel for outer planet natal squares when a personal planet transits them.

        • Ahem, you mean like Pluto, having just completed the first aspect to them? An opposition to Saturn in the 7th no less. Oh lol, oh vey..

          Am quietly getting off on the sheer power of both Saturn and Pluto in my 1st atm though! (- there’s the silver lining)

    • Love this, I’m having this transit too. Natally I have Mars (and Ur) square my sun/merc, it’s all a process, working on trying to release some baggage currently.

      • It really is a process isn’t it! Aargh lol. Physical activity seems to help move the puzzle around. And especially with a mars square in there. I think davidL said he just went for huge walks every day without even planning to.

    • This resonates with me. Emotion that is suppressed explodes or entrenches. I developed a form of energy work based on this idea a year ago. It involves empathically sensing either my own or someone else’s powerlessness, fear, anger, sadness, etc. in my energy field and fully allowing and feeling the emotion, while keeping a dual part of my awareness on a parallel opposite state using a relevant mantra to focus.

      I’ve done a lot wild things with it, like stopping a dozen neighborhood dogs from barking in 5 seconds, or curing a baby’s cold, or a cat’s limp in an hour, if anyone wants to experiment with it.

      • This would require a lot of emotional latency I guess? And a thorough grip on sound ways to wash off the other party’s state once addressed.
        Empathy is very healing, as a Pisces I’ve found it can be really draining ,I wonder if cardinal cancerians do it better, but I think it’s also partly related to my own current situ where I don’t have a lot to give while I am trying to fix/heal myself, basically. Our furry friends though. different story.

      • Thank you for the structure and balance in this approach. I have wild energies that can work, but frazzle me also when i am not harnessing them to balance.

        The idea of a cure, rather than an annihilation does sound far more balanced! And more Chironic.

    • Yeah, to all of this. I have Mars in Pisces, too, exact conjunct the MC, so I can be damned Martian a lot of the time, even though it’s probably toned down from what it could be, being in Pisces.
      Anyway, this discussion also reminds me that Chiron went over my Mars awhile back so maybe what you describe, to not respond to everything with aggression, is the lesson of that transit, too, not just having my Chiron return.

    • Yes this was my Chiron realization as well. I have been counterproductively aggressive and finding that I get surrendering a bit (within my boundaries, another Chiron lesson) …and under all of that aggression, profound vulnerability…

      • It’s interesting. Also in light of flowerchild’s mars comment too. Thinking of Chiron in his regular incarnation as trainer of warriors, half God half mortal. I think once we become aware of the pain and vulnerability and can consciously own it, let it live in us, then we paradoxically become so much stronger. Maybe we are not bristling with swords and armour etc but our tactics, awareness, are wiser? Proper warriors. Not just streetfighters. Maybe this is where saturnian training comes into effect? Saturn alone cannot antidote Chiron pain though imho.

        • Yeah, I am a warrior type, even down to my profession, with Mars conjunct MC in Pisces…..I’m an acupuncturist — healing with ‘spears’!

          I think part of my life long lessons, though, is to learn to refine the warrior energy, very much like you’ve stated.. I can’t say I’ve been 100% successful in doing that, yet…

        • Perfect metaphor. While I was digesting all this, I asked the oracle what my totem/symbol was for the day and it was like “cockroach!”…and something about being an urban survivor. CLICK! Thank you, I am saving this!

  15. Jesus take the wheel!!

    Was just thinking how crazy this Retro has been so far

    I feel like just as I get caught up with something I get hit with one more thing

    Money is all the sudden tight, relationships weird – gonna work with the iron analogy + conquer anyway 😉

  16. I don’t know, I’ve had Saturn square my sun mercury since… Dunno… March or something? It’s therefore also been square Chiron on my sun , stationing direct now finally of course,and all of this has been while Uranus is stationary direct on my Venus south node until January. Full moons and mercury retrograde kind of dont even register right now hahahahaha although as Merc is my ruling planet, its transit x 3 over my descendant (and Eros) has to count for something, nfi what that is though
    *not drowning, waving*

    • To be clear (?) Saturn has moved off my descendant and the square to my sun mercury but as that movement is acccompanied by a house change too then I’m wondering if the vibe shift is.. oh I don’t know. Never mind.

  17. Yes, counting down and planning some kind of ‘retreat’ rest period i.e. getting the hell out of the city and being in nature, alchemy baths, yoga, reading (analog) books and logging off social media… long walks, etc. etc.

  18. Tick, tick, F’n tick… when will this lighten up?! One bright note was Tick to a vital snippet of info relating to business I was not privvy to randomly coming though a conversation with a colleage.

  19. 30 s of cold water on your head and chest is great for your mitochondria acc to Dave Asprey.

    I’m coming out of this transit with a very sagg self truth: I create my own structure by feel (tuning into body / emotional intuition).

  20. YESSSSS GOD I AM FeelING THIS: the Messenger God bearing communiques from the entire past cycle of Saturn – since the late 80s in some cases – via cryptic omens, savage nostalgic flashes

    But in a good way….like working through the weirdness and baggage of the past….it’s positive

    • Yes me too. Currently exiting a relationship entered Mercury rx 2012 (which was itself a return to a 1999 encounter) and so many old friends resurfacing now – old hurts too, for sure, but I am so grateful for the growth, and the healing (yes dr Chiron has been in there too, in the weirdest and most literal ways) and now it feels like a whole new world. (Gem sun, Pisces rising)

      • Gem sun, Virgo moon, Scorp rising. I had an old high school friend drop by for a visit at my house via Facebook the other day. Hadn’t seen her since we graduated! Also lots of other, past-life random friending going on as well as many tech glitches in all my devices both old and new…so far this retrograde has been nuts.

        • Ahhh we have the same placements! (Gem sun, Scorpio rising, Virgo moon!) Twinsies. 🙂 🙂 🙂

          My Gemini sun and Virgo moon are part of a grand mutable cross so this Saturn transit was particularly brutal. I’m nervous but also excited for Saturn in Capricorn. I have some serious 8th house issues to deal with that have seemed intractable so I’m hoping I can work with this energy. (It was also my 1st Saturn return so it’s gotta get easier right??)

  21. My god, totally by mistake i have just discovered the ultimate Saturn hack & it will be in the daily mystic email for Monday. This really has made me feel fantastic about Saturn in Capricorn. If you are a mega mystic member and NOT getting the daily mystic email for whatever reason, please check your junk filter and if not there either let me know…

    • I am loving Saturn going to Capricorn. Seriously. I am Gem with Virgo rising so Saturn in Saggo really made me feel isolated, like in a cave or behind a glass watching peeps getting romances and creating families.
      And I cannot wait for your comment regarding Saturn sq Sun when the transit is over for you.

    • Thank you. I am kind of nervous that I didn’t get everything out of Saturn in Sag that I was supposed to “get.” My north node is in Sag and I am panicking like this is my only chance to figure myself out. I have in fact learned a lot so I need to ponder it and collect it.

      I’m also nervous that Saturn moving out of Sag into Cap (new things! exploration!) means my love interest will resolidify with his almost ex-partner (tradition! family!).

    • A friend of mine who is so serene, beautiful skin and figure, and wonderfully ascetic – and a kiwi – confided to me she has always taken cold showers. I have tried it to and it defo works but as MM says, its the discipline to do it!!

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