The Surprising Reason Why The Site Was Slow Today And…

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Okay so the site was super slow today and timing out – despite being on super stable server and all. WHY you may ask? Indeed i nearly sent my Multiple Sagittarius developer mad asking him this. An astrological lesson here: Mercury in Aries loathes being unable to type/talk/text/blog/write/communicate. So if you were frustrated, i am so sorry but i was incandescent with frustration.

So first i obviously cussed out Mercury Retrograde – this one has been particularly weird, as the Daily Mystic emails and Horoscopes are chronicling – and then i accused my Multiple Sagittarius Developer of having screwed up an update or of doing something experimental that only coders like but which does nothing for site performance. Then i thought, right it must be one person just bashing away at the Oracle or Tarot a thousand times in a row. Because that happens.

But no it was ME in a Mars in Virgo frenzy of decluttering. I decided to delete “dead” memberships and also double check people who might have email addresses not the same as the ones their Daily Mystic go to or who had an expired membership but were still getting access blah blah. So i had tonnes of tabs open and my Gemini daughter with fingers flying furiously around lap top – also obviously managing to check Instagram, Snapchat and cue the correct music – sorting this out.

Turns out doing a trillion things at once in this mode can damage the database so the situation today was entirely of my making. THIS is what Mercury Retro in orb of Saturn and Uranus looks like. Lessons – Accountability – Tech Slow Downs AND the ex-partners buzzing about on the periphery.

So this delayed the View All Option for Horoscopes BUT Tarik says that will be up by the weekend. So you will be able to choose to view your horoscopes by your sign or by the week/day whatever. But the archives WILL be all under your sign.  So if you want to look up two weeks ago next January – you know what i mean – you would need to go to the – say – Libra section.

So sorry – this is all fixed now and there are reforms under way for faster performance in 2018. But those spikes above – Mars in Virgo baby, Mars in Virgo.

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43 thoughts on “The Surprising Reason Why The Site Was Slow Today And…

  1. Hahaha I wonder if those times coincided with my ‘research’ on the Tarot and Oracle about my future with the Hot Muso of As Yet Unknown Sign 🙂 🙂

    • At first it wasn’t seen but the overgrown lane, replete with hedges as threatening as gargoyles, appeared dank and foreboding. Winding it’s way down, you got the feeling, you were being transported back. Back? Familiar and best forgotten was what l kept thinking.

      Then my mate, Quicksilver said, “Drink ya coffee Mullet Face!”.

  2. Is too many tabs a piscean problem? Some ppl look at my phone and almost throw up, especially Virgos. Or an aqua merc thing?

    • I hit 98 tabs recently and was running average around 75… Then something happened and they were all wiped. I was a bit relieved. Amazingly I missed nothing. My reasoning is that it is an info hoarding thing. Not sure. Or… Just a modern thing

          • I do this, too. ‘Information hoarding’ is an interesting way of putting it, pi! …..rings true!

            I don’t know if it’s a Piscean thing or not, though. I have Pisces Moon. I also have Mercury in Aqua in the 9th, so a pretty active brain… and Crab rising, which may make one a bit ‘clutter-y’?

            • Your ex has the Galactic Center rising- it is 26-27 Sagg and said to be a portal for ETs, angels, etc.

              Pallas retro is on Uranus in Aries- bloody battles out of nowhere. Believe that’s what triggered a crazy work scene.

    • Gem NN in 6th house. Moon in Saggo in 11th house.

      Mars in Virgo – notebooks and lists everywhere

      Guilty of information hoarding

  3. Mercury keyring gratitude!! Got a call out of the blue from a former superannuation company about a chunk of old superannuation I didn’t know about… asked them to send me a rollover form because I’ve got a new super account (ethical super)!! So I’ll have an extra few 1000s in my superannuation account I wasn’t expecting (I asked about whether I could just withdraw it, rather than rolling it over, but preservation age is 59… which is only 5 something years… lol)

  4. I’m so bloody grateful I have this site, I don’t care if it’s slow and frankly I applaud your consistent attempts at improving. Fix your crown.

  5. I’m mercury in aries as well and hate the fact that my iphone keys are soo small. It drives me nuts especially since I type so fast! My mind is racing and just.. need.. to get it all out when texting. Too many autocorrect errors to swich it back on.

    I’ve received my wealth wallet and LOVE it! Thank you Mystic. It will go to good use!

  6. Hi mystic. I have a tendency to leave multiple pages open in the web browser in my iPhone as a bookmark / to refer back to. I’ve noticed when I leave the tarot page open it constantly refreshes the page when I’m in safari as the cards will change. Since the last iOS update it’s refresh rate seems to be faster, too. I just used to let it do that, cause I didn’t realise it was a huge site drain. Probably a huge data / battery drain too…

    • No its fine – that was me on the database – you can use Tarot & Oracle as much as you like – that is why i went to a next generation server, to handle those hits!

  7. I’m feeling the accountability part, and it’s right in my face regarding finances today. It’s making me feel irritable and trapped. Maybe it’s Saturn in Sag touring my 6th pinging NN in Leo which is touring my 2nd house? I can’t figure out exactly why this is coming to a head right now….
    I’m feeling that Moon conjunct Mars in Scorp today, too, which is right at the end of my 4th house…..Grrrrrr! I’m glad I’ll be spending the day alone because I might just rip someone’s head off, otherwise.

    Tech glitches, check. I keep having to reboot my wifi router and my phone keeps dropping my home wifi connection — all for no reason, of course, except Merc retro.

    I’m feeling the karmic and multidimensional vibe, too, as dark star describes it above… Some of the people I’m dealing with right now — like housemates-entwined-with-finances stuff, i.e. paying rent — feels very karmic. With accountability, I feel my part in it and how this was set in motion awhile back since I’ve been unemployed, I’ve got myself into this mess and, in a sense, it doesn’t really have to do with the housemates. They are a symbol of what shouldn’t even be here if I was making enough money to support myself. But not that they are perfect either. One of them is a self-centered twat, but he’s leaving in a few weeks, which is good. The other one is totally cool.

    My ex that I’m still friends with but haven’t heard from in a long time just emailed me last night, so that was a welcome thing. He has Sag rising at like 27 degrees or something, so it’s perfect timing he finally got in touch. He’s an astrologer, too, so he knows what’s up. I’ve known him 25 years and I’m glad we’re still friends. He and I have that Sun/Moon conjunction in Pisces and his Crab Moon conjuncts my ascendant, and his Aqua Venus conjuncts my Sun, so it makes sense we’re still friends.

    Conversely, regarding exes, I hope I don’t run into more recent Toro ex, who does still live in my neighborhood. I realize from a discussion on this site last week that this relationship pertained more to when Saturn was in Scorp more than Saturn in Sag, so hopefully I’m in the clear! Because that guy is still on my shit list! Effing opportunist! Grrrrr! I hope Mars and Jupiter opposite his Sun and then Uranus going into Taurus next year makes him move away for good.

    Yesterday was super weird with ‘surprises’: Woke up to find out the mayor of my city (San Francisco) had suddenly died of a heart attack the night before. He was Taurus Sun. Then, later in the day I witnessed a sudden, random attack on the street — one of our street-crazies, a woman, threw a glass jar at a man sitting outside at an outdoor table at a cafe, and it hit his forehead, profuse bleeding, we called 911, and I had a very strong impulse to run after that woman and detain her until the police arrived except I was about to get on the bus to get to a medical appointment that I couldn’t miss. Luckily many others were on the scene helping. Crazy, crazy, sad, unpredictable place, this is…. :/

    Sorry for the long post! I’ve got a lot on my mind and a lot to process right now!

    • Your ex has the Galactic Center rising- it is 26-27 Sagg and said to be a portal for ETs, angels, etc.

      Pallas retro is on Uranus in Aries- bloody battles out of nowhere. Believe that’s what triggered a crazy work scene.

      • Yeah, because the ex is into astrology, he knows his ascendant is the galactic center and he feels really special around that. It’s kind of funny… He’s definitely a ‘traveler’ of sorts, old hippie guy who was at Woodstock (the first one!) and all that… an unique and interesting person..

        Ah! Thanks for pointing out the Pallas/Uranus thing. I was looking at the astro for that day and trying to find what made it so crazy and couldn’t see anything….this makes sense!

  8. I love this haha. This merc is ultra karmic and multi dimensional shall we say.

    My main techno hitch was going to a concert with a coworker despite office gossip, a platonic friendship for me. I arrived to at the venue late, proceeded to drop my phone and the screen went black. Found out from Apple that the cheap)ish) 3rd party repair I made 6 months ago was super janky and the display underneath was disattached etc. I got a sinking feeling as soon as I realized I would be hanging out with work friend the whole night sans phone, and he proceeded to confess feelings (yep I was being delusional/ head in the sand). Ugh this merc retro you’re so annoying but revealing of truth and cutting corners

  9. Hehehehe just had to say, i didn’t bash away at your site yesterday, but was doing it at work and kept having it freeze, close page, re-open page….. felt like i accomplished very little on the 12th & 13th….. so understand clearing out the shed/computer…. my rising Virgo always wants it tidy and my sun Cap says it needs to be done NOW…..
    On the positive side, only a few more days till everyone takes a break….. come on boxing day…

  10. As long as we are all owning up to our shit here…I am totes guilty of bashing away at the oracle sometimes. Bad Scorpio! Sooo knowing it messes with the site will give me the extra impetus to limit myself.

  11. When is mercury direct???? I usually dont have problems with mercury retro (born with it) but this has been a doozy of epic proportions. Continual internet drop out (try being a Saggi mercury/sun/jupiter all in 3 degrees- which Mercury is reversing over as I speak (type?) actually – and not being able to communicate – borderline suicidal within half an hr) which the provider has been trying to fix for days. Three major essays due on weekend. Can’t access any materials /drafts stored in cloud because my phone internet doesn’t recognise the password (wtf?) can’t reset passwords on phone (???). Can’t be stuffed after long shifts at work to trudge around looking for free wifi. Car finally died properly so relying on crap public transport which doesn’t run late enough for me to get home after work, DEFINITELY not buying new car till mercury direct. Absolutely everyone I know who would worry about such things rang the day AFTER my birthday, auto correct continuously jumping in with random and highly inappropriate substitutions…help!!

      • Hell yes.
        I don’t recall any MR in recent memory rattling me so much.

        Dark moon protocol?*hah* have had multiple chest infections back to back, asthma,steriods, emphsymic sounding cough, insommnia from the meds and massive work deliverables that are unrealistic and have me burning many midnights of oil- that no doubt need to be redone when MR is over.
        Every tech device has either crapped itself and needs servicing or replacing.
        I even had a geek do a house visit to fix/sort stuff- he was useless and it was expensive.
        Don’t even get me started on coworkers colluding my downfall and one of the team ‘being helpful’ and renaming sharepoint folders- that resulted in lost links to critical docs, and the corrption of others.

        Unexpected mid life hormonal changes, PMSing like a bitch, inability to focus- both physical and my own internal heatwaves.

        The thing is- I know all of it will resolve soon and I’ve been able to let lots of stuff wash over and behind me taking the lessons- after all, Im the one who spouts tips on this at work!

        But today- well- there were anger flashes, near tears, sugar and having out-loud talk-to-myself arguments against invisible foes in the car. Counting the days and inching my way to the end of year break. whoah!
        This one hurts.

  12. Oh the ex-partners buzzing around. After an ex and I had words this site was just the balm I needed to calm me. Bloody Merc retro making me fester.- it’s just gone over my asc. I knew I had spoken too soon when I said I was relishing the things it was bringing. Me thinks it’s the lessons I needed.

    Question about the scopes Mystic – are we able to scroll/tab sideways at all from each sign page – kind of like the previous/next link at the bottom of this post? When I read my rising sign I also read the next one along due to it being in the later degrees. At the moment it means keeping going back to the main page. It’s not a huge hassle I was just wondering.

  13. The new site is driving me nuts as I have to log in every single time and I never check my rising sign because the illustrations for each sign have put me off and Libra is so un-Libra but I know how much effort, love, sweat and tears you have invested and will take a breath … and Merry Festive Season Christmas Australian Heatwave xxx

    • Hey me again – i just checked with my developer and i have two questions for you – have you ticked the “remember me” box? And have you got cookies checked for this site? If you have private browsing on, the site will ask for a log-in all the time. But i have that on my phone and just enable cookies for a few sites…you should not have to log in all the time so please email me and we sort this out – thank you. Oh and sorry you don’t like the pictures!

  14. Ha that’s funny because I have been so restrained at using the Oracle for fear of crashing the site as am dealing with weird things atm and need guidance. Was also wondering if I ran out of data, again. Am glad it’s not me 🙂

  15. A Piscean and a Gemini, on their own trajectories, together fqing up the server or whatever.

    No drama, MM. Fam is the thing, music is the thing and it’s YOUR site. You and your fam’s…you earn it, and you make it.

    I quite love the explanation/reason. It’s so astro perfect. Paying peeps (and i know i haven’t accessed as much as i want to, even) know it’s about You, the Boss, supporting your family and yourself. First and foremost. And that’s because you truly deliver, support, give space to your clients.

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