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“Baroness Rebay would like very much to have you buy her a copy of Your Dog’s Astrological Horoscope…Will you please send it to her as promptly as you can?”

I like the Baroness.  She was a Gemini, an abstract artist and apparently interested in “diverse spiritual and religious ideas.”  This was often the euphemism of the day for magic, astrology, witchy-poo stuff and so on.

But i am not sure if either my cat or my dog would be very much interested in their horoscopes.  I think they are hooked straight into Sun, Moon and Star Rays. The cat is Aquarius – extremely affectionate to the point of drooling and purring if you ignore her but will hiss back at you if you do something nice such as letting her in from a storm or feeding her.  The dog? Aries. Headstrong and courageous, consistently baited by the Aquarius.

Both star gaze and particularly at Arcturus + Saturn, which is odd.

For this to work, you will need to do it on Facebook Comments but if you like, post a pic of your animal companion + a comment on their sign and whether or not they’re classic of their zodiac genre…

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69 thoughts on “Pet Astrology Before The Internet

  1. My cat is a Taurus and is the most affectionate cat I’ve ever had. She even likes belly rubs. She doesn’t meow very loud, it’s more like a little trill – a little reminder she’s there. Plus, her fur is the softest. She’s also a tuxedo cat but probably mixed with something like a Maine Coon because her fur is so long and fluffy and just smells like heaven. I love this cat, in case you couldn’t tell!

  2. honestly i think i am going to go insane – just spent untold hours on dev time making it so you can now choose to view horoscopes by your sign OR the view all signs in daily, weekly etc like before and people are now emailing to complain about THAT.

    I sometimes think that i should just delete the site and do something else with my life. I know Saturn is square my Sun so it is a really gloomy view but people sending emails that say simply “don’t like new format. Why both? put back to old way” make it feel like there is no point in any of it.

    • People are just creatures of habit, don’t like change in general. Pretty ridiculous to complain about having both options though, wtf.

      I thought the old format was fine but think the new one is more magazine-like and elegant! I think most of us appreciate your hard work and support your vision for the site, whatever you choose for it to be. <3

      • Thank you SO much! And yes, if you have a look now, you can view all signs in one go, like previously or you can read for your sign, all the options and the archives.

      • Yes, I second what you’ve said, Rache!
        MM, you just have to put your foot down and do what you deem best for your site. You can’t be all things to all people. The more you bend over backward, the more you’ll dig a hole for yourself because people will ‘learn’ that you’ll bend to their complaints and it will be never-ending. Give an inch, take a mile type thing..
        People *will* adapt to the changes, they really will, and there are plenty who won’t complain about it, either!

        • Yep, this is my Pluto talking but everyone who doesn’t like it can fuq off and code their own whiney last century Astro site. I love the new menu options/ Olaf art

        • thank you! AND that’s it – the actually time/coding etc it takes to have both options was, you know, a lot and i get that people have diff preferences so i was surprised to say the least. But Saturn square Sun is shittiest transit – i know i said i would write about it but i think i will wait till Saturn in Capricorn * looks nervously over shoulder

          • *can take a lot of hours under the hood especially if it’s making a large structural change both with input and how it is displayed as I imagine the scopes are done every day. It’s frustrating when people don’t see that, they think it’s a ‘little’ thing or it should be ‘easy’. As a freelance/self-employed person it’s extra frustrating, I find myself not charging for hours I spent on something or undercharging on a flat rate. But screw that! Work is work and sometimes things that look hard were not really *that* hard and things that look ‘simple’ had a looooot of work put into them.

    • I like the new format Mystic. I really love the archival aspect! I can well imagine the challenge that’s thrown up for you with Saturn/Sun as both Pisces and Saggi have been lit up and slammed for me this last few and the fatigue of it all will pass as you know but that doesn’t negate the grind of the day to day. I have stated it on the horoscopes component of the site but I’ll re-state my ‘congratulations’ for your efforts. I dig it, artwork, format, concept etc.. all of it. Thank you.
      I recall the change from the old site and I had a moment early days about the log in field where I couldn’t see it props but it’s been tweaked and y’know it’s integrated very well and my ‘concerns’ (hehe – like 1st world concerns need first place right!) have faded long ago so it’s adjustment and it’s also pertinent to remember it’s not mine/anyone else’s creative direction or dictatorship. Rather, it is yours and it’s quite ok to express it as you feel it. There is an incredible gift given in living one’s truth that role models/allows another to live theirs or ignore it, to step up or to complain or whatever. Said with no judgement as I have played all sides of the spectrum but really you’ve done a great job and there is nothing to complain about imo. I really do applaud your efforts and love Pluto as well being a centaur and a horse-woman of olde and … well just re-reading above ‘put it back to the old way’ and.. musing on the zap zone et al. The old way is gone isn’t it? We are moving to the new and we can choose ease or dis-ease/discomfort. The earth is evolving and just keep doing what you do xxx
      PS – I have to say I’ve not spell checked or reviewed so if this offends or incites anyone .. apologies just my pov.

  3. My beagle mix was six weeks old in mid July when she was adopted, so my best guess is she is a Gemini. And she acts it to a tee. She’s very quick witted and understands vocal cues better than other dog I’ve met. Super sociable to the point that she ignores her humans when there are strangers or other friends in the room. conversely will get into weird funks where she turns her back on us and glares out the window for a few min. Those are usually short lived and she will eventually prance back into my arms when I least notice it.

  4. My former cat was born sometime in April and more Aries than is imaginable, almost. He and I had an extended war over whether he would tear a hole in my apartment wall. I lost. #bestcatever

    • I just want to say that a client of mine had to have an emergency operation & when he came to, he said to the nurses how amazing it was they had a comfort cat in the operating theatre. And they were like WTF no we don’t but btw we nearly lost you…he felt a cat kneading his chest and could hear this really loud purring + amazing music – so anyway he now thinks it was his long departed cat who was a big time chest kneader/purrer. And that you see them again. One day xxx

      • Oh Im thrilled to think that my old mutt and I will meet again. Although I still have her bounding about my feet and can giggle at my exasperated shouts as she disappeared into some woodland or thicket. Actually her energy is still very present to be fair. But she was a pisces!!!

  5. I couldn’t have picked a more appropriate chart for my bulldog Frankie. She’s got heavy water in her chart. Triple scorpio and lots of fire going on as well. Her moon in aries, venus in scorpio and mars in leo. She super affectionate- i’m talking all day long kisses and cuddling. She will dig her head under my arm to cop a cuddle at any available opportunity. I’ve never had a dog that wants so much attention. But all 70lb is the perfect lap dog for me and I always think she was sent to me for a reason

  6. i was JUST thinking about this yesterday. i’d always thought that my female cat was a libra; a few weeks ago i found her papers and she’s a gemini, born 24 may. her moon is libra, however. not sure of the birth details of our other cat, though he joined the fam in pisces season.

  7. Had a jack Russell. She was my dog as in we hit it off completely and were in total sync. Pisces sun of course. I adored that mutt. She was so utterly cool. Very much her own person but very tuned into me. I sort of never had to utter a word to her. She just knew. Her daughter a Capricorn was a born worrier. And needy and fretful and very intelligent to the point of obsessive. She was super athletic too but I never had the ultimate bond with her that I had with the Pisces. She spent most of her time with my cappi daughter. !

  8. I have a tuxedo cat, male, age 2, that is so jacked up. He was found as a stray as a kitten, and we adopted him from the shelter at 8 weeks old. They guestimated his birthday as 3/16/15. His chart is a wack as he is – Pisces sun, unaspected!, Mars conj Uranus in Aries on the SN and square Saturn in Sagg, Moon in Aqua square Venus in late Aries, serious King of the Jungle issues with Jupiter in Leo. He is a mess and can flip from sweet and loving one minute to holy terror tearing apart your arm the next. He is terrified to go outside, yet is bored out of his mind inside. Seriously nervous disposition, high strung AF. When calm and cuddly, he’s great. When on the rampage, look out! I’ve taught him how to play fetch, though, to give him a fun activity to do, and he loves it. And he sleeps next to my legs every single night like a bedwarmer. Total weirdo but I love him.

  9. My parents had two King Charles Cavaliers, half brother and half sister. The girl was a Capricorn, very stable and reserved. The boy was an aquarius, friendly to the extreme – everyone adored him, and the whole neighbourhood was in mourning when he died. An example I like to give of their differences was when we took them to the beach. The cap would hide by my legs, terrified of losing us and any oncoming dogs were treated with suspicion. The aquarian boy was a social butterfly. Once he was off the lead, we wouldn’t see him for at least an hour as he’d be off meeting and greeting every human dog at that beach…as well as chasing seagulls with the conviction that he was actually going to catch one!!!

  10. My cockerspaniel ‘Phoebe’ is a 0 degrees sun conjunct Uranus in aries. She’s absolutely mental, in a quirky energetic sort of way. She had the name Phoebe before I got her, but I like to think it’s no coincidence that she’s not far off the Friends character Phoebe. Over the years we’ve said “she’s still a puppy, she’ll grow out of this manic phase”…but seven years later and she’s still got energy to burn and bounce around the place. She’s not a cuddly sort, but she has her tender moments – mars in pisces.

  11. My cat Topher was a rescue, along with his sister. I got them on July 30, 2015. They appeared to be about 4 weeks old at the time, so I’m not sure….although he certainly seems very Cancerian! He obviously has great attachment to me and my Mother, definitely has his habits & routines and is probably the most affectionate cat I’ve ever owned. But he also can be very manipulative, lol, and sure knows how to make you feel guilty! I’ve always wished I knew his actual birth date.

  12. Our family Portuguese waterdog is Libran, I must figure out her moon! She’s v Libran down to her alarmingly white teeth, style when effortlessly bounding over the couch/ tall furniture, and love for paper.

  13. I LOVE THIS. Your animal companions are beautiful Mystic!!! And it’s fun to see the odd glimpse of your life! My dog has a Pisces sun and a Capricorn moon and he’s a total mush, but with a kind of seriousness about him. Loves napping, being a guard dog and going on long walks but we can’t take him off leash because he will wander. He definitely has vivid dreams and acts them out in his sleep. I wish I knew my cat’s sign!

  14. Scorpio rescue kitten…devoted and only male companion for 2+ years. When i finally met a human male and had him over, devoted kitty literally sh*t on my pillow and me. AGAIN. …(moved in with the blue healer next door…)

  15. Both our animals are strays, so I must guess. Miranda the cat has big peridot green eyes and is a Tortie. When she wants attention, you are commanded to stop and give the love. Otherwise, please leave her alone thxverymuch. She sleeps on me every night, loves her routine and is rather protective of us. So? Virgo?
    Henry is new to the family, just over a month now. Our neighbour found him running; we think he was abandoned. He’s a year-ish Shit-tzu/PoodleX and is learning to respect Miranda’s space. He has bonded with me and freaks when I leave, sleeps a ton and loves the bedtime. Very needy and very very cute. We’re thinking Capricorn.
    Pix and adventures on IG: @HenryUnderFoot

  16. They said our dog was 6 months when we adopted her in August a few years ago. An Aquarius. She is a beagle mix with jack russell and lab. On the small side and seems to have none of the bad behaviors of any of the above breeds. She is lovely to guests but then goes off to a corner to curl up and rest. Her coloring and the way she holds herself make me think of an early 20th century gendarme. She just seems French to me when she’s at attention! She doesn’t cuddle, generally seems to hate being pet, but when I sit outside on the steps she will sit close, bodies touching, and watch the world out there with me.

  17. What beautiful pets!!! Gorgeous MM. 😀

    We serve two of the most amazing cats – Australian Mists bought for my asd boy (they were the only breed I could find that were bred partly for personality and health).

    The male I chose partly for his astrology. He is a Leo with Sun-Jupe conjunct. Moon in Cancer. Virgo Asc.
    He is sunny, warm and extrovert, as you would expect and of course he is a big sook too. He isn’t too smart as cats go, he was quite premmie – but he is amazing in the etheric realms. Shaman cat! I have had him in on sessions of energy healing with clients who love cats. He has jumped on clients as they describe the location of a block and nuzzled at the very area described, attacking tension and generating healing. He’s also VERY good looking. Big green eyes, butter gold coat with cinnamon ear tips and marble swirled coat.

    The female might as well be an incarnation of Bast Herself. She is Capricorn Sun and Virgo Moon (with Taurus Rising) – earthly harmony. She’s a great purrer, little engine in her throat. She is very smart and can open doors and has wrapped around her paws.
    But if she isn’t being cuddled adequately she will throw herself at your feet mid stride, wriggling about showing her tummy until you pat her. She is soooo sweet, incredibly affectionate and tolerant of being dragged around like a plush toy by my boy.
    She is lilac spotted with a coat that is creamy apricot underneath to pinkish purple grey on top with huge mint coloured eyes. She is Divine Love. We are all besotted by her. She is a great healer but she only heals our family. She spent hours in bed daily with my asd son for a few months when he needed her.

    Recently she got lost for a day, we went out yelling her name, completely beside ourselves. About 500 metres away in school grounds I heard her in the distance crying. Another 300 metres away I found her up a huge elm tree. She cried for half an hour and then scrambled down. She was so loud a man came running from far away as he thought it was a baby! Which she is, she’s only 2 years old.

  18. My precious dog is a Leo, appropriately named Rex. He has a regal bearing and is beautifully symmetrically colored. My observations of Leo/Cap (me, in this case) relationships always appear to have some emotional friction. If I were a less secure person I would have developed a complex where he’s concerned- he’s very attritional when it comes to getting or not getting the attention he wants. He will literally turn his back on me as a show of disapproval but will come hunt me down if I pay attention to something else. Probably a reflection of his Cancer Moon. I love him but he’s emotionally high maintenance.

  19. My kits are Ginger- they were born April – but are strays so it’s all anecdotal.

    She is très jalouse of any other girls- including my son’s girlfriend. But she warmed up eventually.

    She narrows her pretty green eyes and – looks daggers. Maybe she’s a Scorp Moon. LOL!

    Both are very affectionate and loyal to each other and to us.

    But spotting an intruder on the home turf- en garde! The hissing is fierce!

  20. I miss every dog I’ve had something to do with. 2 Shepherds. 2 Black Labs. A Dal. I stayed with my son who has a German Short Haired Pointer. He reckons it went to the bed l slept in for days after l left. I dont know it’s astro. I must get another dog to find me. Something really genuine about them.

  21. I SO WISH I had the birth details of my cat! All I know is she was born ‘in the winter’, according to my brother, so that doesn’t leave much to go on. She was such a magical little being. She was my family/my familiar for 14 years. I still grieve her, it’s been 11 years…

    She was a long hair tabby, what we might call a Maine coon or Norwegian forest cat and definitely loved being outside. She was so smart and agile and an ace hunter, and all round badass, but so loving and sensitive and telepathic and cuddly with me. She used to get up on the roof of any house we lived in, and we also lived together in a treehouse in the redwood forest for many years. I think maybe she was the love of my life, and somehow my guardian angel at the same time.

    I was born ‘in the winter’, too, so maybe she and I had some overlapping astro…

    • Oh, I love Maine Coons!! They are so sweet and intelligent. When I went to some cat shows I was really in awe of how HUGE some of the purebred ones are. I like the low maintenance aspect of my cat when it comes to size and fur (no shedding with Rexes) but if I ever move out of the city I would love to get a Maine Coon.

      • Aw! 🙂 Yes, they are bigger cats and have a LOT of fur, so they look even bigger. They’re adapted to be in the snow, and have a lot more fur on their undersides. My cat had layers and layers of fur, but she didn’t shed as much as you would think. She spent a lot of time outside, though, so maybe she shed there, and she was fastidious about grooming herself, so maybe that helped. I would get another cat like this in a heartbeat but can’t have any pets in this apartment..

        I checked out your kitty! So cute! Yeah, I can see where the short hair would come in handy in a city apartment, for sure!

  22. Our little sweet mini dog was a Pisces, and I think he had a very adventurous moon. But very attached to his favourite people. After he discovered cars, which meant New Horizons, he was 110% committed to the road trip. His favourite walks were the equivalent of 100 dog-kilometres (60 dog-miles). As a terrier his bloodlust was formidable but his exploits were limited to soft toys, which he eviscerated with Darwinian satisfaction. Although I’m fairly sure that trait extends to most born under the sign “dog”… 🙂

  23. PS: Totally off topic.
    @Mystic will we get a post on Saturn sq Sun as you have passed the exacted degree of it?
    I am really curious. Sorry to be a nag 🙂

    • Yes when time permits! I am focusing on the final few Astro Passages for people who ordered them but definitely…I also am thinking a lot about ERIS and i think Persephone makes more sense. I really do. Will elaborate later.

  24. Mine are strays so I don’t know.
    My idea, based on the “extimated number of months” that the vet told me when I found them (in separate momemt) is that Bruno (male cat, 3 years old) is a Libra and Nina (female cat, 8 months old) is an Aries.
    And they totally fit the portrait: Bruno is super social, he loves people and he’s very good looking. Everyone that sees him goes on and on on how good looking his rare green eyes are.
    Also he’s very picky with food and how his litter must be fresh and spotless.
    Nina on the other hand is pure Aries: she has to be the first eating or using the litter, regardless of the fact that Bruno is older and male and – in animal realm – should be respected by her.
    Also she’s restless, always needs to move and she’s totally reckless and wants to jump off the balcony; she scared me half to death several times, before loosing interest and move to a new subject: the curtains.

  25. Devastated if i see a dead bird on the road or possum yet, injured- to- the- point -of- dead peoples do not affect my psyche ….mmmm, a Saggi trait maybe, a preference for animals to humans?

    That sweet smooth head in pix looks like a Golden Retriever, the blondes of the dog world i call them. Adore them, beautiful natures.

    Thought my dog was a Sagg as she loves to run, jump up into trees, yes, trees, big morten bay fig muthers, or any tree with an accessible fork under 4 feet from the ground.
    Yet she a Pisces, can see by the soulful eyes and her dramatic and vocal dreams, she sure active in them, fighting demons on my behalf, keeping me safe. Introducing her to beach soon so will she is she swims like a fish…..
    Could get her time of birth but sufficient to say she is an extremely sensitive alpha female who approaches every dog she meets with a ‘wanna play-wanna run- wanna have fun’.
    #women that run with the pit bulls.

    • Not necessarily just Saggi Pegs!

      It breaks my heart a little bit each time I see dead animals on the road, I’ll stop and scare away possums before they cross if I see them, held up a line of traffic behind my car when I stopped to catch a young kookaburra that had dived down and hit its head on my bonnet -actually 3 times stopped the traffic for birds who were getting run over but couldn’t get there in time. I was standing with tears pouring down my face and each time other women stopped their cars too to comfort me… The kooka ended up fine though, I took him to the vet straightaway. also have a magnet for scooping up runaway dogs and getting them back to owners safely.

      I have stopped and helped persons in distress too obviously, but I do wayyy prefer animals.

      My piscean/sagg moon staffy girl was a total life changer for me.

  26. My dog is Aquarius sun with a Leo moon. She is friendly to all yet also aloof to everyone but her closest friends (animals and humans). She prefers to sit in her window on her own terms unless she thinks someone is having a bad day, then she will sit with the person ALL day as a support animal. She is so compassionate when she thinks someone is hurting but otherwise prefers her own space!
    Her Leo moon makes her so photogenic. She somehow understands that her picture is being taken and poses for the camera. She also loves to be told that she is pretty.

    • My word. This sounds like my Aqua man. Utterly drop dead stunning and will nurture before he’s realised he’s doing it but prefers to be alone !

  27. The love my life is my cat Ed.. He is a Pisces sun, Aqua moon 13/03/00 – he looks much like the cat in the photo but has more pronounced features and just a weird symmetry that seems to distort and play on his physical features. He is strikingly handsome and very identifiable. He entered my life when I moved house ten yeas ago. Firstly I’d just see him just hanging about on the street and after a while I found he was sleeping in my bed while I was at work. Then I noticed he had a complete monopoly on the street – everyone was feeding him even though he had a home with a family further up. He would do the rounds and visit everyone in the evenings. Anyway cut a long story short he did finally move in with me – permanently – and its always felt like he takes care of me more than I take care of him. He is really in to manners and being polite. (sounds mad I know) He has nursed me when I’m sick with his paw placed on my arm, and cuddles and kisses me when I come home from work everyday. I’ve owned a few cats but never like him. Has has been the most caring, intuitive and just a gentle sweetheart. I love him so much. But might I add I believe he only moved in with me as I have always given him complete freedom to roam as he pleases.

  28. My Cornish Rex kitten I have had for a month is a Sun-Mercury Gemini with an Aqua moon. I definitely see the Aqua moon in this one… the breed is known for being hyperactive and needy but ours is a little more detached than the average Rex. She likes checking situations out before diving into them and she’s not traumatized when we leave the house like I’ve heard other Rexes can be. Which is good! A great balance. I guess I see the Sun-Mercury in Gemini, she has the cutest voice… loves to talk but it sounds like a fast paced chirping instead of a yowl.

    You can see pics of her on *her* Instagram, username: missrubyrex . Yeah, I’m *THAT* person now lolll

    My parents’ cat is a Virgo and I totally see that in him, he is sort of princely in a judgemental way. He likes everything just so and has his look of disdain down haha.

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