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Welcome to New Saturn City!

Saturn has been in Capricorn for less than 24 hours and is already tangible. Remember; Saturn in Capricorn is strong. It radiates conviction and self-determination. Structural instability in any dimension is obvious. Saturn in Capricorn is a reality flashpoint. Regardless of your chronological age, it favours wisdom and maturity.  All around us is evidence of people thinking in terms of foundation and turning more pro.

One example from an author client who said i could share this:

“I feel real clarity around moving forward with my life. I said to a friend that I feel like I¹ve been letting relationships choose me, instead of the other way around. So that¹s one thing I want to change. And I want to give more credit to the voice inside of me that tells me when something does or doesn’t feel right for me.”

And this from an email exchange with my friend + client Marcella Kroll – an amazing and gifted intuitive sorceress whose work i whole-heartedly recommend. We are solar twins and have both just completed Saturn square Sun. We were talking about how i feel like the area i live in is for a former version of me and how Saturn in Capricorn means everything is felt viscerally, in our very bones, gut instinct and all.

“This is the time to get all that old identity shit out the way, and stepping it way up!! I’m feeling an upgrade all the way for you. And yes I am feeling the same boat about living near all the cool bars when sober, and how it doesn’t matter anymore. It doesn’t inspire us, nor does it nourish us, so why hold on? The old identity likes to hang on/out and haunt us sometimes. I think we need to remember to tell our former selves that its safe to move on and it’s more than deserving to invite in higher level of exchange in our day to day. It’s time!”

And from another Mega Mystic person, Syrena;

“As I’m writing this, Saturn has a little less than an hour left in my sun sign of Sagittarius. I optimistically (see sun sign in previous sentence) thought it would be out of here this morning, not having read the times of the actual transit. I wrote my little musing comment on the post this morning before I understood Saturn wasn’t done with me, yet.

Maybe an hour later, cue my boss telling me I’ve been doing my job wrong for three months – because I followed a set of instructions she gave me – and now oh no, it’s making the whole project (her) look bad! So, cue a monstrous amount of last-minute catch up work that I have to do as soon as humanly possible, in a last-ditch effort to save my job. Never mind about all those “Meets Expectations” performance reviews you’ve got! You’ve been fuqing it up the whole time! (Mercury Rx has something to do with this, I’m sure, but Saturn has a habit of pulling this shit on me.)

So, that’s been my day. Back pain, delirium from forgetting to eat, and two failed attempts at making tea were among the lessons to learn today. Most crushing, however, was the realization that I really, genuinely could not finish it all today, and I must go to bed so I can finish it in the morning.

If that’s not the most Saturn thing I’ve ever heard of, I couldn’t tell you what is. Every time I think maybe we’re done – even for a short while – it’s got one more thing up its sleeve. 

I wanted to thank you again, because finding your site has been the single most valuable thing I’ve found for navigating this obstacle course. Learning to manage Void Moons and Dark Moons alone has done wonders for me. I look forward to seeing where things go from here.”

YES – Saturn Vibe is so often crazy-real-life-time/number crunching deadline pressures combined with existential realisations. Throw in some joint pain or a dental/tax issue and voila Saturn Juice.  And so Saturn in Capricorn is currently flanked by the Sun, Lilith and Eros – it’s Warp Core Intensity Saturn 2000 and there is real fierce joy in confronting everything as is.

I keep coming back to the core concept of foundation – of how nothing we build, no matter how amazing, contemporary or visionary will work if the foundations are rotten/fake/poor quality. And every relationship, every ambition now has to be assessed with that in mind.

Thoughts?  How are you finding New Saturn City?

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99 thoughts on “New Saturn City

  1. Oh my god. Just reading through half the comments makes me lol. Why am i just here now??

    Went to the dentist and was told i needed $2,000. Lmaooo count me in, saturn

  2. With Saturn bearing down on my 6H 2° Saturn I’m feeling it. No fixed address (read no consistent cooking regime) and very little money. I’ve gotta get back to my Ayurvedic diet. Crap food is killing me. The sparrow farts tomorrow.

    • the problem is that sandwich shops are now clad in timber and charge triple for a leaf thing with superfood (lol) when all one wants is a basic bitch salad sanga with brown bread and avo on pre sliced square bread for $7 tops, is it that hard? I don’t need stone ground rye, sure it’s great but when a sandwich costs the better part of $20 you start to think… geffukt wankers

  3. Saturn City here I come!

    Part of me is not sure though, 5th House? Doesn’t sound like much fun.

    The day it entered my 4th I had massive upheaval and the transit over and back over then stationing on Mars for freaking ever was more difficult on the work front

    That is feeling less fraught even the difficult person plus the new uber young graphic designer (her new bff) with a seriously obnoxious personality who is the latest member the “gang” of girl women – it’s an even bigger bludgefest than ever but I don’t feel so affected

    I do still want to leave but know this job is perfect for me it’s just the palatable apathy of the millennials that takes the fun out

    But hey, here comes Saturn to support us hardworking Virgos who been squared for YEARS – the future is here

    My Cap 5th House has no planets so that’s a good thing – maybe my hobby design biz with sister go’s pro or a stable romance could even happen?

    All I want for Christmas is stability

    • Apathy of milenniels lol. I also find that wearing… but I do know a lot of young people who are hard working and conscientious as well. Let’s face it bludgers of any age are a pain in the arse. Bad apples at work really get on my goat but maybe you can detach and/or expose their slackness to the bosses? In a helpful way of course.

      • Duuuude, i’ve got a not nearing enough retirement age “working to the daily calendar reminders” obstructionist piece of old furniture on my team, too!

        Gotta love the daily calendar reminders while we’re all focused on something else, though. Bigger picture or micro focus stuff needs a bit of a slap to our backsides. Just wish it wasn’t so vocal and …ok, vocal is ok, but maaaaaaan, do you have to be so freaqn time consuming and repetitive? Thanks just seems to feed the Libran-Social-Grease Politness machine along with the year of the Rooster need to be king of the walk “I found this! I heralded this petty bit of bs!” All of it is necessary, but so so fqn trivial it should just take a quick walk in the park. We run on deadlines, so the rest of us with more thoughtful shit to do just cop a whale-load of noise-fqery for precious chunks of time.

      • And, yeah, made a bite the bullet plan of bringing the twenty-year fqrel in plain sight to the bosses, who did act…

        …thanks to them i got an overload of (that person’s) work in the last part of the year.

        Mind you, if you want to go the long rope strategy, it’s the first time they had to skill up in a different area, even though they didn’t actually SKILL up, just made themselves some other department’s piece of shit, which i tried so hard not to do. (Shunting them off was my boss’s idea and i said that wasn’t fair for anyone else. We’ll deal with it in-house. Didn’t mean i’ll do their fqn job for them!)

      • I know I know, have had really lovely workmates now longterm friends of decade and a half younger and worked with bludgers older than me – it is the culture of the place more than anything

        I felt like I spent the entire year telling the boss what was going on only to realise the only person who looked bad was me. No one like the whistle blower

        The bosses right hand tells everyone around 3 weeks after they start that she has come from a big corporate job and us just here for a rest so what happens is they all wind up on a reeeeaaaaalllly long rest

        He is his own worst enemy, not coming in every day til after 11am, they know no one is watching and think he deserves it cause he’s not there to manage his own business

        I have come from the fashion industry (now basically gone) where everyone had to work really hard, a lot of unpaid overtime and periods of deadlines and delivery windows.I also work for myself so have more respect for someone who has built there business from scratch and is working into the night when no one is there to see

        it’s up to me how I react and what thoughts I think and it’s best to ignore the time wasters and do the best I can

      • You would think so….. but no, what happens is the try and slide their work and responsibilities onto to me and I even end up doing it because I know otherwise the customers orders will be late / wrong / completely missed

        That was the Merc Retro from Hell and I felt like I had to push the orders uphill by myself or people’s Christmas presents or 50th Birthday tees would all end in tears or worse bad reviews on Google…. you cannot get rid of those

        • YOTF, your (more kindly worded) response makes me feel less doubt about that situ i described (with what my current, more rested self sees as unnecessary invective, except that it showed my frustration built over the work year.)

          Would like to add that the person i referred to appeared to try to make improvements through the year. For whatever reason, and even if my gut tells me there’s a stronger element of survival rather than dedication, that is fine, since each and every one of us does need to ensure our own survival in the workplace.

          Looking back on the astro as you did, makes me think about the impact of Merc Retro and Saturn stuff on that person: it must be hard to feel like you’re doing everything possible and taking hits for your own very public incompetence, even if there might be elements of that incompetence that are pure resistance. And especially so if your resistance is Passive, and therefore not consciously acknowledged or perhaps too private and painful to explain.

          These thoughts i’ve flashed on before. But because the resistance was so much in my way (or more importantly, the team/the work’s way) i felt guilty for even the slightest of expression of my frustration. Anyway, this situ will continue in some form or another i’m sure, as we start a new working year.

          My hope is that i can forgive myself for not dealing with it perfectly, for being human in the face of very difficult behaviours from some on my team, for finding it hard to deal with the overload and the obstructions to smooth sailing. I can now see for myself, with gratitude for the many who supported my decisions and management last year, that i didn’t do such a bad job at it. Some things are problems that can be fixed, and others are eternal challenges, depending on the power/authority you have to effect solutions in varying circs.

          Especially when the final success is all about the client.

          Our work is different, i’m sure, as are our styles but i feel a fellow “soldier”. Thanks for that! I wish for a bright and resilient working 2018 for you, with whatever reprieves and good outcomes can be possible! Sending (working) Love 🙂 xx

  4. Yes, I reckon I felt it. I reckon I’d been waiting for it.. counting it down perhaps.. so have to temper my response with what it real and what was anticipated and made real but yes… I reckon I felt it.

    Dream-scape changed and got more prophetic. I started some north node essences to pull me out of my SN solar funk on the solstice. Sense of determination solidifying. Tolerance to be fuq’d with diminishing – rapidly. I’m clear and by that I mean clear on the division that I have internally and the task to hold a centre point of juxtaposed ideals. That’s my thing it seems.. sighs.. but there is a little bit more grit, just a touch more timeliness and a slight sense of semblance to it all as it weaves itself into a workable form. Structure eh… all creativity requires structure and I’m reminded yet again.

    All of the comments in this post have offered contemplatory morsels. Thank you.

  5. Just started an upgraded, more autonomous, better paying job to help me finally establish a sound financial foundation so priority/goal number one got checked off.

    Within a week of starting, the very next priority/goal made itself loudly known. I have plans for a complete dietary overhaul right after the holidays but my body is letting me know in no uncertain terms that it needs better food right NOW.

    Saturn does not have time for your excuses about Christmas treats and family feasts.

  6. Hmmm.. Looking back and noticing the following:

    The guy I was seeing and I just crumbled. I had told my Dad about him and Dad met this guy as well. My Dad was very supportive in me saying “Good-bye” to this guy.

    I am unemployed because my contract work ended on 11/17/17 and now i wait to see what comes up in 2018.

    My Dad gave me my Christmas card but I wanted to wait to open it on Christmas day. He said to me “I hope what I gave you helps you out enough”…. I did not want to speculate. But my excel spreadsheet budget was causing me distress so I open his Card….. I cannot believe how much money he gave me. NEVER in my 52 years of life has he EVER handed that much over to me. I will be okay for awhile.

    I just moved back to my home officially in November after living in another state because of my job that was over 1000 miles away. 2017 was horrible for me and not expecting to be living away from home as I did. I signed the contract for the job working from my home. The tables turned quickly and I had to live there. I was a mess. Wore myself out, got Shingles in April, got Sciatica and now onto recovery. January is when I jump into treatments for my sciatica where I cannot walk very well with being pain.

    My home is being worked on (porch) so all of my plants are stuffed in my apartment. I feel like I am boxed in. My place is a mess but slowly working on a lot of stuff I had to leave behind being away for a year and a couple of months. A lot to do but I am not working so I should be moving mountains to get my place back in an organized fashion.

    It horribly sad that I am dealing with breast cancer and they can’t give me anything that will take care of this issue. The first attempt in 2009 was the biopsy where they popped the cancer cell and it has spread and taken over my breast to the injection site. Now they want to do another biopsy. After what happened the first time… I don’t think I want them to push this condition further and faster. I don’t know why they don’t know what is going on. So, I am facing this head on.

    Let’s hope Saturn in Capricorn is a good move. Saturn in Sagittarius was life changing with the last 3 years being a little trying. Job, relationships and home was all over the place.

    Now that I have time I need to check out Astro Hacks to see if can understand things better.

    Virgo Sun, Libra Rising, Leo Moon…

    • New year solstice blessings to you Flowerchild. Yay for Dad’s helping out financially (my Dad still helps me out, given my long time casual employment, part time study 2010 – 2013, and desire to follow my art rather than the dollar…

      Best of luck with the cancer… maybe they will work out a cure in the next few years, who knows. Practice radical self care. I know I speak for everyone here when I say, I am here for you. Sending love

      • Thank You Dear Gemyogi… didn’t know how people would take my cancer talk. It is what it is.

        With Astrology, this cancer thing hit in 2009 when it was in my 12th house. I can’t find Mystics descriptions but Googling it says “That which is hidden or below the surface, karma, self-undoing, soul growth, hidden strengths and hidden weaknesses, dreams, private affairs, lost items, hospitals and prisons, spiritual studies.” Weird that Hospital is in there. My condition was not visible but was told I might have cancer. With Saturn in Sagittarius and since August 2016 I was working for a pharma company that makes generic chemo therapy drugs. Really? I was surrounded by chemo products. My condition started showing it’s ugly head. Then I went for a visit with a cancer research org near me to see what they could tell me. The guy I was seeing went with me. Nada… Same crap information given to me. “We don’t know until we do a biopsy”… Really? I did it once and it spread after the injection. Thanks dear Surgeon. So, who knows. I just wonder how my condition relates to the planets changing..

        Will spend some time with the Astro Hacks to see if i can piece it together because I just don’t know who to go to.

        Sorry for including all of this emotional stuff to your post to me. Not asking for a response, but putting my thoughts on paper.

        2018 Good Wishes to you…. Thank you!

        • We really are here for each other, you are brave and open and this is the place to feel free to release things into a safe space

          All the best to you Ellie I am glad you can have to time to heal. Breast Cancer didn’t get my Mum and have big hope!

    • Virgo Ellie, sending you blessings and something fresh. Keep in mind herbs to help the energies flowing – you know chemicals so you’ll understand they are just a molecular type of growing and living thing, just as you are, and not a placebo or cure. Lovely baths and scents of pure oils can be good for your frame of mind and physical relaxation amongst the weeds of worry. Who knows, you may even chance upon something that smells wonderful and new if you are able to pop into a good place that offers quality oils.

      Wishing you the best of sweet grounding and care. Cancers necessitate medical procedures that are so invasive, though they can do so much for breast tumours, and it is most likely in the gentle care of your general self, from head to toe, that you can find the wherewithal to manage the thought of, and the effects from treatments. Whatever you decide to do, wishing you the very best healing xxxx

      Oh a small random thought is to bring home any adornment, body care or bedroom/living space item that catches your eye, though you may think right now that nothing does in the face of this. As you go, there may be some item that looks a treat.

  7. I’m super loving it so far! Saturn in Sag (my ascendant) was great for transformations but the last couple weeks have been H E A V Y.

    Saturn right now is opposite my Cancer Sun in the 7th (also conjunct my natal Saturn). I thought this would be brutal and maybe it will be but maybe this is when I harness that Saturn power and finally bust myself out.

    I do feel a lot more steady re my relationships and what I want.

    • That is, my Cancer sun in 7th is conjunct my Cancer Saturn in the 7th. I was bracing myself for hell but so far I feel very me and very strong.

  8. Cap sun, Libra rising, Saturn in Cancer in my 10th with Venus and Mercury in Cap (4th) — I am LOVING this so far. I’m already Saturn ruled, but I’m just watching the dead weight drop off already and feeling invigorated. Have witnessed 2 different meltdowns from disorganized entitled colleagues in the past day and am savoring the order of it all.

  9. *Looks at comment thread above* My I’m chatty this morning. Go Libra sun with a Gemini ascendant!

    Anyway, all the airiness above aside, I have a ton of earth in my chart. There’s four planets in Virgo (Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, and Pluto as well as my Moon in Taurus). So earth action feels pretty comfortable to me. Saturn has moved into my seventh house (partnerships), so I’m hoping that it’ll help the career changes that I made while Saturn was in Sagittarius (good sign for that) solidify into a path that keeps me on a solid financial footing for the rest of my working life. (Yes, partnerships can also be romantic, but I’m coming to terms with the idea that I’m probably pretty ace, so I’m looking toward the professional partnerships instead.) If nothing else, Saturn is no longer conjunct Mars in my chart, so that’s a relief.

  10. I have a lot of Saturn influence in my chart so I have been feeling this A LOT. I almost walked out of my (increasingly insane) job on Monday and have been feeling awful, doomladen, hopeless about it all for weeks. But almost exactly coinciding with Saturn into Capricorn (and near enough the beginning of my first Saturn Return, though I have a few months before it’s exact) I had a bit of an epiphany. I realised I don’t care anymore about getting a well paid, secure job like the one I have now. This is weird for me because, true Cap, material goods have always been important to me and I feel very unstable at the thought of not earning X amount every month and being able to afford nice things when I want (within reason, of course).

    Suddenly it has become increasingly clear to me that what I want to do is take a part time job that will allow me to pay my rent and use the rest of the time to do freelance work and work on my writing. And when I crunched the numbers… I could do it, pretty easily, if I cut back on the frivolities. I need a whole lot less to live on than I thought I did.

    To me this line of thinking doesn’t necessarily fit with my understanding of Saturn/Cap vibes – surely I should be vibing increased financial security, not suddenly wanting less of it? But then maybe it’s the increased abundance of time that’s making all my saturnine neurons ping like crazy… Thoughts, anyone?

    • Doesn’t Saturn reward one for setting up a solid financial foundation? Rather than running off to live in a cabin in the woods with a stack of notebooks and a dream, it sounds like you’ve worked to set up a sensible situation where you can live a well thought out, fiscally viable dream. Go you!

    • Increased financial security isn’t necessarily a bigger salary or profit. An executive job may be unsustainable because of working so many hours and not having time to plan, tend relationships and yourself, cook, keep fit, have time to rest etc. A part time job that allows you to explore your writing is a great idea. I find working full time means you spend weekends doing household chores and recovering. Squeeze in a few social occasions and you’re burning the candle at both ends…

  11. Yes, I’ve been in my own private little l’hermitage for the past year, it has been nothing but work. Mainly work as work & work as therapy, but I thought I’d chime in as a long lost voice ex-Hades etc.

    So here we are, Saturn in Cap on my 7th.. I’d returned last year to the plastics farm lured back by the Saggable boss via his sidekick the Control Top Leo, the premise being that what with the farm in the works of a sale & all, they needed little old moi back to introduce some professionalism instead of you know, the usual animals running riot. Odd to think that I spent 15 yrs in that place, left for 2 & have now been back coming up on another year ending on January 3rd. I agreed as you gather.

    In the course of the year, some of the guilty parties who were much of the reason for my exit had reformed & some hadn’t, but it’s clear all around that a new regime & longed for standards are much needed. At last the sale became final December, cue the Libran SuperBoss – who for a Libran is making pretty clear decisions left and right, using words like “prioritization” etc… Wasn’t sure what he thought of me but I’d accosted him his first day with my department’s critical project that had been badly sabotaged by lack of support from other parties & at least from that it’s tres clear we’re both from the Get It Done camp.

    Talk about structure! Could I break this down into a spreadsheet he asked ? I had my Gannt out before he could say boo, and clearly as a Virgo Riser Sun in 10th house Cancer, it’s the wettest I’ve been in months. I was on spreadsheet crack and whiffing a full on planning high.. I thought that was it with the Saturn shebang. But today we ended up letting 15 of our production staff go, mainly due to pre-existing documentation issues. The Saggable Boss who very obviously wants to retire bemoans the whole issue as “why didn’t they do what they needed to do”, conveniently glossing over the fact that becoming part of a much bigger corporation had compliance requirements writ large.

    I’m annoyed. Other staff are in tears & the office is whipped up into blame storming,,, but what did they expect? Had we not sat in management meetings before the acquisition worrying about details like this and NOT doing anything about it ? I realize too my ire is due to how the loss of livelihood for all 15 men is PRECISELY why I stand ground on regulatory issues they’ve made difficult for me over the years.

    Saturn doesn’t fuck around and clearly the message is, neither should you.

    • Oh, lordy, I hate situations like that! In a previous job that happened more than once.
      Me: We have to do the thing for reasons x, y, and z.
      Them: Yeah, we should probably do the thing.
      Me: So, doing the thing, how would you like that to happen, oh people who control funding for same?
      Them: Yeah, we should probably do the thing.
      Me: Indeed. And . . . ?
      A year passes.
      Fire rains from the sky.
      Them: Oh, God, why didn’t we do the thing?
      Me: *holds fire-proof umbrella over head while banging said head on desk*

    • Long time no FA… ! I was wandering through old posts and missing ppl…

      (Maybe it’s me who should move on, ha)

      It’s all so obvious and no one ever listens! Organisational apathy giving itself a double foot amputation thru no due diligence and then wonders why it faceplants into the dirt, oh dear.

  12. I am optimistic because I have a plan. Ditching some cube farm hours to focus on completing the academic thing I left unfinished years ago. Yes, less money coming in but I see it as an investment of time in my future at relatively low risk, and by eliminating all the unnecessary expenditure I will barely feel it.
    Taking proper steps to rid the cube farm of the Grand Psychopath who has been terrorising my team for the past 11 months.
    Upping my bodywork practice and ditching the blue devil for good. Have been months BD-free but some has crept in during Festivus 🙂
    Natal Lilith and Eros in Cap anyway along with moon and Juno, 5th house. It feels like a homecoming of sorts.

    • I feel like you’re in a good place to conduct anti terrorism operations at the cube farm. Strong Chrysalis!
      We live in a world where cashola is important, and I am glad you seem to have found a way to maintain your worldly needs and cap moon happiness requirements alongside other cjrysalis awesomeness x

  13. I have always disliked Christmas too. Am a bit of a hermit and am an unrepentant cat lady – with only one kitty as he doesn’t play well with other cats.

    Am middle aged and only just coming to grips with my poor – literally- attitude to money. Have worked my guts out for decades for not for profit group and its slavedriver director. Have only realised the error of my ways in trying to please someone broken (director of group) in last few years. Gradual process. Capricorn rising. Venus in Capricorn, 12th house – insert joke here.

    Had mostly vile childhood. Feel though as though I’ve made enormous strides during Saturn in Sagittarius- apart from the last few days when I’ve felt a bit maudlin about the people i’ve realised (or who’ve ghosted me during this time).

    Was just wondering whether there’s a final exam about all of the things we’ve learned during Saturn in Sag? If so, I I haven’t studied for it!

    • Ha yeah I feel like I read 20 articles on Saturn in Sag in the past few weeks like, “did I get it all??”

      Now I’m kind of feeling like I did.

  14. It’s slowly kicking in and I already love it.

    Can’t wait for Mercury Retro to end, though: I am sure the air will be much cleaner even with the whole “shadow zone” safe measures and all.

  15. I feel such a huge shift in life appearing. Something that I have not felt since Saturn was last here was when I qualified at the career I have held for 30 years. Time to transfer my skills I am thinking and going all out for global life. It may mean and will mean I leave a few folk behind, but bizarre coincidences have happened, daughter has found a brilliant job paying her more than me, so suddenly I’m free to go live my life again. And into my life steps a passport to the globe, who I will meet on Saturday. Watch this space

  16. I’m drinking sparkling rose because it’s Friday and I just finished work amd it’s sunny and warm and i am looking forward to Saturn in cap in my 7th house. Worst case? I get fired and meet dour biz partners and have some kind of legal crap to handle. Best case?I work with cool, responsible, aware, simpatico (+ lowkey spunky) biz partners who talk straight and love collaborating and getting the job done.
    Possibly also because 2 of my friends met their big time lover during this transit, but also for the cosmic support from the Capricorn Desk while I get into more official working relationships in his new life that I’ve been building (DIY, always a task hahaha) since 2014 ish! #future
    Happy weekend to all. Thank you mystic for your incredible work and generosity, Saturn suits you <3 😉
    Let saturnalia begin! *waves goaty flag*

      • Cheers guys! Haha xx
        Believe me it takes work to rejoin the human race, I think the end of year antics are me running a slightly louche affront for triggering a vibe shift.. Change your mind, change your life! Etc. Easy to say, only we know when we are at a place where we feel strong enough to do that.. I have realised that my grinch tendencies were psychologically counterproductive.. surely a Libra node means I am allowed to build a social life into my future 🙂 x
        Not to mention the usu summer lull cappy planning

    • Nice! I was sharing sparkling rosé with my book group about 8 hours after Saturn entered Capricorn. Sparkling rosé! The unexpectedly Saturnine tipple! Hope you see the best case come through for you.

    • I reckon that’s a huge possibility – Saturn is about enduring connections built from the ground up, yes? At least that’s what I’m telling myself as Saturn heads for my moon, lol.

      How lovely to have a sparkling toast to yourself at the end of a hard-but-ultimately-good transit. xx

      • Yeah I hope so! And doubly so for you, all your moon transits precede mine so I kind of read your words as my weather vane… I hope you don’t mind!

        I do feel like Chiron trumped Saturn big time, or maybe it’s not done to can’t rank planets like that, when everything is so exact on things in one’s chart!

        Just think of that yummy Jupiter Neptune trine this year, off setting or at least offering a yummy vision for your moon, sextile both of them (ish?), maybe Saturn can really be the earth-ing, emotionally grounded manifestation, for such a dreamy set of aspects.

  17. You’re not who you were and you will accept this even if it has to be rammed into you. 😉

    My tarot all week has been very tower/devil in every reading. The same cards surrounding them but in slightly different order. It’s really quite spooky.

    But the subtlest and most defining moment was catching up with an old work colleague from 7 years ago and sitting there and realising…. I’m not that girl. I’m not the same. And not just physically, with added wrinkles and a few stretch marks and a sneaky roll of pastry related tummy fat.
    I don’t worry as much. My priorities have shifted. I finally understand who the most important people in my life are.

  18. I like it. It’s been plan, plan plan. Like life has become one massive sequential to-do list, but I actually love it.

  19. I have a Saturn-rich chart to begin with and the last years have been all Saturn all the time, it seems. I have a Cap moon; Saturn rules 9th and 10th houses as well as influencing the moon-ruled 3rd and 4th. My Saturn lives in Sag in the seventh, so I’ve just lived through my second Saturn return after it beat me up in the sixth house for years. I’m now experiencing age 60 just Pluto hits that Cap moon at 19 degrees.

    I got my job three years ago just when Saturn left Scorpio and entered Sag. It’s been three years of nuclear winter in my life – no relationships, best friends ghosting me, three hours of commuting a day, super stressed, the oldest person by far where I work, feeling more ancient every single day. Anyway, today I got my first raise in 3 years – all of 2.5%. Yet in just the last day or two I felt like I should stop apologizing for what and who I am, and instead of behaving like a marshmallow, acknowledge how tough I am. I’m still here.

      • Well, I admit I’ve had a few total meltdowns in the past couple of months. This year has not been easy. Saturn is in my 8th house until it hits 10 Cap – and looking back, when I was an infant and then around 30, both interesting times. I found myself thinking a lot this week about how my current situation isn’t allowing me to BUILD anything – and realizing how total Saturn/Cap that is.

  20. Oh o! when Saturn is 2′ it will be opposite my Natal Jupiter…. quick! to the Bat phone (aka Astrodienst) …my 31st wedding anniversary (?) AND Chiron almost exact around then too. Is this Good? Is this Bad?

  21. I think I’m loving it so far. It just moved into my 11th house a few weeks ago but wasn’t until the 29th degree that I felt like business picked up, or rather (thanks to Mercury Rx in my 10th) ALL of my long time regulars plus many that I see only once or twice a year, came in inside a month. And this is considering that the minute Saturn entered my 10th house my phone, which had been ringing nonstop for months, went SILENT.
    In relationship news I suddenly have zero desire to pursue anything at all that doesn’t seriously respect me (although I’m also having a few heavy Neptune transits right now and Mercury is going to station ON my Neptune…) but I also suddenly believe in delirious miraculous instantaneous adoration (again. Dear me…). My Venus is at 9 Capricorn and I’m trying to figure out if I’m about to have a serious relationship for the first time in a bajillion years or if I’m never going to have a serious relationship again for the rest of my life but every first or third date is going to send me through five shades of hell.

  22. The work nonsense is finished, thankfully, and I had another conversation with my boss this morning – it was PALPABLY more stable. That’s actually how I’d describe the way most everything feels now, actually. Stable. Capricorn starts my 11th and 12th houses, and with the amount of stuff I’ve got crammed in there, Saturn will be all over my natal Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune before the Saturn Return (TM) in 2020. In the 12th house, too. SHOULD BE FUN!

    After this past week? I’m not even scared. I know what the rules are, now. (Whether I choose to follow them is between me and the Dark Moon.) LET’S DO THIS.

  23. I am personally looking forward to Saturn in Cap, though I will say that I can feel the energy shift already and it’s hecka somber. I do feel that this Saturn round will be pleased with my widsom and maturity that I am bringing to the table.

      • How I started flossing: I have to floss every day but it can be as little as one tooth. Mostly it makes sense to finish the job but you have an out

    • I found keeping an extra floss pkg in my purse or work desk helps.
      Also get the right floss. I have this new floss that is soft and smells like cardamom! It doesnt just immediately cut open your gums.

      • Tip: My dentist told me to not be afraid of making the gums bleed. Said that infection will bleed out and that’s a good thing. Over time the gums toughen up.

        I was always thinking it was bad to be rough but apparently not flossing is much worse.

      • My long-ago lover the Weatherbeaten Virgo had floss stashed absolutely everywhere – in fact this was how I correctly guessed his star sign 🙂 Apart from a stockpile in the bathroom he had some in his car, in the pocket on the couch where he kept the TV remote, the kitchen, his office desk and often in a jacket or jeans pocket. Just in case of a flossing emergency. He is quadruple Virgo.

  24. “Saturn Juice” LOL!!!! It’s a bitter drink innit. One I’ve been drinking my whole life as a Cap Asc.

    That laugher is more hysterical than jovial. I’m juggling two jobs. Contract signed during Merc Rx for the most recent position and it’s a disaster. Need to look for something else but too damn busy to even think about it.

    I’m overworked, exhausted and feeling depressed. Always do around this time anyway. Can’t stand xmas and NY. UGH!!! Just hate it!!!

    I should finally get around to reading some bleak Cormac McCarthy novels so that my life looks rosy in comparison. Haha.

      • Not possible!! Lol.

        Yeah all the fake stuff, and the endless crappy Xmas music. And the fact that everything shuts down and I can’t get a decent coffee (first world probs, I know).

        It’s just not a very happy time for a lot of peeps. It’s very isolating and lonely. Friends go on holidays or spend time with family… etc.
        My family have never really celebrated Xmas anyway. Even if they did it’s not something I’d look forward to. My anxiety levels peak when I’m around them.

        Oh to be rich and escape to an island far away to avoid it all. Then return in Feb when is business as usual. *sigh*

  25. It’s in my 11th. Having massive waves of anger with friends and putting new boundaries in place. The pain is the anger. The new awareness of the size of the anger and when it arises is excellent self awareness of where I sabotage relationships and accountability for my own behavioural patterns. Yes I push people away with my anger but that’s because they are not giving when I need something, even though they have happily taken when I have given. I am learning how to say “step up peeps”. And hoping I can say it earlier and earlier with less and less anger.

        • how does one embrace Uranus? LOL

          Maybe i just need to communicate better so i don’t fly off the handle.

          Or maybe (because Uranus is conjunct Pluto in 8th) it’s my gut telling me it’s time to let that person go anyway.

          As much as it pains my Venus Libra, sometimes there are no nice goodbyes

          • You got it! I have them conjunct at my DC so as you can imagine long term relationships have been errrrr…
            cyclical? Step in step up step out!
            So these days I have just learned the nature of my relationships and know when to shout. Next!

    • Perhaps Saturn will help you build, or rebuild friendships with stronger foundations. I’ve been in the place of realizing my friends were deliberately using me, and it was pretty awful. Here’s hoping you find yourself in a better situation soon.

  26. Re the place no longer fitting: in July 2016 Mystic gave me the adbice to move near the beach. I did so at end of November 2017, just befor tne FM in Gem in my 4th house. It has just been the best thing. I go to the beach daily, sometimes twice a day and it has brought me home, a place of sanctuary. I used to be an inner city girl too, but chic frugal means most of those activities are outside my budget, while Saturn opposite my Gem sun has cleared out the friendship banks over the ladt two-ish years. And, in truth, my tastes have changed.

    A work collesgue who I had not seen for a couple of weeks said I look really happy, relaxed and sun-kissed. It sums up how I feel.

  27. Dentist today. Major work. Will be back 2x in the next month. It’s been long overdue, funny it starts during Merc RX on the 1st day of Saturn in Cap!

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