Moon in Pisces

MOON IN PISCES – for 55 hours
L.A. – Sunday 16.46
NEW YORK – Sunday 19.46
LONDON – Sunday 23.46
DUBAI – Monday 03.46
HONG KONG – Monday 07.46
SYDNEY – Monday 10.46
AUCKLAND – Monday 12.46

L.A. – Sunday 09.22
NEW YORK – Sunday 12.22
LONDON – Sunday 16.22
DUBAI – Sunday 20.22
HONG KONG – Monday 00.22
SYDNEY – Monday 03.22
AUCKLAND – Monday 05.22


AriesAries/Aries Rising


As the Moon crosses the mystical South Node, you experience total recall of the forces that shaped you and of the characters who inspired choices which became ‘destiny’. Random nostalgic flashes are not so random after all and you can draw empowering insights off them. Career Politics are byzantine: either get great at them or avoid utterly. No in-between.

TaurusTaurus/Taurus Rising


Officially the weekend is for some version of chill or to step away from commercial concerns BUT you have the most insanely epic work-biz astral energy all weekend. Even if you are engaging in Taurus leisure pursuits, be open to genius eureka flashes, opportunities and connections being made. If you are working or scheming, congrats on the cosmic alignment.

GeminiGemini/Gemini Rising


Venus square Pluto is laying the groundwork for a relationship or ‘dating’ scene which will be centre stage Nov 18 to 21, when Mars squares Pluto. There is no such thing as a frivolous flirtation or ‘it means nothing’ relationship dialogue with Pluto this engaged. You are also near the end of Saturn in your House of Love; how have you evolved your romance game since 2015?

CancerCancer/Cancer Rising


That Moon in Pisces (see above) is perfect for expansive, educational and daring opportunities. In the meantime, circumstances and conversations are jolting you out of any complacency and providing an opening for dialogue that moves things on…massively, in some cases. Whatever your insecurities, you cannot afford to present old-era or low-vibe/weak positioned right now.

LeoLeo/Leo Rising


The desire to make a significant shift in how you spend your everyday work and health hours is intensifying to the point it’s practically compulsive. This is a useful vibe to tap into as from early 2018, you can upgrade your working environment, albeit with a commensurate increase in responsibility + hours. Recall that one of your classic titles ruler of the jungle. ANY jungle. Do it.

VirgoVirgo/Virgo Rising


Money situations are currently charged with a huge amount of emotion and psychological narrative that may not be altogether helpful for decision making. And, to be clear, it would be better to make big money moves either before mid-Nov or from January onward. Confronting difficult emotions around $$ this weekend will help you identify actually lucrative pathways to take.

LibraLibra/Libra Rising


Leave tricky work moves and negotiating with Qi Vampires until Nov 11 to 18, when Saturn will have moved off the angst-evoking square to Chiron. That little vortex of opportunity is Saturn in league with Uranus, a fantastic time for new hires, getting great advice (not just good) and winning over the opposition. It’s also epic for sparking fresh relationships and rapport building.

ScorpioScorpio/Scorpio Rising


Venus and Mars are in engagement with your ruler Pluto all month, making for a passionate atmosphere and no escape from your authentic feelings. This is not a time when you can continue in anything resembling a holding pattern and your intolerance for mediocrity turns into an aversion. But with Jupiter onside in Scorp you CAN make desirable moves and with class.

SagittariusSaggo/Saggo Rising


Unless you are some sort of epic game-player, don’t try to suddenly immerse into a manipulative scenario this weekend. If you think someone is trying to play you or doing something to get a reaction, deploy your core Sagittarius competency of complete candour. No little sticky venomous arrows of Qi Vamping guilt-tripping toxin lodge in your shining aura of awesome.

CapricornCapricorn/Capricorn Rising


Until the Moon reaches Pisces, you really are in a zesty zone for generating money, making savings and thinking up new styles of abundance. It’s not just innovative Aquarius Moon Vibe, the Galaxy Queen Juno is in Capricorn and advancing toward a rendezvous with Pluto. Your leadership Qi and good judgement energies are increasingly supported. Incoming: fab new people.

TaurusAquarius/Aquarius Rising


You will feel more your self once Saturn moves on from stressing Chiron in your “values” sector – it can be hard to get a grip on your usual self-esteem and/or trust in  your own perceptions with this awkward astral angle triggering all manner of insecurities and long-ago implanted (irrational) vulnerabilities. Mercury-Pluto all weekend is rad for revelatory dialogue and info.

PiscesPisces/Pisces Rising


With this much Pluto Vibe underlying the weekend – your whole month, really – transformations that you would usually baulk at are possible. Not only that you could find the surrender of an old style of living/eating/thinking actually feels desirable. Jupiter in Scorpio is also inspiring a softening of your heart, particularly in areas that you hardened for self-protection. Soon, a sign of this.


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