Venus Conjunct North Node Transit Nuances

Venus conjunct North Node transit

Can a Venus conjunct North Node transit be not just fate-choreographed love encounters but also art, adventure, and a spiritual quest?

Hey MM,

Since Venus represents both love and creativity, could my Venus conjunct North Node transit have more to do with my creativity than my love life?  I ask because I might be leaving Man Central (i.e., the United Arab Emirates, which has a 4:1 male: female ratio – plenty of amazing guys, but none that are inspiring me) for Zambia, where dating doesn’t happen.  

The Venus Vibe would work if it were about my creativity as it relates to my career.  So my Q is: is it possible that I’ll be making love to my career-as-soulmate rather than another-person-as-soulmate when all this magic happens?

The whole thing with a career in central Africa (especially this particular job, as it’s in a school on the edge of a nature preserve) is so Venusian – Garden of Eden, fertile savannah, Mother Nature.  I haven’t yet seen “Mother!” but have heard it has to do with eco-feminism.  Like, the Venus of Willendorf, powerful and bootylicious.



Suddenly Leo

Follow Your Creative Bliss And Venus Reveals Her Mightiest Mode – Bringer Of Awe

Dear Suddenly Leo,

Venus is more than just the classic concept of romantic love. It’s also self-love, sensuality, the awakening of kundalini, creativity, affinity with earth, animals, children, and potent Muse energy.

The automatic ‘this-will-fulfill-you‘ setting of forming an officially mated unit is one of many options for a validating existence. Follow your creative bliss and Venus reveals her mightiest mode: Bringer Of Awe.

You could go to Zambia, immersed in your vocation and meet someone who matches your energies. Or as, as you say, the romance is with your talents and ambition.

The more “woke” you get, the less you can be in a relationship or paradigm that is speaking to but one 8th of you. Or which only fulfills libidinal, human tribal and socio-economic consumer-political unit needs.

Right?  And holy Hecate, ZAMBIA.  YOU.


Image: Maya Ajani 

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I effed up agaginnnn. I read the horoscopes, I KNOW I’m supposed to virgo asc my ass through mercury retrograde. But it’s like the Venus moon sun Eris aries just goes NOW SEEMS LIKE A GOOD TIME. ( I like how my phone capitalized the goddesses, like the new smaht phone was like “pshhhh,luminaries, it’s the digital age. (We don’t care about lights or tides. Maybe my phone has a Venus sun conjunction) there will never be a time when Venus doesn’t lead. And since i can’t find anyone who can fathom how hard it is to navigate my persona… Read more »






Venus is transiting conjunct natal Neptune in Sagittarius in my 6th house.
Played strip poker with cute work colleagues last night. We all lost, which probably means we all won, depending on how you look at it.
I think that this is a fitting personal manifestation of this weekend’s venusian energy, at least 🙂

dark star

Haha! Love it


How saucy! I would like to know the context to this story, what sphere you work in etc just it sounds funny and so astro pertinent! 🙂


Lets say it was not early evening when this took place and that the proceedings were a little Neptune-Jupiter infused. Mostly water signs were involved. it seemed refreshing to gaze at other people’s navels, instead of my own, for a change 😉


😀 bwahahah!


I’ve just checked, there are FIVE planets in sadge right now. Talk about upping the ante. Amazing. The boys coped very well (evil face)… it was almost Scandinavian really. Wholesome. Sadge is the ultimate naturist right? Mercury is on my Neptune too, and the sun on my sadge dsc, Saturn on Eros. Oh saggitarius, I love you. Although the two-day hangover is less pleasing, lol.
Whatever. It was worth it. #teambuilding


Sounds fantastic. I need to reclaim my gay abandon !

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot



Gay abandon for all!!


Highly recommended, ladies B)


I know it’s not your focus, Suddenly Leo, but I just want to 100% endorse this as a great approach to dating. I originally thought I was setting myself up to meet someone by moving away from the small town I grew up in to cities, including overseas. Nope. I decided to follow my own heart and live exactly where I wanted to, applied for jobs, ended up back in my home town and now married to a beautiful, well travelled man who also grew up here!


Not sure there is 1/8th of consciousness on planet earth really… that’s a different topic perhaps.

Now I feel like I need to revisit my Venus in Cancer. Self nurture Cancerian style definitely involves food. Especially trine Jupiter/Moon; that’s emotional eating Central. Introspective and creative ventures?

My Great Muse is in the First House, so I might be well off self-nurturing through doing things my way? Awe and opening of the heart through action?

Not sure, Cancer and Aries are so strangely matched. I don’t know any Cancer/Aries couples at all.


Soz that’s a 1/8th of my personal consciousness I mean.
Having said that I went to a sound meditation through the chakras and I really noted the description of the first chakra involved actually feeling okay with being here, that your presence is to be celebrated and your mere presence on this planet a great “I Am”. That many people are afraid of taking a space for themselves.


Yes. First chakra, I have the right to exist. I am right to exist. It is alright to be alive. Thank you for this reminder lovely sphinxy xx


Yes! We have the right to be welcome even. Being, just being, is enough. I forget how it is easy to feel like I am in the way, in my own way even, lol.


I have Venus in Cancer and it definitely involves food! Preparing lovely sustaining healthy food is the basis of my self care. I never see food as fuel, more as comfort, pleasure and nurturing.


and ‘home’…. having friends over for pre-xmas dinner tonight and have lovingly planned a feast. I don’t host often but I love doing it well


Same here! I really love a strong Cancer placement in a man too. My Gem partner has Moon in Cancer. He is more extreme in the food department than myself, it is a nurturing quality I appreciate.


I’m the opposite. Food is just fuel. It’s about getting my nutritional needs met, not about the pleasure – Mars in Virgo. I often find myself forcing food down my gob while doing something else just to get it out of the way, then get down to business. It’s such a time suck. LOL. The only meal I enjoy is breakfast – tea and avo on toast. The rest is such a chore!!! Coffee is everything!!! Venus in Libra (square Cap asc), Gem NN in 6th house. Self nurture with Libra Venus is treating myself to beauty products, pretty wrapping… Read more »


Mars in Virgo too! I like plain food, sourdough toast with organic butter, scrambled eggs and spinach etc breakfast is my fave also and I make a fruit salad every other morning.

Venus in the 1H is aware of how things present but I prefer a more Temple vibe to a place. You know concrete floors and bench tops, heavy huge sliders and a minimalist look. Not so flowery!

dark star

I love this question, zambia sounds like it’ll be such a lush green heart chakra opening place for you (factor Uranus in Taurus + jup in Scorpio!!!!). My Irish twin met her husband in Tanzania 😉 you never know what’ll happen


HI Mystic and SLeo, you provided blazing light into my stars … I am feeling a surge of mighty feminine energy, like kick-ass, dont-mess-with-my-heart , off-with-their-head witchery madness, ditching mind-fuquery relationships at work and play. I feel wildly expectant, waiting for this romantic Venusian love to show up as all my readings point to someone … and it’s ME!! Hooray!! The 1/8 is interesting as well as I feel I have possibly invested only that much with others because, deep down, was not really interested in them per se, was looking for the knowing and awareness those relationships created for… Read more »


Could this also be Lilith in Capricorn?


Venus transits are honestly boring. I dont get them at all and find they are best ignored. My sun sign is ruled by venus and i tried tracking and paying more attention for years…found no connection to money or values or love. Saturn seemed to play a bigger role.


I was thinking about how Venus affects me and it definitely brings me money and good wishes. There’s a warm glow that arrives for the brief moments Venus is passing. I’ve always wished she transitted slower !


I wish venusian transits were slower too emg! Maybe we can look to transits by progression for that 🙂
(I learnt the other day that my progressed Venus will station direct near my sun in about, oh, 10 years haha haha so we’ll see)


Oh happy days !


Aside from the predictability of the effects of mercury retros, I find the next most predictable transits to be those made by Venus. Venus retro is my least favourite transit. It’s always been a difficult transit for me. On the other hand when more positive transits of Venus to my moon and sun I’m keeping my eye out for venusian opportunities. And they are often there. A special meal, an unexpected gift, an opportunity to experience beauty in nature or in a person. Let’s not forget that Venus is also known as Lucifer. Free will is Lucifer’s gift to the… Read more »


Venus only ever seems to be positive for me. It’s jupiter that I find double edged. It’s a very powerful drive to improve things which often means everything crashes Down around me. It’s almost the tower card for me.


Myst, if I was, umm, let’s call it ‘going around’, That’s what we called it in 76, with you 🙂 and you explained to me that I was only servicing 1/8th of your needs, could we agree that it would destroy most men ? Cause for us, it’s just romantic, like .How can something so wrong feel so right ?
Maybe if we just had ‘one more night’ we could work on those other 8ths 😉


Cause you’re once, twice, eight times a lady…


David can I ask how you find Aries and Cancerian energies relate and what shared goals they have? Just realised i do know of one couple with this blend of Sun 😉


Remember my mars is in cancer, my first house. So I have some insight in to the mind of the crab.My life is also full of cancers. My mother, my wife, my son and many others. The other major group in my life are Caps. The biggest issue I think between Aries and cancer is the way we deal with conflict and in general, disagreement. I’m a ‘deal with issue’ as they arise type and I tend to let it all out, I highly value open disagreement. It’s how you get to an agreement ! while wifey tends to store… Read more »


Interesting. I have Sun in the 1st and am very much into what needs to be done and now if possible. I think it is where my Modal energies clash the least; if you take Aries as the landlord of the 1st.

Anyway back to Dk Moon drudge n scrub.


This is so interesting, thank you David. I am struggling to understand that interaction in my own chart, but I never thought about how this blend of firey masculine and watery feminine can positively interact. I also didn’t think of it as gendered conversation but the fact that you are male and your wife female adds that naturally to the story! As I am a Leo, I am also very open to argument as a problem solving tool (oh and Mars in the 3rd too here). It all takes place in my first house this cancer stellium of mine, but… Read more »

dark star

Yeah this is a super interesting thought. Do you think cancer is the boss bc cardinal too?

Lol I hate arguments so much to my fire and air ppls chagrin.


So interesting SL. Last year I was offered work in Zambia, Uganda, Angola by a Chinese agrochemical company. Nothing Venusian about that. Unlike your project, it wasn’t eco at all ! and I declined. The understory though was so Venusian. The Chinese representative putting this all together was this courageous and beautiful 20 something woman who had single handedly created 10 sales branches in 10 of the most dangerous cities in the African world. I was in awe of her.It was hard to say no in the end to someone I really wanted to work with (who just happened to… Read more »

Eclipse Tripper

Right on. Follow /chase/find your bliss-heart and bliss-heart-connection is what you get.


Mystic, your last paragraph made my day!!


I love this Ask Mystic and this reply. I once bought an online class that mentioned Venus as the planet of self love and self worth and it was really a way more interesting birth chart reading than the usual “which kind of lover are you / are you pursuing”.
I agree with you Suddenly Leo and I kinda envy the light hearted “I really prefer the self love interpretation as I don’t care about dating right now” with which you live right now.


wow I’d never thought of how “doing your venus” might relate to self care/love (duh!)… And UAE /Gambia – Im so jealous of your job SL – whatever it is!


~ Yes. This.
~ Thank you Mystic.
~ Thank you Suddenly Leo for asking.
~ I will shortly be in this sitch… in transit not geographical location, I’m calling it applying conjunct now actually…and Venus does not act without the Moon.
~ Interesting times…
~ Days until the new Moon I’m waiting on and the Saturn Sage exit.
~ And I don’t know why I’m dot pointing..
~ Sighs…


Amazing reply, Mystic and fabulous journey, OP.

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