Ask Mystic: The Universe Wants Me To Be A Capricorn

Hi Mystic,

So today is the third time in a week that Capricorn imagery has penetrated my consciousness (I’m not very symbol aware – my nose is required at several grindstones, perception is limited from that angle). First a sticker of a goat appeared on my home-office desk one morning (placed there by Better Half, who found it amongst his old stuff and thought I’d like it), then an embroidered sea-goat on a t-shirt appears as a recommendation whilst idly web-shopping, and finally the fixed star that makes up sea-goats’ tail is apparently prominent in my chart. Also one of your comments about amazing hoof-grips for sheer cliffs has been bouncing around my head.

WTF is happening? I have no Cap in my chart, in fact I have an Earth deficiency. Seriously, the goat is chilling by himself in my 12th, currently watching Pluto cruise past on his path of des(recons)truction. So why all the goats? Why now?

My gut tells me it has something to do with my final year university project (ie; critical point of a big career change). The project is getting a lot of unexpected positive interest, it’s growing rapidly, unsolicited help has appeared. It’s supposed to be a manageable academic project but it keeps whispering things like ’empire’, and I have to tell it to shut up because I have neither the energy or resources. No really. My Saturn doesn’t let me ignore time/money/energy debt; I’ve tried, he got angry, it didn’t end well. This steep project growth makes me uncomfortable – maybe that’s why I keep seeing goats?

Does this happen in people’s astrological lives; that previously uninfluential signs/planets barge in on the status quo? Or is this just Murphy’s Law in the form of a randomised cluster of events? 

Curious about what you and subscribers think of this.

Future Goat?

Dear Future Goat,

Hang on, I have Pluto in my Soul Sector at the moment – and yes, the path of Plutonic re-de-construction is one i am familiar with. I should purchase a granite bench with a plaque on it there.  So you are Aquarius Rising i presume which means – as you may not realise – that Saturn is your planetary ruler along with Uranus.  You could also be super Zeitgeist-prescient and just be trendily getting with the new Saturn in Capricorn era – we are ALL Capricorns now.

Or, i would hazard your Midheaven just progressed into that sign?  It is hard to say without seeing your chart but i think YES there are times when a new sensibility is suddenly apparent and you either resist for the sake of consistency/loyalty to a dying era or you evolve.  Actually, this is most likely your natal Saturn being powerfully activated. You certainly sound Saturnine enough to me.  I DREAMED of Saturn the night it went into Sagittarius – it was a really potent archetype, a man of indeterminate age but definitely older, on a white horse, with amazing abs and posture with a white hair that had a kind of indigo/blue rinse through it. It sounds naff but it was not.

Anyway, fair warning to all  – Saturn in Capricorn is coming and this will make Saturn Vibe a lot more potent. I think you are just really with it. Now i need to go and file my hooves + complete monthly horoscopes.

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82 thoughts on “Ask Mystic: The Universe Wants Me To Be A Capricorn

  1. Go with the Goat! I’d say. (Fun, I just ordered amazing Goats of Anarchy children’s books for my godchildren for Christmas – if you don’t know GoA, google them!)

    I natally and naturally resist all things Saturn but I’ve gotten a hold of the zeitgeist and I’m actually getting fond of making financial plans, saving and just working my ass out with no impulse actions. Yay!

    • Three Billy Goats Gruff is my favorite goat children’s book.

      The saturnine elements are there.
      You can read the plot on Wikipedia to get the gist.

      The nature of your greed will be the nature of your destruction.

      Maybe Caps can see the greed in others and can use that to their advantage ? Like goats, they are smart and strong. So they work it out and carry it out … with greedy minions paving the way. 😉
      That’s a good set up for the material plane.

      • Goats of Anarchy, omg <3 is this actually a black metal band hahaha

        I just had a conversation with someone about a job they're doing (editing / co-writing a book) and one of the other authors is being very wierd about *justifiably* including her as an author, and therefore, being eligible for royalties (and the other author – who is quite pushy – has a bee in her bonnet about losing some of her own cut). It was clear to me that the boundary to delineate with the difficult / stubborn author, whose argument is based on unrecognised fear around ego and loss of status and money, was to separate the "receive due and equal recognition on the cover of the book for all parties" from the "the royalties split is 33/33/33/ not 50/50" – these are in fact two separately negotiable discussions and sets of agreements.
        I think my saturny cappy bits that can be a little grabby at times (not that there is anything wrong with money btw, amazingly we can use it to buy property and shoes and tampons and bus fares and get by in our old age etc) recognised that the other author was getting all tangled up in the status vs money thing. anyway, it was interesting, if that makes sense.

  2. Tis the season of Capification!
    The visual synchronicity is very strong this past week. Three different locations and three shirtless men. They all vibe goat in my memory bank.
    I am really feeling this Cappy cosmic realignment, shaping my consciousness.

    • Yup, tell me about it! I don’t know if it was the Neptune Direct or this square with Sagg Gemini Everything and the crazy Full Moon coming up but whoah this week has been spooky weird intense, visual synchronity magic with colorful, loud, soap opera-y dreams.

  3. Saturn in Capricorn marks my Saturn return; I’m also Capricorn dominant. I’ve never identified with Capricorn at all and prided myself as a Libra Ascendant, Gemini Sun. Lately however, I’ve been desperately wanting to be more Capricorn in attitude and appearance. Give me the sharp cheekbones and Cap work ethic please.

  4. Hahaha I laugh the laugh of recognition. I’m a sun-Saturn conj with moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno conj in Cap…with a grand earth trine including Jupe which makes it all bigger.
    For decades all my lovers/husbands/besties were Cap suns. I didn’t seek them out, they gravitated towards me as if I was the astrological equivalent of the bat signal above Gotham City. Now I kind of vibe like a Cap after Saturn through my 4th in the last three years. I bang on about budget management and early nights and functional body movement. But I’m never mistaken for one… I have Leo rising lol.

  5. I have Venus in Cap and natal Saturn placement in the 10th house, where it rules, so yeah, I can get into the Cap vibe. I’m also Aqua Sun, so historically I guess that would be more Saturnine energy.. Good thing I’ve got that Pisces moon and Crab rising, or I’d be the full on cold steel ice queen, right?!

    I also love actual goats, especially baby goats…….SO CUTE! I’d rather watch goats on youtube than cats (though I adore cats, too!).

  6. This progressed chart suggestion kinda made suddenly sense to me.
    Recently I have only been attracted to Cappy me . I do have my 5th house cups in Cap, but I have never dated a Cappy.
    And then I have realized my progresssed IC is in Capricorn and so is the Moon, conjunct IC.

  7. When Pluto went through my 1st it changed pretty much everything in my life. And I loved it. I don’t have anything in Cappy either Future Goat.

    Interestingly it’s Saturn that’s led me back to Mystic’s site after quite the sabbatical. Lots of Saturn Girl dreams and symbolism. I’m looking forward to what might eventuate with it in my 1st house.

  8. Grand Mystic
    Thank you for making your site better . I love it when you move the furniture around . It’s easier access plus as a student I can research and maneuver around joyfully. Your work continues to bless us all . Blessings to you and your family !

  9. Hey Future Goat, last year i had exactly the same thing happen to me over the course of a couple of weeks – i kept seeing references to Saturn everywhere. I even mentioned it on the blog. I was on a road trip to Germany at the time (itself being a multi-Cap country). This is what i wrote:

    “They were showing “Chronos” (time-lapse cinematography with music) in the park where we were staying 3 nights ago.

    Last night at guest house they showed “Cronos” by Guillermo del Toro – about this mechanical object in the shape of a golden scarab (hello) which injects the wearer with a liquid that makes him/her have eternal life.

    Today I saw 2 freight trucks from Romania (i think) which have *Cronos* as the logo & with a sea-goat drawing”

    What i then realised was that transiting Saturn was trine my Mercury-Uranus & so maybe that’s why it was popping up everywhere.

    BUT – and i think this was the message i needed to know – I also found out not long after that in my Draconic Chart i have both Sun & Moon in Capricorn which freaked me the fuq out because i’ve never thought of myself in the slightest bit Capricornian (i’ve always been a little in awe of them) And i’m a Crab – the opposite, ffs, and lack Earth in my chart … or so i thought.

    So – Is Saturn aspecting your Mercury, atm? Check your Draconic chart. Also you have Saturn in Lib & you’re a Lib Sun? What’s the orb between Sun-Saturn? Cos like Mystic says, you do sound quite Saturnine – and it is your ancient chart ruler. Are all these signs telling you to embrace Saturn/Cap?

    • This is the first time I heard about Draconic chart. As soon as I read your comment I thought “well I must be a solar Scorpio then” – went to check and boom, Scorp Sun & Mercury.

      I have dated two Scorpios and troughout my life I have attracted and been attracted by countless Scorp men and women even though I’m Leo (okay I’m aware that Leo man – Scorp woman is a classic addictive pairing and I personally have witnessed several).

      I have Pluto Midheaven in Scorp but I just literally yesterday thought that it’s weird I don’t have more Scorp in me as I get them so well and myself am unbelievably good at bouncing back with Me version 2.0 after every time I fall (or get hit by a Plutonian truck).

      I got goosebumps, gotta find out more about Draconic charts – thank you!

      • Pleasure … there’s a great hack on it at the Astro School if you have access (hack no. 80)

        Otherwise Kim Falconer is a good reference (she did the hack). I find it fascinating.

  10. I am very neptunian, but lately I have had this feelings about “building a finantially secure future”, and “being ready” to manage my finances even if I look for finantial advice. The curious thing is I dont have any money at the momebt and I am reestructuring my carreer path.. so yes, must be some zeigtgeist prescient era coming. My moon is progressed in capricorn now, just entered there. And capricorn sits at my 2nd house cusp.

  11. I think it’s difficult to know how you are seen.

    People who know you might say something of what they see; and those people sometimes say i’m different in fact to what their first impressions were.

    People who meet you might not say, so who knows what they see.

    Also, if you have a really strong influence from personal planet that is not Sun, that can impact your mannerisms, poise and expression. And Mercury is the one that communicates.

    If you have a chart where everything is interconnected and with seeming contradictions then there are a few different ‘flavours’ that probably resonate differently for different people. You know, if you find oranges fresh, or can’t stand the pungency of oranges, for example.

  12. also omg progressed midheaven… i’ve never thought about this. even though I talk about progressed asc (It’s in Leo, why wouldn’t I hahahaha)

    so this is a thing, ok interesting

    • That’s funny, Pi, my natal MC is Leo, but apparently i’m prog Libra MC, and I can’t imagine Sag Rising (with lots of Sag extras on that Rising) seeming at all graceful and balanced!

      You do seem to have morphed in words lately, though i can’t really say exactly how, except more “ownership” of self and less … hm, yes, there’s a confidence apparent…i think? (Anyway, often people think I’m confident, but Pisceans are truly self querying, right?)

      • milleunanitte- Me too! Although my Asc just prog to 0 Cap!

        My Prog Libra MC from Leo is crazy- People daily present problems and ask for a connection to a lawyer/healer/therapist/doctor. Daily strangers call- saying they were told I could help them- and I pray, then make the connection.

        BUT- I just rocked two big compliance things- driver license and ACA health insurance on Thor’s Day-

        Admin-compliance was always huge bogey-man for me but Thor’s Day Saggo Mercury-Saturn on Galactic Center in my 2nd brought me-

        Exhibit A-Cheaper health ins! Trip to pay premium brought me to lovely insurance wizard. She got huge savings for us- including new dental coverage.

        As mum of three – like winning Vegas level lottery!

        Exhibit B- Replaced expired license in one hour flat with on-line sign in. No need for extra documents. Zip Zap!!

        Exhibit C Sat-Tues- Did I say I FINISHED seasonal yard work? Drove leaf bags across town to friend’s for collection? That I banished clutter in kitchen of papers galore? That I made myself stop to go to work?

        Jupiter Scorp is in my crowded 12th
        so I welcome the Trident as pitchfork-shovel. LOL!

        Also Chiron is trine my Scorp POF.

        This weekend- Ghost-Busting the basement!! See under sorting dad’s jazz 78s, LPs, kids’ books, school papers, dead mum’s diaries circa 1950-1970. Pray for me!LOL!!

      • sadge and libra is quite the combo 🙂

        I don’t know re Leo asc… I feel worse than ever some days, and other times like a new world is available to me , had a wierd / crappy day today and having trouble get the momentum for a thing that’s been really important to me, forgetting an important related event, procrastinating creative ventures, I don’t understand 🙁
        well I do, it’s hard – and a bit wierd – to describe the kind of paralysing dread that accompanies a true step towards making a business of my creative efforts even though *it’s all laid out in front of me and I am never ever short of ideas* – I wish I could take a pill to neutralise this shit honestly – there is someone I haven’t met who I kind of borrow as a guiding light for this but she (seems) so good at this and proactive I just fall in a heap ‘what’s the use’
        ugh don’t mind me, just venting I think, (confidence are you sure hahahahah xx) I’m just going to plug away and get stuff up and running mercury retro or not, all my shit breaks whenever it wants to anyway lol

        • It’s – OK – Massive Inner Resistance to this. I’ve also inherited the lack of self belief from family environment so everything is basically extra work – even sharing my efforts on social media is fraught with anxiety and the usual this is pointless and stupid everyone will laugh at how useless i am at this age
          etc whatever

          sorry I really shouldn’t be grizzling like this, it is 100% in my head …then again …what isn’t hahahahahah *goes off to meditate more and get some exercise*

          • What goes on in your head us your reality so 100% worth analysing and talking about and even grizzling about Pi. Sending you ‘I believe in myself because I am fucking awesome!’ Vibes xxxx

      • Ignore my negative Nancy stuff. I need to learn to just act in spite of my fears. Got a website set up today, tricking myself into doing stuff by not even second guessing self . I asked the tarot, auspicious? Tarot says do you even have to ask.

      • What?? I thought everyone progressed! Though i’m such an amateur at astro. Looking forward to your post, Mystic.

        Can’t believe you’re doing that after the big horoscopes re-vamp. Mars in Virgo indeed! Beautiful work, and of service to us priestesses-in-training.

        • oh that would be interesting mystic
          you mean rare as in is a 30-yr vibe effect?

          I’m wondering if my 30 years as a prog aries sun is a hard habit to break hA ha

          I was just looking up (in a bad frame of mind) my progressed chart and natal transits and basically looking at my life age 40-55+ and going ugh are you fuing serious

          maybe an MM take on things as motivational ignore-the-crap vibe is the go.

      • Talking of progressions made me check out my own for the first time in years. My asc moves into Aqua in Jan. Was I pre-empting my own moniker? 😮

  13. Ive had some huge breakthroughs this week. Not sure if its Saturn ending in Sagg, the upcoming New Moon in Sagg(are we dark/void moon right now?), or eminent Saturn in Capricorn – or maybe its all of them together in a funky astro brew – but wow I have moved through a ton of sludge in the span of a week.

    I can sense an entirely new mountain to climb now that Ive passed the bog, and although optimistic, I know its going to be a crap ton of work. Par for the course.

    My music player shuffled randomly again the other day, and it played a song that I havent listened to since circa 2004. It was the song that played when I had my first spiritual experience. Made me realize how far Ive come since then, how much Ive changed. And how much room there is to grow.

  14. I have a soft spot for real goats, I milked 2 for 2 1/2 years. I could call them like a true Heidi and they would come running. “Mans best friend is a dog but a goats best friend is man ” ditto with Pluto in 12th. Its conjunct natal uranus and Im a taurus. Baaah

    • Have you read David Maloufs book Ransom ? It’s a retelling of a section of the Iliad. Brilliant ! Anyway he describes a certain type of love and respect that the Ancient Greeks had for donkeys and the great value placed on one particular donkey who plays an important role in the story. She is described as breathtakingly beautiful and of incredible value to those who owned her as an asset and a friend. Goats I believe were sometimes thought of this way too.

      Have any of you seen ‘goat yoga’ ! When I first saw footage I seriously thought it was a joke but apparently not in the US 🙂

  15. I’d be curious to know Future Goat’s Saturn sign, because I love this description: “My Saturn doesn’t let me ignore time/money/energy debt”

    Scorpio? Cap? In any case, a great description of Saturn rulership.

    • Here’s your answer!
      Lib sun, aqua rising, saturn in lib 9th house. I think I just paid attention during my first Saturn return about seven years ago, lol!

  16. Saturn in cap, 7th house here and I do think that others sort of see that in me. It helps me look like a cap when I need to if you get my drift. Have we ever discussed here the probability that others see you as your 7th house sign ? That might be interesting ? Does it happen ? If so does it help or hinder you ? Personally as a 5 star Aries with gem rising and gem moon I think I could say that it helps to be seen as a sensible solid cap when I’m really just a 2 faced upstart bitch. Thoughts 😉

    • i echo your sentiments. many people tune into my awkward cap moon and see me as some kind of Amy Farrah Fowler (Sheldon’s gf in the big bang theory). Others see me as Total Spectrum Flake and are a bit taken aback when my earthy bits appear. (or my inner 2 faced upstart bitch LOL)
      Only a few souls grasp the pisces paradox and know better than to assume I am one thing or the other or the other .?
      dnno rly, maybe it’s your 10th house sun placement? I reckon sun house is a big deal, My aqua dad vibed like a virgo half the time, sister is first house aqua sun, a virgo and a sadge friend are 4th house suns and they really do have a security thing going on, et ect ect

      • I do think the house of the sun is a thing- my friend is an aqua lib sun but in the 8th defs has a Scorpio tinge at times. I cannot speak for myself as a 4th houser, the rest of my chart is too watery to distinguish from that probably

        • I agree with the Sun house. I’m 1st Sun / Uranus and 7th Moon. Uranity on steroids. (Leo’s ruler in Cancer, Cancer’s ruler in Aqua & Aqua’s ruler in Leo). The 2 Luminaries with reflections of Uranus.

      • Whoa. You are onto something here pi re reflecting on family Suns. Taurean Mom is 1st h sun can defs vibe Leo. sag/Aqua dad is 7th h sun, so vibes kinda libra. Virgo/tauri bro 9th h sun (sagg- skateboarder, v opinionated about film + music) Libra/tauri sister 6th h sun Virgo (applying to med school). The sunastray is cool

    • I think you are onto something. People always ask if Im Capricorn at first impression. Then they get to know me and my footloose Sagg/Uranian side… no wonder ppl get weirded out. They probs think I suffer from mental illness when I dont. I also happen to have a very very dry (like, utterly barren) sense of humor when the mood strikes, and those jokes always fly straight over people’s heads. Im usually pretty expressive, so Im aware that its a very strange contrast I possess.

      I also find a lot of ppl also take me for the sign on my MC – Aries. I have Eros there. Males generally think Im making sexual innunendos when I really am not, both in work and social sphere. I also attract a lot of men through work. But you know, with the social climate in the states as of now with the issue of sexual harassment coming to light, maybe it has nothing to do with my Eros and its just crass male behavior? Shrugs.

    • Isn’t it that you see that in others? I think…?
      No-one has ever thought of me as a Cap. Peeps have def seen my Saturn in Cap trine my Mars cj Pluto.

    • Hmm.. interesting – I thought 7th H shows what sort of person you are attracted to?…. and House of open enemies.

      • Yes. It was a Cappy Grumpmeister Trunchbull that made my life hell for 2 years of unadulterated abuse masquerading as professional conduct. When Pluto went into Cap she became my boss. My natal 2° Saturn 6H was be conjuncted.

        It was her abusing her X vicariously thru me. My crime? I was born the same date as him!!! I later met him and did his chart and he is Aqua Moon too!

        He has owned (only) the same cars as me (VW, Renault n Peugeot), the same bikes (Yamaha n BMW) & his 3 fave musicians are the same. Bob, Neil n Kate.

        Never ever tell me the Astro is BS. I’ll jump down ya throat quicker than Viv Richards.

  17. I have Saturn in my crappy 6th (typo lol), is this going to feel more normal than usual for me or since it’s my 2nd Saturn return I’m given more lessons?

    • My 2nd Return was at 21 Saggo- in Saggo cusped 2nd.

      Compared to his tramp across Libra and Scorp since 20008 and 2012- which took out my mum and sister- leaving me as the matriarch (hah) this was actually supportive.

      Saturn balances- and brings you back just desserts. Starting it with awful low self esteem, it raised me up, banished much angst, calmed me.

      Near one exact Return hit, I had wisdom tooth extracted- and another tooth saved. Was guided to the best and dreamy oral surgeon/MD!!

      My teen had near death experience from fall and near overdose on Blue Devil Hoochie juice. But was ok.

      My professional rep increased.

      I stepped into agelessness.

      Saturn cut ties to qi vamps, stale stories. Strengthened ties to my family, kits, kids.

      Attained my highest rank belt in martial arts.

      Solved many puzzles of trauma/angst driven programs running those in and around me.

      You may meet some fur angels too with 6th- great for feng shui, aromatherapy, wise arts.

      I recommend life with Saturn- but set the table and enjoy reruns of tools down ninjas/warrior lore.

      • So good to read this Lili – as i´m heading for my second return in a matter of weeks. I do hope my “table is set” correctly! It’s not always horror stories of hardship. My first Sat return was also the best time for me – everything fell into place. Everything solid that i had really wanted presented itself to me. Looking back it was like the beginning of *My* life and not the life that birth family/system wanted from me.
        And congratulations!




    also that yummy expansionist feeling may be also a little bit jupiter-ish?

    <3 love pi

    • Ya, Caps do rule. Problem of course is if you live on shit mountain that would make you the ruler of shit mountain. Some big responsibilities there.

      • indeed. i know the odd cap who resides (resided) on shit mountain… I think the pluto sun transit is surely remedying this awareness tho? the cap thing is not so much lack of situational resource awareness as a self esteem doom feeling that this is the best they can do and ftw etc.

        • So Cap philosophy if I get you right is like the flip side of Taoism, where change is a constant flow, the everything. Instead of focusing on riding the wave maybe the cap is more focused on the things around them. So they pull out of the wave on finding a nice still bit of ocean letting the wave continue till it crashes on the shore. The riders who stay on are annihilated and already being taken out to catch the next one. You can’t stop change but you can ward it off. While you hold on to what has been.
          Omg that’s so me in the 7th ! Seriously that’s fuqing illuminating.
          The 2nd return cometh

          • I think you’re misunderstanding cap vibe. Cap is built to last, and is not change averse. But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The self/ego orientation of Aries is developed in Capricorn to build lasting, sustainable structures. Where Aries is impulsive, Capricorn is measured. Capricorn hates waste and inefficiency, splashy displays of emotion incl anger. Both cardinals do share a trait of wanting to keep it real, not liking veneer or falseness. Remember too , low cap and haute cap. Haute cap acts for the good of all.

            • All the energies work together. I think the Tao of cap is more geological or dynastic timescale, rather than say minute to minute.

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