Ask Mystic: Mercury Retrograde Is Baiting Me

Dear Mystic,

I have never been one of those Mercury Retro fatalists – hiding out under the bed until it’s safe to come out.

But this one is hitting me big time, and I’m freaked out.

I have been pushing shit uphill with Saturn for the last two years. Nothing has been happening in my life but I’ve been head down working hard trying to make changes.

My Gemini Sun and Venus are at 28 and 26 degrees and Saturn at 12 degrees. This full moon is smack on my natal Saturn and Saturn is well, on my Gemini Sun and Venus.  I’m being lit up like a cosmic pinball machine. These last few weeks have been intense but things are finally happening in my career and life.

I applied for an internal job at work early November. I think I’m going to get it. It requires a massive change of the type of work I do – i am cabin crew for an international airline – this would be literally on the ground – plus an interstate move. Exiting and petrifying at the same time.

In typical fashion it’s dragging out and I will find out whether I have gotten the job end of next week – smack bang in the middle of Merc Retro.

Do I try and drag the negotiations out for two weeks so that I sign just after Christmas? (I can’t see this flying – pun intended 😉😂) Or try sign after the new moon, during the retro, and iterate later? The new role would likely start mid January to give me time to move states.

This career move is 5 years in the making after 13 years of flying… it feels like I have been making this happen for ages. I can’t believe it all comes to a head mid the most sucky merc retro ever!


P.S. I’m sorry if mine is the millionth Merc retro freak-out email you’ve received this week. I am genuinely losing it – I feel like my Cancer sister who is always bitching about this! Lol

Hope you’re well in the midst of this heavenly maelstrom xx

Kind regards,

Gemini Trolley Dolly

Dear Gemini Trolley Dolly,

In the horoscopes for one of the signs, i just called this is the weirdest Mercury Retro on record. It’s because it is pinging back and forth over Saturn, beaming out extra strong truth rays right at the end of his trip through Sagittarius.  So you and i are Saturn Twins in a way as Saturn is squaring both our Suns – anything 28-ish degrees of the Mutable signs is copping it at the moment.

And that Full Moon was Warp Core* Intensity about a thousand. *Warp Core is how i am measuring Moons, Eclipses and big astral passages from now on. I just need to get the numbers straight.

SO it is absolutely normal – with this astrological terrain – to be feeling ungrounded and to be doubting your every decision. We can’t go back to those pre-Saturn in Sagittarius days and the new Saturn in Capricorn higher ground is not yet there. Yet Mercury Retro is apparently evoking a kind of psychic tiki tour over the last 14 years.  This is not helpful for finding one’s hoof hold.

SO: i feel like you are in tune with the new earthly vibe coming in during 2018 and you did not start this whole initiative during Mercury Retro. When you get your offer back and need to sign, it will be a signature that is a formality, a completion of a process already begun. Plus getting (literally) grounded during a Saturn square to your Gemini Sun = Genius.

Five years in the making is not a classic impulse dud Mercury Retro move. And though you may feel as if you have gone secretly insane, Saturn square Sun is not associated with crazy impulsive crap. Seriously, it’s not.  It’s like having invisible soggy bat wings that keep sticking into you but you can’t unfurl them properly.

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41 thoughts on “Ask Mystic: Mercury Retrograde Is Baiting Me

  1. Sign it. There’s every chance they will lose the contract and it needs to be signed again but you are only dealing with papers (the other stuff is done ).
    Take a photo or scan the document if you can and make sure they have your tax file number etc the intrinsics are already negotiated but the trappings might end up mildly annoying.
    And how exciting !!! Good luck xxx

  2. Soggy bat wing this morning, for sure! Afternoon was better for productivity. Ugh . . . and the revisiting of emo sludge while trying to plan my awesome. I guess it’s all ties together.

  3. i’m so sorry Ariel. I’ve had the three double-deckers run me over, one after the other. And then waiting for the next one to hit….I’m sometimes not sure which is worse.
    But as the awesome Jane Austen said: “Run mad as often as you choose but do not faint.”

  4. I wish I hadn’t gone out under the light of that full moon with mercury freshly retro on Saturday night but I did, & my bag was stolen, with brand new phone (only just replaced after the previous theft a year ago), wallet, house keys, glasses worth £400, makeup, and gifts/ sentimental objects. And now, my flatmate’s visa status has just been changed without warning or reason, hours before their flight to the US, where they had some major life plans & career opportunities waiting. Some seriously crazy shit happening right now & yes I do feel it’s the last cruel degree of Saturn in Sagg spiked by the weird factor of this retro + Moon. Good to know we’re not alone. GAWD.

    • PS – It’s also the finish-up of my Saturn return, & it’s already moving into opposition with my natal Mars. I guess the next few months are gonna require me to sit on my hands & do a LOT of meditation (then hopefully unfurl like a beautiful wise blossom)

  5. I think my Mercury keyring and Gem sun are helping me get through this without major losses / drama. (Crosses fingers because of tempting fate)

  6. What retro ? Oh that one 🙂
    I’m trying as hard as possible to deny it’s happening and as a natal Merc Retro subject they normally feel quite comfy, but that Full Moon just crushed my resolve. Eating one shit sandwich is bad enough but it seems that this has become my steady diet over the last 2 weeks.

    • Nice term. I recently laughed out loud at a guy on a quiet British tv show who is having some issues and he gently stated “well you know bad things come in eights”. I rolled about. And agreed. But shit sandwich is succinct

  7. I like to think of M Rx as ‘catch-up’ time when various underground (ie back of the brain) items pop up or on – like lightbulbs.
    But I also take it as a period when I can deal with unfinished business – or progress something I had started. So perhaps you could ‘position’ it in your consciousness as another step in your career?
    Good luck, anyway!
    And a tiger’s eye is said to be good for job interviews!

  8. Omg good luck with it!

    Yet Mercury Retro is apparently evoking a kind of psychic tiki tour over the last 14 years. This is not helpful for finding one’s hoof hold—OHHH YESS I GET THIS

  9. I went to an interview today. It did go well, but the sample class not so much. (Kindergarten teaching position). I applied this past Thursday, they call me Friday Dec. 1st., asking me to come today for the interview. Going back this Thursday for a second sample class.

    My Asc. is at 25″ Virgo and Saturn & Mercury Retro are right now conj. my IC and natal moon at 28″ Sagg. Which means, Saturn & Mercury also opposite my 10th House cusp.

    Mercury Retro makes me nervous, thinking I could stumble my words.

    Funny how it works, talking about my previous teaching experiences and job positions (Mercury Retro).

    I have never been good at negotiating salaries, that is the thing I worry the most. Hopefully Jupiter in my 2nd House will help.

    • Re: salary, research what others get (both junior and senior) and come up with a number you think you deserve. Then add 10% so you can name a figure and they can go down to what you actually want. And if they agree, you win as well! Don’t be apologetic about it, you’re a professional who deserves to get paid fairly for your work.

  10. This is my home.
    I am now taking steps, both metaphysical and pragmatic to address this (and with harm to none).

    But I had a light bulb moment re the situation the other day.
    I’ve been working from home the last couple of weeks while they refurbish the office, so the neighbour sees me working near the upstairs window. I usually put screens up to provide some privacy. And in the last couple of years (pretty much with the arrival of saturn in sag), I developed blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids). To deal with this, I not infrequently wear sun-glasses.
    As I was musing on how we can ‘normalise’ virtually any situation to survive, I wondered about the changes that the neighbour moving, would bring.
    And then I realised that as I had been ‘putting on the shades’ for protection, they might well come off.

    • I started to get blepheritis about two years ago ! See post above. Coincided with a move and a relationship that I’ve had to morph into and which is still a struggle. Also a Chiron return plus menopause plus I’ve just had enough really.

        • Bleph is definitely related to menopause…increasing nos of middle aged women are getting it….
          But also meant to say – loved the fact that you said I was ‘beyond rational’!
          I had a boyfriend who used to claim that I was ‘forensic with the truth!’
          (And I preferred Dr Spock to Cpt.Kirk).
          All at odds with my pisces moon, of course.

  11. I have already mentioned in a previous post the loss of an Xmas present from Hermes (a courier co in the UK), along with two computers breaking down and impossible mobile phone coverage (plus I have now ‘lost’ my work moblie). But this Mercury Rx has gone bonkers – literally. And Saturn is giving him boxing gloves.

    I live next door to a woman with schitzophrenia. She beat me up some years ago but having battled the various authorities – including making a presentation to the Health and Scrutiny C’ttee of my local council – I thought her treatment would improve and thereby so would my life. And with a sister who has mental health problems, I really didn’t feel that having her prosecuted would help. I now wish I had. During the last decade she has regularly threatened me and about two weeks ago she was sentenced for a rather nasty attack on another neighbour. It was a racially aggravated assault – she is black and has verbally stated on a no of occasions how much she hates white people. Personally, I don’t care if you are green with blue dots….

    But anyway, I was a bit stunned when on the phone in my garden (as I mentioned, limited usability indoors) when off she went again. Only this time she told me that she doesn’t care about her criminal record, has nothing to lose and wants to kill me. I have informed the police, her mental health trust and her landlord.

    I’m a gem sun (aqua rising and pisces moon) with a natal saturn opposition.
    If Jung was right and whatever we don’t make conscious we encounter outside as fate, I wonder what the hell I am missing here and what, exactly Mercury Rx is trying to din into my thick skull.

    • YES. Move!!! I had to get rid off my daughter’s husband; he suffered fr both schizophrenia and bi-polar. That was me versing about 20 ppl (incompetent professionals / church / so-called help).

      Go. Go. Go!!!

  12. I love that this potential freak out is actually something planned coming to the end, and beginning a new exciting phase for Gemini Trolley Dolly. Yay!

    I love the soggy bat wings too Mystic. Such a great description.

    “Yet Mercury Retro is apparently evoking a kind of psychic tiki tour over the last 14 years.”…. so that explains why I was awake all night having (and healing some) flashbacks!

  13. My whole comment just disappeared before I hit send lol Welcome to Merc retro. What I will say is that like Trolley Dolly the last few weeks have been intense and that was just the shadow. My Moon’s at 27 degrees but having that full moon hit my Sun as well (which is conjunct Sat) and then Saturn and Mercury opposing my Moon has made for an interesting package of emotional to-and-froing and Saturnine accountant-like decision making. Mercury’s also squaring my Lilith 😮 Sadistically maybe but I think I’m beginning to like all this.

  14. Wow, this Mercury Retro has ALREADY been something… Not to mention this bat shit cray cray Full Moon. Earlier I have just winged Mercury Retros as my life is one big retrograde thanks to my ADHD brain wiring (aka The Lit-Up-Sagg-Gem-Axis-in-yo-natal-chart syndrome) but this one started to feel already in November.

    I got stuck abroads as first I lost my passport, then my credit card expired, then my new passport got lost in the mail and I had to cancel flights and eventually I flew home with just a letter from my consulate – and ofc my passport had arrived in the mail the next day…

    Everything that can go wrong, is going wrong and technology, people, everything is acting mental. I’m Sagg Ascendant, Moon & North Node, Gemini in Venus. My bf and bff are Gemini Risings. We’re all struggling and losing it. Please send help!!!

  15. Ah Trolley Doll, we are kinda Saturn twins too. Mine is at 11° Gemini, Saturn has just finished opposing my BC Mercury and it’s starting to square my BC Pluto in my fist house (from its current Saggo position in my 4th).
    I like Mystic suggestion that grounding yourself “spontaneously” during a square is genius. And i totes agree: you can sign during Mercury Retro, it’s a formality that seal a 5 years process working toward that goal.

    @Mystic: you are genius too.
    I’ll be using “Saturn square Sun is not associated with crazy impulsive crap. Seriously, it’s not. It’s like having invisible soggy bat wings that keep sticking into you but you can’t unfurl them properly.”and apply it to Saturn sq my Pluto.
    I feel like I am going back to my crazy and uber analytical self but my guess is that the tough psychological aspect, that is what Saturn will help me analyze to its to the bottom.
    I feel the uber heavy load of Saturn working its way because I feel lonely and scared and everything is heavy and I am super serious.

    If there’s a planet that can endure a “horns vs. stingy tail” and win it, I think that’s Saturn.

  16. I think this all sounds pretty solid for the Trolly Dolly. Really very Saturn and what with it all about to get big time in Capricorn I think she is headed big time!
    Me on the other hand is having Chiron return again as it hit me then went retro and now returns onto my Asc in the mix with my natal Saturn and transit Saturn about to hit my MC again. I am having deja vous two or possibly three. I have never been so generally poorly and ill in my life before and feel like I am waiting for take off. I’ve got sticky bat wings feet stuck in goo and a head full of cotton wool. It’ll improve…

    • Commiserations, Chiron returns can be a real trial – i just remember feeling poorly and “not right” even when i wasn’t ill – like a general malaise of body & mind. Lasted for a couple of years i think. And then one day you’ll realise that you are normal again and it’s like new dawn. It’s a very Yin time for a woman i think – esp if it coincides with menopause as it generally does – a time to reflect and not push oneself. You can’t hurry this up. It’s all about nourishing oneself. Take good care.

      • Gee thanks for this. I have. I’m one of those walking well as they call it. Everything is just shutting down I feel lousy, just done. And it’s been the past two years but it’s gathered pace. Must be menopausal too but I never thought I could feel this rotten. I’m so pleased to think it lifts after Chiron moves on. I’ll grasp this knowledge and remain positive.

  17. Good luck Trolley Dolly with your job! If anything, the merc retro will give you a chance to review any contracts and if things go slow, remember that always works in your favour. I can’t imagine 2 years of saturn squares – urgh – I’m just coming off 10 months and also now hit with merc retro trying to iron out heaps of organisational rubbish as well as find the learnings in some of the ‘feedback’ as MM said in today’s mystic.

  18. #soggybatwings lol genius. feeling the merc sat sq moon manifestation of= soggyish inner life but optimistic. Best of luck on the career advance gemdoll I have a good feeling about it

  19. Great advice as ever Mystic! This has reassured me about taking a job I think I’ll likely be offered this week. Not five years in the making but a couple of months and with Saturn goals in mind. Definitely not an impulse.

    Wishing Gemini Trolley Dolly all the best in their next chapter!

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