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The Aquarius page is currently blank due to some coding kerfuffle with the (in dev) view all option. I don’t understand it but the page will be de-blanked asap. In the meantime: the pertinent Aquarius Horoscopes and my apologies!

Aquarius Daily Horoscope For Friday December 8 

This is one of the weirdest Mercury Retrogrades on record but for you, it offers nothing less than a chance to redefine yourself – in and out. The way you present, your attitudes or key stance, your self-concept, brand and support tribe…they are all being made over in the light of new info and realisations. The more open you are to the data-flow, the more brilliantly this works, especially today.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope from December 9

It will take more than a Dark Moon to stop you upping the snazzy flirtation /strange attraction/depth-rapport matrix this week. With Venus-Eros-Uranus vibe pinging off the spectrum, you’re fizzing up with new neuro-hormonal transmitters that scientists have not even identified yet. You can channel this into creativity, lust, an aesthetics revamp, house witching or enterprise. As normal people slow their pace for Xmas, you’re working on gait correction.


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27 thoughts on “Aquarius Vortex

  1. Okay and the thing that made stuff blank out last night is causing a similar irk with the archives – sorry – but it is being addressed as you read this.

    It is basically because there is some fancy coding for archives, current scopes and the view all – some of it is over-riding other bits. But the outcome will be epic and archives should be viewable as normal again v.soon

  2. haha!!! Had a big urge to tell you how much I fucking love you and your insights, your gift in my world. So I hop on the blog and the first thing I see is Aquarius vortex. Triple – sun, moon, mercury, me. So incredibly full of magic right now and feeling the blessings from everything, the beauty in the sadness, the blessed actions from the rage, the dance felt in every nuance when breathed into from the place of freedom. Deep trust in the abundance available for everything and simply being that in every opportunity that arises. It’s not that I’m surprised we are in sync Mystic its that I am in glorious wonder, understanding the power that comes from happying everything. Its acceptance, its trust, and above all its knowing love. Can’t define that, its a wild ride on a zeitgiest arrow head aiming deeper higher lighter, knowing discipline, direction and doing due diligence in vigilence no matter what cos the no matter what is fulla keys too….bran neuw day…thank YOU

  3. I can only imagine what’s it like to try and run a web site during Mercury retro… I mean this rx broke the computer of our frigging fridge! Now it’s beeping like crazy all the time.

    Plus today I tried to tell my love-interest about my day but he took it as a confession of my feelings for him which it wasn’t but I can’t take the misunderstood words back either. OH BOY.

  4. A few times per year my nomadic life leads me to my sister’s high tech house. Unfailingly, appliances totally stop working when am in their orbit. It sounds nuts, but is hilariously true. Mystic said something once about this of Aquas… and for this multi Aqua it is old hat now… don’t even have to touch them! No idea… bats!

  5. I didn’t receive the daily Mystic email for Dec 8. Is anyone else missing theirs? I checked my spam – it’s not there.

  6. As a triple-Aqua conjunct my Midheaven, I swear I have some sort of psychic-esque machine aura. Just being near computers, medical equipment, phones, TVs, etc., has caused them to short-circuit, go on the fritz, slow down, buffer too long, or just behave weird. I feel like I’m tapping into the Internet version of dark matter every time I check my email. The dark web, right? Like I’m ‘plugged in’ somehow.

    Sigh. Maybe with upcoming Uranus into Taurus, now the plants will also behave oddly around me, too …

  7. Uhm Virgo/Virgo rising page just went blank as well.
    I read the scopes as of a few hours ago.
    Then I got back here and there’s nothing there anymore.

  8. thanks for this Mystic! Just posting the picture was enough to explain all.

    It’s been something of a big day – SSM bill passes into law in Australia, earlier Time magazine announces The Silence Breakers (including the anonymous elbow) as the 2017 person of the year.

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