The Full “Messenger” Moon

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Mars is still pulsing away in orb of Uranus – a catalyst and a half for any situations you’d really rather just raise the heat on – fast. But Chiron at a stand-still turning Direct AS Mercury goes Retro is more insular energy, with no desire to even share, let alone seek out confrontations.

So yes this is a Sun-Neptune square/Full Moon influenced weekend of contradictions – more in the Horoscopes + Daily Mystic email for Monday (being sent out early so everyone gets it well ahead of the F.M).

But one thing is absolutely certain about this celestial vibe; information flow is intense and sped-up. Answers, solutions and provocative realisations are being beamed in like a cosmic particle accelerator.




Image: Daniel Danger

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82 thoughts on “The Full “Messenger” Moon

  1. After that shit show of a week, I felt the need to run and run hard to160bpm old school tuneage. What came next was awesome. Clarity, poignant realisations and a direct message from another era. Feeling good.

  2. Last weekend it felt as if I realizations came to me at a 1000 mph (actually, so fast that I can’t recall half of them now lol), but now I’m definitely vibing the jupiter-neptune trine: a vague sense of possibility and also of mourning, like being at the funeral of someone you don’t really remember knowing.

    And the whole mercury-chiron action has me literally stuttering all the time, it’s so embarassing, especially at work. I do have mercury in sag square chiron in virgo natally, but never had speech problems like that.

  3. this doozy of a moon and all conjunctions has seriously whupped a friend of mine. Went from twitchy to nightmare in a nanosecond. Talk about bitchslaps from the Universe…cosmic particle accelerator , indeed. Poor woman. i am truly hoping that I am not due for any intuitive intelligence upgrades.

  4. Square my 11 virgo sun. yay. It’s already been a rollercoaster week, the highlight so far being the look on the cops’ face as he read the text exchange between myself and an ex who was trying to exhort me for blackmail with some video ( does it really exist?) Told current interst to fuq off, too passive agressive, but him hitting the curb may not be smooth either due to mars-pluto,and pluto-mars in our synastry. Creativity at all time high ,so there’s that. See you on the other side…..maybe.

  5. 3.33 am thoughts… my art show opening was weird but good. Despite serious storms and torrential rain a lot of people rocked up, the work looked terrific and a good time was had by all. I am exhausted but wired. I’ve been feeling like that for the past few days and not sleeping well. I’m finding it hard to relax and looking forward to the lessening of intense energy after the full moon…

  6. Well, I downloaded my next life chapter at a ceremony last night. Moving 5 hours away for a new start. I was walking on the woods yesterday and every tree was singing “welcome home.” So I’m pretty satisfied.

  7. The full moon at 11 Gem will be exact trine my Sun at 11 Aqua. Everything else at 11 degrees will be pinging my Sun, too — Jupiter squaring my Sun at 11 Scorp, Neptune at 11 Pisces, Sun currently at 11 Sag… I’m an 11 person in numerology too…. and 11:11
    ELEVEN is where it’s at!

    Chiron direct will be revving up to mow over my natal Chiron at 26 Pisces one more time…..I’ll be 50 in two months and if I’m going to continue after this half century mark, I want to do it with an upswing, with strength, not with a feeling of decline, otherwise it just doesn’t feel worth it and I’d be ready to call it a day… I think physical exercise and activity will be the way forward.

    I really felt the Mars Uranus opp this week, it was very close to my NN/SN axis. I’m definitely going through a transformation, but not ready to step out on that yet. I’m going to try to lay low, too, this weekend and finish my TEFL course. I need to be ready to get a job in the new year…

    My emotional state right at the moment is not that comfortable. It feels like positive excitement about intangibles/things that haven’t materialized yet, and dread/worry of actual and real concrete issues in my life at the same time, like waiting for something to happen or the other shoe to drop.

    • Hang in there…you’ve made huge transformations, no wonder some of it hurts.

      I reckon Chiron return is the hardest of all transits – it’s like Pluto and Saturn in one hit. xx

      • Thanks, Chrys! 🙂

        Yeah, I think this upcoming Chiron going direct will be the last pass over my natal Chiron, and hoping the transformation will be completed and for the better. It’s been a sobering excavation of myself and my ‘story’ reflecting on my life up ’til now, so a Pluto/Saturn vibe makes sense!

    • Really get you with emotional dichotomy

      One half is all excitedly planning my golden future

      The other is wanting to wait out 2017 in a treetop hideaway not unlike my little flat

      Work has reached a point where I try and be like all 3 of the 3 monkeys I know everything will ease after the Christmas break and Saturn FINALLY stops squaring my Virgo Sun Pluto but the lead up is god awful

      One bright spot is the boss, a gem who I can talk Astro to who is now seeing the difficult person for who she is (a bit) and the rest of her gang

      I am sitting here in limbo
      *Jimmy Cliff is a legend

  8. I’ve just wanted to hide and stop completely. So guess what? I’m hosting a sickness bug and spent the whole day in bed avoiding everything. Hopefully it’ll be on it’s way gone by tomorrow.

  9. This is interesting Astro energy, trying to stay grounded and integrated despite the buzzing gem nep square Mars Uranus vibes. Found it hard to sleep. I think I’m going to go on a long long walk to tire myself out and maybe not drink tonight.

    Pulled a chart for this moon, lots of sqs with Venus / sun/ moon from all the saggo action. But also trines and Itch of Nn on Leo MC (it will have to wait/ I’m starting a career abundance energy workshop tomorrow)

  10. I’m just feeling really depressed and sad. I’m a naturalized American citizen with a deep love for my country (that’s why I became a citizen!) and I feel so demoralized right now. All that greed, greed, greed and hate. Is it really that hard to love your fellow man?

    I just want to hibernate. And watch Sherlock with my pets. And not read the news. I’m a Cappy Sun and I hope Saturn in Capricorn takes out every single motherfukcer in our current government. Grrrrrrr.

  11. Mystic I am scheduled unexpectedly for a quadruple. Bypass on Monday NQ time around 11am. Do you have any wisdom or insight you can help me with. I am a brave Aqua leo rising moon I pisc with Venus conjunction Chiron. But I have had lots of anxiety since this news and trying to keep my centre of faith and balance best I can. Bless you for all you do for so ma y souls on their journey to somewhere wonderful :). Aqua annie. Ps IWD have a wedding date set for 22april 2018 and I want to be there, strong and well., dancing too! Lol

    • Gosh that’s very short notice! No wonder you are feeling emotionally unprepared and a bit afraid and anxious. Anyone in your position would – prep time or no. Do you have a friend who can be there with you when you wake up? and before you go in? A familiar person who you feel safe with can make a big difference.

      Maybe you could email Mystic…

      I know several who have had this operation and they came through just fine and with a freshly functioning bod too 🙂 April is 4 months away – plenty of time to heal. X

    • Wow! I wish you amazing results from your surgery and have no doubts that everything will go perfectly. Your Venus/Chiron to me feels (intuitively) like “heart issues” and depending on the house they are in they could mean that literally as well as figuratively. You are taking care of yourself though, which is what Dr. Chiron asks us to do (“heal thyself”), and with Chiron stationing direct you have him onside. Beautiful blessings to you, Annie, can’t wait to hear about the wedding in April!

    • Aqua-Annie you’ve probably barely woken up from the operation as I write but I wanted you to know we are thinking of you and sending lots and lots of well-wishes and caring squeezy hand-holdings! In place of hugs, which might be a bit tricky just now xxxxooooooo

  12. Weird feelings of being on a threshold between worlds this weekend.
    Plan A was to go to an event at which the work of my former arch nemesis would be on display. Slight chance of seeing her and my Former Love.
    Instead I ended up choosing a cosy house concert with some of my fave creative peeps from my new life. Had weird-but-good accidental convo with a muso whom I don’t know but have seen play loads of times. Highlights included massive KAPOW moments in my heart the likes of which I haven’t experienced in years. The friend I was with said to me, ‘Well it’s obvious he has the massive hots for you.’ So I am still alive after all 🙂 🙂
    Perhaps I am just giddy with that spark but it felt like something was being seeded. I dunno what, not necessarily a love thing but Something.
    Made a detour to go to the arch nemesis thingo the following day but then got phone call requiring quick return home before I could get to the venue.

    Not even the might of my zombie Venus sq Neptune can hold back the new era, so it seems *laughs at self*

      • Of course have already consulted the Tarot on this gentleman and – 5th house Death card – ‘you could be about to fall massively in love’ *giggles like Year Nine kid, scratches bloke’s name on desk* 🙂

          • Holy fuq was listening to one of his songs and there is a line about being like a knight in pursuing a woman – guess which card/s have been showing up in my regular Tarot check-ins (not abuse lol) for months now, re love incoming

        • And it’s such a nice feeling. I was almost instantly smitten by an absolutely gorgeous, hunky, smart friend of a friend at a recent celebration (perfectly timed with moon in party-friendly Aquarius!). Like, awash with joy. Naturally he is married with two small children so I had to put the joy in a little glass box, visible but with boundaries. *I’m trapped in a glass cage of emotion* said that wise contemporary philosopher Ron Burgundy

          • Bloody typical 🙂 But as you say – such a nice feeling and so great to know the heart still knows it when it sees it xx

    • Fantastic Chrys, sounds exciting! Even if nothing eventuates with the attraction, it’s nice to feel you’ve still ‘got it’ xx

  13. What a fitting twist ‘it is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden. Too like the lightning, which, doth cease to be Ere one can say, “It lightens.” Sweet, good night! This bud of love, by summer’s ripening breath, May prove a beauteous flower when next we meet’ a mercury retro stewing the juices for a quintessential new flame

  14. Feeling..immensely triggered. Aluminum Hydroxide. Dtap. Liars. Fraud. This epidemic is not genetic. Crying. Rage. Mars / Uranus rain hell down on these criminals.

    • So sorry for your distress, dear Sphinx. I understand your rage & have often wished those evil bastards on the board of Mammon the end that they deserve…beginning with a taste of their own medicine.
      Love to you & yours. xx

      • Hell yeah. The times they are a’changing though.. lots of positive destruction of old corrupt systems is happening. The Tower card comes to mind. Yes it’s stressful and scary but cathartic.

        My ‘hit list’ is so long I need to crowdfund to take out some ‘contracts’… lol

      • Thanks babes. I don’t mean to carry on here. I did that once and differing triggering opinions lost a great person who wrote here as a result. But anyway, I appreciate your kind words in the midst of my lack of forgiveness to those Mammonites and myself.
        Crowdfunding a hit-list is exactly what those people do too! May the times a’change..

  15. The sky was looking beautiful yesterday and a bright Moon rose high in a skyful of chevron patterned clouds. Time to take a picture I thought and grabbed my camera. There was quite a racket coming from the woods near the house and all the Crows were squalking and cawing like it was a Midsummer sunrise. Echoing through a black sky. Not what you expect on a freezing cold December evening..Re-assuringly topsy-turvy.

  16. I hid out out home and made stuff and cleaned and did whatever I wanted and it was great. Most importantly, I didn’t call someone, or text, or email. My reward: a late afternoon storm with bucketing rain, lightning and thunder and then clearing for golden light, a rainbow caught between two clouds and the relief of feeling that I’m doing the right thing at the right time. However long this feeling lasts, it’s made all the difference.

    • I love that. When I’m in ‘flow’ and feeling good, I always see butterflies (except in winter when they’re not around…)

      Rainbows are special, as are those intuitive feelings when you know you’re doing what you should be.

  17. Wow what a full moon that was – exact on my North Node and my daughter had it exact on her Sun. We’ve counselled each other through it. Ive had to really bite my tongue and play nice over family situations, when all I wanted to do was flip out and rant. But I’m deeply happy I managed it. Showing where my allegiances really lie has been both cathartic and scary. The whole weekend felt like a weird, hot thunderstorm filled with static and bad communication, temptation to hit the hoochiemjuice countermanded by very upset stomach. Even the cat parked herself high up a tree and refused to come down. Daughter had a better time publicly declaring her new relationship with a new beau – very aptly.

  18. Well i’ve been feeling quite trepidatious about this FM all week seeing that it was happening in my 8th H with the Moon squaring my Pluto. But it wasn’t so much that which was worrying me, as i’m well acquainted with Uncle P – but the fact that the Mars opposition to Uranus is playing out on my AC/DC axis – so you know ….. explosive possibilities. But i have to say that i am in fact feeling mellow … as mellow as the far-off lute….and am having a beautiful & peaceful time. Go figure.

    But the weirdest thing is that i’ve had loads of seemingly Mercury Rx fuq ups recently like a lot of people on here – losing my phone & then my wallet (1st time ever) and electronic snafus galore. Yet within hours of Mercury officially going retrograde i found the wallet, and 2 of the electronic gizmos (a much loved old radio & main interior car light) which had died on me around 2-3 weeks ago started functioning again. I’ve either slipped into a topsy-turvy parallel universe or i’m being toyed with by a cosmic joker.

    • Me too! lost my wallet two weeks ago at outdoor concert, cancelled cards and was thinking damn I have to get new licence, medicare care etc. Rang the venue and they had my wallet and sent it to me and *the cash was still in it**! So lucky. My opening night on Saturday was torrential rain and thunderstorms, emergency plumbing repairs at the gallery, people showing up on time (Unheard off!) while I was still sweeping, putting ice into buckets, last minute touches etc… but once I had a glass of champagne it all went swimmingly (pun intended). Glad your got your stuff back as well xx

  19. Full moon in 9th, Nothing much happened.
    Will wait for week ahead perhap something will manifest.
    Love the pics for each Zodiac sign on scopes page but not enjoying the new layout. Overly complicated. Loved the simplicity of previous layout.

  20. I discovered that one of the meanings of the prenatal solar eclipse (in karmic astrology at least) holds true for me – my father died when the sun was at that point, and the node returned to the same point it was at the time last year. I have had a bizarre and horrible situation going on for two plus years now and it still isn’t resolved, so I’ve been searching for hints about what to do. Counselling and asking police for help hasn’t worked, in fact I think the latter has made it worse : (

    • you have my absolute empathy – do you know what though? I am convinced that Saturn right at the end of Sagittarius, with Mercury near by is really driving a lot of situations to climax at the moment.

  21. The Full Moon Meditation on the beach I was achingly wanting to go along to tonight has been cancelled due to weather….Feeling like a lot of “stuff” has to be leeched out of mind, body and soul this full moon. Having an alchemy bath instead.

  22. Got triggered as fq. It made me flip into something i didn’t understand, but now i realise it was a combination of Moon, 12th and a very old old instinct to come out roaring when a loved one is vulnerable.

    I’m taking it easy this evening but quietly wtf-ing still.

    Extremely grateful for here, and the modern mystics with their understanding xxx Compassion went a long way for me, and i noticed a fair bit of “i’m ok, you’re ok” in a wired and exhausted workplace, too.

    Uranus at 12 degrees, so not a trigger degree exactly but pretty close. Electrical house thing went bang in the lead-up, too. Affects daily routine but not going to fix. Post New Year sales will see a brand new brilliant thing coming my way. (An Aqua told me so.)

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