Weird Week At Work?

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Weird week at work? Saturn square Chiron has been quite the challenger. Loads of triggers, Qi Vamp colleagues, deranged bosses, boards, clients and/or compliance officials, major hours, Pluto in Capricorn dirging away exposing faulty settings on economies & dodgy politicians in the background AND heightened awareness of ones most personal psychological quirks amid all that. But Saturn is now moving away from this alignment and into a friendly, futuristic high-vibe sync with Uranus. AND…there is more on all this in the Daily, Weekly + Monthly Horoscopes but the Full Moon in Taurus energy is evoking something along the lines of…this:

Thoughts? And yes, we could argue that everything is always transforming, particles, cosmic fusion, energy begetting energy and all but this IS the first Full Moon since Jupiter started going gang-busters in Scorpio, right?

And, if you are an astro-fiend or doing the Astro-School, may i point out that this is Full Moon is trine the Mercury-Chiron in Virgo of U.S.A. special counsel Robert Mueller and square his Sun-Pluto and when you are a former F.BI. director conducting an investigation of this nature, having your Sun-Pluto activated by a square from a Full Moon is brilliant.

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78 thoughts on “Weird Week At Work?

  1. Well , I don’t comment usually …But I do read and apply regular commentor peeps advice and insights in addition to MM’s clever, valuable,and ever improving guidance since the ZZ. Saturn has been currently camping with Mars ,Venus , and on my Sun Stellium in Saggo conjunct my Mercury in Cap. My Taurus ex husband of 13 years just committed a murder suicide involving his Scorpio gf. After our 5 yrs together, we remained in the same work world and are from a small wine community. I never elaborated why I left, it’s complicated and he did have anger issues, but I did not want to allow personal matters to leak into professional life. Shocked coworkers and curious mutual acquaintances , that I have not spoken w/ in forever are finding ways to chat me up. I did not know the unfortunate victim,but I’m strangely just as sad he was suffering. It’s also weird to have fond memories , mixed with the horror and the what if’s? It’s been a weird week.

    • What a shocker. I’m so sorry. Sending waves of peace and love to you, your community, and the energies departed. I hope you’re okay, that others respect your boundaries, and that you have support. xox

      • Thanks Ali
        I have lots of support, no one is being malicious they are just shocked and curious- I am keeping my answers simple and boundaries in check. I’m in a great relationship, just got engaged after 12 yrs 😉 and getting a new puppy Thursday!

  2. “Weird week at work” does not describe all the insanity of it. One client particularly went ape shiz crazy.
    But I got a flexible work schedule and I can now go to my acqua gym classes at lunch time.
    I am glad is over though: it really felt “overloaded” with muggles and hysterical reactions.
    Already feeling the calm Full Moon vibe.

  3. Having an existential moment here. Work is always weird, so what Im feeling right now – especially with the scandals blazing away in the background – is that although I do believe in karma and justice, I dont think we are judged on a similar level. Like, at all. Of course we are all different and have different paths and purposes, but some of us have quite a different curve than others.

    Is anyone here familiar with Human Design by Ra Uru Hu?

  4. I was at home all week taking an online training. While listening to the instructor I have been virgoing the fuq out on my house – fixing molding, installing shelves, touching up paint. I stained and assembled an epic toiletry cabinet. Things unwrapped and in canisters. Months supply of hand soap etc. It’s like an addiction. Hurt my ankle by dropping a huge potted plant on it. Don’t care. Still working. Manic Virgo.

  5. Just realise my life is all about Saturn on dsc square my Pisces things, Uranus on all my 10th house things currently trine Saturn, so weird, all the trines offsetting all the squares, but Venus visiting my Libra NN and sun on 5 th house has been just gorgeous! Gorgeous creative tribe of humans and fun, and it’s not even the full moon yet, I’m call it early haha
    Uranus squaring natal Saturn at the same time, the big U always delivering total novelty – “I have never seen / felt / known / experienced this before”, one challenge is offset by another easy aspect, I feel like I’m machete-ing my way through the jungle, a compulsive desire (or external demands) requiring me to keep showing up despite omg all the WORK on every level and the fact that its Chiron of all things makes it so goddamn internal and personal, walking wounded tread softly for you tread on my pain, go gently, but go, ok wow what a night.

    Actual work has yes been officially weird, Saturn, work, yes of course, the most basic direct association, easy to forget in the scheme of things*

    • Yes, when you have been a hermit, triggered by other people’s crap overlaid onto old hurts you were not supported with and were expected to just take as if it were your birthright as a victim/scapegoat, then forays into a broader social world can be amazing.

      Even the random minute connections! And remember you gave as much space to those connections as was given to you. Those strangers who vibe so sweet and so strong in who they are, enough to give, are getting it back from you, Pi. That sweetness comes from their vulnerability, and so does their strength of id, right in that beautifulmoment.

      Just as yours shone out, i’m sure xx

      Uranus always makes electric connections and we never know what Saturn has done to other people

      • Just wanted to pop in to say your first paragraph in this response triggered an omg, my heart moment. Thats what I am hoping and praying for ever day, Mille. Every. Day.

        • Me too, Starbaies, it is rare and happens in between the long moments. And the long moments are because you and i have experienced “going out” and all the people and behaviours that appear there.

          Cheers to the soul that hopes. Hope is not a dirty word, though i’ve read it denigrated recently.

          Just bustling about this morning and yesterday evening, i realised how gorgeous some retail peeps are, that they are not always just selling something, but giving an energy. Some have known me a while, some were new today, but they all just helped, above and beyond. I feel they are guardians of the everyday spirit, and can make your day, and also have to deal with people being shits, while not passing it on.

          I always wanted to work in this area but was denigrated at home for that desire. I suppose i would be wasting my skills and ed etc. I’m apparently a leader now but service is the only work ambition i ever had, so i channel that desire into my current career of twenty plus years.

          It’s also a conversation that came up with a receptionist i love, at a place i frequent.

          Yes, here’s to Every Day, and the alchemical magic we all pass on to each other xx

          • I had a great moment with a retail person today too. I saw a sole male in an otherwise all female retailer with a female dominated business and made sure to let him know that I appreciated his presence in that environment. Its never easy to be the minority, no matter the situation, so I think its important to let them know they are seen and appreciated. I do recognize the immense amount of energy and patience to perform in that function, so I always try and give back as much positivity to those people when I interact with them. Its a wonderful thing to appreciate those in service, and even more so that your heart is channeling that into your career – Im sure you have brought a lot of happiness to those who have crossed your path as you do here.

            Yes, cheers to our magical Every Day, Mille xx

      • <3 mille thank you for your amazing words – love.
        imvho your writing always strikes me as like like a Spanish or middle eastern poet (maybe you are one?) – picturesque, impassioned complexity, to be read with soul-attention to derive the important message xxx

  6. Well tho I haven’t got a job the shit still keeps comin. I was told that even if I’m found not guilty l will not be back paid. I found this out on Thursday. How does this stuff get geurnsey in an allegedly Western Democracy? The investigation still hasn’t started; probably because the STASI stables haven’t been cleaned and the horses haven’t been prepared for the 7 day ride needed to execute me. This is the very reason some teachers are leaving the profession. HS kids regularly accuse some teachers of being pedophiles; my retort is “you’ve been phed-a-pile”. Or, if you get me in trouble, I’ll say you touched me. Even though they are the ones doing something wrong.

    Uranians should never work in

    My 3rd book will be a polemic on how fuqn stupid education authorities are in Aussie.

    • You are probably correct that Uranians should never work in government.

      But that doesn’t mean the actual work they do is not of good value, in a field that is non gov.

      However, i think the Uranian is on their own path of razing shit to the ground, reinventing their work (we have to for money, so that part just comes about, and may be a good “working holiday”).

      Lots of people here learn a lot from you, PF, even if not all those people make a comment. You may not have to abandon teaching for good…anyway, if you are one i believe it is a vocation, not just a profession and it will always find you. And if you don’t want it to find you for now, for a while that you think is forever, may i pop in with the idea that you will funnily enough find yourself teaching people in some capacity, like adults (we are just grown children), and just like Mystic does here.

      I’m sure you’ve trawled the archives and stuff, but you would wow out at Mystic’s evolution in teaching or mentoring if you witnessed the changes to the tech side, even occurring now, but also over the years. I have not even been here for as long as some, but i got the flavour when archive-bingeing! Mystic is pretty Uranian and has that Water style that’s easy to miss but gets you every time. I stayed for the artwork! But came for the words.

      Don’t waste your 3rd book. There are other ways of bringing people to learning, i reckon, and you do it when you’re not looking.

      • MM’s stuff is sure amazing. Yes, Uranians are stifled in Automatonsville.

        I was actually trawling the other day where l asked someone the 3 years “What is the ZZ?”. Not realising the ZZ started, for me at least, when Pluto went into Cap and the Trunchbull, that even Roald Dahl couldn’t conjure, entered my life.

        When MM was telling Cardinals to make changes I had no idea career was an issue. I was clueless to the 10th House / Aries stuff impacting my career. Especially as a Dbl Kat. I now have a more fuller understanding esp as Uran will hit my MC soon. I see Earth as a more welcoming, grounding. Esp as Uran will pow-wow with Pluto and Saturn more lovingly.

        The two main things l see this site is the learning of the Astro and, it seems, that we are genuinely looking to right the hurt many of us feel. I am born under the most, arguably, Yin sign.

    • This is many of the reasons uranians work alone or are self employed. Ugh!

      Maybe write a book on your experience and sell it? Find other teacher that have similar cases?

        • PF, I know this is not inline with the topic, but I wanted to add this on here for you. You mentioned somewhere you are having a hard time financially. If you need some help let us know, through a Paypal/Patreon/etc. Maybe we can help you out in whatever way we can? Ill be the first to do so if that helps any xx

          • Thanks for that offer. I’ve found l can get centrelink help. Now that l used up my tiny bit of LSL. My anger has died down to usable, directable levels.

            My brain has regrouped. Mars cj Pluto, Jup, is now ready for a concerted fight.

            That’s ONE conjunct octave.

            My other is Merc cj Uran, opp Chiron, T Sqd by a SD Jup counters by employing “Detach, detach, Will Robinson, detach.”

            The 2 Octave conjuncts are too wide to be conjunct themselves. But all live in 2nd House.

            • 2nd paragraph should’ve read

              “My brain has regrouped. Mars cj Pluto,* opp Chiron, T Sqd by a SD* Jup, is now ready for a concerted fight.”

  7. OMG yes!

    I had the weirdest of the weirds at work this week. So darn perplexing and here was me thinking it was Mars opposing my Chiron, which is was, and now this too. Of course! Lots of sub-text and hidden agendas. Went to have a ‘friendly’ coffee with one of my supervisors who then dive-bombed me like a mad magpie about my work hours and where I saw myself going as a writer and academic teacher. All this whilst at the same time intimating he may no longer have work for me––without actually coming out as saying it. Very, very weird and pass agg.

    But here’s what I love so much about Chiron. As I went home and mooched and felt wounded that my career was somehow in the balance, I thought through what I wanted. Then I went and chewed the fat with my other supervisor who offered me work in the area of writing that I had wanted to teach more anyway. So yes, it stung, and the smiling assassins are everywhere I guess but Saturn/Chiron is always going to flush them out. I respect the cosmic authenticity of these guys. It wasn’t a nice week but it taught me so much and to go next-level myself.

    Saturn reminds us that time waits for no-one and Chiron says a true warrior takes the wound and grows stronger, even if it does remain apparent as some form of scar. I won’t be forgetting the earlier conversation and it put me on my guard to tread carefully and with saturnine steps in my workplace (oh and I do have Saturn about to square my Midheaven so those steps are about to become stealth-like …)

    Thank you Mystic, once again you have nailed the astro Zeitgeist that makes us all appreciate the incredible work you do. x

    • The smiling assassins are the pits. But i love your wisdom of taking the wound and growing stronger.

      I also found unexpected support and it rewarded obliquely much of the angst i experienced about my leadership style which definitely needed editing.

      Funnily enough, in taking that on as my responsibility, even for the person who appears to be undermining me, in the context of greater support, that Qi Vamp is flushing themselves out. I could not fight it with fire. And i hated the hits to my energy field, including the touching of my clothing designed as compliments. But in taking it calmly, working on myself through it, there has now been space and time during which QV boldly put their digital stamps on the latest scheming and protocol breaches, and it’s part of my job description to pass that on. No point engaging in small battles when you feel in your gut a war has been waged. And better to let that war-cry be heard than to participate in it. Less about winning than about shutting inappropriacy down.

      Saturn and Chiron feel so hard but i can appreciate them better from your perspective of cosmic authenticity.

      • Thank you both so much for your lovely feedback. We’re all in this together aren’t we? Upwards and onward. Let the scars and wounds be our armor as we work through this thing called life.

      • I squirm when l see colleagues touching others masquerading as comradeship!

        A man touching a woman, who isn’t an intimate, on the upper arm is really bad body language. I see that in teaching staffrooms and it freaks me out.

        • The men in my work environment don’t do it, they know better. And if they don’t, they get a look that they know how to read, because there is respect. QV is a woman.

          I have stated boundaries. I get whiny defenses of “Just paying a compliment!” “Just happy today!” The energy accompanying is so pokey and pinchy that i can’t help but react physically in surprise, so i’m in quiet training to respond instead of react. It’s weird but the person shows a lot of glee at small mischief, and is overly self-humiliating when they’ve made an error. So tiring! Just fix the error, mate! I’m here to help not judge!

          For me, i’m learning not to be drawn into “mentoring” them over the basics of professional behaviour. It’s a derail. They repeat bad behaviour after periods of time getting on with their job and making a song and dance about doing that, and i thought changing my approach to encourage might help. But i’m starting to believe it truly is, not just feels like, a malicious waste of my time and attacks on my personal grounding. The physical contact just confirms this but I didn’t want to just go with that idea without some time to observe.

          That’s why “cosmic authenticity” are words that speak to me: as a leader i feel my responsibility (good leaders serve the team and ultimate work, not themselves), and as a mutable i try to make myself the first work-around, especially to soften my natural martian-fiery drives, because they’re not styles that suit everyone. Abuse survivors get a bit tetchy by physical and neurological nature so i’ve looked at me first, to try and resolve any hypersensitivities at my end. I know full well there are mental health issues at play with the QVamp. But the words ‘at play’ are important: my gut and sensory perception have been telling me there’s malice. Other people managing mental health in my team are not malicious like this, even if their behaviour is sometimes hurtful or combative. People on other teams and clients have often told me of offputting difficulty interacting with QV. I’ve managed the issues because we can’t control the person.

          After exploring myself in this work relationship with the situations ever evolving (years, not months), i know it’s not just a projection. I kept all comms data possible to study for my self dev as quiet leader not bossy manager. Data is better than feelings to present to my male superiors, although i’m not worried about showing my feelings, as long as they are not seen as colouring the reports. I’ll always go to my calm-on-surface-don’t-emo-at-me male bosses if i’m distressed. I don’t feelingsdump and i’m lucky not be a crying type of expresser, but i know my feelings are clear (Pisces would rather hold it in but i know with 12th Moon conjunct Rising it always shows!) My female superiors help me too, but ultimately they haven’t had the authority to act (that’s changing 🙂 ) I go in with a clear problem after trying to work it myself, and i expect their full support, and they give it. Their answer may not be what i’d hoped at all times, but i take it on the chin and work it (ha ha with a bit of private angst and emoting with n and d, but Sag types holding shit in = poison to the soul, and everyone suffers if your soul is toxic!)

        • PF, I want your viewpoint on this touching issue. Is upper arm that much different than the lower arm or perhaps the shoulder? I want your official Man Opinion. Dont trust random websites that advertise how to seduce women alongside their “advice”.

          • I’ve never read a book on how to [anything] on these matters. Just observations. (My Tri-Yinity Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio; observational powers).

            I won’t touch a woman at all unless she offers her hand in a hand-shake. Even with men I’m not that demonstrative.

            As far as the lower v upper arm thing, just my obs, but women seem more uncomfortable. I maybe wrong. Still, I just wouldn’t go there.

            Also I’m a Cancer; I’m just shy around someone l like. All other ppl I’ll talk the leg of a chair.

  8. Glad to know I’m not the only one experiencing this. I’m brimming with ideas, but no room to grow at work, so I’m distracted. Coworkers are irritating me, my boss in particular. Got so fed up & tired of dealing with internet issues yesterday that I left & drove 2 hours to my childhood home. Maybe not the most healthy way to deal, but I do feel like I got some insights from the trip. On the drive back to the city today, I felt like the radio was speaking to me, every song telling me in some form not to worry. “Take It Easy” came on 2 different radio stations. I am trying to follow the advice. Maybe the change in energy will help.

  9. Oh man, the Saturn square Chiron during my personal Chiron return has been really intense. I’m feeling a sense of ’emergence’ like the butterfly above, but maybe just beginning, like the third one from the left in the photo…I hope I make it to full wings! 🙂

    Today for full moon I’m charging my crystals and focusing on money and abundance for the Taurus energy. I made an online investment today, I finally signed up for my online TEFL course, and I finally bought a bit of furniture for my living room that’s been almost empty for years, except for an amazingly comfortable couch which I’m on right now…..haha, good Taurus-vibe activity, eh?!

    Emotionally, though, I’m not feeling relaxed AT ALL. I’m pretty stressed out and still waiting for some pieces to fall into place to further positive forward moving change, so feeling a bit stuck at the moment, though took action today in the above mentioned ways to get things going. There’s that quote somewhere about making a commitment and that when you do, providence moves too. I realize I’ve had a hard time making a commitment to anything recently and been in the limbo of indecision which I can’t stand any longer. I’m not sure if all the actions I took today are the ‘right’ ones, but I guess with action I’m telling the universe to ‘deal me in’, I’m ready to participate in the game.

    • Yeah I’m feeling this lovely Flowerchild! Especially the deal me in thing. You put that well. It’s exactly the sentiment… Especially after being kind of existentially offline, sorta. Xx

      • Yeah, it’s like the old ‘you must be present to win’. I spend so much time out of my body, dissociated, whatever you want to call it… With this earthy Taurus energy, I’m getting grounded so that I can receive all the worldly things I need, which is hard to do when I’m all spacey and living more in all my Aqua and Pisces planets…. I’m talking manifestation, bringing spirit into matter….

        Happy full moon to you, Pi! 🙂

  10. Former Gem PhD supervisor before he was replaced by a Scorpionic supervisor, has been out undermining my work. Tring to get client to see his motives as less than pure and questionable given his now employer’s business interests is v challenging. He can’t attack my client but can unleash on me. Client forwarded the email and asked me for a comment. I replied in depth and professionally but radio silence since when courtesy would suggest acknowledgement of my reply would have been appropriate.

    Client has been my Saturn in 7th (gem sun) or in 11th (Aqua ascendant) bundle of hell for the last 6 months. Thought all was done when report finished but doesn’t look like it.

    Full moon is conjunct Taurus IC and Jupiter, trine Pluto and sextile Venus and Saturn a few hours beforehand.

    Did sign lease yesterday on new apartment, near beach for summer and 25% less than my current city abode. More commute although I can work from home most days but I will also have joy of new surrounds and more $$.

    Also asked current employer if can convert to full time for a year but that is also tentative ATM. Would help with $$.

  11. This week, we farewelled a truly extraordinary colleague (this person is a catalytic powerhouse of joy) who was displaced in a terminally short-sighted organisational restructure.

    This colleague’s leaving has brought up the stark decision of whether you get very angry and poison your ever workday from now on, or do you embody what the person taught you and hopefully help and bring a bit of happiness to other people as you continue.

        • That’s right. I feel like before I worked with them, I knew a lot of the things they did were right in theory, but until I saw an older person still doing them when they were in a higher position, I didn’t trust that I’d be able to advance my career while still being ethical, warm and… all the other wonderful qualities they displayed. Now I will hold on to those qualities and demand that people be able to show their real selves at work. Because that’s better for us all!

            • For some reason I followed this trail and read this. It is absolutely where I stand just now. I am about to go on trial for being me and delivering 30 years of impeccable work. Because I put a piece on my website that referred to one area of work. I was a clinical tutor in this field, I helped create the MSc now accredited through a great university in the UK and because I wrote that I work with the area I am being put on trial. A tiny minority group has complained because they loath what we do and frankly I am through with no being honest, open and speaking up for my work. So after 30 years I am gong to leave my profession to carry on my work under another title where I can describe my self and my work fully. It has taken me ten years to figure out what my malaise was all about but I am so tired of not being real. Now this shove is going to allow me to speak up and speak out and be the therapist that I am.

            • Much power to you emg.
              It’s nice to be able to comment on old posts again isn’t it!

            • Work woes? Uran square? Authenticity? Pluto & Uran T Squarin Crabs. Changing careers? Same, same. And ditto.

            • Yeah very similar stuff really. Who’d have thought this Astro stuff works !

  12. I *thought* career stuff was going to be the one stable constant in life for a bit. Then told last Thurs I had new boss as of this Monday. Carefully pieced back together team morale after last re-org is back through the floor again and old boss stressed and bereft as am I as we had a great relationship.

    Unreal job inquiry from amazing brand on same day and contacted about another great role today. Was wondering WTF is going on…?? Now I know.

  13. Only had three days of work this week because of a N’oreaster that knocked out power in our area. When classes resumed, cue a PDD preschool room full of unsettled kids whose routines were knocked completely off, AND it was Halloween.

    We had a lot of excitement LOL

  14. I wonder if ringing my cpu with salt would keep the ids out of my inbox… TGIF is all I got. Even my boss took the day off.

  15. All week I’ve been like “Jesus take the wheel…”

    Feeling a little uncertain in my place of things but riding the energy as it comes

    This Full Moon is getting me right at the core, softening me and encouraging me to really let go of what it is that wants to leave –

    Toro Sun, Mercury, Mid heaven all feeling it!!!

  16. And Donna Brazile releasing her book soon that proves Hilary Clinton bailed the DNC out with the Clinton foundation monies. That was how she won Dem primary. Cheater! Bernie was the paper puppet they set up because she needed someone to run against so it looked fair…..Clinton didnt think Bernie would actually win.
    More truth is coming out even though it is sort of too late to do anything about it.

    • I maintain that Hillary is a viper – I’ve said it before and will keep on saying it. And Hilary’s blaming of Sanders via her book was naught but sour grapes – she’s bitter and poisoning the well further.

      It really takes some kind of balls to do that, especially when all the while you’re fuqing voters over. I’m totally despondent that we got saddled with Trump because of it, but Hillary got what she had coming to her.

      • Same sentiment here. Sucks that we have to live through the orange tyrant but there it is.
        I hear rumors of another party gaining traction in the u.s. I dont know if it will work but the u.s. Has not had a major party shift in over a 100 yrs. here’s to the great unknown and may be a better future!

  17. OMG I’m having such an overwhelming week. Thanks for the visual reminder of where its all going, Mystic. I needed the positive vibes this morning!!!

  18. Work’s been good. And busy – roughly 75% of business has been old clients popping back up again; like a glut of them all at once. One of them has a terminal cancer Dx – I gave her probably the most intense pep talk I’ve ever given anyone in my entire life last year when she first got diagnosed. They gave her 3-6 months to live and a year later that Scorp stellium is still kickin’! Timex fuqing watches the Plutonic Ones are; they take a lickin’ & keep on tickin’!

  19. Answering someone’s “how are you ?” With what I thought was a general statement turned out to be a major trigger for them and resulted in that person unleashing an epic rant on how easy my life is. Um… ok.
    Being the only positive person in an office full of glum.
    Being given key information which linked several other pieces of gossip together. I know too much. Stuff I don’t want to know. Stuff I can’t share.

    And that was pretty much how the week went.

    • Really sorry to hear you got dumped on triplefold.

      This reminds me that usually i sense past the face value and recently got an unmistakable message that i may be forgetting that with particular people. Thank you so much for saying this.

      I hope you have your own release channel open and available this weekend.

      • It was as if there were little implosions around me.

        It’s a strange mirror to the person I was or thought I was.

        People were having a tough week.

  20. This week flew. Friday-Sat overnight planning sess with exe.Big day monday 830-630. EOI panel decisions made by Principal, I was there to agree. Decisions shared. Busy Thursday hearts broken. Staff absent had to organise cover for next hr, seeing year 12 before the HSC art exam. Found lesson plans on my desk under a text book. Big bill in mail I forgot to pay. TGIF moon in aries but a taurus

    • Moon in Aries?? All i had to do was remember reading this every day of the week…sheesh…was sure it was something watery.

      Your Thursday sounds like there was pain somewhere that couldn’t express but escaped like gas leaking. Take a bit of sweet time for yourself when you can this weekend.

        • sheesh! just astrodienst-ed Dr Chiron and that sucker has made himself a couple of appointments cause he is retrograde and wants to see me on my natal chart again on the 25th Jan 18. How fit can I get before then? Baahaha

  21. Is Mercury Chiron a common conjunction? I know there are lots of Aries ones (probably the orbit or something but sorry i have been data-thinging which is not my fav stuff. Cannot get brain to do any more computations to make a discovery.)

    Sorry if this q irritates: i usually try to my best to do background info searches.

    Such an arresting and amazing Moon tonight 🙂

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