Weekly Horoscopes From November 18

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Neptune Direct, the New Moon in Scorpio and some Mars-Pluto power-tripping make the week from November 18 kind of funky in a weird way. But never fear, the Weekly Horoscopes are now posted, complete with trips for how to optimise the funk, if not warp the time-space continuum to get everything done.


Image: Three On A Match

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17 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes From November 18

  1. Most of the time, my rising sign horoscope feels like the action that’s happening in the foreground, and my sun sign horoscope is just the background music going on in the scene.

    Horoscopes aside, given everything that’s going on in the world, it feels like we’ve been sucked into the Tower card, and we’re living there. LOL

  2. Can’t wait for Neptune to go direct!

    I’m natal Sun conj Neptune in Scorp 12° in 10th.

    Creatively I’ve been all over the shop and lacking direction (maybe). I know that’s pretty much part of the creative process but still, keen to see if something changes once it goes direct

  3. Oh man, when does that Merc retro start because I feel like it’s already full on! It’s been a three ring sh*t show already! Yikes! Logistics problems, switcheroos, botched deliveries, one delivery that got STOLEN (ugh!), general chaos, etc., etc….

    I’m sincerely hoping for a mellow, restful weekend. I need to get back to my center, get grounded. New moon will be right on my natal Neptune in Scorp in the 5th house, with an exact trine to my natal Chiron in Pisces in the 10th. Should that account for something? ….or at least echo-in with transiting Neptune going direct? Transiting Neptune is hanging out closer to my Pisces Moon and Mars.

    I’m feeling that Mars/Pluto power tripping already….they are transiting my 4th and 7th, respectively……haha, just in time for Thanksgiving! 😉
    My anger level has been off the charts, though, lately. I hope the power tripping next week doesn’t push me over the edge….. I’ve been taking Reishi capsules to calm a bit. Hope that helps me next week!

  4. i am going to quietly pop something in here – early next year i am changing the horoscopes so instead of being daily, weekly and monthly then each sign, they will be Aries, Taurus etc and so Aries – Aries daily, weekly, monthly…AND i have the most stunning Olaf Hajek (who did my MM pic) images for each sign. I am beyond thrilled about this.

    • Ooooh I like this! 🙂
      And thanks for saying that starting from the 22nd of November thanks to Neptune direct, we – virgo rising – step out of the relationship vortex (that for me translated into nothing at all) and into the light again.
      The Dark Moon muggles are really beating hard this week, I need to stick to the DM Protocol you posted a while ago and focus on that “stepping into the light” as of next week tip.

    • Ah contemporary efficiency! Come and show my bosses how to streamline a one-stop-shop, darling! And that adding gorgeous artwork is not an add-on extra but an inspirational and thoughtful necessity xx

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