The Virgo Conspiracy

Dear God, they’re back. Saturn in Capricorn for Virgo is good! That plus Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn is a New Earth Era that augments the Virgo Vibe. Virgos all across Gaia are crawling out from their Saturn in Sagittarius shelters and resuming transmission. Yes, Saturn is still in Sagittarius and thus inhibiting the Virgo Conspiracy to an extent. But Saturn into Capricorn on the Solstice followed by Uranus into Taurus a few months later is an Earth synergy that will benefit this lot big-time.

They may currently seem as if they’ve withdrawn their focus to their own personal hyper-loop of Nuance Control but plans for a world more Virgo are already in motion. What’s more, the Virgos are in communication with one another. Secret signals, transmission through crypto-networks, technology opening up new layers of Virgo Vision…

If you are not an actual Virgo but have significant Moon-Ascendant or planetary action, you may be able to pick up on some of the transmission rays.  Consider that it might not be insomnia or a strange pre-dawn breeze waking up but actual Virgos, seeking to connect and further awaken the pod. You may be already IN The Virgo Conspiracy. Saturn in Capricorn for Virgo is an activation.

Image: Gala Darling – Ultra Virgo

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I am a Libra Sun with Merc-Uranus-Pluto in Virgo & Neptune in 6th H Scorpio. I have a powerful intuition & have been trying, for years, to convince my Plutonian son (Virgo Sun) he has “the gift” as well. He has been incarcerated for some time on a MH pod in our county jail. When I visited him recently, he was different — very clear, dialed in, but much mellower than his usual Virgo-self. He said that he felt differently, too. Difficult to explain but, he has def experienced some sort of psychic shift, a positive disturbance in The Force.

Roxy Scorpio

I had insomnia for a while now, my Virgo moon won’t shut up, ugh!!! Scheduling this, planning that, pref at 4 am, major energy leak. So this stops over Winter solstice? Phew


Thank you for explaining this!! Virgo sun – was wondering wtf was going on!


Gala darling❤️


Right? She’s so amazing!


Virgo moon, planning a bathroom reno in the new year. The current bathroom has stinky grout/fuqed feng shui/torn lino, and makes me feel dirty every time I use it. I am gonna strip it out and simplify everything, with some incorporation of second hand cabinetry, rocks, and the least amount of product space a person can get away with this century. This will be my personal shrine to cleanliness and simplicity. Omigod I can’t wait.


I’ve had trouble sleeping in the past 2 nights, so since this piece was posted. Virgo rising with Pluto in my first house so I guess “consider that it might not be insomnia or a strange pre-dawn breeze waking up but actual Virgos, seeking to connect and further awaken the pod. You may be already IN The Virgo Conspiracy.” is an actual thing for me.


I’m feeling this

Each day it’s like one more behavior/person/situation being eliminated + now I’m shaking off the dust

Virgo Mars/Saturn/Jupiter for the win


My Sag sun and Virgo moon are both ready for this to be over. Moon’s had a relatively smoother time of it, though. I think…




Yes!!!! I’m all in!!!!!!

Redlipstick Virgo

Yay yay and yay!

lola puddha

Fuck yeah! Not to mention chiron in pisces putting us thru hellish places. Next year is what im waiting for, trine city! Yay

Year of the Phoenix

So Virgo it HURTS or takeaway it has for the YEAR! Jeez it was brutal, I got brutal and Shizuoka was hitting fans all over the shop! Lucky for me my “person in authority “ I was always gonna have a tough year with us super lovely but even he admitted he had been judging me harshly The difficult person at work who tried every nasty trick in the book to get rid of me and have a chance at my job is miraculously dropped down to only two days a week and I I feel SO MUCH BETTER! I… Read more »


Jupiter strikes.


Sundown is dawn for us. I’m not pretending it isn’t anymore. (Cue: The nighttime is the right time by Ray Charles) She is here, pulling centuries out of my cells. Can’t do that at a cafe or post it in Instagram. Yet.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

HA HA HA…love it

I feel like something has shifted for sure!


My chart has a very Gem/Pisces signature so, lots squaring Virgo. So IDK maybe it’s my generational Virgo Pluto (with precise Uranus conjunction) that’s speaking when I say – thank Goddess!! Maybe it will be possible to clean up a bit of this mess and (maybe just maybe, from time to time) it will actually be possible to do things PROPERLY. (I mean after the Merc retro obvs 🙂 Go Virgos!~ I’m so with you on this.


my virgo husband has been though hell and is now – just now – coming back with a vengence. i feel it too. boy, do i…all good. a happier virgo is a thing of beauty!

12th house Virgo

Really? Is that why I can’t stop cleaning? An hour past bedtime and I am scrubbing my bathroom. Not the typical wipe down but deep in the grout lines. Can’t stop cleaning, home repairs, or generally getting mundane shit done.


I know that urge! Needing to deep clean the hell out of the grout lines (and the cupboard hinges, and the stainless steel door knob, etc, etc…) in the small hours. Pure Virgo at its best. Even the cat is impressed.

Sim oneness

Omg, sugar scrubbed the entire house this week

12th house Virgo

Sugar scrubbed the entire house? I have never heard of this and it sounds AMAZING!


Is that right? Pre-dawn wake ups? I thought it was the fact that my longitude and latitude changes every 4-6 daze. I even work out the exact longitude, in my head, to note sunrise times as they happen.

Amazing Virgo Fact. Hobart (Mt Wellington) sees the first Sun, over the few weeks, either side of the S Solstice. Before Mt Warning!

I can be so Virgo AnalMaX(c) at times.


I should qualify. First Sun *in Australia.


Talking of sunrise & Virgoness, one of the canniest features i remember seeing at Salvador Dali’s house (as a tourist not social visits alas), was a circular mirror on the eastern wall of his bedroom – angled so that he could be the first person in Spain to watch the sunrise over the Med – from his bed – Taurus Sun/Cancer Asc after all – but he did have NN/Virgo in 3rd House trine Merc-Sun.


I’d’ve loved to have smoked a few with him.


Those dawn moments with the sun’s fingertips painting bedroom walls, when it sounds like you are the first to wake up, with nothing to get up for but your own creativity, are exactly those moments when apropos of nothing you have actually done, you are having an Ah! Salvador!

These are the moments for soullove transportation, and best housewitching inspiration, carried out whenever.


Yes! I am excited bout next year! I have Jupiter 0″ Virgo in my 12th House. Grand Earth trine!

Saturn also in Virgo 21″ and my ascendant 25″ Virgo. I’ll have to wait for the grand trine to hit my ASC but good times ahead!

Insomnia? Yes, I went to sleep at 4 am just watching YouTube videos arg! And going every Saturday for 9 more months to study Digital Marketing. Hoping to be able to be freelance writer and community manager.

Good times coming!


Hi there I have Jupiter Virgo 2 degrees 12th conjunct at ascendant at 4 degrees. I have a cancer Moon at 3 degrees 10th…it will be interesting…my progress’s mars is early degrees Taurus 8th so shall wait & see.

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