Sun Jupiter Serendipity

This is a really beautiful Sun-Jupiter story from last week. Remember the Sun was aligned with Jupiter (lucky, expansive, etc) and in sync to Shamanic Neptune? Well this happened. As my Triple Taurus Ex Editor Horse Lady – the one who bought us the Mega Mystic rescued racehorse Pluto – tells it:

We had an extraordinary event happen at SAHA last week.  A mare that was rescued from the knackery, who according to our vets (actually now they are our ex vets!) had miscarried, suddenly produced a little foal overnight and there it was in the paddock!!    It seemed to actually be a bit of an omen of a turnaround for SAHA – a literal rebirth if you will.

This little foal – he has been named Pickles but i think of him as Jovian – is obviously SO fortunate to be here, the mother too obviously.  Here they are + the chart below. NOTE asteroid Epona (the Celtic Horse Goddess) rising – spooky.

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51 thoughts on “Sun Jupiter Serendipity

  1. Please forgive my ignorance on horses. I love dogs as my friend animal.

    But l had a HUGE win today. I’m a bit baffled as to which planet actually. I went to court and Dept lawyer wanted me to do a deal. I said no. Whichever way it was going to go l was not going to pay the demand.

    Judge dismissed claim in 3 minutes flat. I walked out without having to pay a cent. I can’t believe it.
    He said where is your witness? Dept bloke said l have a statement. Judge says “Not good enough; case dismissed”.


        • No. That is the OTHER issue. The investigation is mooted for ….anyone’s guess.

          But fab that money thing is gone.

        • I found out even if I’m cleared there is no back-pay or reinstatement. Hey guys, the Magna Carta is the basis of Western Law. “Oh, that’s right, our schools teach it in History lessons”.

          I love a fight.

          • Just a thought – I’ve been tracking Ceres since Brexit (it was conjunct uranus exact) & then someone in Astro School mentioned that Ceres transits can bring on loss but also very unexpected & sudden good luck. I’ve not only just been noticing the same for myself as well, but also with certain political events Ceres seems to be a bigger player than i thought.

            Would the Sun be conjunct your Ceres?
            Also tr Ceres conjunct your Uranus?

            • Ceres is a major player in my natal. Atm Ceres is cj my Uran Merc cj and sq my Ceres/Jup cj in Scorp. The Sun is midpointing that conjunction. So yes quite lively. At 13° Leo so a bit off my 29° Aries MC. The Aneretic IC/MC with Nep cj IC- Work is always a difficult to attain dream. Which frustrates the heck out of my Mars cj Pluto tr Cap (Earth House and Signs)

              Ceres is like us Kats 2IC Ruler. In my natal it adds to the special tie-up l have between Kataka and Scorp.

          • Also Lilith in 6th trine your Mars & trine your MC exact. You were swathed in energy of fierce believe that no one was going to barter/tie you down for something you were innocent of – so no way jose were you going to settle.

    • Victory and swift justice, a rapid rebalancing of the scales. Goddess Nike (victory), something to do with your 9th house?
      Uranus on your MC, a swift turnaround? Or saved from the jaws of $ death, either way
      a favourable aspect with natal? or transiting Jupiter, a magistrate with their head on straight,.. many things

      • Wait. Swift + justice. Mars in Libra transiting your north node? Plus Uranus on Aries MC answering to mars? Also the moon, wherever that was, you’re a cancerian after all.

        • Moon conjunct my Sun yday and trining my Ceres Jup cj. Yes to Mars having just passed my NN.

          The judge was Wayne Bennet like. I think he felt disposed to me.

            • Pi!!!!!
              A study in Capricornia.
              Curmudgeonly but loving Cap.
              The Father of the NRL.
              He demands cooperation.
              He gives good direction to his players. And will support any player who gives their all. He can’t stand the ‘urinating in public’ brigade.

              He is still alive and coaching. And jf the NRL had any sense they’d give him the reins.

    • So happy for you. I also had an offer to settle a car accident insurance claim. I was grudgingly going to pay a couple od grand by instalments. I was at fault. Collection agency called me and offered a 49% discount to pay in full in 14 days. Woo hoo!

    • That’s awesome! I’ve been following your woes of injustice. Great news… perhaps now you can fix your van?! Road tripping holiday and all that

      • I take your msg as an omen to fix van. I’ve been in a quandary as to what to do. I was on the way to Melb to get a 2.5 Subaru in it. There is a specialist there who only does Subies into VWs. Much more power & frugality. I will get it trucked down Melb. Also much cheaper to replace if l need another one.

        Yes, something finally going right.

  2. awww li’l foalie <3
    good work mumma. (originaly typo'd "god work" … indeed)

    Look at that lilith saturn on the sadge IC – how's that for a fight to exist and be free in the real world! wheeeeee

    • lol sadge Ic “was your mother a horse? ” / were you born in a stable?

      was baby cheezus sadge IC?
      libra rising (super nice guy right?), had an entourage, could make sense
      ’tis the season I guess heheheheh

  3. Beautiful story!
    I have Epona (5 Gem) on the Asc (6 Gem) and Jupiter is now progressed to 5Gem.
    Yesterday I found a beautiful card with a woman and a horse & pinned it on my board. I may become a horsey woman yet 🙂 PS Dad bred horses.

    • On the Asc is powerful, I imagine! People would easily associate you with the horse life? Gem being mercury is a racehorse vibe!

      Personally I am a full blown cat, as in Leo (Sun), Tiger (Chinese astro) and Jaguar (Mayan astro), but I have always adored horses. Even manifested myself a bunch in my 20’s.
      Just checked and I have Epona conj Saturn, Mercury & Venus in Cancer. Makes sense, I feel passionately for horses and find them unspeakably beautiful.

  4. Odd to miss a late pregnancy but mares can sometimes resorb foals. Maybe she had twins ?
    But wow he’s a stunner And such a gift.

  5. What a massive stroke of luck for that mamma and baby! I feel like I am no one to talk about such luck as I eat meat.. but still, I couldn’t be happier for these two innocent souls.

  6. Such wonderful, heartwarming news, especially in the aftermath of poor Regal Monarch’s death on Melbourne Cup Day. Long may young Pickles live!

  7. Eerily, this little fella is a near mirror image of the Equus on SAHA’s FB page. Note how the white bar on this foal’s forehead completes the other half of the ‘V’. Intriguing.

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