She Was A Hard Sign

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“She was a hard sign: Scorpio. Since she was born in November.   She loved…In advance she loved the man she’d one day love. And if she wanted she could allow herself the luxury of becoming even more sensitive, she could go further still.”

Clarice Lispector, from The Collected Stories; Daydream and Drunkenness of a Young Lady


Image: Nick Knight


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23 thoughts on “She Was A Hard Sign

  1. I just did my mums chart Bizarre! Uranus and N node in Gemini. Moon mercury saturn pluto in leo Sun in virgo. And everything and I mean everything else in libra. All in 10-12 houses. Sheesh you should see the red n blue lines all up the 4th quadrant. AC libra 29′ 29. I think she needs it read professionally.

    • Let me explain, no idea of her father. Moved a lot and eventually emigrated from Germany to australia with mother and second step father. fell preg with yours truely, married too young, tortuous birth more kids marriage a distaster. Mother passed. Forced to return to Germany with only the 4yo, married an alcoholic, had to drive trucks with a fear of driving cars, preg at 40, disliked and not trusted by daughter in law. Both husbands have/had heart issues which stopped them coming to live in Au. Timid and sad woman.

  2. Wow never heard of this writer. I can honestly say I don’t know what “I loved in advance ” means! I am Scorpio ascendant ,at 0 degrees, pluto conjunct mc, mars n mercury conjunct in 8 the house Gemini, Taurus sun in 8th house. I am an empath and can be ruthless in love and war. Have to ponder on this

    • Scorp rsing – with Venus-Neptune in Scorp 12th – and I’ve got no idea either. An empath and not nearly ruthless enough. Saturn on my Sun/Merc in recent years has helped a bit. My mum – Sun/Mars in Scorp – can be hard but also very soft to those in pain. A hard sign? B.S In her case, like that of so many other Scorps who manifest hardness, her hard bits only come from the classic Pluto broken-heart-at-the-core-shown-so-well-in-photos-of the planet: virtual abandonment by her own mum who lavished all her attention on younger child.

  3. Lispector is brilliant. In general and here. “She loved in advance” …the truest thing I’ve ever heard about Scorpios.

    Last year, as a Scorpio bday present to myself, I took a course on Lispector. Mystic readers will find so much in her work. She does to words what Leonora Carrington or Remedios Vara did to paint.

  4. It’s frightening how accurate this is about me. Down to the dress. I’m an October Scorpio but this still fits. I look at sensitivity like Krav Maga training.

  5. Dunno what’s hard about em.
    I love em.
    I’ve played Courtney Barnett and Neil Young in rotation today.
    Happy Bday Neil.

    • Actually a mate has a manic nut of a bro who l met for the first time last night. He’s Cap Sun but Scorp Asc with 3 Scorp planets tight cj that all ping his Cancer Moon. He is a feisty fighty nut who excessively, obsessively drinks n smokes n gambles n treats women like shit. He wanted to fight me. I said you haven’t thought this thru?

      I hope l don’t see him again.

      • You know all that about his chart after meeting him first time? How..? Amazed. (I do realise if he wanted to fight you, he must have also in his weird aggro impulse way felt connected, or the need to be…but…when did you get those birth deets??)

        • It was a 2-5pm chill n sip. My Toro is a big supporter of mine. We were chatting and Toro said do me me bro’s chart. So l did. I did feel a connection. (We both Full Moon Suns, his Moon Xact my Sun, 3 planets cj my Scorp Jup. Our Yins all CanVirgScorpCap). I got control on my drug n drink stuff around 21. He’s 47 and he made me think I’d be the same if l let that stuff rule me.

          Then it took up about 7-11. He drunk more, prob had something else in the meantime. Was aggro, he said something about his wife. He said something again. I said “mate, ya can’t say that!”. Long story short… l got up to get he stood up to chest me like a roo. I said take it easy, think this through; gist of.

          He then sat in chair a didn’t say much.

      • too afraid to access peace, lest it mean he has to de-throne a notion of himself or someone he looks up to (daddy?)
        has outdated ideas of what it means to be a man. afraid of his own depth. his circles never showed him how to stop and experience it, flailing around on the surface, he’s super emotional but alas the pie chart breakdown is 100% anger

      • Strange i feel like you’re describing my ex boyfriend. Sun in Scorpio/venus/merc/Neptune in Scorpio, gem rising. A man that’s drowed himself in his own anger and addiction issues. Extremely sensitive. Liar. Vindictive. Abuser. Narcissist. Nothing easy about this man. I’m a Scorpio rising and can be difficult by being too sensitive … but nothing tops this dude

  6. I wonder if wide-eyed Sagittarians have a simple lesson: learn to look back.

    Your look is open, you ask questions, your comments seem to open paths; but you’re vulnerable to the brutality of ill-conceived questions when you don’t look yourself out at them.

    If not the Suns, then the Moons, the Hidden Core parts of chart.

    Lispector wrote like she was looking back at you with everything she was, and none of your stupid questions in between. She was striking, and she was not born there, so instead of being embraced as one of them, she was constantly questioned, and posited as outer.

      • Or i skim read after the post…my eyes are a bit dodgy with virus at the mo. As is brain for reading (have to expand everything for best results last four days or so.) Mea etc … more for clarity than apol

  7. Ahhhhh sheeeit, I just read a quick npr blip on Clarice and Imma tack her short stories, along with the Feminine Mystique (never read it) that I just picked up and enjoy reading through these through a depthful jupiterian lens held by lilith in her new earthen eyes of capricorn.

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