Sees Saturn in Capricorn Over In The Corner

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# While at the Jupiter Portal Party and seeing Saturn in Capricorn over in the corner:  Shit, already? And here of all places. At least he’d taken off his Hermit cloak and put on a sharp suit. Actually, he’s looking bloody good.  Taciturn, of course. He acted just above, you know, normal making an effort, maybe he was even on some neural transmission spectrum they don’t really know how to measure yet…they do say Saturn has elements of Uranus and this was certainly weird enough behaviour to qualify. WAY weirder than most people would acknowledge, she glowered. But she had to give him one thing; damn good posture. And that suit, Jesus.  An avid studier of accessories as well as gait, Hypatia could clock his watch as being (mostly) made of palladium from across the room. It was a nice touch honouring the metal of Athene she thought wryly. And no doubt it told the time in multiple galaxies. Still, she had to get back to Neptunian Life Coaching and tell them he was here already. Or, at least sending some sort of simulacrum in advance. 

Image: Michel Comte

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86 thoughts on “Sees Saturn in Capricorn Over In The Corner

  1. I could say an awful lot about what I imagine she is reflecting on…

    I’ll spare myself, you… everyone….

    I will say that the outer planets cannot be accessed by any other path than via the terrain of Saturn imo. I’ve read this but it also makes sense to me as if you don’t have a good structure they will literally tear you apart, be that energetically or in physical real time. Be that via the soft lens approach or a turned corner that puts you in a different land (faraway tree style) or in a place of no other choice but to transform yourself completely and utterly. Hello… you’d be hoping you had a bit of Saturn to get you through then eh 😉

    • I’ve never seen anything NICE about my Saturn in Taurus in the 6th, but this is the first time i’ve considered Saturn in the light of grounding for outer-planetary shredding. Now i think i know why i somehow get through, even as all gets turned upside down and whirled into bits, and why i struggle with the daily routine the most in those moments, like i sense i just have to, at the moments i most am inclined to let it all go.

      Had a (now deleted) reply about something amusing about childhood games, but something in the Scorpio atmosphere made me see it could trigger some, even though it’s nothing dark, in this case. I might copy-paste it, if you want it emailed. It’s an astro-illustration of Virgo Pisces.

        • Mars Squares Pluto (Cap square Virgo)
          Pluto overshadows-guilts happy 5th Sun
          and Saturn squares Venus.

          I had a response with an example but a weird glitch ate it, and i can’t get it back. Sorry. But it was a great example of how i used to work my total organisation and earthly structuring around pleasures to host wild parties for years. Most of which were not planned, though i was always ready to host. And i served people who had never been served before so used to steal at parties, but never did at mine (though would occasionally steal to bring to me in thanks.)

          Have not yet found such HAPPY synergy between all those aspects for so many people including moi, though those NeptunianJupiterianMoony times could not happen now, and i don’t want the hangover of any kind, spiritual, mental emotional, physical. Trying so hard to forge better things, but this year lost a whole circle of friends (long story, i chose to let honesty be my guide in the end, since i could have spun around for a while in their uncertain orbit.) They’re art-connected, so that part’s tough, but i literally don’t care if they see me now – and i used to worry about making them uncomfortable, wouldya believe, and their ensuing half-sincere reactions. Just be uncomfortable!? We always called it like it is. But now i know their belonging to tribe makes them quiet in…the gallery, haha! or the wine bar near it, more like. Art is honesty to me. And so are friends.

          So, okay, maybe loyalty and sincerity is my most comfortable energy in relation to the tricksy, fuzzy, amplified, happy, compassionate stuff that dominates. It can’t all be administrivia for admin sake. Though i’m good at that.

          • I have Moon in Aqua. Friends can come n go. If they don’t like my honesty they can fuck off. For a Cancer to have the Mokn in Aqua is really weird.

            But when its a SO my Bucket-Handle Chart-Ruler is in the 7th.

            You are crazy. Keep up the good work.

            • Thanks, PF. Didn’t realise but i guess i needed validation after going through all the doubts, and questioning.

              Cancer and Aqua are certainly a weird mix, along with Moon Uranus strengths in the chart, i imagine. As you grow, you probably get more used to yourself, so when others react, it’s more of a validation of your own comfortable discomfort with your own oddities.

              • Your musings are fab as are our other esteemed Mutables. We know what’s right most of the time but being encouraged by others is affirming.

                My daughter doesn’t go much on da Astro. But she fell in it this arv by saying, “Dad, you just have to be different, don’t you!”

                Anytime you have Cancer n Aqua in the top 4 stamps in ya chart you are destined to be a freeballer.

      • Somehow my Saturn in Pisces makes him seem softer despite squaring my moon and mercury. In the 11th… and opposing Pluto Uranus. I’ve also got Chiron in Pisces and I think it’s kind of poetic and arty

      • I think Saturn might be winning me over 😉

        It’s taken some… shall we say uhm, negotiation?

        That sounds like a really good way of looking at Saturn, 6th Taurus and Does Venus pitch in somehow.

        Absolutely, send it through! Would love to check it out. The nodal transit through that axis was pretty epic for me so I’m interested xx

        • I have a confluence of Water, similar to MN’s Earth Works, which l think is stronger than my Kat Asc n Sun.
          I have Pisces’ rulers – Nep and Jup (both SDs and T Sqn Focals), in Scorp, in Cancer’s house. I know it’s allegedly ruled by Libra but Scorp told it, “This town aint big enough for the both of us” (Scorp won)

          • You might be surprised, PF, by the long range stealth winning power of Libra. It’s Cardinal like Cancer, so it leads. I mean Scorpio power is easily the Overshadow, but you know the ‘iron fist in the velvet glove’ works beautifully in synergy with Scorp. My sweet apple-pie smile, gracefully luxe lovin LibraPa has Mercury in Scorpio which i only recently realised (and it took time for a sudden realisation about it). Always wondered how he truly got Aqua-Aqua-Aries lady with Grand Crosses and Grand Squares to respect him, not just adore him. His is the final law, though she’ll never agree in the first second third sixth instance. And he’ll never lay down the law like she does. He just quietly rules, because he is the balanced centre.

            It’s a powerful combination. Look how you turned up to court recently, and justice somehow threw the irrational, illogical shizz to the gutter. Amazing to see which energy won inn the final innings: Libra, not Scorpio. Or a combination.

        • Sent! It’s not very grown up and mature a story.

          But i know you are a wise Centaurus, and a philosophical Sage/Sag, so you’ll play around with symbols and ideas, perhaps.


    • Tell me more. My Mars Pluto Saturn is my serious streak; l have a mean death-stare. I have very very strong Uran Nep Pluto signatures. It’s a wild ride at times.

      I’m like Jeff Thomson. Like him, l don’t know where the balls going to end up.

      • Thanks for the link back – I feel like I have been in some kind of weird extra-mundane time loop – you know the premise of the book Playing Beattie Bow? – I’ve been on earth but in a separate dimension since I don’t know how long, or maybe it’s just midlife and I am simply losing my mind? Anyway, the scorp things incl the mars Pluto sq on the weekend was a very good moment of clarity, but more is coming, maybe Sleeping Beauty is the correct allegory? Where Prince charming is not Some Guy but rather the Anima, uranian or Eros (as per the psyche /Eros story) or mars consciousness, the wake up call, but if you’ve slept for 100 years it takes a while to get with it, you know?

        • hahaha – i was surprised at her eruditeness too, i must confess. Maybe her phone doesn’t pick up on the images? But then she didn’t even react after Centaurus’s “That butt!” exclamation. Should we worry about the lack of her usual lasciviousness? Is this an early symptom of something amiss with our dear Pi…?

          • Oh hey! Sorry! I missed all of this. Am I too late? Lol 🙂 thanks for thinking of me 😉
            Yes I did indeed check back and clock the …um, stance, but my cap moon (?) tends to be a little coy about direct physique-appreciation… (Jesus listen to me wouldja) “the female gaze” I’m full effect tho… my usual evaluative fashion… I’m a little mistrusting of perfect form tho always wonder what it’s hiding, it feels a bit like the ten of pentacles ‘Sooo ok everything’s perfect, now what happens’? Maybe that’s just me feeling insecure and imperfect? I probably wouldn’t kick him out of bed, as they say… Haha

    • Kimmy!! Didn’t realise you have Mars in Cap…yes, i’m bringing the intel back to Neptunian Life Coaching Services. Best they use it, no eye-rolling 🙂

    • Just weighing in as a Mars/Cap.

      I think some of that determined energy needs to be channelled toward a Jupiter portal to change up my landscape.

  2. have to say though, catherine deneuve looks so together she probably has a saturn life coach, or possibly is at a family event after growing up in a totally saturn household and knows she (sigh) has to look the part or face wierd disapproving crap from the parents

  3. I’m being sidelined in my own project by a male colleague who hasn’t enough work to do and is trying to put me in my place.

    I have a male colleague who is seeing through this and helping me in an empowering way. Bless him.

    • Trying to put [you] in [your] place?!? EXCUSEZ MOI?!?
      Find out what strings you have to pull to get his attention occupied elsewhere – fuq this usurper and his obviously fragile sense of masculinity.

      Thank goodness your other colleague is a good egg – perhaps if the two of you co-conspira-…er, I mean co-workers…team up you’ll figure out a way to shut down/undermine the overreaching SOB in question. This aggression will not stand, man!

      • I have stood my ground and the colleague has backed away. Your comment made me LOL, didnt think of getting him distracted with something else haha genius!

  4. Yep, it’s coming. December 19/20 – Cardinal signs, ya’ll ready for this? Didn’t we just get Uranus & Pluto (mostly) off our backs??? Time to embrace the grind and suit up, kids; protective helmets – though optional – are strongly recommended.

  5. I have Venus at 6 degrees Cap and my Descendant is at 10 Cap, so yeah, Saturn will be going over my Venus and then into my 7th house where Pluto already is……..does that sound fun? Doesn’t sound too fun to me…. :/

    • It’s not so bad 🙂 I’ve had Saturn on my dsc and squaring my sun mercury (plus transiting Chiron conjunct sun) for most of 2017, Chiron since 2016. Uranus is stationing on my Venus Chiron and south node. It’s just the new normal that’s all … There is so much going on I’m not sure how to tease out the differences between everything, but Uranus is making sure I thoroughly authenticate all protocols of love and inter-relationship, and Saturn… I’m not sure what Saturn is doing but I’m looking forward to the mars square to light the signal flare so I can get a glimpse, LOL

    • Flowerchild, Saturn on my Libra venus a few years ago was truly horrid!!

      Maybe Venus in Cap (stoicism & pragmatism) will handle it better than my delicate Libra venus, but issues for me at the time revolved around ageing and beauty. They don’t call it the Hag transit for nothing. LOL

  6. I have Saturn in Cancer as part of a stellium. It’s so interesting that you all notice his presence, too. I am on the last pass of my Uranus opposition (Uranus will retro back to 24 degrees, station direct, and then move away from that degree after TWO MONTHS! Sheesh!) and for the first time in my life, I’m ready for his stability, boundaries and groundedness. Yes, please. Oh, and I feel like the transition into midlife has made him less scary and more of a supportive male influence. I don’t have any planets in Earth signs, but interestingly enough, I’ve become Saturn. I’m always the adult, the responsible one, boundary setter, accountability-holder (with family members) and I feel like I can finally handle him as an equal.

  7. So happy Saturn will be done with my Saggo Sun … and I don’t know if it’s Mystic’s influence (probably is), but I do feel stronger. More steely. Like I have … *ahem* structural integrity. Like my non-stop wanderlust is now fueled by a PLAN.

    I do wonder about how Saturn is going to … affect my Mars in Capricorn though. I’ve always been determined (possibly even dogmatic) about things (a project, a romance, hah!) once my mind is set, so I can’t imagine how task-master/drill sergeant/cosmic timekeeper Saturn is going to ramp that up.

    Definitely will require wine, I think. Copious amounts …

    • I’m wondering this too. The big Saturn/Pluto conjunction of early 2020 is happening ON my natal Mars in Cap (22 degrees). The Pluto conjunction starts spring 2018. I do martial arts so I’m thinking I’m just going to start pouring my energy into that.

      Interestingly, this morning I stumbled upon an article on Butoh, the Japanese Dance of Death. It’s a form of dance that helps people channel the dark matter of their subconscious. I was like “oh heck yes I need that for the next 3 years!!” (And since I have natal Pluto in Scorpio in my 12th house, probably the rest of my life.)

      P.S. I think that Saturn conjunct natal Mars is going to be a re-structuring of how we use our warrior energy. What are we fighting for/against? How can the fiery energy of Mars be channeled productively? But Mars is exalted in Capricorn, so we got this. 😉

      • SFF: Saturn Pluto conjunct in 2020.

        “I can see clearly now, the rain has gone…..”

        And Mars pops in around then as well; l think.

      • Mmmmhm. A more refined and determined warrior mindset. Sounds good to me.

        Is that Pluto 12th house a generational thing? I have it, too, so wondering if there will be some collective release/emotional muckraking around then. (Sort of like, the non-stop flow of “me too” harassment exposes happening now …)

  8. Genius writing, but of course, we all know that by now.

    So thats who’s presence we’ve been feeling. Smoothing out my skirt real quick. Im sure he will be by to tap me on my shoulder for a dance.

  9. Sagoo here, who is actually going to miss this guy. He’s on his way to my 12 degree descendant, opposing 18 degree Kataka moon, and hopefully shaping up the 7th house, as its been a shitshow in there for as long as i can remember. He made a great workout trainer in my sign though. Only pschoemotionally though, will have to do the good health overhaul by remembering him….

  10. apropos of not much, other than my recent puzzlement around Triple Virgo Quad Libra boss, and ongoing ruminating, I think I am finally – like, *finally* – realising that a Libra keyword really is “refinement”. Refined. Relaxed. Polite. Even-handed. Measured. Social graces. High culture. Pleasantries. Desiring that those around us are at ease, or at least easy on the eye (and decor). Etc.
    Librans, Am I getting this right? I think this might be a key that unlocks my 4th house mysteries.

    • I think having Pluto there makes me acutely sensitive to where ‘pleasantness’ or ‘refinement’ is used to mask, oppress or otherwise obfuscate unfairness, injustice and other related crap in 4th house realms, so you can see how I tread a fine line between “oh, that must be nice” and “…you’ve got to ask yourself one question- ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well do ya, punk?”

      • hey! Clint Eastwood is a Toro with Scorpio rising and Saturn in capricorn.

        I would like to nominate him as our plutonic Saturn in Cap poster boy?!?

        (Also: Pluto in 8th house Cancer, Uranus in Aries)

            • it’s all in his astro. Moon in Leo. uranus in aries 5th, maverick-y but in showbiz
              mercury on taurus descendant… my word is my deed

              that venus in cancer – remember the wholesome but delicate blonde lady who was his kind of right hand man (?) in the dirty harry films

  11. ^^^ holy shit I think I have just worked out how to game my boss. In a totally nice way and everything, for the good of all….

      • C’mon, Pisces! You can do it!

        Overthink it to the max first, then give up because it doesn’t fit your idea of right/compassion/fair play, then watch it just come together when you have long stopped trying 🙂 Only if it really fits what you really really need, and what he really really needs to give, right?

        You’ll work it out xx

        • oh my god you are describing my entire personal life and relationships of all stripes

          let me know your hourly rate and health care provider number lol xox

          • Provider # is Piscean Sun degree…god, i just saw it and cannot recall it, always need to lok it up…sorry…

            Helpline available: Neptunian Life Coaching Services

            Invoice : (scribbles calculations in desperate sanskrit but checked firmly by the lie-not egyptian heiroglyphics on the Parisian Obelisk, double-checked by calculations towards the Louvre pyramid, with data compensation for the generational dissonance-resonance between that and the Great Pyramid, +/- materials resonance (glass vs stone) and linguistic calibrations, Egyptians know French though not official lang, French have Academy with swords to protect natal language)

            $0 in balance

            Take care; we’ll send a reminder letter for your next appointment. Love you, Pi xx

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