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Forty-five more days of Saturn in Sagittarius to go.

Today is the day that you can confidently assert to Sagittarius folk that their ever-present sense of not having done enough, the foreboding feeling of their own chronology and of Status Anxiety is going to ease in exactly that amount of days.

When Saturn is in your sign, you don’t embrace the grind. You merge with the grind. You become the grind.  You cease pondering why parent-boss-figures in your life – past and present – did not or can not meet your needs and morph into your own parent-boss-figure.

You’re too damned busy to clock the heightened regard in which you are held by others.  Even people who hate your guts have a grudging, seething respect for your demonstrably awesome ability to keep your shit together.  Time and money cease to become occult forces that are seemingly out of your control.

But you won’t appreciate any of this till Saturn moves on out of your home constellation. Yes, Saturn can of course be (say) squaring your Moon or doing something else funky to a personal natal point but the fact remains: Saturn in “your sign” – that is, the same sign that your Sun is in – is a distinct Saturn-era of your life.

It is its own weather system, a stunning but oppressive array of platinum looking clouds with golden linings and the threat of an imminent thunderstorm, always.  Everything feels like history. Time is compressed and turned inside out, operating in multiple dimensions a la the physicists. And all the time you labor against gravity, literally as in weightlifting or strengthening your bones and in the metaphysical sense.  Your foot fall feels heavy on the ground. Calculations become a form of meditation.

Only once you have burned off every gram of denial or naff desire can you defy the weight of all that which would hold you down.

Forty-five more days of this 140 week astral passage to go. Tell your Sagittarius friends and see even the most resolute Muggles relate.


Image: Charles Lepec

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63 thoughts on “Saturn-Free Sagittarians

  1. The foreboding feeling of my own chronology….bahahahaaaaa YES this is on point. I like that this part will end. Every day is like a History Channel documentary of myself in my head. May I please be playful and childlike again?
    And that image is …um…The Everything around this period. From Herself’s righteous authority to the gnarly grumbling resignation of the beast below. Centaur’s dont give rides, so you can get off my back Miss Lady.
    It’s been cool too, though, can’t deny. I’ve always wondered what it was like to feel like a grownup, so I’m glad I got the (transitory!) experience.

      • Well, I am not ignoring you guys, I just feel a bit like my words are frozen up at the moment! Like I am under a lake of frozen glass. That would be Saturn freezing my fire.

  2. I have Libra rising, Sun in Scorpio, and Saturn in Sag – its been Saturn city for most of my adult life. I’ve learned to love it (thanks in great part to your positive take in your work Mystic!) …excited to see how this all plays out…

  3. Does anyone have any data regarding Saturn to chart ruler transits? That’s next on Saturn’s checklist for me, my chart ruler has had Pluto on, or with in a degree either side FOREVER (like a year? 18 months? Ive lost count) so Im anticipating Saturn being the final burnishing after some major re-forging…but would be interested to hear anyone else’s stories 😀

  4. I’m worried about my child’s father, a Sag, who has been working in a soul-sucking corporate job for 10+ years, then took a pause because he was fighting lymphoma (a success), then came back to this working hell and this summer finally quit. I was advocating for it partly because I was worried for him, this job was not doing him any good, and partly because we could thus switch parenting roles, and I got myself 2 months of being a weekend parent (this is dope, i enjoyed it tremendously).
    but he’s still without a job and his savings are dwindling, and as much as I understand his unwillingness to come back to that industry, he still hasn’t come up with an alternative plan
    so it’s either an upgrade, or Saturn in cap is going to make him work for money on any job that’s available, and that’s a little sad

  5. I have Neptune at 3 degrees Cap and my sun at 28 Sag. I feel like I’ll still be having that Saturn vibe all next year as Saturn hits my Neptune and that conjunction keeps it lit.

    Oh well. Maybe I should take a Pilates class.

  6. Wow, this is exactly what Saturn in Sag feels like- I was born with Saturn in Sag in my first house-and since late 2014 my life has been nonstop heavy. But, maybe because I have this sign at birth-this sign has also been very productive – I let go/stripped myself of everything that is not healthy or good in my life. It has been very difficult at times-I had to let go of a few relationships which were close, but not healthy. But, I’m coming out of this knowing myself better, feeling “equipped” to deal with life and whatever comes my way, knowing my boundaries adn being able to keep them, having a clear focus on what I want my professional life to be and how I can get there.
    Life is still difficult, but I think I am in a much better place than when this Saturn return started, and Intuit that when this Saturn return is over, life is going to be a blast.
    I feel I’ve gone through a very difficult, winnowing, rebirth experience since 2014, but that it has set me up for a much better future. Have any other natal Sags had this experience?

    • Yep! Gone are all the lower Sagg tendencies -and boy was I rocking those (grimace) – all replaced with a genuine love of spreadsheets, budgets, balanced eating plans and 5yr goal setting (I kid you not!)
      I cannot ever imagine going back to the freewheeling carelessness I thought embodied “freedom” now that Ive seen what discipline can achieve. And boundaries! Omg, boundaries! who knew how important they were? (Or even what they were lol) Im with you on this Ale, life post Saturn is going to be a blast 🙂

    • Me three! Sagg with Saturn in 4th house here. Sh*t has gone down for me since 2014 but right now I’m so grateful for Saturn helping me get my life together and on track, and I’m really proud of the work I’ve put in on myself. Like you say, Ale, I’m in a much better place now than when the return started – I’m also very excited about post-Saturn return life. And the last few days I have started to look at myself differently – seeing the strength in decisions and changes that I’ve made, rather than viewing them as reactions or pain points.

      The last three years have been pretty isolating, and I’ve had to really bolster support for myself to get out of an abusive relationship, and process and move on from that. Part of my experience in that relationship is that I didn’t share with anyone what I was going through because I was so embarrassed to be in such a terrible situation; so I had to get myself out of it, on my own – which was really hard, and part of why the relationship lasted longer than I know it should have. Since then, life has had real challenges, but I’ve stuck by my own side and taken genuine care of myself. I’ve really gotten into mindfulness meditation (Tara Brach is amazing for anyone interested), which has helped me stay with difficult emotions rather than avoid them, and this has been deeply transformative.

      This has turned into a bit of a long-winded rant – apologies guys!

  7. My boyfriend is Sag-rising and I didn’t realize it but I met him at the tail end of a ton of crap for him, not sure if it had anything to do with him having Saturn transiting his 12th house. My mom is Sag-sun and she’s been going through a bunch of stuff, huge life transitions. I hope for both it eases up soon.

    • I’m thinking it has everything to do with Saturn transiting his 12th. I’ve had this too – almost died twice – and even though it’s now in my 1st the after effects are long lasting. Hopefully things will be improving once it’s out of Sag. Hugs to you all.

  8. Saturn has been squaring my moon and Mercury all year but pulls out of it on the 11th. This has been one of the worst years so far. I assume it does get better (Jupiter/Sun) but I also know it may not. Sitting with loneliness and being alone have been two things I have become very good at.

  9. Just when I think Saturn is done with me, another surprise challenge comes up. If I still have a job by the time the solstice rolls around, that will be enough for me.

  10. I know that Saturn in a sign feels like an anvil, but I can assure that us Virgoans (actually Gemini with Virgo Rising) cannot wait to be set free either.

  11. hmmm…it’s a work night and am letting myself off the 5am alarm of the last god knows how long (buns of steel, people) to watch the Stones double feature on ABC.
    Maybe it’s Eros into Sagg. Maybe its Venus nearly in my natal V in Scorp, and the influence of watching Keef Richards (another Sagg/Scorp rising/Venus).
    But 4 first time in a very long time, my 1st reaction to your post, Mystic, was…
    “Fuq yeah”. Oh, and I just signed up for Argentine Tango lessons. And am planning birthday and New Years Eve this year – both of whiich have been spent nose to grindstone rather than partying for years.
    45 days? May they fly, lest I blow it after gaining a much surer foothold at the price of endless conscientious solitudinous soul-crushing sweat.

  12. Mystic, you nailed this description of Saturn in one’s Sun sign. I will never forget how hard it was when Saturn was in Libra.. it was like metaphysical weight lifting workouts every damn day. Saturn in Scorpio, my solar 2nd house, sucked a little less. I have a newfound respect for Saturn (witnessing my husband’s and mothers second and third Saturn return in Scorpio) and they got through them both without a lot of sorrow. I now got to the “chop wood carry water” stage if working with Saturn…it entering my 12th house…another 12th house haunted journey of endings, deep wounds, clearing out old scabs of whateverthehell. This next Saturn trip will trine my natal Jupiter briefly, but will probably finally leave the rest of my natal planets alone for the first time in years. If anything, Saturn has reminded me to stay grounded, sharp, in shape, and clear minded…and prepare for my second Saturn return in a few years (Saturn rx in pisces, 2nd house). In the past, this transit has been pretty good so….i expect from the lessons learned since 2008 will help me get through the next few years until 2024 or so.

  13. Thank you xx

    Ironically my card for the day was 6Wands.. which feels supported by this post. The loose (and I use that word loosely) notion of success (another loose word which may just be the result of enduring the transit) in 6 weeks (close enough to 45 days for me) had me thinking I might have enough fire left. The other alternative timeframe of 6 months was greeted with just no… too far off to hold a vision after the daily grind though there are longer timeframes in play. By that time I’ll have Saturn/Mars to contend with and will need a wee bit of respite in between.

    • oh yehhhh … that saturn-transit-to-moon shizzz…according to Vedic astrology it encompasses the 30 degrees prior and post the sign of your moon (3 signs in total) and boy do you know you’ve been saturned after one of these… I had it right before Saturn got to my Sagg sun-neptune-jupiter-mercury array …the only way to deal is apply your own sandpaper to the rough bits before Saturn takes an industrial sander to them.

      • That’s what I’ve got coming up. Cap-Aqua-Pisces. 6° Aqua. But Aqua Moon’s reputed to feel it least. Hoping. I couldn’t hack too much more scheissenfest.

  14. I’ve had to deal with constant problems with technology. Machines are just not working, I sat next to someone on the train this afternoon and their laptop stopped working. My empathy and personal electromagnetic force field have had lights flicker, scales stop working for me count to the gram and sensors on doors failing.

    People are even wanting to be friends with me and unpack their emotional backstories with me. Eek! I am sensing I need to check for some Plutonic and Neptunium cluster conditions ahead.

    I love music and to try and soundtrack my way out, well I can’t find the right tunes either. Double eek!

    • I also experience this…flickering lights, wi-fi sputtering…complete strangers confessing, unloading on me then walk away.
      Perhaps we were priests or priestess in another life.

      • That is interesting.
        I was told I was a priestess in a past life when I had a tarot reading in 1995. He had also told my friend that she was too, so I assumed it was not true.

          • He had an unusual vibe, sexual in nature. I felt a lot of transference from him. Himself having some sexuality trauma, abuse and a lifestyle not known to those close to him.
            He also told me to love myself, and this was to happen by looking at myself naked in a mirror in the evening.
            He has reappeared twice since that reading, I am very uncomfortable around him.

            Thank you MM.
            I’ve been looking back at the archives about dream interpretation. The knowledge base here is a wonderful reference tool. It really has helped to ground and inspire me.

        • I can’t see why you wouldn’t have both been priestesses in a past life! We have millions of them. And you would attract people you are familiar with? S the priestess has a ring to it.

          • Weirdest thing is people just confess things to me and I am like back this schizz up.
            Maybe it’s being an Australian that does this, I don’t know.

            PF you really need to talk to this Kataka lady in the shop again. You can do it. Remember her name, she will like that.

            • Yesterday l sent her chocolates anonymously. When I’m back up there in a week or 2 I’ll go back and there I’ll look like a rabbit in the spotlights when she asks me, “Was that you?”

            • Oh that’s great news. Chocolate is the currency of love. Life is too short to sit on the fence in the field of love.

            • Of course l remembered her name. How could a Holy Yinity (KatVirScorp) person not know and, then, forget?

  15. Not sure if I could actually live through another Saturn in Sag – with my Sun and Moon in Sag and my Saturn in Capricorn. Geez it has not been a picnic.

  16. I’m so nervous about Saturn entering Cap in December. I have a Cap Sun and the whole Saturn-in-Sag, Uranus-in-Aries thing has been utter torture. I have moved SO MANY TIMES!!! But should I be worried about Saturn’s entry into my sun sign? I’m hoping Saturn will be friendly to my Taurus moon and huge Virgo stellium. (Yes, am very earthy) Any tips for a fed up Cappy?

    • I’m a Virgo Stellium too with Saturn in Cap and Cap my 7th where Moon Chart Ruler is and opp my sum. I’m foreboded AF; seeing Saturn and Moon are such buddies.
      I’m so bloody sick of Pluto being there…till the year 2525.

    • OMG I moved a lot too!! Cap is my 4th house, where Pluto is. I am hoping Saturn and Pluto are friends together there…

      • Moving is torture. I did 3 major moves in 3 years! Midwest to WestCoast to EastCoast. My Taurus moon loathes change.

    • No no, VirgoStellium, dont worry your head. If Saggitarians can do an eon of Saturn, you guys certainly can. You’ll be fine. I’m guessing it will resonate in a familiar and tingly way, like you can finally get some bits together that have been haunting you with their chaos. I am an earth-free Sag, with loads of watery pieces to go with the fire. I am Saturn’s migraine. But even for me it’s been good. A total slog, but good. Don’t stress. Deep breath & enjoy the nice workout in the fresh brisk air.

  17. Saturn has pulverized my chart. Non-stop since 2015. Life before and after a Saturn transit is two planets.
    Gem/Pisces/Virgo/Sag: Merc+Sun+IC/AC/DC+Pluto/MC

    • Yes. This is my Saturn Return and Saturn is in my 3rd house. IDK what Mystic is even talking about in terms of where your Sun is. This shizz has been real. Major transformations. But the feelings described in the above post very much feel like where I am and what I just went through.

      I am a Pisces in the 5th house (Pisces overlaps my 5th/6th house), so I am not really looking forward to dealing with more of this in just a few years time. I am very much looking forward to my Saturn Return being over. Mystic, what would you add to what you said above if you were to discuss Saturn in Sagg for a Return?

      • I’m also curious as my natal Saturn is at 5° of Sag, and my natal sun is at 23° of Gemini and I’m Scorpio AC. So it’s been intense Saturn transits (1st house, Saturn return, then Saturn opposite sun) since… end of 2011? I’m looking forward to Saturn in Capricorn but also it’s going to be transiting my 2nd house for another 2.5 years yet. She works hard for her money so you better treat her right! 😉

        • Managing Saturn with self-discipline is easier than the external blocks Saturn delivers on your path.

          I have found Stoic philosophy very helpful. Definitely recommend it.

  18. It’s weird but it feels like Saturn has been really hard on my 2nd house and at home which us Aqua so I guess it has been pinging off natal planets that I haven’t realised or too crap at astro-school stuff to work out. It will be so good when Sat finally leaves.

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