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The Daily Horoscopes for Friday December 1 will be slightly delayed as we work behind the scenes to perfect the new Horoscopes pages.

These will be the same Horoscopes as before – Daily, Weekly and Monthly – but they will be displayed by sign. So let’s say you are a Leo – you will have all the Leo Horoscopes (and blog posts from the Leo category) on the same page AND – from now on they will be archived.

Apologies for the delay but this new bit of awesome IS imminent and i think that you will love it.

Image: The Love Witch

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88 thoughts on “New Style Of Horoscopes Imminent

  1. Goodness!! Love the new images! Want to make a cup of tea and read through everything. Can’t wait for the View All option too for on the go. The best of both worlds! Love you Mystic & all you do. Still my tried and true first stop for the Need To Know! xo

  2. Thank you for the thoughtful updates and showing up for us all day after day with your wisdom and insight into the Astro world. You are innovative and one of a kind. No one is or can do what you are doing…NO ONE! Thank you for all the magic you share with the world. You are extraordinary!!!

    • Cosigned. I don’t know of another site that has been going so long, constantly revivified and current, and almost all solo.
      Hope you get a weekend off soon Mystic, some quality downtime.

  3. Wow I hadn’t realised so many people have reacted so negatively to something so effort intensive and beautiful and thoughtful. There are so few service provider out there who work as hard as Mystic at delivering what she promises: talismans, improved scheduler, astro school, payment options inc currency, daily mystic to time zones… and this change is so major and still NOT yet finished so please acknowledge Mystic’s effort and be patient because she delivers, time and time again.

    • thank you!!!! I am so emotional with this Full Moon and some personal stuff i have going on (Saturn square Sun/Mars conjunct Moon – NOT my favourite transits) – this means the world to me.

  4. I like it, Thank you. Nice to read the daily iteration of weekly then monthly meditations (which I go back to several times in any case). I love your writing, so that’s the main thing for me.

  5. It’s like any new update or platform. My iPad or phone updates and it leaves me floundering for a couple of days as I shift my consciousness to new mode,
    Once I have got it sorted it will be fine but it is the initial OMG new ways of doing things. And me so Cardinal!!!

  6. I love the new design. Thank you. It’s great to see daily, weekly, and a monthly overview for the same sign. I just need to toggle between the signs that are relevant to me. I normally look at both Sun, Moon, and Rising and these would all be different for some. At least my Sun and Moon are the same. So that’s one less sign to view.

    Love the layout though and the illustrations are gorgeous.

    • thank you! There are still some tweaks to be made but i wanted it up already. The illustrations are by Olaf Hajek, who did the main MM pic. He is wonderful. I have not had the chance to put more info re him in yet…at first i thought he was being too abstract and oblique but then i was like YES and i also wanted to take gender out of it…

      • Yes i am behind as was up super late the last two nights with Tarik working on this – so usually, my aim is to always have everything up before the 1st. So this is an aberration

        • It’s fine. We will survive. This was a lot of tech work, obviously. Everyone, just think of typical work system changes. Most don’t go as well as the changes here the last year. Keep up the good work, Mystic!

  7. Awesome images, great that multiple needs/ diversity enhancement is taking place- thanks Tarik & Mystic…. am also in favour of old format for looking ACROSS signs…. Thanks!

  8. I can’t see any scopes only the pictures. Are the scopes up?? From the comments above it appears that others can see them.

  9. Is it just me but I can’t see any scopes only the pictures. I can’t see any text. Assume that the new format is still being worked on but from the comments above it appears that others can see the new format???

  10. I really like the new layout! Love the beautiful new art. I just noticed the 11/29 and 11/30 horoscope for Aries/Aries Rising is missing- wondering if other signs are missing their scopes too (they appear to be there for rising sign, Cancer, though.)

  11. Have only looked on laptop so far, not phone view (gemini rising go-to, 5th limb >> oh hey, uranus in Gemini in 2027)


  12. Also, this may be just me but i wanted the blog posts categorised a certain sign to be readily accessible, i sometimes get into moods where i love reading about certain sun signs even & think people really doing their solar vibe can be super-inspirational.

  13. Thanks guys – it is not quite finished yet – there is going to be an Aries to Pisces (the old view) that will automatically pull them into one but it is very fiddly code so this will be likely be put in place after Mercury Direct in late Dec. My developer Tarik is reading these comments and making notes on his spreadsheet of awe. These changes are in response to multiple comments and requests btw, not just a whim….

    • Thank you and Tarik sounds awesome 🙂 – I was going to create a RSS feed with just the bits I wanted so there wasn’t so much clicking & scrolling thru outdated scopes. I shall wait patiently instead 🙂

      • I don’t get what you mean about clicking through outdated scopes? The newest will always be at the top, as previously.

        It is just that if you did want to check an old one, for whatever reason, you can now. I have been getting requests for archives for years now

  14. I find the new format very fiddly to access my sun, moon and rising signs and compare them easily. On a phone this would be a nightmare.

    Sorry, but it it feels very fragmented and I really prefer the old format far more.

  15. Hi!
    Images are gorgeous 🙂
    Perhaps add a menu to start with so we can go directly to the signs that interest us instead of having to scroll down to find out sign?

    Thank you for all you’ve done to make it look fabulous.

  16. It prompts a more immersive view of the scopes as opposed to the quick scan.

    I’m tired of the quick scan.

    Thank you and I LOVE the artwork ❤️

  17. Love the categorical grouping and archive! Is it possible to have a read view? The font is really small on my device?

  18. It is equally comfortin’ & discomfortin’ to hear howya scopes gonna be late — mine’re srsly up the spazzo an’ I am SHAME INCARNATE.

    But I figureya got a neatsy Zodiacs-centric eureka moment gowin’ on there down in Astro-Oz makes sum real sense.

    My thoughts rn — seein’ how I am so beyond lame as to proffer only monthly Super Wise Frickin’ Astro Counsel — are mebbe to fix evrythin’ up, season to season.

    So, ‘steada NOV or DEC … mebbe scopes for when the Sun languishes el Grando in … whatevah.

    *an’ rn that is Saj .. woot woot*

    Prolly ima head out seasonal way for 2018, swoopsyin’ along in a kinda slipstream says PRINCESS, ZILLIONSA SCHMUCKS DUN THAT LAME IDEA BEFORE.

    Furtherr cogitation may be necessary before I commit to an acta evident idiocy.

  19. Oooh, the menu page is so pretty! I hear what people are saying about being able to scroll through the other signs at a glance but I don’t keep up with other people’s signs so I found the old way annoying and LOVE having everything relevant to me on one page! And yes! to archives! I thought I was the only one clogging up their files with screen caps lol!

  20. I loved how it was – it was much easier to check myself including rising, partner, children and close friends when the different signs were on one page. Also on my phone the beautiful images mystic chooses are tiny unless clicking on each entry so I miss too that happy blast of a great big image (always gorgeous) and then easy check all the relevant scopes for the day. Now I would need to open many pages so I did not do that today – too many steps involved and missing the graphic pleasure. I didn’t know it needed improving! Thought it was perfect! I’ll get over it I hope but right now it is a small crisis.

    • The new sign illustrations are sweet though and a little bit more gender balance than the last ones. Archiving is good too.

    • I tried again to enjoy reading on the site but I cannot. Hopefully the feeling will pass and I can enjoy again one day but the small cut off images on each entry, the text layout on the scope page and the dead-end with clunky black text when you click on an entry – it is quite distressing! And then clicking and clicking to read other scopes . . . I’m glad others enjoy it! And I don’t want to be a downer when mystic has worked hard! But it’s a setback for me!

    • I tried again to enjoy reading on the site but I cannot. Hopefully the feeling will pass and I can enjoy again one day.

      • I too am having trouble engaging with this format. Everything’s been cut into pieces.

        Now I definitely have no desire / time to look at the scopes of friends and compare. I’m on a desktop right now, but can’t imagine going through this trouble while on a smaller screen (on commute).

  21. Oh Mystic, I didn’t think it was possible but you’ve outdone yourself. I absolutely love this micro-meso-macro view you’re providing us with the Horoscopes. Amazed and grateful that you’re “my” astrologer.

  22. I loved the new design – I have found that reading the daily, weekly, and monthly by scrolling down (on the phone) is more meditative. I thought about my lweek, checked what is in store next week, and the overall picture is monthly. As soon as December monthly is up, I think my reader instinct reaction will be confirmed.

    And gorgeous pictures, as always.

    Kudos Mystic!

  23. Mystic,
    All the other signs have aesthetically pleasing images. Libra’s is placid…I love your images for the site. Please consider.

        • I find that the issue is opening them up separately. I too prefer the skim all on one page.

          • I have to agree. I view on a phone and prefer the old style simplicity. Images are nice, but there is too many clicking and scrolling now.

            • Me too. I find the new format inefficient. Waay too much click-through to read one’s sun, moon, and rising. I don’t strictly identify with just my sun sign so I’m not really into the total separation of the signs. The new art is nice but I could do without the splash page each time I try to read the daily scopes. It’s 9am Friday in N.America and I have to clicktrough to the archive to ready today’s scope.

              Sorry to be a bummer but these are design problems :/

            • I am not sure what you mean – perhaps you could email? You should not have to click through to the archive to read the daily horoscope as the most recent few are displayed – there should not be any clicking through?

            • It does display the most recent 3 daily scopes +astral posts. Because tomorrow’s scope is up, today (sunday) on the daily scope page I see monday scopes, monday astral, sat/sun astral and then must go into the daily scopes archives to see sat/sun scopes ”:) will send screengraps to the support@mm address, np

            • I have already seen all your comments and gotten your screen shots and the emails. They honestly made me want to delete the whole site, save thousands of $ a month and just live quietly off consults. I don’t think you had the chance to see my posts, emails and comments that said there will also be a “view all” option. It is not there yet as I rant out of time and money last week. It will be up asap. In the meantime, thank you so much to the people who have sent lovely emails – i appreciate it and you so much.

      • Hello,
        The new view arrived and the graphics looks beautiful. How great to be able to zoom in and make the text bigger.
        Congratulations and thanks, it must have been a huge task.

      • It looks beautiful and a big effort thank you Mystic. I too love being able to view all the scopes together on the same page. Can we have both 🙂

      • I love how much thought you put into creating the best experience for us. Its really inspiring.

        I am finding the new horoscope layout difficult tho. I read five signs a day. If there is a way to view them all at once how it used to display, can you share?

      • Mystic,
        do you mean there’s an option to view the old format? With the new way, I have to open up 5 pages to read all that’s relevant to me and mine, a bit of a bummer. Thank you

    • I miss the simplicity of the old format for the same reason. I can read the other signs but more convoluted.

  24. So you are launching this now because is BEFORE Mercury Retro? 😀

    Cannot wait for the new format, sounds awesome – and yes all the copy/paste/archive the scopes was kinda clogging my Mac “Notes” app.

  25. Brilliant! All the scope screenshots were clogging up my phone. Excited by format change up. Also just downloaded the love witch as a fun watch for this Wkend. the Aries moon hyper fluxery is already getting to me. Stupid cyber Monday glitches, spaced out driving, noisy stomach at work due to accidental brain octane oil overage, etc. Not taking it personally but still 🙂

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