A New Oracle Question: What Is My Secret Jupiter In Scorpio Message?

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The Oracle is freshly updated with a new question!  What Is My Secret Jupiter in Scorpio Message?

It is as strange as ever. I did it – to check it was all working – and i don’t recall the answer being in there.


Image: Deborah Turbeville – Jane Birkin


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18 thoughts on “A New Oracle Question: What Is My Secret Jupiter In Scorpio Message?

  1. omg jane birkin in the sunday times mag today…style inspo or what?
    all shes wearing is white vest, cut off levis and blue espadrilles but she looks a-may-zing

  2. wow-no sh!t-i just got’xmas 2018-when jupiter aligns with antares at 10sagg will b vital for you’……antares is my lucky star and ten sagg is my neptune!

  3. Loved my Saturn in Capricorn to become age-neutral in all dealings. Tip. Is one of the things that saddens me the most (thank sto Sat in the house of Self / IV) I cannot wait for it to leave that place, though it taught me a huge dealing in creating my own roots and acing my food/nutrition routine and strategies.

  4. hmmm interesting! very cool, love how this portal is ever improving and evolving like us…
    any updates on the single tarot card? xx

  5. Very cool! Mine is about healing powers being awakened..Just as I am setting up my healing room in a new house, revamping my self, my life, getting a grip on how to integrate with more authenticity my spiritual and intellectual and active selves.. This is really nice. 🙂

    Also! My sixth house of healing is ruled by Scorpio and my Moon (which is part of my water trine to Mercury and natal Jupiter) lives there. So it is truly a big deal for me Jupiter in Scorpio.

    I didn’t know I needed this affirmation till it appeared! Thanks Mystic.

  6. a line from one of Rilke’s poems, a book of which is beside my bed bristling with notes and page markers hahahahaah #9thhousepiscesmercury
    flicked it open and (naturally) land in the middle of sonnets to Orpheus (part two)… was going to start with the Duino Elegies but ok i’ll start with these instead

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