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Dear Mystic,

I was just considering emailing you about my astro query when I saw your post about the miracle foal, Pickles. Recently a friend of mine was telling me about the arrival of her new nephew and I would like to draw up a natal chart for the baby as a gift. The problem is that the baby was stillborn, with no pulse, no breath, no brain activity, . The miracle part here is that after a pioneering treatment which involved drastically reducing his body temperature he began to show signs of life, started breathing on his own and gradually over the next few days came to life. He is is now two months old and so far meeting all his milestones and smiling his socks off at everyone, which isn’t at all what was expected in the awful few hours after he was born when the entire family gathered having been told that he was stillborn and that there was no hope at all.

So, my question here is, how do I calculate a birth time for this precious boy? Do I go with time of birth, which is hard given that he technically wasn’t alive? First heartbeat, first breath, first signs of brain activity? Any help here very much appreciated!


Dear MoonLilith,

This is so beautiful and profound.  So the classic birth time calculation is done when the first breath is drawn. But there is also an old astrologer’s axiom, that i tend to abide by, which is that you don’t do the chart (aside from a peek) until the person is aged seven. I am not sure why exactly. So as not to impose? But interestingly, in the case of those who arrive with such intense circumstances, there IS often an outer planet rising, Pluto in particular.

This is obviously a moving anecdote at any rate but the Uranian in me also loves hearing about “pioneering” treatments that work. Let’s have more of that, more funding for the sciences and genuinely society-environment aiding initiatives as opposed to dodgy tax lurks, corrupt claptrap and dithery excuses from people whose JOB it is to manage things brilliantly on behalf of the tax payers.

But yes, rant aside, it is the first breath that is said to imprint the astral moment upon the soul. Although there is some brilliant work done – very academic for most people – on conception dates and pre-natal Eclipses etc.  AND two months ago, was Jupiter trine the South Node….probably just a reincarnating magi or something.  🙂

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pearlMM Member

Amazing that several of these “new discoveries” are being discussed-in this last week a news headline that premature babies have a much higher survival rate if their umbilical cord is left uncut for longer,and now hypothermia for stillborn *and premature* babies! I remember documentaries on both these decades ago,very controversial for some reason,and wondered why it wasn’t commonplace now! FANTASTIC to hear they didn’t disappear completely-what would be the astrology around this?????

LaFemmaMM Member

I’ve had my Vedic chart done and was told the first several years (maybe 7?) In a dashi chart (apologies if I’m mangling this but you get a list of different life periods from birth to 100 shown) are considered to show the karma of the parents not the individual so not read the same. Interesting re: infant mortality and not peeking.

Scorpio_RisingMM Member

indeed a miracle! congrats! <3


Thank you!

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Arrghh so beautiful!!


Isn’t it just? I cried as my lovely friend told me the story – particularly the part where she sat in her sister’s house wondering what to do with the baby clothes, cot etc before her sister came home from the hospital with no baby. Saw pics yesterday and he is so gorgeous!

JokermanMM Member

Could it be the 1st Sq of Saturn? The Age 7 thing.

And over the next few days gradually came to life? What an amazing and draining experience!


Very amazing and very draining. Interesting point re the Saturn sq…

anpanMM Member

Maybe you could draw up 2 charts – one for birth, one for first breath as per MM, and see which one best reflects the strange circumstances surrounding the birth.
Actually, I’d like to know more about how charts reflect birth. I heard the ascendant relates to the birth experience?

LadyLehMM Member

I agree – looking at the two charts together would honor this child’s path even more – maybe a synergy chart of the two! this story is just WOW. I wonder how much time there really was between exiting the womb and the first breath – two days? 24 hours? 5 hours but then on his own after 48? Curious what kind of movements in the two charts would illustrate this wild event in that time frame. I guess we are entering a new age of this kind of scientific power, so we might as well get deciding on how… Read more »


I’m just awaiting details on the times so I can put the charts together correctly. I have the official not-birth time, which was originally recorded as a time of death. Can only begin to imagine the rollercoaster of emotions his parents went through.

LiberatingVenusMM Member

Such an amazing story – it’s like the doctors coaxed his soul back into Being! I would *love* to see the chart for the moment of birth – the baby has to have a recorded birth time even though it was technically born dead and I would go with that, personally. If you have it handy and are comfortable disclosing, I’d love to have a look for the purposes of research because it IS such an extraordinary circumstance. I would expect to see a lot of Outer Planet action (Pluto/Neptune/Uranus) and Chiron for the shamanic angle of the soul being… Read more »


Congrats to your loved one. There is quite a lot of Leo action in the chart, it has to be said. I’ll see if I can get permission to share it…

emgMM Member

This little guy gets his blueprint as he exits from his mother So literally as he arrives plop onto the carpet or the obs hands or the midwife’s palm
That’s him It cannot be an imposition to get his chart as it isn’t going to change ever! It’s his for life. I’d love to see it This sounds incredible


I’ll see if I can get permission to share it, emg.

emgMM Member

How fab. Thanks.

RubentMM Member

That’s gotta be one of the shortest cycles of birth, death, rebirth…

Maybe far down the line it’ll be things like this in the guinness book of world records as opposed to how many pencils can be stuck up ones nostrils.




So my family’s Hindu and after the family astrologer made a birth chart for me when I was an infant, my grandfather promptly locked up the chart in his cupboard – to be opened when I turned 7. He did this with everyone’s charts as he was a traditionalist. The reason I was given is, infant mortality rates being what they were in olden times, it was considered tempting fate to cast a horoscope and yammer on about it. Also, imagine your baby’s horoscope says it’s going to be good at x, has y kind of personality, a flair for… Read more »


Naming things does give them power. Interestingly the family are not using the baby’s first name but a derivative of his middle name.

MissDeeMM Member

Loved this story. Gave me both chills and hope all together. I’d go all first breath too in this case.

PiMM Member

maybe bubba really was still born (i mean obviously) but i mean can we imagine this as a factory recall? the original soul was recommissioned elsewhere or recalled for a different life? So there were a few frantic minutes out in the Xth dimension with Beings rushing around, frantically flipping through files and so forth “what about X?” “No they’ve just gone to an IVF family”, “Is M available?” “just went to a Papua new Guinean family sorry” so they could quickly find a good replacement.


Oh how cute. I can just imagine this little scene you painted.

PiMM Member

“probably just a reincarnating magi or something. ” love this

Magi rushing towards the body…. “terribly sorry! didn’t mean to give you all such a fright. here now though ! let us begin!”


Prob a magi running late….soz got held up by some slow astral camels… Had to use an Uber.


That’s brilliant…

AlouettaMM Member

I have a vague memory that some cultures wouldn’t name their child until it reached a certain age, because of high child mortality. Perhaps that’s where the no-chart-before-7 rule came from?