The Relationships Of Mermaids

mermaids and astrology - how to fall in love with a mermaid. A young attractive boy is trying to glimpse a mermaid in the water

There is a link between Mermaids and Astrology. The mer-tail is linked to Pisces and Capricorn, who was the Sea Goat in ancient times. It’s also symbolic of Neptune, the Shamanic God of dreams, oceans, ghosts, cosmos, and psyche.

In most fairy tales and ancient stories, those Mer-Creatures with Human relationships never seem to work out too well.

Mermaids lose their magical powers and pine for the depths of the ocean, their own personal Neptune.

Sailors drive their ships onto the rocks, seduced by the Siren’s melody. Mermaids meet mortals and exchange their intuitive life for a husband.

Mermaids And Astrology – It’s A Tale Of Neptune

The Hans Christian Anderson version of The Little Mermaid is particularly grim. Moral: Don’t surrender your magic. Pisces is the most blatantly mermaiden/mer-man sign of the zodiac.

But think also of Capricorn, symbolized as a Mer-Goat in many of the older astrological texts.

Does the silvery tail symbolize an aspect of your psyche that can’t relate/won’t relate, which needs to swim off to unfathomable depths?

The Priest/Priestess/Shaman/Mystic path? Are Capricorns secretly the most cosmic-as-fuq sign of the Zodiac? Their actual symbol is certainly the most overtly magical.

Do you have a take on mermaids and astrology?

Images: Charles Vess

Urania’s Mirror – 1825

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Wish Upon a Star

Pisces mantra:

Don’t Surrender your Magic.


Cancer with Cap rising here.. I’m going to say no. But so interesting.. Lol


As a Capricorn rising with Neptune conjunct my Ascendent and Pisces sun I certainly feel cosmic as fuq. I was obsessed with unicorns and mermaids as a kid, imagined how I’d look as a mermaid, tried to swim like a mermaid/dolphin too. My brother is a 90’s super Cap sun stellium and we get weird/funny/magic together. We get each other’s material ambitions too. We both want to build legacies. And yes to the grandma vibe. I can do watery/weird but feel best dressed haute in black or shades of gray with some quirky/artsy edges. I’m getting old enough that I… Read more »


Love this post. I’m a Sagittarius involved with a magical, high frequency Pisces man. Our composite chart is uber Capricorn (11H Sun, Moon, Mercury) with 8H Pluto, 8H NN in Libra, and 12H Venus in Aquarius.

Tarot keeps bringing up the Page/King of Cups and Queen of Pentacles, and to foundation everything slowly/properly because we are building a legacy.

Definitely feels like it. 🙂 <3


Maybe! My fave psychic astrologer is a Cap and she is hilarious as well as being spookily on point.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I DO know some very fantasy-fixated Caps…

I also think the tail for Pisces represents the ability to live in two states or worlds concurrently….


In ancient Egypt the Winter Solstice (i.e. Sun into Sea-Goat Capricorn) kicked off the start of the rainy season – that’s why we have so much watery symbolism in the last 1/4 of the zodiac (the Water-Bearer and the Fishes completing this set even though Pisces is the only actual Water sign of the 3). While I do think the Capricorn stellium kids (LOL) of the late 80’s/early 90’s have the best chance of collectively reconnecting us all with the Mer-Goat’s paleo magickal hybrid earthy/aquatic vibe, IMO garden-variety Capricorn tends to identify a bit too much with the cold dry… Read more »


One of my friends is a mid-90’s cap stellium – an artist and more – he is so divine, I adore his thinking and perception which is given free rein in his creative work. A super spiritual human with an acute awareness of the modern animal, mineral, vegetable and mechanical world.


So would a Capricorn-Pisces love affair be the safest bet for these merfolks?

dark star

Oof idk about that…I’ve pissed off a string of capmen who were initially smitten. Could be other astro factors though?


as a fish person with cappy moon i have an incredibly lovely synergy with capricorn men. I think fish people appreciate the sensitive groundedness of cardinal caps, and caps secretly feel that their deep-dreams are understood by fishppl


Absolutely YES . . .I am a Capricorn with Saturn in Pisces. Please let my sign be the most mystical magical .. . . I have a little need to be special at the moment 🙂 and it explains a lot about my relationship record. Ha. x

dark star

As young Piscean i loved stories about selkies and the movie the secret of roan inish. I need to observe cappies more I don’t think I know enough of them

dark star

Take it back I love the one uber cap gen x mom that I babysit for! I think she has subtle magic vibes that maybe she isn’t even aware of


I have a capricorn stellium in my sun, merc, mars, venus, uranus and neptune all in my 9th house AND a lilith in aries in my 12th. I’d say i’m magical as fuck, but the journey to realizing our full powers is akin to climbing the mountain. we’ll always be learning….always refining…


This might be silly to bring my pooch into this but I’m going to. He’s a Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon… His Capricorn side brings so much depth to the Piscean magic. Even as a puppy he had a profoundly serious vibe, absolutely insists on being a watch dog, and ridiculously sweet and snuggly of course. Though he has a habit of falling into a trance while licking his paws (like, come on, seriously, could that be any more Neptunian?). One of his many nicknames is “the bed otter.” lol. I love this combo!

Carolyn Elliott

The thing I notice about Capricorns is that their magic is deep and patient – like someone above mentioned, Capricorn magic is world-making magic… … it doesn’t settle for cheap tricks or quick miracles; it’s after a total transformation of underlying structures: in consciousness, in society. Another thing I love about Capricorns: the haute ones have a genuine grandmotherly graciousness — a sort of world-weary but still baking cookies vibe of: “yes dear, I’ve seen it all, including that thing you think is so horrible about yourself – and honestly – it’s not horrible in the least, it’s kind of… Read more »


“yes dear, I’ve seen it all, including that thing you think is so horrible about yourself – and honestly – it’s not horrible in the least, it’s kind of cute”


Cap is my favorite sun sign.


Makes me thing of a Capricorn l I used to work with who I thought was in her early 30s based on her demeanor…nope, early 20s…”grandmotherly graciousness” is spot on.


True dat. I’m a Cap sun and Pisces rising – people expect a New Age hippy vibe from me and get a bit of a surprise when they get wisened ol grandma instead.


I’m a Cappy Sun and so are my aunt and Grandpa. I’m a regular sort of person but my grandfather was the most mystical/psychic/attuned person I’ve ever known.


Over and over and over
There is a melody
A yearning
To be washed away again


being a cancer everything I always seem to be at odds with cappi’s. I married one and that ended badly with the birth of another one. Whom I find difficult to get on with on so many levels. I am grand water trine, truly neptunian but they always seem too earth bound and bossy and controlling for little ol me. My daughter a mermaid…nah, she’s a full on Harpie or some other maligned female force.


Well you are both /all cardinal signs, perhaps it is just cardinal bossiness that can’t find a suitable landing place? I’m very attuned to power dynamics now, as cap rising this has definitely been augmented by uncle pluto’s residence, and in reflection it’s so interesting to see how the only people I’ve had a sort of underlying incompatibility with are heavily cardinal, and most of those in my immediate family.


The most wild lucid dream I’ve ever had (and they’ve been pretty infrequent) was one in which, the instant I realized I was dreaming, I was – BOOM! – in deep ocean, and a mermaid. Nothing much happened, I just swam in place and marveled at how opaque the water wad, full of plankton, with streaks of sunlight slanting down. A couple years later I began homeopathic treatment and reliably dreamed an encounter with a different marine animal about a week after each dose. Sometimes it would speak to me, sometimes what was more impressive was how photorealistic everything was,… Read more »


oh I agree. My daughter and myself inhabit a world where we need vast space between us and it’s so cool. I cannot tell her what to do but equally her tactics don’t wash with me. But it is so good to have a relationship of equals where we have both asserted our individuality. At nearly 21 she admits that I am not like any of her peers mothers and that she can tell me anything and knows she will get the truth back. What she does with it then is anyone’s guess!!!!


Pluto transit my Venus…and Chiron Return to natal mars…and I think yes mermaids are significant mythologically, that there is some sort of tragedy there…

However it is to be as light as air…to transcend the mortal suffering and confinement, the mermaid becomes a lovely cloud?…I’m vaguely recalling this. Perhaps air is the solution…I think of this (Thoth) star or of temperance…and to me they are actually quite Aquarian in vibe…of much truth.


I loved mermaids as a kid. They were my happy thought, after the pseudo-psycho-paternal nightly bashings, whilst my mum was out on business. I’d go to sleep dreaming about them. That they didn’t have legs didn’t bother me. I still love em. There’s a film about mermaids and Olga K is in it and I’ve NEVER seen it! A song by J Lennon. “Mother, you had me but I never had you I wanted you, you didn’t want me So I, I just gotta tell you Goodbye, goodbye Father, you left me but I never left you I needed you,… Read more »


Thank you for sharing <3


God, haven’t heard this song for sooo long…. still bores deep into heart…

Have you seen the film “Ondine”? – contemporary tale of the Celtic selkie story?… gorgeous Irish scenery …Colin Farrel …plus i’m sure you’ll fancy the sea-chic…. good story.

(Ok, selkies are seal-people not mermaids but it’s the same deal … sea woman meets human male theme)


I do remember seeing it. Even tho she is a Taurus she didn’t capture my imagination. A funny thing happened to me before leaving Nth Rivers. A woman winked at me. It only happens to me every so never. Story: l brought some car stuff from her about 5 weeks ago. I said to her that l hadn’t been served by such a pretty woman as her (in this town). She said it made her day to hear that. Then yday morning l got some oil (ha ha) then l forgot a tool. I went back in, got it and… Read more »


Capricorn alchemy is awkward, intellectual and intensely nuanced.
A lot of ritual behaviour that is concealed from those not attuned to their ways.
Major league impact in my life journey has been perfumed by the memories of Capricorns.
As I ponder over these pivotal moments I am convinced it’s the oldest kind of magic.
A watery sensibility born from research acquired through observation and actual fact finding exercises. Cappy’s tend not to languish in the ways a Piscean can follow.


I really love this.


Thank you Pi <3
I do love that Cappy vibe.


Cosmic as fuq!!
Backed a winner on my “numbers” yesterday … shaking that add… tail(feather) something… for a little while.


Add? Aaargghhh…ass


Ass…as an add-endum?
An ending that is happy.


Capricorns are super emo and attuned to the Hans Christian Andersen realm of fantasy and fairy tale. Also anything that could be taken to Comic Con. imho the cappy instinct for timelines and resources goes far beyond anything as banal and cosmologically limited as Microsoft Excel and corporate structure charts. Cap takes their innate material sensitivities and grasp of ‘thing that could happen’ and applies this to everything that they want. Sci fi, medieval fantasy, cappy builds worlds, they don’t have to include skyscrapers 🙂 <3


Totes agree, Cappy Sun for me and at my core of cores, I am the hardest working mystical being- building fantastical worlds in the shadows of modern every day dimensions!!!


Nice! And definitely agree on the hard working cappy aspects!

Lady Penelope

Yes! I’m a sun in Capricorn and the mission of my business is to create global wellbeing by building a society that systematically improves the lives of those in need.
We have built a framework that recognises social value based on how well an organisation contributes to collective wellbeing. Over our desks is a giant world map, and everywhere we ‘measure’ wellbeing we colour in gold, below that is a timeline that has milestones such as ‘liftoff’, ‘global authority achieved’ etc etc
It’s complelty mystical and I can hardly sleep in so full of energy in creating this new norm!


<3 <3


Are you by chance hiring atm?

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