The Mercurial Key Ring And The Full Moon

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“This is my Mercury key ring just before a big board meeting to shape the digital democracy project I’m working on. I like to play with it when I’m speaking. So excited for Lilith in Cap. Have a great day!”  The Collected Capricorn. 

I love this. And yes lots of boss-bitches going to be about with Lilith into Capricorn next week. I was actually doubting the Mercurial Key Ring this week, having been snapped off-line and ejected into a labyrinthine hell of call centre promises and reference numbers.

I was sitting there on hold, trying to do multiple Mercury-in-Aries/Mars-in-Virgo tasking with mobile broadband, none of my usual Focus@Will propellor drone or ADHD soundtracking and emails taking a thousand minutes do download or just flat-refusing as i listened to hideous on-hold music. However, my service is now restored and i have a far greater knowledge of certain tech aspects than previously AND a new, better solution upgrading next week, new company and all.

But here is an example of the weird way in which this thing works – it simply enhances most of my random conversations and gives them a weird, cool edge. I have so many examples of this now but last night i met a person in the street and he turned out to be the co-owner of this enormously successful and cool cafe i used to live near. I asked if certain scuzzy rumours about it being owned by organised crime were true- they weren’t but he knew of the scuzzy rumours and so we had a deep chat about the emotions evoked by scuzzy rumour spreading and theories around them.

That diverted into productivity tip sharing AND he offered me a guaranteed seat at this cafe i have literally never been able to get a seat at. It has a queue for the queue usually. This is like example number 10 of my strange in-the-street connections since having the key-ring. It’s like a weird style of urban richness. I would love to hear from anyone in a country area with one. I always think of Mercury as a very city God and Mercury is both genders btw.

Also – HAPPY FULL MOON IN TAURUS.  The instincts potent today and in the last 24 hours are messages from the future, from Uranus in Taurus. This IS a new vibe incoming.  We have already stepped onto the bridge between the two eras. All of my major instincts today are around food, like deeply profound thoughts about why we eat what we eat and that food merges with our being.  And you?

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25 thoughts on “The Mercurial Key Ring And The Full Moon

  1. Wondering if anyone with Mercury retrograde in the birth chart has key ring tales to tell? Debating if I should get one or not. Mercury rx in Pisces in the 6th, but I’m also sun/mercury, so I don’t know what to think.

  2. lol full moon in taurus got me started on the craziest korean reality cooking show … the chefs compete to win over celebs’ appetites by cooking up dishes made from the contents of the celebs’ own fridges. it really is mania the way they all make fun of each other, but the food somehow turns out amazing every time. creative use of leftovers leveled up like whoa.

    I am still waiting for my key ring to bring about my fated encounters! maybe I need to hold it in my hand as I walk around instead of hanging it on my bag?

  3. Lilith in Cap —- Yeah!!! Well, if I wasn’t already super feminist…. My Venus is at 6 degrees Cap. I’ll be having Lilith, Saturn, and Pluto transiting in my 7th house at some point in the next few months……not exactly a ‘light’ vibe, eh? Don’t dare enter a relationship with me! Hahahaha! …..or maybe I should really beware anyone I meet during this time.

    Loved the full moon last night! I did a prosperity ritual and it felt really focused, grounded and made me feel content. Then I watched the moon play hide and seek among the clouds and finally emerge full and bright. It was so beautiful! I left my curtain open on my ‘moon window’ in my room that is East facing and always perfectly shines the full moon down on my altar.
    Right now my magic objects are the crystals I used in my ritual but I’m getting really curious about this Merc key ring, seems to be quite powerful!

  4. Im a 12th house Leo sun (conj asc) but my Mercury is in 12th Cancer. What kind of experience do you think I’d get with it?? Im def gonna get the key ring and wallet for my Gem sun/Virgo rising daughter 🙂 she is so mercurial

  5. Waiting to justify the cost… love the keyring and wallet but a touch beyond my budget at the moment (being responsible). I live in a beautiful regional area so when I get to it, I will report back!

  6. Loving the Taurus full moon (as usual). I’m happily at home alone, cooking Chilli con carne and having a very nice cab sauv that was on special at my local supermarket. A lovely night in!

    • Me too! We had the best night, Moon-in-Cancer Gem must have been vining on it too, he made a late supper of crepes. Thenwe stayed up late binge-watching FearTWD, was so much fun. Happiest full moon in forever!

    • I realised that the full moon made a t- square with my 2nd house Saturn. While I was (happily) hungover, which didn’t help the munchies, there was some serious weird food blowouts omg. Mystic would say “naff food choices” lol. Anyway, I also had an extreme urge to Not Be At Home so I went for a drive to a place where I spent a lot of my formative adolescent years. Possibly did some soul-retrieval work at the same time. I stopped at a bus stop that was the hub , about 11pm this is basically out in the bush, cool soft rainy misty night, so peaceful, I could feel my 10yo self there, I brought her with me finally, I feel like I’m visiting these places to say goodbye. On our first rainy evening in about 2.5 months , a couple of weeks ago, same thing, I found myself starting to think,, I’m good to go, there was a loosening of the psyche, like the cruise ship starts the engines idling or the ..oh anyway you get the idea.

  7. Ive been loving all of these Mercury Key Ring stories. Like how awesome would it be if there was a separate tab on the site just for testimonials and stories? I mean, this keychain is its Own Thing. Its got huge juju and it sells itself.

    Re Full Moon in Taurus – no wonder. Have been self-nourishing and focusing on rewarding myself with good food and not fussing with going out at all. Dont have the energy for anything besides my own battles atm. My fridge is practically overflowing which is unusual for me. I usually aim for a utilitarian approach in that regard.

    • Your fridge is your communication with your physical self. Your body leads you there, calling for a nourishment response.

      Where or how you get that is totally fine. What your body wants is a communication in and of itself.

      I have squares to Mercury and even trines that scare me because i have not yet mastered them, so I would not read a separate tab about the keyring, and would not be tempted enough to wonder if buying it it would outweigh my fears of the resulting effect on my bad Mercury behaviours. Reading it here makes me wonder if i could use the talisman to assist in my efforts at improving poorly aspected Merc behaviours. And i wonder, if i decide not to mitigate those behaviours or even if i do, would Mercury talisman bring on more trickster than i already have operating anyway.

      • Mille, Im surprised to read about your hesitation regarding your “poorly aspected Mercury behaviors”. I feel like you communicate thoughtfully.

        I too am hesitant because I feel like I dont communicate well enough. I suffer a lot of misunderstanding already as it is, and I dont know if it would be tempting fate by possessing one of these. My Mercury is conjunct Lilith and Uranus: Trouble with a capital T! I just wish I knew how to utilize my Mercury to speak up with Lilith empowerment in the right way, but my Uranus shakes things up I think. Thats why I actually highly value getting feedback from people… I just wish there was more compassionate communication involved in the process because no one takes feedback well when you get yelled at/scolded/chastised/put down etc; but I need to know how Im coming across if I am in error so that I may improve. I extend a great amount of patience in trying to understand how others tick and patiently dealing with others’ character flaws before even attempting to form any judgements but it has been naive of me to expect some level of reciprocation apparently. People dont generally stick around(this is not about me being accusatory, this is speaking from personal experience) to try and understand there is someone inside of me that is trying very hard to do it the right way and that my heart is so much in the right place. And so I pay a very high price for certain lessons.

        However, I do love reading these keyring stories and I absolutely love that it is bringing positivity to the the folk it has worked for. I suppose I am living vicariously through these stories. To each their own, I suppose.

        I actually made a comment in the last post about my existential mood at the moment that reflects this train of thought. Perhaps the state of my fridge is all that needs to be said at the moment.

        • Thank you, Starbaies. I guess it’s connected to an event earlier this year, which impacted so much how i relate and how i get about.

          Sorry you were yelled at. I wonder if you can wait until it’s calmer and let the yeller know that while the yelling upset you, you would now like to know in a calmer situation what they would like you to do differently? If they seem to start losing their temper, or don’t apologise for it from the start, you can ask if they have another time when they can speak to you without anger. And if you get nowhere, just say thank you, and go and note the dates times of ALL the behaviours that have upset. You can include a column to show how you tried dealing with it, or how you responded, then if you feel you can, later take it with you while informing upper management. Not sure what you do, but i hope you have a work heirarchy in place that can easily support complaint. Otherwise you might have to get kevlar skin, train yourself to give a straight look and a thank you in response to any comms, while you look around for a workplace that is better for you.

          It’ll take some guts and grounding, so if you choose to do it, I wish you well and want to let you know it can have good results, if the intentions of the other person are also good but were fuddled in the moment.

          • Thanks for your input Mille. It wasnt a work situation, but a general thing Ive noticed. One time a tarot reader started yelling at me when I didnt say or do (or even think) anything offensive! I was literally asking him questions about something he was telling me to clarify what he meant, and he just went off on me. Its like people just like to dump their anger on me! Ha.

            • Hey that’s terrible. Forgive my longwinded response, off track.

              It is shocking for a stranger to yell at someone. And awful to realise a pattern of being yelled at, and to feel you somehow must invite it. You are not responsible for others’ poor behaviour. You don’t have anything to work on, although i know darn well i would assume that, too. I think that’s why such behaviour is so appalling, it’s designed to shake you up.

              And from a Tarot reader??

            • Ahh no worries at all <3
              Nothing to forgive, thank you for putting in your time to respond.

              Yes, I think when you deal with strangers its generally more objective superficially, so when things like that happen where you didnt actually do anything to invite it through word or behavior, its totally shocking. I wonder if Lilith energy makes one an easy scapegoat? Or perhaps the Lilith energy draws it out of people?

              YES. It was from a tarot reader/clairvoyant… of all people.

        • Hey starbaies, I wonder if some kind of theatre or writing practice or even performance poetry, if you’re that way inclined, would be an interesting way to investigate your mercurial stellium! Wjat house is this in? And sign? You don’t have to answer that here but does it flesh out the dynamics at all? I can’t help but think some kind of electronic (Uranus) medium – can you even just set up a video or even your own phone , to film or sound-record yourself speaking , just riffing or even having a conversation (with a trusted friend, who gets it) and using this as a way to develop some insight? Not sure , just thinking based on what you had mentioned about your confusion about how you are perceived – I have a similar thing where to some people I somehow come across as clunky and socially awkward but others can’t say enough nice things about me, it really is confusing, I guess we activate certain complexes in ppl…

          • Thanks for the suggestion Pi. Ive had this convo with friends before (and millions with myself too lol) and like you, there can be social awkwardness at times but Im totally aware when it happens and why it does for me. Im not generally pissing people off left and right 24/7. As a person I keep to myself, am generally quiet and listen a lot. I have a big perceived issue with communication because I feel that things I say get twisted into things that I wasnt saying at all. Like, a lot of times Ive noticed men like to take things I say and interpret it like I meant it in a sexual way when I totally didnt. Or they think Im being sexual when Im not. I can say something kind but someone will twist it into a backhanded compliment or something ridiculous. I might as well not say anything! Really I think how people interpret me says spades about them, but why does it persist? If I am acting offensively then I take responsibility but if Im not, what gives? Ive got Saturn conjunct Pluto in the 4th – Im NOT delusional with myself.

            The truly horrendous experiences really arent the general climate, but when it does happen I dont believe it has to do with me. They seem to happen to me more than I feel that I deserve, though. I also get hit a lot with confirmed accounts of jealousy(both admitted and reported) from other females that I havent given anything but my friendship, generosity and love to. Im not a supermodel in looks or a rocket scientist in brains. I dont ride around in a luxury car, live in a mansion, neither am I married to a dream man. No insane bankroll. None of those things. Whatever few things I do have going for me I choose to be happy about, and its like people think I dont deserve them even though I did the work for them. I even tend to miss out on things I actually do deserve and have done the work for. My own mom is competitive with me.

            The incident with the reader yelling at me (who was male btw) was a unique event. However, it wasnt the first time a reader gaslighted me(trying to tell me something is non-issue when in fact, it was), or said something completely insensitive in light of the situation I just presented. Just for example: Ive brought up the topic of my parents whom Ive had a tumultuous and abusive relationship with and a reader brushes it off by telling me they “arent that bad” before practically giving me an energetic eyeroll. Really?? Im not trying to put them in jail or anything – even if they deserved it, but I would have expected a whole lot more sympathy and understanding from a reader of all people. Ive told my friends who know what the situation has been and they are shocked to hear about my experience. And it doesnt end there: as an example of contrasts, I knew a girl that was having Unprotected Sex With A Married Man whose who has a child with his wife stricken with cancer. She is friends with the wife and child. This is not the first married man shes been with either. She gets told that she is this wonderful, intelligent person that deserves so much good in her life left and right. In reality she is a highly toxic, parasitic narcissist who has no problem putting others in harms way if it means she benefits. Its like she could get away with murder and here I am trying so hard not to offend others and I get railed by random strangers and even friends. Like, really? All this raises some existential questions for me. I feel like I need a spiritual lawyer – not sure if more trickster energy is what I need! lol.

            Sorry this turned out SO long, but I felt like I needed to be really specific to properly convey the issue at hand. And I have to put it out there that I DO hope that I was successful in this endeavor. Thanks for reading my thesis.

      • My Merc squares Saturn and Uranus, but despite that I have always been drawn to Mercury and the quick witted energy and communication that characterises him (maybe my Gem sun?)

        Have ordered the key ring as an early chrissie present for myself 😀

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