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130 thoughts on “Mega Mystic Members Post: Neptunian Nights & Daze

  1. I’ve been doing Shamanic work and I had an intense experience with a spirit guide on Wednesday. He stayed close to me all day. It was rewarding, energising and I feel fabulous. OK so I have had to closely monitor the LZ tendencies with this – but having that awareness has helped not to overload my system. It has been interesting to note others responses to this change in my energy field.
    In the past week I have had several people mention that I’m looking amazing – flattering at nearly 50 – but I know it comes from an inner glow.
    I have Neptune rising, so I do align with this energy. Loving it

  2. Oh wow. Here I was Love zombeing over a Pisces that’s vanished and wondering if anything would change and DUH!!! just realised Neptune’s transiting my 2nd House (earned income) and today not even hours after Neptune went direct I’m back at the employment services looking for a new part time job. Talk about deja vu!! You can’t make this shit up! I’ve had this dream job (how very Neptune) since Neptune went retro but they’ve cut my hours down to 5hrs a week. Can’t live off that! Ugh.

  3. Neptune going Stationary Direct is my life. Yes I’m Moon ruled and a very Plutonic Uraniac but Neptune is my biggest; l think.

    I’m a SD Neptune cj the IC. It has 10 Ptolemaic aspects. The most major is that it is a Focal in an Angular T Sq that is mostly Fixed by Sign. The Sun opp the Moon completes the TSq.

    I am in ‘medal contention’ for being the most Neptunian person on this site.
    I ache for my Cinnamon Girl. My Chart Ruler in the 7th turbo-charges this.

  4. I’ve been thinking a lot about this transits effect on my natal chart. I have Jupiter 11 in 6th house Pisces opposing my Sun and Venus in my 12th house. Jupiter is the only planet in the right hemisphere of my chart. So, I would think this one in a many lifetime transit of Neptune and Jupiter would deliver some punch. But the energies of those planets don’t feel at all personal to me. Nothing transcendent going on here by my vibe.

    I would think Jupiter and Neptune would be bad news like a horrible bender, but I haven’t felt it that way at all. I do feel the melancholy bit. My ex father in law died very recently and at the funeral I saw how to that family I am like an extra game piece – I just have no place on the board. And, to an extent, neither does my daughter. At least, not with me standing next to her. Its not even personal. Its all role play and saving face. I saw the family name on a sign at the funeral and thought how dead that name is to me now. Not with bitterness, but with practice and time. That was my Neptune in Aquarius transit leaving the planet forever. And a bit of melancholy justice behind a painful realization.

    • Random observation not related to your specific thoughts here: it is a uniquely female experience, that of changing family names / surnames. Moving and belonging, or not, or no longer, and the psychological hangovers this leaves. I hope the times get with the times and we can end this bizarre gendered renaming practice this century.

    • 12 HV I guess the Neptune energy is also that dissolving transit, Neptune and earth vibe (e.g. sun Virgo) can be tough though I reckon, when we start to see things as they are in the washup, it can hurt, and while the acceptance practice can bring some kind of peace, sunshiney joy is sometimes a bit further down the line…
      I’m wondering if natal Neptune square can be a bit of a factor in this? Being Neptune it’s harder to pin down than a pluto or Saturn square.. I’m (personally) interested to know if it is a thing though.

  5. Neptune visits- My dad visited in a dream- he died when I was 13. In my dream, I told a friend, “Oh he shows up every few years, we think he died and is gone but then he just shows up.” Also in the dream- 25 stray cats and dogs each on a step leading to my house. I allowed one black and white kitty in- and told my friend that I would not take in any more.

    My two kits were in the dream too – not wild anout any more fur babies! LOL!

    I have full 12th- with 29 Libra Moon/Scorp Neptune/Jupiter and mid Scorp Asc.

    • Dreaming of cats can mean a troublesome person in your life. That doesn’t sound right to me, but who can say unless we investigate?

      Last time I had a cat dream, I later had a run in with a colleague I thought I was really close to. Turns out she had been biting her tongue about how she was really feeling for quite some time and it all blew out. She wasn’t wrong, but it really broke my trust in the relationship since she had been more open with everyone but me about her issues with me. Now I keep my distance.

  6. UGH I’ve been suffering under a nebulous workplace attraction that started up the beginning of June. I have Venus at 11 deg Taurus— I’m trying to stay de-zombied but it has been very hard. This dude has sun at 13 deg Scorpio. What will happen when Neptune goes direct— will the attraction end in a burst of clarity and reality? Or get wild(er) and bigger? Ay…

    • I have Scorp sun 13º (conjunct Neptune). If a Scorp fancies you it rarely dies.

      My sun is conjunct a Saggo dude’s venus in Scorp 12º. That attraction will never die. We have both admitted it to each other, even though a relationship won’t work for us in this lifetime.

      Funny, I’m love zombeing over a 14º Pisces i met in June. Neptune on his Sun. Wondering what will happen when Neptune goes direct too.

      • Thanks Scorpy. I have the moon at 6 deg Scorpio…my attractions to people also have to run their course for a VERY long time before I finally let go, if ever….

        Thanks for sharing your love zombie situation…funny! …I guess we will see what Neptune brings…xx

  7. Tellya, Neptoonismo got dreamsysweets bustin’ out always.

    It is like the Cosmos got INFINITE LEAKAGE POTENTIAL happnin’ out to SUMPLACE EVEN MORE NEBULOUS!

    An’ this is why we all swing COSMO-PULSO alongsid the ‘Tunester — ‘speshlly when Mrcz & Veno & Mars & alla the other MAX OUT MOVERS’re dun with shit.

    Sumtimes I watch for my desktop cactus … how she succulentoes out in a world fulla petals an’ metal … an’ I ask her, “how you figure this, O Earthbound Seaweedsy Gem?”

    She answers back, gonna reveal what secrets she got.

    Meantimes … wanna spoono Moi sum Neptoono, always.

    “How impossibly u invite MWAH,
    U stoopido blue shibboleth out THAH.”

  8. Ahhhhhhh

    Honestly seeing this kind of freaked me out

    I’ve got my Pisces Moon @ 12 in the 8th house, getting CRAZY omens in this regard but yes I know how to lower Neptune like it’s my job –

    How does one stay sane/clear especially in love zombie stuff? This tends to be my greatest addiction + I can’t tell right now if what transmissions I’m picking up are indeed correct.

    Yesterday was insane, honestly thank goddess I was had my Mercury keychain on me – messages coming in left and right, one of which blew me away and now I’m deciphering it through the fog.

    Love the mental image of a gold string leading me, gonna stay connected to that image the best I can this week.

  9. I have Pisces Moon at 7 degrees and Pisces Mars/MC at 17 degrees, so Neptune is going direct between them.

    I have a couple months’ sobriety right now and we’re going into the holiday season starting with Thanksgiving this week, so between that and Neptune direct, I hope I can hold my sobriety. I don’t really feel like drinking but, you know, alcohol is around…..especially right now.

    Also, tomorrow is Nov. 22nd, 11/22, which is a signature number combination for me. I often see 11:22 on the clock, usually on a day when I’ve also happened to notice 11:11. I have 1122 on my username for a lot of websites. It’s just a number that has followed me around for many years. These are also the two master numbers in numerology, 11 for spirit and 22 for matter, so I combine them as ‘bringing spirit into matter’, which to me means ‘manifestation’. Here’s to manifesting something good with Neptune direct, and not going off the rails….. 😉

  10. Brilliant as usual! Being a Pisces I really resonated with this. Neptune is coming for my Sun in the next two years so I’m planning accordingly. I don’t foresee any delusional benders though (thank goodness!) because my Moon in Cap just won’t allow it! xo

  11. I can’t figure out how to see what date Neptune will hit 13 degrees in Pisces. I have my Mars at 13 Virgo so this is something I dread. I know it’ll be sometime in 2018 but which month?

  12. I for one will be glad to see the back of this phase of Neptune. First my Venus/Dsc, then my 7th house sun-Saturn-Merc for the past aeon. I cannot articulate just how over it I am. I’ve had my heart stomped on so severely I can’t imagine ever wanting to ‘go there’ again romantically. Yet at the same time I have been a magnet for blokes who are looking for some witchy, watery blank canvas (soz mixed metaphor) onto which to project their fantasies of Grand Love.
    At least I have managed to ditch the blue devil, leaving me with carbs and procrastination as my only drugs.
    Now headed for my 8th house Psyche opp 2nd house Mars mid-next year. I will not be getting tangled up in any shared $$$. The Triple Toro has 2nd house Mars opp 8th house Neptune natally and I’ve seen how badly it can manifest. Fuq that, bring on Saturn on my moon *bleak laugh*

    • I’ve had Neptune and Chiron blasting away at my Venus/Sun/DC for ages. Actually, Neptune has yet to set to work on my Sun/DC. Ugh.

      I feel cured of my love zombie tendencies. I have a disembodied love affair with the source of all being. I accepted it. I no longer try to put a mask on it with some story of a relationship that people (myself included) can understand and evaluate. I can live my life alone and be in love. Its scary, so many things can go wrong and I have no support, but we all die in the end so one way or another we surrender our power over things.

      I love baking. If you were closer, I’d help supply you with carbs.

    • And i have been experiencing Saturn on my Neptune! I just want to be free to move with all the currents of my being!

  13. I’ve had Neptune trine my 9th H Kat Sun since it went retrograde in June. It’s been a bit like having a few drips of morphine intravenously every day since then. And thank god for that – because the outside forces of where i’m living have been absolute hell. There’s been a terrorist attack, mass hysteria (nationalism upsurge) and an attempted coup d’etat (i wonder if Nationalism is ruled by Neptune… mass delusion?). I have never experienced such social & political tension – ever.

    So Neptune trine my Sun has been my own personal balm – especially as it came hot on the heels of Pluto transit to my Sun. And there’s absolutely nothing pleasant about that. In fact, the effect of that Pluto transit is still lurking not to far from the surface – i imagine it’s like the feeling an agent has after having completed an unpleasant mission. Anyway, i guess that Neptune has allowed me to create my own personal mist to keep away the external effects of chaos. Even during Uranus’s blasts on my DC… another story.

    So, grateful as i am of it’s soothing mist, i do feel like it is time to come out of it’s drug like influence. I’ve been feeling this since the New Moon. Time for a metaphorical cold shower now to clear the air and sharpen my wits.
    Thank you for your reminder, Mystic. Your guidance has been invaluable.

    • How strange to read your morphine dripfeed metaphor of my natally experienced Neptune trine Sun!

      But even more, your feeling of it being time to come out of its drug-like influence resonates with Saturn’s tinny clock ring this whole Saturn transit.

      What’s good for the goose is good for the gander? You and me both? Super weird! In a way that is of some binary sense that i have to work out.

      Thank you!

      • I’d love a natal Sun/Neptune trine. My few trines involve Saturn :-/. not much of fun….. so sick of intensity too…oy..

        • Sorry about the moan, but honestly … is anyone having fun? No one i know seems to be having fun anymore – good light-hearted, care-free fun…..
          (Perhaps 2 a.m. is not a fun feeling time)

          • No, unless it’s to indulge in some kind of black and surreal humour about daily crapshtickus that the monkeys are flinging.

            Looking forward to some weekend events i can indulge in…please goddess, don’t be cancelled! And may they live up to their hype, and more!

  14. This is great and full of so many useful insights I’ll be reading it again and tracking it with more depth.

    Finally, well in several months, he’ll get off Saturn and ALL this Saturn/Neptune stuff of the last few years will be done. There’s definitely been a fog around some things and some of my usual access routes to other realms have been overgrown with real world, immediate moment Saturn type focus that has rendered them virtually inaccessible at times and others seem to have disappeared off my map.

    This could be a refining process but I’ll need to get past it all to see that as truth. Spoken like a true Saturn transit that last bit eh… just a hint of cynicism and all of that natural faith and optimism scarcely visible these days or if so delivered in a measured and cautious way. It’s been the great battle of evidence based truth v knowing and faith in how ever many rounds I’ve lost count and who’s scoring?

    Well, ok Saturn might be but Neptune isn’t going to care none and Uranus just throws the occasional shock into the system at the last degrees of the 11th whilst Pluto distils it all into some yet to be magical, still might cause an undesired response tincture in the 8th.

    • Oh Neptune cares! It just hurts so much it shrugs it off in escape from too much care. But there is no forgetting by the Unconscious. Deep integration at levels unseen.

      …we hope… (Neptune in Sag does – can’t evade the truth of the experience, our own, what we read, what we witnessed.)

      • Yes, Neptune cares but it’s so broadly cosmic that it can almost feel impersonal lol.I kind of do the same these days and then wonder if I’m being a fraud but I simply can’t take on all that care and be ok. How to balance that level of care and connection without being absorbed into it all… or polarising 🙂

        • And I read that as it landed and realise it didn’t say what I wanted to say…. at all!

          Neptune stationing direct shenanigans?

          It’s the modern dilemma to care and encompass broader themes of caring and then try to deal with that in the private sphere. There’s so much going on and so much at stake and in our face in the collective. I care and then I have to pull back and do self care. Balance is where it’s at.. which is the way we relate to it (Libra) after pulling it back into Virgo and sifting and sorting the grain…. keeping, discarding etcs etc

            • This was really cool to watch 12HV. Not able to apply words as descriptors and it doesn’t feel necessary.

              The space where ‘the thought no longer thinks it’s the smartest thing in the universe’

              I do have a few words though… thank you for sharing! xx

          • That’s ok how it landed, Centaurus, it’s interesting to see how such a personal planetary resonance is felt by different peeps. That’s because (1) in my case it’s woven in so personally in my chart (Nep Rising and trine Sun, Merc), so that (2) i just have to keep enquiring (Sag) about projected stuff, and the weird prismatic effect that can have on me, and i need to always try and sort it as best i can – what is his? what is mine? how am i feeding it?….i mean (3) we should all do this, but with my sort of 12thy neptunian flavoured aspects, it’s a nuance i feel especially careful about.

            But that’s the 12th house Sagittarian Quester, thankfully always making sure, along with Pluto Virgo dredging up whatever Sun thinks is making them confident. If i reflect enough, Sun can shine on Pluto Virgo and go, okay, here it is: accept and love it.

            Libra in your idea has a resonance with Neptune or 12th collective unconscious in my thinking, even though in different ways. We want to think fair, understanding, equitable, sort of thing.


            • Yes… it’s ok and thank you for telling the horn blowers to can it for a bit 😀

              Neptune and boundaries can be such an expansive space. Perhaps the crystal clear clarity is so bright it blinds the human eye to boundaries just as another way of looking at the fuzz. There is no separation of course but it we try to think that into being then we’re not really in that flow so … well any time we attempt to think something into being are we really being or thinking it to make it so. Hahaha… that’s my kind of mind twister and the bonus with that is the mind shrugs, provides no answer and until it’s next little puzzle arises there is space 🙂

              If you feel inclined check out the link from 12HV as I think it addresses these themes as well.


              • Perhaps I deal with Neptune by surrendering every desire until I am so slippery nothing – not even my own ideas – can stick.

  15. Amazing! Insights have been kicking around this Neptune vibe, need more processing but basically this post really nails it.

    Thanks MM!

  16. I must admit to being a Neptune freak. I can do the addiction, the zombie all whilst seeing quite clearly that I am universal. I’ll try to retain or regain my high end vibe for the foreseeable. Currently not sleeping, anxiety which is diffuse but things are going OK. Must be my PTSD kicking in or it’s the menopause.

      • Yeh, agreed, emg, access your Taurus or second house factors, they ground with sweet care. Any earth stuff, or earthy water, airy earth.

        If you’re not restful, leave it be, it’ll run its course (and you’ll access care if it’s one of those things you mentioned, to help it run its course.)

        Sometimes we need a break from being universal, and just need to be the little earthling we are. Go easy, wherever you can xx

  17. 2° a year separating from my Virgo cluster. Finally leaving opposition to my Mars cj Pluto. Another year or two for 5° Vesta and a few more for my 8° Venus. Neptune opp those guys has been a real pain.

  18. This post makes me a wary Neptunian :/ trans Neptune is bang on my Venus currently. flying to misty Seattle tomorrow for thanksgiving with family…hoping to avoid low Nep and just get inspired with some lyrics or transcendental nature vistas

          • Fav ever rom-com is Rosemary’s Baby.

            (Saturn conjunct Ceres in Taurus 6th 🙂 )

            …trine Underworld Pluto and Demoniac Lilith 😀 both square Mars in Devilish Capricorn

            • Hahaha… rom-com Rosemary’s baby! 😀

              Big Fish. It is very Neptunian.

              Not sure it’s ‘the’ fave or even a rom-com but it came to mine and hey if Rosemary is in I’ll throw this as well…

              • *turns to camera*

                “This not a dream.. 0_0 …this is REALLY HAPPENING!”

                Very Neptunian, as the filmmaker realistically projected the victim perspective, because he had orchestrated and relished in such drugged/suddenly aware perspectives, and made it a bit cheesy at that point within the horror of the moment. So years on, we see the filmmaker’s projection of his attitude onto real life victims. The horror and the cheesy-laughing joke that jars with the rest of the film. Which the victim would be dimly aware of, and at moments flash onto.

                Will forever LOATHE Polanski while seeing one of my old favourite films more clearly for why i liked the truth of it. And forever be intrigued by Mia Farrow, who will never really be told in any interview, article or any tale. “This is no dream” or fictional narrative.

                Neptunian knows why i kept this film, why it speaks, and what it speaks of.

            • RomCom: a lightweight entertainment process where a series of misunderstandings usually 17, in number, end with a kiss. Endings commonly take place in wind-blown streetscapes, cosily-lit cafes or Camaros across the desert

                • My Moon in the 7th (Sq Nep which in turn trines my Asc) loves music and serious romance films. My Aqua Moon, opp Uran, loves comedy.

                  RomComs are neither romantic or comedic.

                • Don’t you think that ‘some’ rom-coms do both serious romance and comedy well in a fusion PF? Of course they don’t all nail it and that’s probably not their intention but from an outsider view looking at a couple maybe they nail it in a different kind of way. We are all quite bizarre in the love stakes and have our own quirks and nuance. If I’d had the right backdrop and sound track to accompany some of my journey I’d be a contender for an globe! Ok, maybe just a nom but y’know, it’d be funny from the outside looking in 🙂

                • Agree, because i am a Pisces, and always sense the boundary pushing ok that marred otherwise lovely premises in those films.

    • Update: my second contest Mercury keychain arrived right before flight! Now I can wade through any Nep vibes unscathed 🙂

    • Hey CT. It’s all the contrived misunderstandings.
      I have def views on things. My Scorp/Virgo stuff:
      I only wear natural ONLY. i drive/ride European. I don’t drive/ride Aussie or Asian I dont like action, romcoms and sci-fi. I like comedies, dramas, romance and suspense. I hate jazz…l really detest it. I hate disco or house or whatever. I like blue, blue/orange and grey.

      And im in love with Susanna Hoffs.

      • I remember you’re in love with Susanna.

        The misunderstandings will happen well enough without contriving them right. But they can be kind of endearing to our broader nature and of course I speak loosely because I don’t necessarily like them but for different reasons. I am not a surface dweller and they rarely dip below there. Though I’ll say I’ve had occasions of enjoying the lightness that comes with this rather foreign place and on occasion a rom-com has been the conduit.

        You have a lot of definite ideas. Do you have a lot of fixed energy in your chart that correlates to views and preferences?

        I’m not judging eh… particularly when you say jazz. Gah, there is a particular style I can handle in small doses but by and large it’s not my thing.

        • In Chart Tone I’m a Scorp. As well as Mars cj Pluto. Sun PD Pluto. One whole T Sq is Fixed and one is 2/3 Fixed.

          Susanna is a multi Earth GT.

          • Yeah that’s a lot of fixed…

            I’m probably being lazy and not doing some memory recall on what I do know of your chart (sorry).

            Earth can appear very solid so on the surface I suppose it can appear fixed in a way. I mean the earth (literally) is always constant and so is the ground we walk on every day. But it is oh so changeable eh and not always over long periods of time.

            Ok aside from the nature of attraction et al what does earth offer or signify to you? I have read your mentions of earth (honestly, don’t ask me when I’ve been MIA in Pluto’s domain for much of this year) as well as mutable energies and senses either a curiosity or a receptivity to these vibes and just wondered what you think is activating for you or whether this is transit related or .. well you don’t even need to answer here, just struck me as a shift is all and might be a worthy exploration 🙂

            • My Dsc in Cap. My Venus is Virgo. I am as attracted to Earth as I’m to Water. It is rare, for me, to crush on a Fire or Air sign. Before l knew the Astro l knew Water n Earth did it for me.

              Mutables…are a strange energy to me. I’ve got to understand em a bit more on this site (MN / Pi). But the energy doesn’t come easy; Virgos exempted.

              Being so Fixed and Cardinal, Mutable is like another country. Yet l love Bob; a Mutable Grand X.

              • Yes ok, so your kind of resting place safe place.. well I know it’s home and our where we should have a safe base to launch but if we don’t get it early on ideally we create it later. Earth is good for 4th I, well mine’s mostly earth but is ruled by fire.

                I think all of these things can keep shifting and changing as we do.. and of course I’d have to say that right being a mutable 😉

                • I don’t know if I framed that up right… hopefully you’ll get it. I explained it in a way that made sense to me but being from another country it might come not translate.

                  I mean 4th is ideally the place we’re content with when we shut the door on the world and is representative of where we put down roots.

                • You don’t come across as very mutable. Your 3rd ruled by Water, l deduce? And being from another country is what this ‘international’ community is all about.

                  The 4th- where you feel at home…hmmmm. No wonder l like Scorp energy. I know its Libra at the aneretic but being a Water house with Pisces’ planets SD & TSq Focals it really is ruled by Scorp. I mean to say Cancer, being the landlady, she’d rather rent it to Scorp than Mr La De Da.

                  I’m here to learn….talking with Mutables, even Pi (lol), is good for my understanding of the Astro….

                • hehe.. the land of mutable but here in Australia and yes, 3rd is Kataka. . I’m glad I can still learn a trick or too and be receptive to other viewpoints. That s/be a natural Mutable thing but of course it isn’t that simple with 12 signs in one being 🙂

      • Hmmm… you drive Euro cars, you’re perhaps a little, pretentious? — getting back at your ageist dig above — ha ha

        • No no no…. I’m older than you. It wasn’t a dig, it is a reality.

          I was obsessed with driving Euro cars from year dot. VWs, Renaults and Peugeots. I worked in cars before l became a teacher and got to drive all sorts. Steering, suspension and brakes are much better especially on older models. Computer design has made most cars very much the same now. I remember my stepfather buying a Holden and how sad l was over that.

  19. ugghh neptune fog finally clearing. Was soo paranoid and confused. Totally makes sense now lol! I have a little too much Pisces in my chart for these times

  20. Neptune has turned out to be one of my dearest friends. Yes, one must keep the influence in check while enjoying the ride but let’s face it Neptune in the 5th Scorpio does not like to be told that’s enough 🙂 it’s never enough. When Neptune takes me on one of those Himalayan highs I know when I’ve touched the peak and always keep enough in store to make it back to base camp.

    • I have Neptune in Scorp in the 5th, too, exact trine Chiron, which is also conjunct asteroid Bacchus in Pisces, 10th. Partaaaaaaay! 😉 …….but with severe consequences, for sure.

      In my post below I mention I’m a couple months into my sobriety and need to stay that way. I’ll be seeking natural/spiritual highs from now on…….hopefully.

    • Me too natal Neptune in Scorp, in 2nd trine Pisces Saturn.

      I hope it means finally getting back to painting lots in my newly converted studio/ shed

      • Oh yeah, I’ll be 60 in 18 months. I don’t want to talk about 59 cause a certain time lord will be back checking on me for the second time and I’m going all ostrich with head in sand, whistle whistle nothing to see hear, look over there … Which means more likely a kick in the butt than a slap across the face. I knew those butt cheek implants would come in handy 🙂

          • Aha, let me tell you the Kardashian range is hard to go past 🙂 and should make all the difference when I audition for that new Yeezy hip hop advert. You know what I’m sayin …

            • cheek implants pah. I have grow your own ones. I eat they grow! Bootylicious and yes I am also aging, 51 now but the buns haven’t sagged. I ought to sell my DNA code!!

    • I’ve got Neptune at the start of my second house. I wonder if the fact it’s gone direct means I’ll start getting all dreamy about my financial situation and lose f*cktons of money from a diverse array of new opportunities. Again.

      Having said that, I wouldn’t trade it for any other sign in that house. It’s nice to breeze through life without that persistent terror of being less wealthy/successful than anyone else. I feel like a heavy burden was removed from me before I was even born, which is usually very nice!

      Except when I’m broke.

  21. Spooky as in already magical but with potential for glitter being misrepped for gold in my surroundings. Consider me paying attention and keeping clear eyed no matter what!

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