The Logic Of Venus and Jupiter

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Imminent: Venus conjunct Jupiter.

See your Horoscopes and the Daily Mystic for Monday for more on this potent duo but think a la Jupiter wanting to magnify everything, to go bigger, Venus open to the concept and this taking place in the deep temple pool Water sign of Scorpio. This is obviously quite capable of blowing out any real/surreal love situation already in motion or manifesting synchronicity that seems a little over the top. It’s high-chemistry/big stakes. But Venus-Jupiter in Scorpio is also a brilliant aid to investigations and art or creative enterprises.

Venus-Jupiter in Scorpio at birth is a real piece of work and clearly just beyond cool vibe. Here are some of the people who had it/have it:  Anne Hathaway (I know she has her detractors but think what she brought to Cat-Woman), Jane Birkin, Patti Smith, Marina Abrahamovic, Marianne Faithfull, Ada Lovelace – the Enchantress of Numbers –  and – i am adding her as she seems culturally very NOW – Tonya Harding.


Image: Craig McDean

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53 thoughts on “The Logic Of Venus and Jupiter

  1. This conjunction occured just a couple days before my Jupiter return, which is tomorrow…. (with a lil moon conjunct natal jupiter too!) Lets see how this plays out!

    4/4/82 3:20am CST

  2. Art for me. The conj is 3 degrees approaching natal Uranus in scorp and I just received from a friend some amazingly useful hardware for creative ends. Handed over by a cutie intermediary, which was nice 😉

  3. This transit is happening in my 5th house. I hope something fortunate comes from it. I really could do with a good experience, in any area of my life right now. Been feeling kind of down and stressed.

  4. Venus-Jupiter-Neptune in Scorpio at birth seems to be a blessing and a curse!
    Currently enjoying Jupiter back in Scorpio, would this be a Jupiter Return?

  5. Very much feeling this in the creative realm, with Venus-Jupiter conjuncting my Mercury and opposing my Moon.

    I like the idea of Jupiter as amplifier. I don’t think he incites events, so much as creates the conditions for favorable things to happen.

  6. Um, yes to ALL that.

    I’ve never commented before – just reading and learning, BUT I have to, I feel like I’m going to pop like a balloon.
    I’ve been thinking constantly about someone. He contacted me out of the blue last year after 17 years of nothing (actually I had mentioned him to a work friend the day before for some reason)
    So I’m daydreaming, knowing it’s wrong/pointless to, and seeing the repeating numbers, waking up at weird times, glancing at clocks etc etc.

    His Jupiter in Scorpio is conjunct my sun Venus in Scorpio, we have Jupiter conjunct Mars in Scorpio in our composite. So this transit is defo working on us.

    Then, this morning your post on the loquacious locksmith? Well guess what he is? Just the most loquaciousy of locksmiths, Mercury as chart ruler which is exactly conjunct his sun in Gemini (conjunct my Anti-Vertex – I could listen to him talk shit non stop) Side note – I thought it was interesting that he has Chiron conjunct the MC and the first incarnation of his business was Craig “the Key”

    Synchronicities abound!

  7. Venus Jupiter in Gemini 8th. Always over the top, in every direction. Getting productivity from it is like taming a wild horse. Yes, and Epona is part of my conjunction. Cautionary tale – do not put people or things on pedestals.

  8. Venus is many things, the morning star and the evening star . the Incas worshipped her as a guide into battle. She is beauty and the beast! Its not all make up n looking pretty is strategy, the application of feminine wiles, and Jupiter amplifiys this as possible femme fatale, mata hari. Venus and moon in Aries conjunct eris. Jupiter conjunct Uranus in cancer 9 the house. Never underesimate

  9. This last week I had the uncomfortable experience of seeing my ex from 2002. Stuck on a commuter train, me shedding tears as I remembered the abuse at his hands. The fact that I handled the situation as best as I could, I didn’t peel myself into another reality. I regulated my emotions and tried like hell to stay present, no music could ever soundtrack me safely through this.

    His mother convincing me not to report him or he would go to jail and giving me my first natal chart as payment. Back then I thought I did something wrong or I deserved what he did. I left and then went back until I finally didn’t.

    Inside this history on mine, I am finding my willingness to forgive myself for not knowing any better. Purging an entire lost city of emotions, finding my abstract strength underneath. Making art in whatever medium I find, heals me and I find my heart returning back to me. I do wonder if I have ever been loved.

      • Thank you Pi x

        The last time I saw him was a year or two before my nervous breakdown, he was drinking alone near the train station were I worked in the city. He was waiting for me. Low Libra Predator.

        It took all the self control in the world I had not to stab him with my hair comb. Some kind of Lord of the Flies scenario in my mind as I flicked through my tunes and blotted at my tears. My thought balloon above my head pleading my truth “That guy raped me.”

        Even now it doesn’t make sense the absurd nature of life the fact that my truth hurts and haunts me still. But I got to leave the train and not look back over my shoulder. It was a victory for my mental fortitude.

    • Sorry to hear that S. I know us Kats have seared recall.

      The mother has no real love for her son. Why? Because she’d rather let him ruin his life through the act of being abusive to others. Parents who defend the inexescuable are creating monsters. Or in this case putting on the finishing touches.

      As a (former) HS teacher I’ve seen plenty of this at close range. Parents [some] have a lot to answer for. You know, apples n trees.

      • Parents have a lot to answer for- how we handle our own misdeeds teaches our kids. Do we own them, apologize humbly, restore justice. Can’t walk in sleaze and expect righteous kids.

        The enabling bystanders of abusers. Ugh. Lots of low Venus-Moon-Neptune moms protecting clan, making it pretty and normal. Feh.

        As a Mars-Pluto mom- My three adults now thank me. They are decent humans, mostly cuz they were born that way- my lucky Scorpy Jupiter-Moon. I demanded more,gave more, fought different battles than my peers and held my breath.

        We did not normalize abuse and dysfunction- in our own family or peer group. Daylight and compassionate truth telling go a long way.

        S- keep speaking your truth and be kind to yourself. The gaslighting that occurs in family systems is unbelievable. I saw a Ted talk by a battered woman- Harvard educated- who was reeled in and barely escaped.

        Your anger is beautiful and mighty.


      • Cap Moon 13” and Sag 14” Neptune Retrograde.

        With regard to him that’s some Pluto NN Libra facing off his Libra Sun. I blocked out what his mother said about our charts. Just didn’t feel it was space I needed to occupy my mind with.

        Actually took me a long time to turn back to a healthy attitude towards astrology. MM helped to heal and reveal that sense of compassion and connection to my inner workings.

        Thank you for the support.

  10. I bet it will be a huge non-event. Jupiter expanding a whole lot of hot air.

    Is there anything more annoying than mainstream astrologers giving the transit a cliched “love” spin. Like everyone’s soul mate is magically going to appear outta nowhere. *rolls eyes*

    I’ll just be doing my art.. And investigating / researching new moisturisers and serums. (venus Libra – can’t help it).

    • Yeah I am with you on the Jupiter thing… “maybe yes, maybe no… maybe f*ck you” – The Departed

      With Jupiter, I liberally apply a wait and see attitude. No expectations, ever. If I deserve it, I’ll get it. If not, no harm no foul. I feel its arrogant to hold expectations of the Gods, if you know what I mean. Promises though, on the other hand… but I digress 🙂

      Btw, I recently tried the much hyped Sk-II essence and its blown me away. I saw and felt results the very next day, no joke. Thank Goddess for amazing samples. But Im in a pickle because now I feel like I cant live without it…

      (Funny – I actually typo’d “lie” instead of “live – still makes sense because I feel like this stuff makes me lie about how great my skin naturally is when it isnt!)

      • Haha!

        “If I deserve it, I’ll get it” Yeah true.
        Being Saturn ruled I would also add “if i’ve worked hard for, it I’ll get it.”

        My natal sun conjuncts Neptune in 10th house. Anything I get will be art / career related. I am actually getting offers left, right and centre and I’ve not done a single thing – except work my arse off. Definitely haven’t approached anyone about anything. And I’m turning people down because I don’t have time to do anything extra on top of what i’m trying to complete.

        Wish love was that easy. Venus schmenus. Cap asc conjunct Lilith square venus, I suspect. I wonder if it’s ’cause I’m too Yang. Find it impossible to be Yin. Saggo moon square Uranus. Impossible! LOL .

        I used Sk-II essence a few years ago. You name it, I’ve tried it. I’ve spent SO much money at Mecca Cosmetica it’s not funny. I don’t have the budget for the exy brands anymore though. The essence was very good but didn’t continue with it because it was too fluid. Felt like I wasted too much if it slipping through my fingers. Prefer a gel like consistency.

    • Chiming in with the most amazing serum… Aesop parsley seed anti-oxidant serum. It’s divine, all natural ingredients, thick like honey and melts into your skin leaving no residue. You feel refreshed and rested. I know, I sound like an ad, but it’s true.

      • I LOVE Aesop products!! The fragrance is divine!! . One of their moisturisers (Camelia nut or Primrose cream) was my go to moisturiser for many years

      • Thanks for the recommendation – I’m currently using sorbolene and nothing else and my skin isn’t liking it. I was using super expensive paint stripper-type stuff for a while and it was great but I just can’t justify the expense any longer. Will defo try Aesop.

        • I would and have used the parsley seed and even given as gifts in more cashed up times but at the mo am just living week to week almost so my current chemist fav is sukin intensive firming serum as a moisturiser is has a lot of good “no’s” on the back made in oz, vegan etc and I love the smell! Libra Jupes conj Merc Uranus conj

          • Suskin is great brand. I have really dry skin so I’m very fussy about cleansers. Their sensitive cleansing gel is lovely, and affordable!! I don’t have the budget for exy products these days either.
            Cheaper brands are just as effective.

            Love the Suskin body wash too. No nasty chemicals.

  11. Synchronicity that seems over the top? Check.
    I have been thinking a lot about a quote I read a couple of weeks back, it really resonated and I’ve been following its advice ever since. I just emailed someone to turn down an offer, then went to read my Monday scopes, only to see that actual quote referred to… spooky…
    Yesterday I did a workshop relevant to my creative practice and postgrad. As I was waiting at the intersection to leave the venue, an enormous truck rolled by with the key word of my postgrad project emblazoned across the side. Another minute earlier or later and I wouldn’t have seen it.
    Sun (chart ruler) currently conj Neptune-IC. Saturn also just crossed into my 5th on Friday night.

  12. What about people with Venus, Uranus and Lilith all in Scorpio, Mystic?
    I know, nevermind. Luckily, my Virgo Sun grabbs me by the hand and says: stop this shit, now!
    You go, girl! :)))

  13. I have this natally. Jupiter and Venus return for me, pretty cool. 🙂 Wish it meant I automatically won the lottery or something though.

  14. Looking forward to this – it’s making a Grand Water Trine with my Merc/Jupiter conj in Cancer and my Lilith conj MC in Pisces. I’ve been feeling like I’m back in the flow this week and plan to make the most of it. Kind of taking a “senseless acts of beauty and random acts of kindness” approach.

  15. This photo immediately made me want to start wearing lipstick more. The only thing I have in Scorpio is Pluto but I’ve been on (not always willingly) quite the transformation bender lately and am so ready for a creative breath of fresh air.

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